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I’m trusting you assholes that we are gonna make it

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>muh advertisement browser

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Honestly, adoption is only going to grow, which is going to create a lot of challenges but a lot of opportunities for early adopters like us.

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Buy the dip

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Lol u bought a coin they give out to millions of people for closing etoro and blockfi ads. Absolutely ngmi

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Hey if it dips under 50 cents i get to double my stack.

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Speaking of blockfi, is their btc interest a good deal?

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Hey at least you're not this guy (from about march 2nd)

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imagine thinking that normies are going to use brave. heres ur bubble popping during a bullrun retard.

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Excellent. A freefall is most fortunate

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BAT has been pretty much a stablecoin since 2017

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I can't believe anyone used brave to begin with. I'll take my furry made pale moon any day

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I'm not worried.

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whether you buy in at 70 cents or 60 cents doesnt fucking matter, this coin is heavily undervalued but attached to a great browser, philosophy, product, and movement. This is a long term investment. EOY could be $5, some Anons have said $40, but I'm not worried about that, I'm waiting for 2 years in.


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Time in the market beats all you know.

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I'd rather use vanilla trannyfox

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I ALMOST bought this shit at 85 cents. I ALMOST got dumped on. Thank god the one time I don’t FOMO I’m rewarded.

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100% unbothered.

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Same shit happens every runup to weekend. Dollar next week.

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Good job. Now since you didn't FOMO at the top, do you have three balls to buy these dips? Not even just talking about BAT here.

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ditto fren

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Most are dipping rn. Bat is dipping the most. BUY

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>willingly watching ads and letting companies track you for a few cents vs just using Firefox + uBlock Origin and never having to see or interact with ads

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You bought an advertisement coin. This board really is going to shit.

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So I should stack on Thursdays?

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he'd still be in the green.

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Btw, check out the giant pennant on BATBTC that we just broke out of and are now retesting. This is a similarly sized pennant to the one BTCUSD broke out of, as well as ETHBTC.
I have a lot of faith in the oldfags that tell us altseason has not even begun. Now, the stars are starting to align and the picture is becoming more and more clear.

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I've made over $200 using brave browser and still barely see ads. If you aren't collecting free money your stay a retarded poorfag.

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Depends. Saturday nights are also usually big dip days, too. With stimulus passing, our next run will push us near a dollar.

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Remember bros, fudders are from the /biz/ Discord where they say, "We don't talk about BAT" and tell people not to talk about BAT but refuse to actually say why, therefore are clearly engaging in price manipulation of the coin to keep it undervalued while they accumulate.

In other words, talk about BAT MORE, make BAT Generals, BAT memes and buy every fucking dip and you're going to make it.

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they're afraid

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see if theres any correlation between this graph and bat, i wont tell you what coin this is though

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Are you talking about this?

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It's btc dude, you forgot to take the price out of the screenshot lmao.

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Only a matter of time until the stimmy passing the Senate pumps this MF

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One dat BAT won't be tied at the hip to BTC like every other ALT, because it actually does something. Unfortunately this is also why it won't see stratospheric gains. Much like Monero its velocity will keep its value somewhat stable but with a lot of room to grow...

...INTO $40 EOY!

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Brave is actually extremely good on privacy isn't it?
>not having 3 browsers: one for personal stuff, one for porn, and one for entertainment

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thats the joke

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More specifically this?

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im not selling until $100

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its been pushing to sunday night into monday morning as big sell days. keep an eye on it for the next couple of days or just sit a limit your comfortable with

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>>not having 3 browsers: one for personal stuff, one for porn, and one for entertainment
This. I use four browsers for different things. Even used Chrome for certain activities I organized with the guys from /m/.

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You didn't think the constant shilling over the past week was organic did you? I love BAT but that was a sign that the top was in. They were coordinating market buys to bump the price and then dumping on the new guys. BAT only went up because bitcoin went up, that's obvious in the bat/btc chart.

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Think bigger. About 200x bigger.
The Pennant has a target of about 9000 sats. That is my first take profit.

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Yeah I’m buying all the dips. I’ve got a bag of 1K bat and I’m chillin rn.

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Price is only spiking due to the search engine news, it'll settle down soon

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Normies already are.

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t. doesn't know how brave works

they're literally just windows notifications in the bottom right. Easy shit to click away from, and 10x better than regular ads... also, respects privacy AND you get paid.

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every normie ive told to use brave has installed it after just saying its faster than chrome and has inbuilt adblock, when they figure out theyre earning BAT too they tell all their friends. I've probably gotten hundreds into brave in the past month

>> No.30227464

It's doing the opposite of spiking, anon...

>> No.30227504

Yeah, I've gotten a few friends into Brave lately too. Only guy I can't get into Brave is a Chrome fanboy that thinks it's the best browser ever made.

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Thank fucking god I only put a small amount in. I was thinking about going all in and trading all of my ETH for BAT.

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you can usually sway those fags by saying its exactly the same as chrome because it uses chromium open source and you can watch youtube in the background on mobile devices

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I've tried. Still won't listen, sadly.

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Utterly killed by ERC-20 gas fees. Useless token now.

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Could you explain more?

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Everyone ITT rn

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it's already settling around .68-.70

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what am i looking at

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This is prime accumulating time, we're about to crank.

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>bragging about making $200
>telling others to stay poor
I've literally found more money on the sidewalk in the last month. If you're curious it was 3 crumbled up 20s and some some polarized Raybans that were brand new and surprisingly not counterfeit

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Just threw $400 more into it, think the dip is over

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Giant bullflag?

I can feel dunning kruger happening to me

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>I've literally found more money on the sidewalk in the last month
nice larp faggot

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ETH rollups are supposedly incoming that should cut gas fees by a fair amount this month

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get a car, poorfag

>> No.30228643

>Not being a ruralfag
>Not riding your horse everywhere
>Not collecting manure, drying it out, and using it as a fuel source during winter

You'll never make it cityfag

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I bought at 20¢ and 45¢ sold at 79¢ and bought at 72¢...

>> No.30228721

dudes do u know mantradao? seems like $50kk tlv and community governance does it legitly profitable

>> No.30228940

Bitcoin is dumping so everything is dumping friend, no need to panic. Buy more at the dip.

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every single time BAT dips, its because eurofags are dumping.
and EVERY SINGLE big dip I miss because i am asleep

Fuck eurofags

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kek bikefag, ngmi

>> No.30229227

wtf are you? It's been dumping all afternoon in burgerville

>> No.30229266

im already sitting on 5.5k bats, i just dont know what im looking at.

>> No.30229408

Fellow 5k bro!
We might be late to the party but its better than leaving it in the bank.

>> No.30229463

The low dip on Sunday, usually.

>> No.30229469

This is not a dump, the coin and concept behind is too stable for large swings.
Its stabilizing and will go up beyond at least 0.85 within 24hrs of this post.
Screencap me

>> No.30229508

5.5k reporting in, hopefully get to 10k by midway through year if we dont moon super hard

>> No.30229725

4754 coins now... whew I barely made it close to $5000. Wagecucking so hard to accumulate before the real moon.

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Waging aint too bad.
Gotta generate base capital somehow.
Though I will say I dislike being dependent on needing money for payments.
If I get rid of mortgage early with this I could live comfy doing any job.

>> No.30230094

I'm averaging 7500 at .63. Hopefully it dumps hard so I can pull my average under .60

>> No.30230249

Just buy GTH

>> No.30231216

normies do switch products

>> No.30231317

Honestly I'd be happy with an RV and a plot of land with satellite and a generator. I don't need fancy living conditions or a luxurious lifestyle, I just want to be as free from the system as I can get and waging is the only way I can make investment money to obtain that goal.

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I'll hold you accountable to it.


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i never said bat is a make it coin

>> No.30231649

That was me and I’m still up 9 points. About to buy the Sunday dip too.

>> No.30231665

I did, because it is.

>> No.30232168

You got it.

>> No.30232209

Depends. Have you entered yet?

>> No.30232348

if you believe that guy nows a fine time. 68 to 85 is a big swing. just dont put a couple of bucks into it like a tard

>> No.30232559

I kinda think 83¢ was the moon for now. We should all sell.

>> No.30232945

I think we'll see .80 again next week. Hopefully stimmy passage next week will spur it.

>> No.30232995

what happened to all the people last night hoping for a dip to buy in? This is it, now is your dip. I have already loaded another $2500 in.

>> No.30233014

>No no this SHILLING was clearly coordinated and not organic THATS how I knew it was the top
>It’s only because BTC dumped we’re hitting $1.50 next week though
>Insert brainlet take
BAT pumped because a bunch of newfags got into crypto after the GameStop thing and BAT saw new speculative interest. Around the time this momentum slowed down today, BTC dumped. But the future value of BAT isn’t based on speculative pumps, but the fundamentals of Brave and its future market share/adoption. If you’re not either a retard or a bitter faggot you know that short term pumps and dips shouldn’t be that relevant because they’re based on speculation, and unlike 95% of crypto, BAT is actually not just based on speculation.

>> No.30233170

We were hoping for $0.50. Saddened by this lame dip.

>> No.30233447

Dude you’re right it’s the “advertiser coin” that really shows how the board has gone to shit definitely not the plethora of food coins hey go check your pancakes and collect your syrup then make sure to unnest your eggs retard

>> No.30233925

>hey go check your pancakes and collect your syrup then make sure to unnest your eggs retard

Hey don't forget to invest in the coin named Luigi that blatently stole Nintendo's intellectual property.


>> No.30233931

What other projects arent just speculation?

>> No.30233946

As I’m watching more people being deplatformed, doxxed, and investigated by big tech and alphabet organizations, I know that it’s only gonna draw more people to Brave over time. Stay patient and keep buying the dips. It’s inevitable for BAT to grow by a lot this year and years to come.

>> No.30234096

This dip is pathetic. Waiting for it to really dip.

>> No.30234246

BAT I trusted you!

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If Brave really wants to take off they should come up with some sort of chat client to rival Skype and Discord. Sick of Discord selling my info and voice data to the Chinese.

>> No.30234544

is that before or after i put my IRA into MCDC

>> No.30234668

>he doesn't know about Brave Together


>> No.30234728


>> No.30234761

>Creating meeting room: arcane/inscrutable network issue, sorry!
Would be cool if it worked.

>> No.30234773

I wouldn’t doubt that Icke is designing one. Seems to keep dropping updates in real time and not just speculating to keep the coin pumping like most coins.

>> No.30234876

Based and GMI, I just put $1000 into this shit at the top last night and ain’t even frettin’

>> No.30234908

At least with Pajeet shitcoins they are just trying to take your money. How do you think these 'free' products are 'free'? This one also hands out a 'free' form of currency. China pays big money to have front companies take all your info. Epic games Riot discord just to name a few forms of spyware that you install to willingly give all your data too.

>> No.30235076

No user data leaves your machine, the ads are nested locally.

>> No.30235126

Monday, Midnight to 11:00 AM UTC lately

>> No.30235158

Looks like it’s already starting it’s incline. Back to .80 tonight?

>> No.30235363

No chance. If we stabilize, it'll be around 72-73. Then we hope for an EOW pump.

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was eyeing BAT since 0.50, just bought some today

>> No.30235634

Tax refund deposited, I’m going get this dip. The future of bat is dø bright I don’t even need eyes.

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File: 4 KB, 298x66, 2021-03-05 00_07_40-Window.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Market bought some more BAT. At 26.1k now.

>> No.30236008

Huh. I'd rather they kept it undervalued. I wanna accumulate too

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File: 36 KB, 750x741, young willsmith.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck?
How many other brave features (working or in progress) are there?
>Brave Search
>Brave DEX
>Brave Themisv2 Rewards Decentralization and Verification
>Brave Rewards
>Brave Community Support
>Brave Transparency Stats
Every few days I find out about a completely new Brave/BAT feature.

>> No.30236528

Brave is going to gobble up Googles revenue.

>> No.30236942

why hold when it reached ath?

>> No.30236983

I don't know what i'm doing wrong
I have 5 ads per hour set on my browser but my BAT stays at zero

I even click on them just in case

the fuck

>> No.30237170

There is an explot in the browser

>> No.30237208


>> No.30237249

There is an exploit in every browser

>> No.30237303

Click the BAT icon and go to settings. There you'll see how much of a BATty boy you are.

>> No.30237326

>Bitcoin is dumping so everything is dumping friend, no need to panic. Buy more at the dip.
Unless bitcoin crashes further

>> No.30237366

I unironically believe in this project
If Brave just captures fucking 1 percent of the market thats 300Million regular users

>> No.30237430

Ads ON
Auto-contribute OFF

Your wallet: 0.000 BAT

>> No.30237484

then you'll be rich next market cycle

don't buy with money you need

>> No.30237501

Bro, don't dis Luigi. That and booba were hilarious rugs.

>> No.30237511

Now check the "estimated rewards pending" bit.

>> No.30237526


It's a long hold for me, I'm not swinging this thing. I don't need the money.

>> No.30237618

Ok, 0.060 BAT on my desktop
but my phone still says 0.000 pending

>> No.30237673

>muh retarded boomer who has to get his niece to help them on the interwebs

>> No.30237738

yeah i could not get mobile to work as well
reached conclusion that rewards are based on isp
got 2.945 on desktop, been using 5 days

>> No.30237779

The dip is just whales dumping their 2017 bags. It'll recover again and then hit $1 then dump again because of the sell wall then cut through $1 and up. Just hold.

>> No.30237849

>doesn't know what he's talking about
>comes onto /biz/ to shill trannyfox

Yep, a butt hurt tranny for sure who knows nothign about how Brave works in the slightest.

Well you sure gave me my daily kek

>> No.30237850

fuck my phone is always on VPN and also is rooted has lineageOS and Adaway installed

but it doesn't block brave ads

>> No.30237913

But does a bike make shit to burn and nourish your crops? No


>> No.30238096

I bought some earlier today before it dropped to where it is now.

>> No.30238262

You can just turn Brave ads off in the browser settings...

>> No.30238275

he's aiming to create a super-app to take out Google's dominance


>> No.30238285

I have $200 in ETH and i'm thinking about dumping it all into here. I already have 50 BAT and wondering if I should risk more

>> No.30238298

>furry made
It is? I'm switching to it permanently, thank you

>> No.30238300

mobile doesnt work well for me either. if youre using windows 10 make sure your system notifications are on or youll be cucked

>> No.30238419

linux all the way baby

I only use windows for specific programs and some games.

>> No.30238477

i don't think you got the point

I want to get paid for the ads, that is the only acceptable form of advertising,

>> No.30238485

It's Thursday.

>> No.30238811

It was. I have been holding since 2017 and fud bat out of frustration but now that they are finally doing crypto related things I (and many others) am shilling. You've clearly not been around the bat threads. Price goes up really changes peoples mood.

>> No.30239155

Did the OGs play us and dump on us? I feel betrayed. I haven’t seen MemeAtlas Anon, Boof, or brap poster around in a while just all the newfrens. The whole dynamic of the threads changed and a lot of the old personalities are nowhere to be found

>> No.30239444

Now going half ETH and half BAT, please dont let me down 4chan

>> No.30239701

Accurate. The fud is real. But at the same time i welcome in. What to accumulate. Most bullish ive been on a project since ada

>> No.30239766

based adafren

>> No.30239858

checked and smart

>> No.30240814

Implying biz is important enough to cause bumps on BAT that actually fucking matter, ignoring the constant news surrounding this project unironically believing biz is the price influencer. Fudders get the rope

>> No.30240881
File: 138 KB, 331x1200, 1612135655835.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so fucking bullish on this. Dumps give me more time to build my stack. Bog has no power here.

>> No.30240950

Checked, you're GMI

>> No.30241555

Same, if this shit hits $40 like some people on here are saying it will, i'll make 6k which will make my family proud of me for once.

>> No.30241736
File: 25 KB, 410x308, Disappointment.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Son, why didnt you make $12k."

>> No.30241738

If BAT hits $40 I'll make $2 million. I don't even count on that because I keep reserved expectations. At least $10 in the next two or three years is very reasonable and would be 500k if you have a 50k stack.

>> No.30242034

Wait for the saturday thread. There was a discussion of a few posters being busy with their actual jobs opening back up.

>> No.30242707


The thread where we all hold on through the Sunday dump you mean?

>> No.30243081
File: 109 KB, 620x451, 2569304i.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do you store BAT offline? I dont want all my bat tied to uphold

>> No.30243644

Were we buy up the dips boy.

>> No.30243985
File: 83 KB, 1200x578, bat-leo-sell-me-logo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> you've clearly not been around BAT threads
I made this:


I'm still here anon, I just don't respond to weekday threads, can't *sip* my IPA's and name BAT images. Plus I've been swamped with work.


You don't understand who you're calling a FUDder. All I'm saying is that over the past two weeks there's been an uncharacteristic increase in shilling BAT. And while this might seem like a good thing it also brings the risk with it that as the price drops nu-holders will be more willing to dump, which will accelerate it even further. But I don't care about short term price action because in 10 years this will be the next bitcoin in terms of adoption and name recognition.

>> No.30244074

Im bearish on bat because of the amount of the retards investing in it. Bitcoin has literally nothing to do with the bat project an yet retards still sell around bitcoin drops

>> No.30244147
File: 34 KB, 1080x264, Screenshot_20210304-182928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop teasing me

>> No.30244297

I've never understood that. I'm not sure why they can't just hold. I check my portfolio a lot, but I'll won't buy or sell anything for the next 3-4 years.

>> No.30244379

wait for them to push their own wallet, its in the works.

>> No.30244458

>Browse BAT threads
>Forget about the quote that I was sitting on for few days

Just sent quote for $21K. just for labour as piece-work. Told dude he should purchase materials at approx. $20K.

I hate general contractors.

>> No.30244471
File: 230 KB, 512x526, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30245081

BTC is the shittiest coin of all time

>> No.30245212
File: 146 KB, 600x600, 1614812564504.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I disagree. I posted a majority of the threads im pretty small time compared to alot of people. I just believe in this project ALOT

>> No.30245229
File: 107 KB, 1586x474, Screenshot at Mar 04 20-50-22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Locked and loaded for tommorow. If this goes down even more my parents probably wont let me ever trade crypto again.

>> No.30245242

Bitcoin is dropping like shit but bat is staying fairly stable if you ignore the pump we hot yesterday from search engine news. I don’t expect it go below, though I wouldn’t mind buying more.

>> No.30245395

>it dropped further
>-18.25% today and counting

>> No.30245439

Bitcoin dropped 10%, BAT dropped 20%. I feel bad for the guy who threw 20k into BAT like 2 days ago.

>> No.30245446

Based and underage pilled

>> No.30245476

I'm resisting the urge to buy more cause I know a further dip is coming tomorrow/weekend

>> No.30245512

Not underage, if I was I wouldn't be able to even buy crypto. Just living with my parents and they want me to save enough to move out and don't want me to loose all of my money in 1 dumbass trade.

>> No.30245583

I said it was going to dump back to 45 cents. BAT is too heavily manipulated to invest in unless you are prepare to wait.

>> No.30245653

anon why are you still living with your parents if you're not underage?

>> No.30245692

I'm still bullish on Brave long term but yeah it's going to take a lot more to get normies to switch. right now it's just chrome with extensions built in. idk what they could do but it hasn't been mind blowing to me yet.

>> No.30245756

haha fuck this gay coin

>> No.30245762

Bat is heavily manipulated? Most wallets have less than 50k. I don’t believe this is manipulation, just the normal flow of the market following bitchcoin.

>> No.30245794

1$ means it has 1.5 billion dollar market cap. that doesn't really make sense all they got are crappy crypto scam ads on there. honestly. if they can steal market share from Firefox they got a chance but not yet.

>> No.30245867

We still don't talk about BAT, everyone in this thread is a faggot and should kill themselves.

>> No.30245913

Expect it to go up tonight into the morning

>> No.30245929

i'm a neet

>> No.30245972

are you proud of this?

>> No.30245986

I hope so, just threw half of my neetbucks into it.

>> No.30246010


Have a look at the housing market fren

>> No.30246044

No, im trading crypto to hopefully get enough money to move out

>> No.30246162

if you've been here as long as us oldfags you know that setting a new floor is good for long term growth. last time we were around here it rocketed up to .98 but never got back and crabbed around 20-.35 for years. we are starting to see that growth that will ensure we will all make it fren

>> No.30246223

Look at 2.0 roadmap you shortsighted retard.
Discord tranny.

>> No.30246366

A Brave man

>> No.30246617
File: 975 KB, 960x943, bearguitar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh hey there memeatlas anon. I'm the entrepreneurship general OP. I should probably get back to posting those.......

>> No.30246726

I still think BTC stabilizes around 48-49. Hitting 42 would be troubling, but it won't even go under 45 this dip. If it rallies to 48k by midnight, we still have a good shot at pumping next week. I'd worry about this weekend, though.

>> No.30247169
File: 76 KB, 680x729, wojakstonks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what is BAT going to hit by tomorrow? not sure when I should buy.

>> No.30247225

whatever the fuck bitcoin decides to be on

>> No.30247258

>3 points down
I'll buy you an ice cream, little kid.

>> No.30247276

Don’t feel bad for me. It was 20k I had tied up in SNX, UNI, BTC and LINK. I’m still up .4 since I rolled it into BAT

>> No.30247484
File: 464 KB, 1125x2436, 7A4A50F2-AD6D-481D-BA0C-EA87725EA7E2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just to clarify, I’m doing fine over here.

>> No.30247604

Quoted via CoinMarketCap;

Holders' Composition by Time;
53% =1Y+
41% =1-12M
6% =<1M

Its a long hold as Anons here said. Those mofos that are 1Y plus made good money and likely dumped recently

>> No.30247757

I'm not really worried to be honest. The crypto market is cancer if you look at everything from the short term lol. I've trained myself not to give a fuck anymore. Christ I remember trying to swing in the past with Eth and got priced out haha. Just hold, if you invested money that you actually need then you're retarded.

>> No.30247883

>bought in at 76 cents
hurts, man

>> No.30247945

I.e. someone who bought at 5K at 0.25 spent January 2020 = $1250
It they sold all 5K when it peaked earlier they made = $4850 in profits.

Hence why anons say 5K is suicide stack, 20K bare minimum make it stack

*all based on canuck monopoly money

>> No.30247950

every normie I know uses either chrome or brave, which is just a better chrome

>> No.30247990
File: 288 KB, 491x669, chady.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're a part of the lucky bunch who bought in while it was under a dollar...

I'll repost something an Anon told me last night in the other BAT general thread.

>Alright listen up niglet. There's always a chance in life that something doesn't go exactly how you want. BAT could dip to 40 cents tomorrow. But there are times when the payoff of being right is great enough and the likelihood of that payoff is high enough so that you risk not running a 100% optimal series of events. In other words maybe you get in a little high and could've waited, maybe you get in at the perfect time, there's literally no way of knowing for sure. In finance you don't want to worry so much about hitting a super specific price point or whether something will certainly do xyz in order to make the most optimal choices possible given past present and future factors. It's about averages and probabilities. I'm bullish as fuck on BAT so I think buying under $1 will pan out in spades. Basically I think you're good but it's a long hold. If you get more money from flipping burgers or selling drugs or whatever the fuck you do I'd consider setting a fair amount aside to invest, but DYOR


>> No.30248040


>this is /biz/

>> No.30248176

I recommend everyone in this thread go over to /g/, and look at their catalogue right now. Bring a brave logo.

>> No.30248261

what the fuck is going on over there

>> No.30248301

you tell me

>> No.30248320 [DELETED] 
File: 20 KB, 458x458, BAT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.30248390

Shills shilling shills

>> No.30248399

fair enough
I bought in specifically because I like the fact that BAT is ACTUALLY a currency. You can use it TODAY to pay for things. That makes it infinitely more valuable TO ME than some random coin I don't understand but has some innovative technology behind it for this or that.

>> No.30248462

did you do it?

>> No.30248546

Eww this is actually bearish. Not feeling good now bat bros

>> No.30248550

Does brave have stock or is BAT their version?

>> No.30248683

quit clowning.

>> No.30248697

my lil bat stock doin' a lil sum summ

>> No.30248729

BATter up!

>> No.30248883
File: 206 KB, 400x416, wojakpink5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30248989

doesn’t look good man

>> No.30249081

Pretty funny though. And we're going for bearish since plenty missed accumulating a make-it stack for cheap.

>> No.30249159
File: 430 KB, 488x896, batdept.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this desu. anything under $10 is an insane steal. Anything under $40 is just smart money. But idiots will buy ADA instead.

>> No.30249178


>> No.30249197

>It's a long hold for me, I'm not swinging this thing. I don't need the money.
I learned that the hard way with link. I had a 35k stack that I bought at .21 I lost swinging.

>> No.30250437
File: 83 KB, 788x588, 1614893987483.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros I saw this on the /g/ bat thread wtf? Why is Brave keeping our search history for incognito private searches? Shit like this will scare normies away from the browser forever

>> No.30250605

>confusing TOR with incognito
>Using TOR in the first place
>Using a browser built-in TOR, which leaks in every browser ever unless very properly configured
It's nothing.

>> No.30251078

>normies will be afraid of their CP purchases on the dark web being at risk
don't really think so considering most normies dont know what tor or the dark web is. and what this anon said >>30250605
Brave isn't marketed as a complete package total security kit, it's a convenience browser that has extra security features compared to the major market incumbents, among other things

>> No.30251278

just reach .66 before I go to bed JFC

>> No.30251297


>> No.30251322

Alright, I stay off the dark web anyways personally and most normies do the same thing so I guess this is nothing after all.

>> No.30251358

You stupid faggot game stop was weeks ago and no. No one just went to crypto fresh and choose BAT, do you understand how you sound just kys. There was a 2.0 road map released days ago and they acquired a search engine to rival Google. Fucking kys you stupid dick loving faggot nigger shit stain

>> No.30251360

Euro dump is coming in 2-3 hours, but I expect burgers to wake up and buy the dip.

>> No.30251368

If it goes below 60 I’m dropping my life savings into Brave

>> No.30251450
File: 19 KB, 474x504, beardab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

me too, except I'm 19 and only have $900 in my checking account lol

>> No.30251457

fuck me i wanna sleep

>> No.30251716

>Newfags come to /biz/ during gamestop pump
>Stay and lurk
>Roadmap 2.0 released, legitimate company headed by creator of JS and co-founder of Mozilla etc etc
>Ape into BAT
Where's the flaw in this reasoning? You understand two things can be true at once don't you retard?

>> No.30251743

absolute chad move not gonna lie
when this gets to $40 i'mma diversify with the profit

>> No.30251956
File: 84 KB, 1033x670, n-word.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is literally baseless fud, you will see a lot of articles like this in the near future because of the threat Brave poses. They will say and do ANYTHING to keep people using Chrome, Safari and Google-owned Firefox. By the end you will be getting histrionic screeching journalists saying that "ORANGE LION BAD!" and seething articles writing about how Brendan Eich took out his lower ribs to suck his own dick, dozens of women will come out of the woodwork saying he raped and beat them and old coworkers will emerge to slander him, and the best part is:



>> No.30251961
File: 387 KB, 556x993, 4E48A5BB-EDBF-4F2D-868B-EA12C134F569.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sometimes I wonder about the faggots on this board. We know BAT is a solid long term investment and we know that after a bullrun there will be a correction. What’s with the FUD?

>> No.30251977
File: 80 KB, 250x244, boomer_apu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30252105

Low impulse control, isolation induced mental illness, and underaged b&

>> No.30252207

This is just Opera.

>> No.30252365

And if it reaches Opera's market share my BAT stack will be worth 7 figures

>> No.30252382

Picking up crumb 20s and throw me away raybans, what a destitute homosexual

>> No.30252525

Yea they’ll try and serve his big meaty on a platter, but the crypto gods are all libertarian. Even the left leaning techies would think he’s based if he assisted beheadings of trannys on a Saudi thrill kill vacation.

>> No.30252611

>380 million people use opera every month
Yea BAT is going to $10 easy. From there $40 is only 4x. We’re going to be rich lads

>> No.30253042
File: 9 KB, 626x120, 85centsMarch5th.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$5 EOY.

>> No.30253391
File: 147 KB, 1024x595, will rise again.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So tomorrow around 4 pm?
We'll see

>> No.30253646

well thats what the dude in the other thread said. we'll see.

>> No.30253882
File: 2.28 MB, 366x274, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nibba that was none other than I
we're still in the same thread

>> No.30253883

newfag here. I just redeemed my Brave rewards, but only received roughly half of my estimated BAT rewards. Is this typical when using Brave?

>> No.30253970

Unlikely but I think we will get back up to .70 and if bitcoin can just hold we will rise steady.

>> No.30254109
File: 8 KB, 200x203, bearred2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh, shit, that's right. I have too many tabs open and I'm tired hahahahaha. here's hoping though. Maybe I'll buy a little bit more right now!

>> No.30254315

Well, its 12:01 where I am right now. I am not sure when the payout occurs, but I will confirm hot it works out once it does pay out

>> No.30254539

My wallet never empties all the way. Probably from ads that didn't meet the cutoff date for the payout.

>> No.30254855

I really love how this is the people's coin, 400k holders, feels good man

>> No.30255192

I dont have the link but it theres a chart that shows the growth of Brave users every month. We're supposedly due for 50 million users at the end of the year. Im wondering if we keep the current pace, how long until we surpass other browsers?
Firefox has 218M users on a slow and steady decline, about 8.5x the amount of Brave users currently. In due time when we eventually overshadow TrannyFox, there would be a massive buy in since it would almost effectively replace it.

>> No.30255317

Thought that was Digibyte.

>> No.30255398


This is what BAT FUD looks like, Jesus I wish I had more money to pour into BAT.

>> No.30255837

this isnt even fud this is some literal whos two year old blog post

>> No.30255972


>> No.30256136

Agreed, but the main takeaway from this is Brenden "Fourth Reich" Eich responded to many o the baseless claims.

>> No.30256478
File: 12 KB, 573x609, 1468799753236.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who buys a token that you get for free for shitposting?

>> No.30256527

kek, this niggers wanna scaml fucking rubbish on /biz/
I don’t trust this spam
>SWG and Binance Smart Chain
>This is our future

>> No.30256536


>> No.30256671
File: 22 KB, 480x360, 1514955049955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cope. You know deep down all the jeets dump this stable coin once they get paid out on uphold.

>> No.30257057

Just like various other anons over the past few days, I've switched almost entirely away from Firefox for brave. It feels faster, it's adblock has been doing more work than adblock plus did for me, and extra bat on the side is a bonus too. It won't be long and I'll be transferring over my saved logins and saying goodbye to Firefox entirely. After using it for 15+ years it'll feel strange not to have its logo on my desktop, but it's being outshined now.

>> No.30257151

do you even use the browser anon? nobody, repeat after me, N-O-B-O-D-Y will pay bat to any site.

>> No.30257177

I do.
That's why this is the one crypto I trust.

>> No.30257199

Oh brought heap actually yesterday.

I'm not even worried. How are you freaking out? Crypto goes up and down.

Stop worrying and just hold you dumb ass.

>> No.30257286

have you paid bat to any site?

>> No.30257308

you shouldnt be using the browsers saved password system, they store it in plain text on your system. use a password manager extension like bitwarden that actually encrypts your passwords

>> No.30257589

Unironically for porn. Drawn I might add.

>ever tipping a 3dpd

>> No.30257598

its 1:23AM here brehs, i dont want to fall asleep, i dont know if i buy when i wake up or now ,, what if it goes up??????? must buy the dip..

>> No.30257643

I have faggot. Some youtubers who are redpilled on crypto accept bat and can just donate to them through the browser.

>> No.30258603

Just brought another 5k worth right now.

Lmao honest you think brave is a rug pull or something? What is this shit? OFC its going to peak higher in a year or so then this far higher.

>> No.30258697

So far legit, just switched to Brave a couple hours ago. Slick, plays webm, good wallet set up earning BAT. Very encouraging to see my coins working in a browser.
t. 5k BATlet

>> No.30258797

If only I had the capital to buy more.
Feel insignificant.

>> No.30258805

the concept of a browser that pays you for ads is so good that it fucking scared google into removing 3rd party cookies. they fucking know competition is coming. google is brand name tho so i see 2 things happening. 1. google acquires BAT browser. 2. Google creates its own currecy format with a household name and sweeps BAT under the floor. I see BAT being the better play here with the experience. I would buy but i have funds in other places right now. waiting for some gains before next steps.

>> No.30258886

What happens to BAT if the former happens?

>> No.30259153
File: 515 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210304-230540_Cryptocom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What stack should I throw into bat?

>> No.30259375

>bought at .80
i am never going to financially recover for this, am i?

>> No.30259878

Google is a pawn of the global elite, the global elite hate crypto and hate it when people get rich.

If I hear ANY news at all about Google acquiring Brave I will sell my coins immediately without hestitation.

Whether Google can create their own currency and shit though, well I'll remind you that Google+ was a massive fucking failure and the only thing keeping Google alive is owning the first powerful search engine and the first video sharing site. First in best dressed as they say plus the government regulates in favor of their big tech buddies at times as well.

With all that in mind, I don't believe it's a guarantee that Google can destroy Brave by creating their own platform to try to sweep Brave under the rug.

>> No.30259890

Split both those and buy the dip before it pumps in the next 6 hours

>> No.30259903

Let's hope that Eich doesn't sell then.

>> No.30259948

BAT might be renamed, or a 1:1 swap for Google's own token. OR in a worst case scenario they sweep it's functionality under the carpet and we're left with some very heavy bags

>> No.30259993

Look at it this way.
If it dips down to 40 cents you can double your stack.
If it instead recovers you make money.
Worst case it crabs below 80 cents for a time but you won't be down more than 50%.
If it goes to zero you have other things to worry about.

>> No.30260128

With you on this anon very bullish on brave I unironically believe if I invest 50k and hold for 10 years I've never have to work again.

>> No.30260244

In 10 years you'll never have to work again because you'll be living in zero privacy pods, eating bugs and worrying about your social credit score while you live off of universal basic income lol.

Better pray BAT pays off a hell of a lot faster or we're all fucked.

>> No.30260276

I bought mochimo a month ago and its up 1100%, why is it going up so much !??!

>> No.30260305

>eating bugs
Would rather go vegetarian.

>> No.30260332

because your uncle came on your face as a child

>> No.30260418

jesus christ, just checked IP addresses and this thread is almost entirely bots. this is the most pathetically manipulated token on the market. As others have said you should all kill yourselves for being faggots.

>> No.30260473

AND THEY ALL SUCK! they're all garbage. None of them work well and there are always better alternatives. Brave has to be the worst group of programmers in terms of execution and time in the market.

>> No.30260724

>Triple posting
>Being a collosal faggot

>> No.30260744

Why is mochimo up 100% when bitcoin is down 25%? Should I buy?

>> No.30260764

it took me three posts to capture how much you suck

>> No.30260785
File: 516 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210304-235357_Cryptocom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for the advice anon

>> No.30260809

because your uncle came on your face as a child. going to spray paint it under your bridge.

>> No.30260816

>Shilling the wrong token

>> No.30260858

Post in 3 years when you're retiring anon

>> No.30260876

that's a woman from the discord server, you'll never know what the fuck they're making fun of you about unless you're in the server. it's full of women who shit on you incels all day.

>> No.30260914

Come on man, if looking at IP addresses was a successful way of knowing who the bots are, bots wouldn't be such a big problem on the internet which lead to the captcha bullshit in the first place.

>> No.30260919



>> No.30260973

>My wife and son's collective face when

>> No.30260976


I have a growing list of IP addresses that bots usually come from, this thread is full of them.

>> No.30261011


can't wait to rape both of them because you lost all your money on BAT

>> No.30261042

Bet that list would be useful in proving that 95% of all posts made on /pol/ are from bots lol

>> No.30261044
File: 98 KB, 420x420, 214124.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what's my IP then big guy?

>> No.30261430

Oh not mah two grand!

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