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Only 27 days left in this month.

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I feel light headed bros

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Really regret not selling PINS and NET a few weeks ago now.

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My TSLA put could not save me from that GEVO -17%.
Even my clinical phase biomemes down like -20%. They were very resilient until now.

not enough PLTR CEOs in the pic.

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I am metallurgically ruined.

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might buy NET calls next week if this keeps going

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Two (2) threads in one (1) trading session. What is this? /smg/?

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Everything is dropping, isn't it?

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My Siberian Husky is getting old so I'm thinking of getting an Orange Akita Inu next with these sick gains I'm making.
Is that too weeb tho? Not low-key enough?

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/crumbling market general/

Mr. Chairman disappointed me.

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wrong pic

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Reddit slowly leaving but everyone here is still expressing their anguish.

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I hear these guys are loud cheeky fuckers.

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yo imma have to go back to sucking dick in the gas station glory hole

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>reddit bull flag is in

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Cool tool. Now I finally confirmed my theory as to why /pol/ went to shit, and it wasn't just me outgrowing it.

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TQQQ has fallen more from ATH then it did in September.

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MAGA faggots were the last nail in the coffin. /pol/ stopped being good early 2010's when it stopped being ironic. arguably /new/ was the end too

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>1% buy back

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Legit wondering if this recent downturn was just the big guys wanting to shake off some retail traders.

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The Anon in the previous thread who was talking about MMEDF what makes you want to buy it besides it being the only shroom stock
Might buy right now if market recovers a bit more.

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Wow, it really did coincide with gme

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I'm a retard. Can a smart anon explain why investors get so spooked by increasing bond yields?

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I think it might be. Retail traders are now 20% of the market, more than at any other point in history. If they can make a lot of them panic sell, then the Tutes get cheapies, and retail will fomo back in at higher prices

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What the fuck was that

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Because once it reaches the divvie yield of actual safe stocks (or ETFs), it will be more rational to buy bonds than those stocks or ETFs.
The market is pricing in a relatively high future yield.

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Probably someone derisking from their short, or just another P&D.
Sill crazy that the CFO hasn't diluted.

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I'm even more retarded, what are bond yiels?

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the absolute state

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pre-2016 /pol/ was breddy good. There was a lot of cuck porn spamming but that was easy to scroll past and there were also a lot of good threads of non-US happenings. Now we can't even keep up one general to discuss all of the foreign happenings (/sg/) without it getting pushed off the board by shit flinging monkeys talking about utterly meaningless shit.

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What other people said and also because they believe that inflation who come quick and that the fed will swoop in to crush it and end the infinite money party.

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I think pretty much everyone blames election tourists for the current state of /pol/ (including their inability to contain themselves to /pol/)

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will come quick*

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The interest rate the (US) government pays on bonds

It's nowhere near that level though, right?

I mean 4% is standard divvy yield while bonds are at like 1.5%?

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The SPY yield (gold standard) is 1.51%

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Palladium holding up good

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The standard way to value a stock is with a discounted cash flow model. If you value a company, the discount rate usually contains the so-called "risk-free rate" in its formula and that risk-free rate is typically the 10Y bond yield. So if the yield goes up, valuation for stocks becomes worse until you eventually reach a point where the added risk from holding stocks over bonds is no longer worth it.

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To be honest I'm not sure to what extent it was QE that kept stocks up. With all of the defaults by small businesses I would say that the banks would have needed all that money to just simply not go bankrupt. I could be wrong, though. I wouldn't even know where to find the data to find this out.

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Thanks frens I'm going to look this up

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What's happening has little to do with the actual value of the bond upon maturity.

The bond market (the people who trade bonds for cash like we do with stocks) thinks thar the Fed will buy up all the short term bonds (like the 10yr) and issue a bunch of new long term bonds.

Yields are inching up to reflect the increased demand for 10yr bonds in anticipation of the buyback.

All of the above bullshit is interpreted by the stock market as a sign that the Fed will take action against "inflation".

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Yields inching up means the demand for bonds is going lower. Because holding something for 10 years just to see it inflate away is getting less and less attractive.

Yields were this low until now because of the Infinite QE creating artificial demand for bonds.

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QE is more of a market sentiment adrenaline shot than anything having to do holding up said markets up. In 2019 there were a lot of times where perceived corrections would abruptly end which would then be attributed to a "Fed put" wherein participants believe (or believed that other participants believed) if the market fell bellow a certain level the Fed would adjust policy or buy assets to push the price up, meaning that there is no reason to sell and only reason to buy.

The real quantitive easing might've been the friends we made along the way.

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are you winning yet, son?

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Yeah this anon puts it nicely. The money isn't moving into bonds but bonds are an indicator.

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Why do Nasdaq holders think tech stocks are the entire market?

If oil starts dumping the economy is kaput for years imo.

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Small (and foreign) companies and banks defaulting on the USD bonds is one of the reasons QE did not cause that much inflation.
Those bonds the Fed bought that were later defaulted on basically erased a shitton of USD from existence, while keeping the USD-based economy afloat.

The real crippling financial losses were the images I saved from /biz/

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Nothing to do with actual inflation. Fed isn't even thinking about considering a rate hike until 2023.

Everything to do with buying a 10yr, swapping it for a 30yr, and then selling that for cash.

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>If oil starts dumping
don't... don't do this to me, my friend. SU has been the single green position in my portfolio for weeks now

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>merger vote results tomorrow
I'm eaither dumping all my warrants if I manage to break even at my $2.10 buyin, or I'm gonna be holding for years.
Or if it fails I'm just fucked.
Not very comfy

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>If oil starts dumping the economy is kaput for years imo.
You mean oil stocks or oil prices? Because cheap oil means cheap manufacturing and economic boom for non-exporting countries. Expensive oil is usually what causes absolutely soul-crushing recessions.

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>plebbit spacing
opinion invalidated
go back nigger

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what was it's fucking problem?

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>ACEV recovering
>already up 2%

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Aren't merger votes a sell the news event?

(pic related is very outdated, we had more SPACs IPO this year than all previous years combined)

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That's your starlink and telsa investment right there.

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/pol/ is unironically full of the retards that hated /pol/ five years ago calling everyone nazis and spamming porn.
Can't stand it, I miss the esoteric threads.
I cycle through boards every 3-5 years when they start going to shit.

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Who knows with how hard spacs have been getting fucked this last 2 weeks

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That $9.86 dip was scary as fuck. How does a SPAC go below NAV.

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Is it over, bros? This is real uncomfy.

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You mean is the dippening over or is the bullrun over?

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It's not over until I sell all my VTI tomorrow. What sector do I stick it in instead?

>> No.30222599

It's like any stock. However, the thing with mergers is that they offer to buy back your shares at $10 so it has a value of $10 baseline. It doesn't mean that the trading price can't go below but it's usually bought right up back to $10.

I bought 700 shares of ACEV today at $10.

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The dippening

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I'll be 100% I'm a noob I just know it's time to buy anything oil related.
Makes sense cheap oil would drive growth but if we enter a contraction oil would be a good buy?
Because I have a good feeling about oil over the next year in my gut for some reason.

Also someone be real with me here, crypto seems to be pinned to the stock market now. I have a feeling the crypto "cycle" is all fucked up now.

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> sub 10 for the whole week
How is it even possible?

How can you distinguish between "reddit spacing" and intentional line separation based on two lines?
You can't. Go back.

Probably someone got margin called and had to liquidate something. SPACs are boring, so no reason not to liquidate a SPAC position.

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unironically considering selling my 100 AAPL, even at these low prices, to convert to NET and SOXL

>> No.30222783

But if demand for bonds is going up, wouldn't that mean that yield would be lower?

>> No.30222826

I thoguht about doing that, but I chose GUSH calls last minute. Full of regrets now.
You live and learn.

It is quite impossible to tell. It may even crab for a month at this level, so even buying a straddle might not be profitable.

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I sold my APPL a few months ago and put it into BRK.B. Seems to be a good choice because I essentially got Apple at a discount and when the market is taking hits BRK isn't doing as bad because it's so diversified.

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see how much NET has plummeted compared to AAPL? AAPL is definitely a more secure hold, although I'm currently holding both with AAPL being my bigger position

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so what are u complain about lmao

don’t be a tard who trusts this shit that is shilled on /biz/
>gas will kill ethereum and common trading with lp
if you want to live and have income follow me
check ENQ Blockchain, pearl ecosystem for smart dudes

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If the bullrun resumes soon, NET or SOXL is going to go up much faster than AAPL.
But if we continue with higher rates and possibly even inflation becomes a reality, AAPL is producing steady cashflows and has almost an oligopoly. NET has no revenue and SOXL is leverage on an industry that is already having to deal with a shortage & is highly cyclical, so is going to be hit extra hard on any downturn.

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You got me. I don't understand any of this. Maybe demand for 10yr is down? I just know the Financial papers keep talking about "Operation Twist".

I just know it has nothing to do with institutions leaving stocks to buy bonds (and hold them till maturity)

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The semiconductor shortage is very misunderstood tho.
There is a shortage in two very specific areas:
- GPUs: no need to explain this one on this shit board
- Some automotive chips. These are more interesting. The thing that happened is something liek this:
>automotive OEMs get spooked by the coofs
>they scale down production way much
>cancel preorders of a ton aof chisp
>these are very old, cheap, deprecated chips nobody wants. OEMs love these, because they are super stingy
>manufacturers tear down the assembly lines for these old and shitty chips. They are glad to do this too, because the profit margin just isn't there
>coof turns out to be not that bad
>OEMs try to resume production.
>They re-order the chips
>Noone makes them anyomre

It's more structural than broad.

Thsi is not to say that there won't be increasing demand for chips each year, but the shortage is short lived and absolute bullshit.

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They aren't going to do Operation Twist, they aren't going to do anything. They are just going to let it sort itself out. Bad in the short term, but honestly will make for a healthier economy in the long term and we will make more money overall. It just really sucks right now. But the Tutes are going to get a bunch of cheapies from the panic selling retails

>> No.30223791

AFAICT JPow and friends are happy with the bubble deflating with relatively little real economic consequence.
I'm pretty sure they were very worried about it.

>> No.30223899

I've missed these multiple percentage swing days

>> No.30223947

>They aren't going to do Operation Twist, they aren't going to do anything. They are just going to let it sort itself out.
Everybody knows this.
I'll say it again for emphasis

But now that people are selling, and the market is dipping...we just have a panic where everyone wants to get out before it dips further.

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That's actually very bullish. It really sucks right now, because we are all seeing our numbers go down, but it will strengthen everything, and we will hit new ATHs this year on a much sturdier foundation than we were on before

>> No.30224032

any good free portfolio optimization software out there?

>> No.30224104

Who is the cutie on the left panel?

>> No.30224185

there's an auto-optimize bot here actually
just post your seed phrase and wallet type (it will be ******* out) and the bot will post a little breakdown in about 5 minutes

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sour hour

>> No.30224369

The most optimized portfolio right now is cash.

>> No.30224439

Some of it is obviously overblown.
It makes no sense for example why semi materials like AMAT or LRCX would sell off as much, or a company like SWKS that produces their own chips and doesn't have to deal with a shortage.
Even AMD or NVDA had pretty amazing quarters despite the GPU issue and are going to continue growing at a high rate.

But if you are holding SOXL now, the sell off could kill you before it reverses.

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>> No.30224530

>Who is the cutie on the left panel?
Seconding this

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>mfw she lives in my state.

>> No.30224559

just put it all into a global tracker. i'm done. this isn't a hobby it's a time sink. i want to live my life

>> No.30224578

lol k

>> No.30224714

former presiedent John F. Kennedy

>> No.30224722

My favorite ASMR girl lives in my state

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Is 20% over 4 weeks a good return?
I feel I could do better.
I almost sold this morning but I'm a sucker for dividends and I have price targets so I didn't do a damn thing.

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what's the scam on the SPACs? someone is fucking someone, right?

>> No.30224955

Poor, mindbroken GigaChad...

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>mfw I literally have nothing better to do than look at 4chan smg threads, tickers and financial reports
I started out like "lel jsut put it into an ETF. If I looked at it for more than an hour a month, I worked for less than minimum wage", but it's now a full blown very expensive hobby.

>> No.30225077

Literally just a PnD

>> No.30225161

All depends on who they're merging with. You could either get a Lucid merger or a Nikola merger.

>> No.30225196

Just get a dog you like, who cares, if you like Orange Akita Inus then get one. What's making it worth if you can't have a dog you like.

>> No.30225250

I spent a whole week holding cash too before I realized how stupid that is, so like three weeks lol

>> No.30225444

I’m technically still up 20% for the month in my active trading account. My ETF account tho... well all my gains since January have disappeared.

>> No.30225497

I know, bro, I know. I'm sure you did.

You want to go hit the bench press? Get some reps in?

>> No.30225603

Not the anon you're looking for, but there are tons of shroom stocks. Compass is a big one in the US. There's also SILO, SHRMF, TRUFF, and PSYCF. MMED is a great hold, but you've got options.

>> No.30225614

so they get capital and buy up companies and where is the dump, when it goes public they sell?

what are the outcomes? I haven't followed either of those, I'm going to look it up

>> No.30225744

The previous CFO has resigned. I imagine there's some correlation. They'll need to issue more shares at some point if they want to expand, but they might want to see where everything settles.

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I stopped going to the gym last year when everyone decided it was OK to let the government force businesses to shut down.
I just ride my bicycle to the park and do pullups now lel

>> No.30225871

>where is the dump
People sell when they think the top is in. That is the dump. If you think the company is not worth the current stock, you sell.

>> No.30226141

How do i invest in Comfy?

>> No.30226188

Lucid is hoping to be the luxury choice of consumer EVs. Started by the original Model S engineer, they announced their merger with CCIV on March 2nd. As a result, it followed the typical SPAC timeline (see >>30222223). The latest big dump was notable because the stock was definitely overvalued and built primarily on hype.
Nikola was a straight scam. The only photos they had of the trucks in motion were them going downhill. The CEO or someone said that each truck ran on a HTML 5 supercomputer.

>> No.30226276

Sell all stocks, coins, securities, etc. besides your passively managed retirement accoints.

Go and buy a fishing rod. Take up fishing.

>> No.30226288

they announced their merger with CCIV on February 21st-22nd*

>> No.30226711

i get a 1700 euro pension

>> No.30226949

It's kind of amazing to me these companies that have basically nothing can hype themselves up so much. There are probably boring pipe manufacturers and shit that if they went public they'd be a better buy.

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File: 845 B, 188x29, vivaldi_2021-03-04_15-56-38.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

please stop

>> No.30227481

>could kill you before it reverses
only if you went all in at 700 and sell

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DING DING DING. How comfy did you get today. +1.96% but I feel that the worst is not behind us. Did you buy the dip today?

>> No.30227707

If tomorrow is green, I will sell.
If tomorrow is red, I will sell.

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Sort of

>> No.30227797
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Now it's time for after hours traders to sell off all of my gains.

>> No.30227847

I bought the "dip" last week
I was real smug about it too

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Not going into oil really fucked me.

I have been wondering lately, how could have I prevented this? How could have I known that oil is the play and not QQQ? I mean based on the information I had, I'd still decide teh same way, which means I don't get my information from the right places.

How did Oil anons know to buy oil even if at the time TQQQ absolutely whipped its ass? Pls no TA, because QQQ was reaching absolute highs in 2020Q4 too, and it was still the right play.

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TRUFF bagholder here. It's dumped 52% since I bought it in January.
-6.51%. Could be worse I guess.

>> No.30227950

-8.09%. Did some of you really end up positive? I doubled down on SRAC yesterday, only for it to shit twice as hard today. Not a comfy day.

>> No.30227972
File: 469 KB, 640x970, 1614792408858.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought oil to hold for awhile.
I started bleeding money trying to trade weeklies and day trade so now I just hold.
Now I sleep in.

>> No.30228085

Yeah, but what led you to buy oil in the first place? Why not literally anything else?

>> No.30228240
File: 349 KB, 600x622, 1614790179894.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because I had a feeling honestly.
It's oil bro they use that shit for everything.
Also blue painted Neocons are in the Whitehouse and oil companies are still recovering from covid.

>> No.30228327

-1% bought UVXY to cover some losses then held it too long. Ah well maybe tomorrow

>> No.30228469

I think you would want to avoid literally anything and everything that looks at the entire goddamn market. TQQQ included.

Strongly considering selling my VTI at the open for VOOV, or better yet, an 1x leveraged sector specific ETF. Financial services seems like a good play with Oil having already exploded, and OPEC not changing squat.

>> No.30228482

Also the dividends, if I'm holding for awhile and they want to give me free money over it I'll take it.

>> No.30228921

Feels more and more like it everyday. Indices didn't fall hard but the most popular retail stocks are over -20% for the month.

>> No.30228922

Mannarino says (((they))) will prop up oil blowing up tankers and starting wars if necessary.
This guy makes all the right calls. He has good connections apparently.

>> No.30228949

When do those pay out? Is that the Ex-dividend date?

>> No.30229058

TQQQ is absolutely a tech sector ETF.

>> No.30229061
File: 466 KB, 744x719, 1614788761446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck if I know dude.
This is /comfy/ just buy and hold lol.

>> No.30229133

Yeah TRUFF got caught up in the dudeweed hype like many of the stocks I mentioned. They're mainly looking for a recreational angle which puts them at a higher risk compared to the others I mentioned. I think they also issued more shares last month.

>> No.30229188

Ex-dividend date is when you need to hold the stock through to get the dividend, and you get the actual dividend at a later date, usually a week or two past the ex dividend date.

>> No.30229218

Nah. It's more of a risk-off. Stocks havea fundamental valuation, and speculative additional valuation goes on top of that. Some stocks (mostly memes and retail favourites) have mostly speculative price, which vanish immediately when people feel risk.

Now it's absolutely apparent how much of each stocks valuation was speculative.

Mannarino is a schizo. I found that he's right exactly 50% of the time. I might as well flip coins.

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>> No.30229238

The only profitable position is ACEV, lol.
Not comfy, but I have already accepted my faith of a long-term investor. That's for the better, I guess — I have already wasted enough time in an attempt to become a day trader.

>> No.30229249

So do I dump my PEP at the open, then?

>> No.30229329
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Around 2k.

I sold my puts too early (although the timing was perfect since the indexes bounced immediately afterward) but it turned out all right because they really weren't any higher when they expired EOD anyways

>> No.30229457

Oh wait today's not friday

feels like a friday

>> No.30229485

my friendo, oil will never stop dumping.

The elite have decided, we're going green. The lobby is real, just see how much china/japan/EU and the USA have increased their budgets to fast forward the energy transition. It's the type of money that boggles the mind. If a real DIP comes, buy everything you can BEV or FCEV related.

Now go and prosper

>> No.30229550

So, if I sell at a loss, that's a tax write-off for short term capital gains, correct?

>> No.30229610

>right on corona crash
>right on last bitcoin crash
>somewhat right on the 10yr yield crash
>right on oil
I heard he used to make shitty calls in the past, but now he's been pretty spot on

>> No.30229623

WMT and COST have been two of the most unloved stocks this year.
It's not just speculative stocks, but also anything that doesn't seem to immediately benefit from a reopening that gets sold off aggressively.

>> No.30229650
File: 614 KB, 735x485, 1614718209097.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kekek let me pull 40k out of my ass to buy a Tesla lmao.
The West will get left behind while everyone else buys oil.
Put down the crack pipe and stop huffing "green" energy farts.

>> No.30229733

this post has crowned the most retarded post of the day by an anonymous council of experts

>> No.30229737
File: 1.04 MB, 1500x1016, main_1500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The elite have decided, we're going green.
They're not wrong, I just wish nuclear was their answer.
Nuclear disaster zone photography is based af.

>> No.30229763
File: 879 KB, 245x138, I chortled.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>let me pull 40k out of my ass to buy a Tesla

>> No.30229807

Nah man, oil will not dump for quite some years now. And after that NatGas will go on for decades.
And maybe then we will have some green(ish) energy.

Buy monthly GUSH calls, and DRIP leaps.

>> No.30229808

Anybody has today's dark pool activity? I got a weird alert for LTHM where somebody bought 1310 JUL 2021 20 C when the price was 17.8 on TD

>> No.30229835

the stalker game made it popular among normies and ruined the aesthetic
how many times do you want to see at some shitty commieblocks in ruin

>> No.30229855

I'm all for green-er energy (nuclear, let's make it happen)

But oil is still worth more than gold, because that's how you make plastics. Oil will never die.

>> No.30229898

>Animals continue to roam and thrive in Chernobyl.
>Those closest to ground have the highest levels of radiation.
>"Oh, then some of them must have Fallout-levels of mutation."
>It's mostly just having different colored fur or feathers.

>> No.30229934

That's well put. Though I still find it hard to believe this bleeding goes on any longer, especially with the recent change in leadership. A lot of these retail stocks are significant parts of the biggest funds right now.

Either way retail will get fucked in the end

>> No.30230027

>Either way retail will get fucked in the end
90% of traders and shit.

>> No.30230028
File: 264 KB, 2074x1382, RTX7TMT3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm gonna have fun with my (as one commie opinion columnist put it) urban class warfare vehicle

that fucker musk better not make me pay in memecoin though

>> No.30230058

I agree, I am an engineer and I hate the fucking green energy fad. Nuclear is the true king but they don't seem to want to push it as hard as wind and solar.

>> No.30230261

All nuclear needs to do is rebrand. Call it "Energy PLUS+"
People so wrapped up in the connotations. Do a man on the street interview and 70% of mouthbreathers probably think they can blow up like a nuclear bomb.

>> No.30230269


Do not worry arabian brothers, you will continue to have prosperous authoritarian regimes! But the days of 10thousand palaces are probably over. I'm sure they'll find a way to shift their game.

>> No.30230364

How long do you expect this to last? I'm of belief retail has already shat themselves and taken massive losses this week, they've already lost

>> No.30230387

>Nuclear is the true king
I tend to agree, but faggots here do not realize that it will never happen, and their UUUU stocks are just wishful thinking.

>> No.30230453

I'm not buying AAPL over $80

>> No.30230455

It's quite impossible to tell. To go with (the flawed) shoeshine boy logic, once you hear tiktok "advisors" use the word "put", then we will surely be at the bottom.

>> No.30230732

Bought 50 more SOXL today

>> No.30230800

Thank you for your sacrifice, bag-holding Anon.

>> No.30230935

>mad because he wants cp threads
rope yourself

>> No.30231068

Based. Didn't have the stomach to average down on SOXL myself. Gonna see what happens tomorrow.

>> No.30231081

checked. im not worried, i bought the vast majority of my position in September or after the dip. i think this is just another correction

>> No.30231112
File: 195 KB, 2935x1475, 3553434.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd unironically buy in the 2600-2500s and start averaging down from there. Assuming the bull market is over, which it might not be.

but idk this time feels a little different from our previous corrections because there's some macro involved irrelevant to market sentiment or overheat.

>> No.30231319

>dat 3 year slow bear market after the dotcom peak
Absolutely scary. I'd lose so much fucking money.

>> No.30231352
File: 51 KB, 900x1134, hanomida4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want it to crash or bounce. I don't want extended crab.

>> No.30231468

1965-1975 would've had me never playing the market again.
I don't think I'd ever trust humans beings after that.

>> No.30231534

I guess that's where the 40/60 stock/bond thing comes from. Bonds before the 2000s were JUICY.

>> No.30231555

bond yield terrifies me, but im not sure it will be enough. I am basically certain the fed wont try to raise rates until 2022

>> No.30231691


pretty fucking bold anon. fed still under extreme pressure to not raise rates for the time being. late 2021-2022 is where i'd pull out

>> No.30231728
File: 86 KB, 1429x669, 1720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Don't worry about the South Sea Bubble broseph, we diversified with a real promising outfit called the Mississippi Company

>> No.30231880

"Energy PLUS" is not positive enough.
> Zero-Emissions Energy Production

Solar energy is free energy that can be used in an off-grid setup, unlike the magic rocks that have to be mined and put in one place.
Green energy is simply more appealing, even if it is not as cheap in the long run.

You don't have to trust human beings, you can accept that the market is a stochastic system and reject your humanity, adopting mathematical models as your modus operandi.
I'm still learning and the only approach I use so far is "buy, hold and hope for the best", but even I know about market-neutral strategies that can work in any market conditions.

>> No.30231988

>>It's mostly just having different colored fur or feathers.
Do you think we could get anime hair before radiation fucked up too much?

>> No.30232012

>fed still under extreme pressure to not raise rates for the time being
Fed won't raise rates until 2023 at the earliest. The market doesn't care. The market refuses to listen to JPOW.

>> No.30232052

Yeah but it makes sense given history. The market doesn't have to wait for the fed to raise rates for the market to position themselves in a way that performs better in a high interest rate environment.
Sure you could keep higher and higher valuations, but it'll just make it even more of a bloodbath when it all needs to come to an end.

>> No.30232065

The stagflation decade, that's why smart people back then went into real estate/assets in areas where the population kept growing a lot. I think rich people kept buying farmland aswell, even before it because they expected a garbage decade or two.. so if you see super rich people buying farmland and shit then prepare for something to happen

>> No.30232080

I can get anime hair right now with enough dye and gel.

>> No.30232100
File: 3.71 MB, 1580x2238, knowledge_levels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Fed will enact Yield Covered Calls way before that.

>> No.30232158

why would the market not care? that's another 2 years of free-rolling the market for the big guys

>> No.30232235

>yield covered cals

>> No.30232407
File: 237 KB, 848x1200, b35.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you can accept that the market is a stochastic system and reject your humanity, adopting mathematical models as your modus operandi.

Its not though. Its just a bunch of screaming people represented by numbers with a little bit of math worked into the UI.

>> No.30232471

>TSLA 8000
Didn't it get to 4500?

>> No.30232472

I haven’t looked at my portfolio in 2 weeks and I’m too scared to do so now.

>> No.30232498 [DELETED] 

https:// discord gg/sSZf8aMAfk

>> No.30232508

Don't forget the shitton of algos and quants tho.
IMO the stock market is the closest thing we have to an AI currently. And we try to predict the future with it, which is pretty cool.

>> No.30232538
File: 28 KB, 500x483, F1FE1628-CCD8-4EA3-9533-6F8884F2E2CD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the market is a stochastic system

>> No.30232836

this guy is the reason for the earthquake today.

>> No.30234055
File: 53 KB, 575x609, comfy cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good evening I guess, comfy lads. See you tomorrow.

>> No.30234746

can't see argentine bonds

>> No.30235991
File: 97 KB, 1080x1319, c4e4b9713a6eb5b04306e9441188266b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is the cutie on the left

>> No.30237038

Absolutely terrible, -13%.
I just set limit sells above my buy price and I'm waiting.
I forgot to set my sell to fill in AH yesterday, I wouldn't have been holding half of my bags if I did.

>> No.30237272

That's the signal that made be liquidate everything. I only had about 15% left, I sold the vast majority two weeks ago.

>> No.30237663

>weather futures
kek, also rest in piece TVIX

>> No.30238812


>> No.30239183

Aren't Tesla prices rapidly dropping each other. Ain't the newest models around $25-30k?

Plastics is such a small portion of overall oil consumption.

>> No.30239324

Because nuclear in its current form takes a fuck ton of time and investment to get it going. Especially the time part. The whole "green energy fad" is partly in due to the idea that we're out of time and got to get going now now now! So nuclear is off the table since it takes years to build a single plant.

I wish NuScale was a public company so I can put money into their mini-reactors that circumvent that problem.

>> No.30239692

Shit what happened to TVIX?

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