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First the autistic Mexican, now this... Hands are getting weak...

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He's learning from our boi joshuWa R00mzburg

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fucking russian scamer

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This was such a comfy hold, rick shut the fuck up, and just let it do it's thing, I'm gonna strangle you.

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Fucking based

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whats bad about this tweet? hes speaking facts

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i don't get it, you talking about the spelling mistakes? meh

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#less niggers #white people #coin.

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Can't even spell and uses wrong words. Market selling.

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You will never stop. Just market buy and get a life.

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The tokenomics and everything are alright, I guess, but I ultimately just don't have faith in these amateurs. Hiring Joshuwa was the final straw and made me unlease and market sell. It's a stupid thing to do, even if it somehow turns out to be some kind of psyop. Thinking about "the math ecks dee /biz/" and living off of passive income from your lowcap shitcoin in 3 years is a pipe dream.

Also, I'm not saying it's impossible for this token to be worth more in the future, I just don't think it's a lottery ticket and there's many better options available.

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BTC maxis will love this guy

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shill me the other options fren

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all you need to do to practice your grip strength is PIC RELATED

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I'm afraid if I see I will miss all this retardation. Cees, Joshuwa, Rick... what a bunch of clowns
the project even sounded like a hidden gem to me at first

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You guys dont even get it...just as LTO is about to moon the team feed us FUD. They are trying to keep the price down for clients because they want them to get in cheap. BUY so the clients have to buy your bags! Dummies probably wont even listen.

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This could be unironically true.

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>loosing money
Come on, man...

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get stuck on a typo idiot

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I'm financially efficiency

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he's gonna tell you TRAC or HBAR I guarantee it

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Spelling mistakes and typos are signs of unprofessionalism. This project isn't like your typical PnD, it relies on adoption by big names. Shit like this is a big turn off

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I thought Dutchfags spoke good English? Why does this sound like it was written by a /pol/tard conspiracyfag?

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it's a reddit post you faggots and I mashed it together with the official tweet.

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Hilarious that I even have to point that it's a random reddit post but sums up the partnership between Dusk and why it's important for normies. LTO holders are literally insufferable twats.

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>Partnered with Horizen
>Actually used by companies
>LegalThings acquired by KATE for real estate
>Signrequest acquired by BOX for sigs
>Will all use LTO
>Digital IDs
>Now shares with Dusk
>UN started a node a week ago

The product and momentum on this coin are insane and them trying to supress price by fudding retail investors who will look at Joshiboi and cringe is genius
Praise Cees

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Checked and I'm gonna coooooom

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>Spelling mistakes and typos are signs of unprofessionalism.

here you go retard it's a summary of the partnership posted by a random redditor.

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based just bought some more

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Ricks done the math, he knows a parabolic move is coming. Check em.

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checked and I believe it.

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That's a pretty chad move

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I think dutch is his first language, not American.

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praise cees

wat is een amerikaans taal?

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I literally couldn't resist today at the fuddip and got 30k more. Comfy at 150k now and I feel great. It doesn't even have to moon but gain steadily over months. I have literally never seen more undervalued asset in my life.