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Get rid of it

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Credit card ? How many have you ? What is your age and income ?

Starting by me:

>25yr, nearly 26
>Minimum wage UK (1200£) But my father pay my rent and send me 250£ per month
>Total of 5 credit card
>Worth 5500£ cumulate.

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No thanks, I'm enjoying 2% off all the purchases that I have to make to live anyway. Oh yes, and of course I pay my monthly statement in full, I don't pay interest.

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Based. I get 5 cents for every dollar I can use for travel. Pay it off every month too. Imagine using a debit card.

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Why would I get rid of my credit card?

I have never missed a payment
I get free money back in return in points to use on Amazon
My cc score is over 800

Only suckers get pulled into the game and go into debt

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No. Unlike the poor masses, I can have a credit card with a 40k limit (I do) without maxing it out. Chase sapphire reserve. When I was younger and lower class, I had a chase sapphire preferred

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This. I make hundreds of dollars every year in cash back and pay zero interest cause I always pay my full statement balance.

Using credit cards properly is literally free money and much safer than cash.

>I lost my card better call and cancel it, new one will be here soon
>I lost my cash; sucks to suck.

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This. Credit cards are just better and safer all around. Granted, only 5% or less of the population use them responsibly

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Because THE LORD demands it!

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Unless you have zero self control it makes more sense to have a credit card. With a debit card a cashier could accidentally charge you too much and overdraft your account and there'd be nothing you can do for a couple weeks. Same if someone steals your card.

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I've never had one.

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i have literally never bought a single thing on credit

i literally only use my credit cards as debit cards