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Craig Wright will crash this market, even if it means BSV temporarily goes to $5.

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Do you get tired of being wrong about everything?

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>two more weeks
>two more weeks on Venus
>two more weeks consisting only of February 29ths

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I think we can at least agree on the $5 BSV part.

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how can any man with THIS much motive and ground, and a gun in his hand, refuse the opportunity to end the endless charade which he mistakenly calls life? Perhaps, he is no longer a man. He is, that what we call, Australian.

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holy checked

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The date is March 32th retard

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If my is is teal and 7FBWzkGC then Craig will absolutely crush all cryptos while pumping bsv to $4,444 on the same day

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he will put that gun in his mouth first and pull the trigger.

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oh look it's a janny who has access to the hashing function
how much is creg paying you

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this satoshi was clearly an austrian
evident from the message embedded in genesis block.

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not even.
with this level of blatant easily-seen-through deception and fraud, it is surely creg himself.

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Suck my dick, Craig

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These two in court shouting 'fraud!' 'no, YOU fraud!' at each other should be endlessly entertaining.
any luck, they'll all get locked up.

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The guy says he’s Satoshi yet can’t even send an email or post on a forum lol he’s not doing anything it’s also -99% relative to BTC cope

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He will prove it in court.

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"When I read the whitepaper..."

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that's all the fud you got there... keep trying faggot

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"...when I wrote it"

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Bsv will absorb corecoin market cap. When the dust settles all the normies will call it the flippening.

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Nah, everything will dump 95%+. Then BSV will rise from the ashes.

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We have a robust price floor going. BSV's tech will change commerce.

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Not if the SEC has their way. The entire crypto space will moon as indirectly through runaway inflation; not through price discovery as we have seen.

high fees and scaling issues will be the death of many coins when people start dumping their dollars. They will use bsv.

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>Craig Wright will crash the market
He absolutely will.
>Right after the bonded courier attorney arrives with his private key to the Tulip Trust, and right after he signs a message from any Satoshi wallet

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should i go 50-50 bsv and xrp?

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You need to think about supply, low fees and scalability as means of a replacement payment system.
You're on target.

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no i was just joking lol bsv and xrp are dogshit

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Am i really going to have to start filtering faketoshi and bitcoin scam version again?
Can't you actual niggers dubs someplace else to pollute, or have you been banned from every place else?

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https:// discord gg/sSZf8aMAfk

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>They will use bsv.
the dreams of the simple minded...
that ship has sailed. new coins will swamp the attention spam of people it's not possible to climb out of the gutter. i don't know of any shitcoin that managed to.

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Not everything is a meme or a joke newfag. Xrp has insanely low fees compared to other shitcoins.
We are headed for hyperinflation of a world reserve currency; do you have any idea what that means for global finance? What will replace the dollar? Central banks have already shown interest in blockchain as a replacement for the current system. There is already an alternative for fiat worldwide that isn't being utilized. You'd have to be completely blind not to see the writing on the wall.

Look at consumer prices already in the last decade; housing prices etc. The appreciation isn't related to value of the good. The relationship is the loss of purchasing power through the dollar.
One could extrapolate the same connection to corecoin. Yes there is asset speculation and price discovery but the current price of btc is also connected to the supply of us dollars.

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No one is going to use btc as a payment system for a replacement for hyper inflated us dollars. People will use scalable low fee cryptos. No one is going to wait at at a gas station for 30 mins for their transaction to be confirmed while paying fees that match the price of the goods being purchased.

You failed economics sir.

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>No one is going to use btc as a payment system for a replacement for hyper inflated us dollars.
i don't need that to happen for bitcoin to go to a billion us dollar a coin...

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And do what? Trade it for hyperinflated usd? Do you understand the difference between value and purchasing power? Maybe you made some capital on a clever bet and that is great; but you are fool if you think corecoin can replace fiat at its current capacity.

You can believe whatever you want to be believe; dislike Craig or whatever bullshit mantra you prescribe to. Bsv holds the bitcoin name and will be instantly recognizable to normie fucks looking to escape worthless holdings of fiat. Bsv has also already scaled and the fees are low. The fundamentals for bsv to replace fiat payments exist today.

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>I will crash the market, a-any minute now... J-just u wait

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>Do you understand the difference between value and purchasing power?
more than you. but bsv will still be $200 so that doesn't concern you. purchasing power i mean not something you have to worry about.
>The fundamentals for bsv to replace fiat payments exist today.
in your dreams i'm sure they do.

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>blocks are empty
>fees are low

gee, I wonder why it's so cheap to use...

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What are you a woke democrat? Facts are facts whether you like them or not.
The value of bitcoin may rise due to the inflation of us dollars instead of asset speculation; that does not mean you can buy more with your bitcoin. Keep holding on; we need people to hold the bag.

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Larger blocks lower fees smoothbrain.
So you failed mathematics too.

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>Facts are facts whether you like them or not.
that's what i'm saying
bsv is bigger garbage then btrash
you guys fucked up and not the ship has sailed.

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Because you said so? Now that is fucking amusing. It has only just begun.

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>Because you said so?
no because you had 3 years and you spent it with idiotic memes easily disproven falsehoods and abusive/hostile and often times racist comments turning pretty much everyone on this planet against you and your project.
i would say you worked admirably hard to sabotage yourself.

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