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Stage 1: Completed
Stage 2: Announced.
Wildcard: Based bsc oracles confirmed

SITE: https://bogged.finance/
TELEGRAM: tme/boggedfinance
PANCAKE SWAP: https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xd7b729ef857aa773f47d37088a1181bb3fbf0099&inputCurrency=BNB
Read the contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0xd7b729ef857aa773f47d37088a1181bb3fbf0099


"This means that each Bogdabot contract will be able to execute code every time a BOG transaction is made,
this will allow these contracts to effectively be running on the blockchain constantly,
especially as BOG transaction volume increases - something no other crypto project has done before."

"The first demo of this is the price feed on bogged.finance fetched straight from the oracle using web3.
Once the data has accumulated it will be used to display a price chart straight from on-chain price data from the oracle."

The developers are continuing to extend the BOGGED protocol.
Banging on BSC chain

you think you're late?
look at the distribution
>you are still early.

code made from scratch, this is not a yield general copy paste
its on bscscan, the comments are a bonus

no presale, fair launch and 0 tokens reserved for the dev team
hard cap, no minting.
100% of tokens used as liquidity.

>will grow fast with new features being launched every few days.

>liquidity locked?
of course. 50 BNB locked for 6 months.



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This could be the next HOGE but even better.

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The fucking whitepaper though.


This was supposed to be a meme coin wtf anon

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I still can't get over how a supposedly meme coin with fucking BOGGED in the title turned out to be a project with legitimate use-cases. Waiting to see bogged charts all over BSC coins lmao.

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It's pandering but the project is smart surprisingly

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If this shit is implemented correctly it could be to go-to for charts on BSC.
AFAIK devs are asking chart admins etc. to do a lot of work whenever they submit their request. Oracles will mean that devs can instead be in charge of their own charts, only having the data fed into it powered by BOGCHARTS.

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> Want to sleep
> Making bags
> Getting in $MCM

Woke up with gains

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I though I was buying into a meme coin for a quick buck, not the future of BSC finance.

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And this is only one small easy-to-implement use case. This will be a fucking ecosystem.

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Explain this to me. I usually don't touch meme shit after the first moments sale.

What is happening with this coin.

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The devs are planning to implement a minigame with Sminem and bogs very soon (Read yesterdays announcement) and they're working on implementing charts that can
track all BSC tokens (coming sometimes in the next 1-2 weeks afaik)
Also there's talk of using bogdabots to add limit order into pancakeswap and much more, but we'll have to wait and see
Overall looks promising so far desu

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Meowth > BOggy

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What are some other examples of cases? I'm a brainlet

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hm. So. They sharked us, meme coin into utility coin. Lol. That's funny. Need charts on these fucking BSC coins bad

I'm gonna look for a good in point and read more about it. Thanks Anon. Thinking I'll throw a little something in probs

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first they introduced BOG, which charges a 5% fee in transactions. 1% burns 4% go to LP stakers
Bonus 1, if you sell bog,you get useless $ngmi airdropped
Second they announced $sminem, which will be very rare and sums to the ecosystem buy protecting you from $ngmi and more features
Bonus 2 surprise was the oracles. They are building oracles to bsc, which can be better charting, live chain price, fuck even limit orders in pancake in a short time

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Very impressed honestly. I really hope it's not too late for me

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need I say anymore

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how is this shit not huge? it's dead quiet in here, I bought yesterday and I thought the announcement would do a lil sumn but it's just been crabbing all day

>> No.30222575

might be because of crypto market taking another shit today, also we had a small pump going earlier but a whale decided to put a stop to it

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Guys, tell me, is this real?
I am reading up on it, the article reads like a standard up-and-coming project with some ideas but everything is filled with bog, bogdabots, ngmi and sminem memes.
This whole project seems surreal.

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At least it's not dumping

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Because the market is tanking. What is interesting is that literally nobody is selling, figure why?
They see that this coin acutally has potential in the long run.

>> No.30222812

guys do u come across mantradao? seems as 50 million USD TLV and community governance does it legitly valuable

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I know, right? I aped in for the meme potential but decided to stay when they started to explain the different stages - this could actually be the first "proper" project on BSC that I can think of.

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BNB is -8% and BOG has even slightly increase its USD value despite only being available as a pair with BNB - thats pretty bullish for a coin so early on
holders are confident

>> No.30223049

seems to be something a little more going on with this "John" and this "Adam"

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Bump (Bog up my post)

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this is gonna flip eth

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It is bizarre, it seems like it is an actual project, but why make it themed around a 4chan meme whis is not that recognisable outside of 4chan. Could bring some people at the start for the meme potential, but it could be harder to extend it outside.
I am having a good laugh reading on it though, just the branding really confuses me. I don't think being associated with meme coins is a good move, there was plenty of copy paste meme scam coins.

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Hopefully the features and uses will draw in new capital, while the community itself will revolve around the the Bog-memes which could expand the token in to NFT space.

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Tbh I prob agree with you. They will prob just kill the actual meme association lol change the name of the company and keep the token code as bog. Just change the name to BogChain

Eventually I'd bet money on that

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No reason to wait really. If they decide to go with BOG, then you are still early.

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bog meme is known outside of 4chan, even my dad knows who they are

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Read the whitepaper, they need gamification to keep transactions going in Bogged so that the gas load is spread thin. It's clever desu, they'll be adding a casino and bogged battles soon.

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The coming features do look nice, hoping the devs will deliver. I saw them buying more bog, seems like they do have faith in the project. Looking at chart I can see some whale dumps, but aside from that the price is quite stable.
I could see that happening, I wonder if you could get away with bog logo if they made it to some bigger exchanges (unless John and Adam really are Igor and Grichka).
Tell your dad he's based anon.

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he bought? pump ettt

>> No.30226708

We pumpin bois

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this truly is a BSC gem

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This ain't no meme coin, get in faggots

>> No.30226865

They said they only did the Bog meme to get initial interest in it since it was hard to get any liquidity, but they're very serious about the project

>> No.30226936

Could just make it a like shiloutte logo of the twins if you wanted to make it less obvious. Idk reading the white paper they're honesty working way too hard to just be a meme shitcoin forever.

I bought in. Fomoed a bit, also stopping my BNB bleed LETS GO BOG

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500 TG members, GONNA PUMP

>> No.30227147

On chain oracles AND code execution, BSC stop-losses here we come

>> No.30227174

What's the current mcap?

>> No.30227183

550k anon

>> No.30227240

oh easy million 5m mcap if it wasn't a meme coin

>> No.30227314

Itll reach 10m mcap, screenshot this

>> No.30227347

wouldn't have got this big already without the meme energy, it would've been too hard to launch an actual product with the starting investment the devs were able to scrape together
I don't think it will hold it back too much, 10m still definitely achievable

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Hm, makes sense, it must be tough to kickstart a project without massive funds, meme coins always get some traction there.
True, the biggest obstacle would be explaining to normies what bogdabots, ngmi and sminem is if you really want to grow it outside 4chan.
Read it, seems really nice desu.

>> No.30227718

ngmi and sminem are just for the memes and aren't the actual products, normies wouldn't need to interact with those parts of it.
those parts of it will probably die off as more actual features come out

>> No.30227763

and I guess explaining bogdabots is the same as explaining anything crypto specific, like oracles

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Fag crypto

Buy Wynaut/Meowth instead

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>literal dead cat
kys. bog has actual utility while being funny

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You should have heard the old men cry,

You should have heard the biddies

When that sad stranger raised his flute

And piped away the kiddies.

Katy, Tommy, Meg and Bob

Followed, skipped gaily,

Red-haired Ruth, my brother Rob,

And little crippled Bailey,

John and Nils and Cousin Claire,

Dancin', spinnin', turnin',

'Cross the hills to God knows where-

They never came returnin'.

'Cross the hills to God knows where

The piper pranced, a leadin'

Each child in Hamlin Town but me,

And I stayed home unheedin'.

My papa says that I was blest

For if that music found me,

I'd be witch-cast like all the rest.

This town grows old around me.

I cannot say I did not hear

That sound so haunting hollow-

I heard, I heard, I heard it clear...

I was afraid to follow

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Where can I see the current price?

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take the bogpill

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lmao enjoy trying to get people to buy your bags

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Wtf is this shit

>> No.30228311

bogged.finance , just under staking

>> No.30228362

increase slippage

>> No.30228444

26 cents boys

>> No.30228483

Pancakeswap or bogged.finance (connect your wallet idk why)

>> No.30228519

swap witch binance chain wallet on pancake swap, BOG to BNB don't work

>> No.30228546

Increase slippage to 5.5%. That's how every transaction works

>> No.30228804

Got it

>> No.30228805

I bought at 30, sold at 20 now it's 26


>> No.30228910

you have to connect your wallet to any web3 website so you sync with the chain

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>he sold?

>> No.30229033


>> No.30229091

this going places man, now you just have $ngmi and if you're not repenting and staking rn you dont have a chance to get a rare sminem

>> No.30229164

im in.

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Yes I buyed $BOG, how did you know?

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Buy high sell low.

Never change biz

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this was at fucking 5 cents last time I looked at it two days ago and just thought nothing of it. bsc token that'll die/PnD/rugpull in a day, whatever.
it's now at almost 27 cents now. you're telling me this stupid ass meme coin is actually legit? fucking bogdabots, holy shit.

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ape in anon

>> No.30229879

Regretting yet?

>> No.30229935

Oh man... you're in for a rude awakening

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Hop in anon before the real takeoff. You don't want to miss sminem, do you?

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>> No.30230418

You deserve it, little bitch

>> No.30230742

That is a cool image, how was it generated?

>> No.30230848

>Selling under $1

>> No.30230861

Are we getting SMinem tonight?

>> No.30230998

sminem launched at 1000 holders, we're absolutely flying so shouldn't be too much longer

>> No.30231136

How many holders?

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0.27984 USD per BOG

>> No.30231225

also can anyone help a retard understand how to stake? what I need, etc.

>> No.30231314

theres a guide on the website

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wooo, it went up by 6c.

>> No.30231583

Yes that's 30% loss

>> No.30231611

found it ty

>> No.30231713

BOG has been at 500ish holders for a while now, it needs some serious extra traction if you want it to surge past 1000 tonight.

You just need BOG and BNB. Go to PancakeSwap and trade for liquidity, throw in some tokens (the system automatically balances out the ratio so the value is roughly 50/50) and take your newly minted LP tokens over to the website, connect your wallet and press the giant green button.

>> No.30231953

buy back

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Anon, i'm sorry, i didn't want to rub it in, i misclicked when posting and replied, forgive me.

>> No.30232072

how to swap BOG with binance smart chain wallet, I put slippage on pancake swap to 30% and nothing

>> No.30232290

ayumu is my wife

>> No.30232595

Weird, it's not letting me stake anything on Pancake Swap. Is the site slow?

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what peope haven't realized is $BOG is more than oracles. $BOG is oracles+code execution. every $BOG transaction can gather data AND execute code. this will allow the $BOG ecosystem BOGDABOTS to do many things which we can only begin to imagine. devs have talked about how BOGDABOTS can jerryrig limit orders on pancakeswap or any other swap. BOGDABOTS can be used for futures, options, derivatives. this memecoin to altcoin transition is so based holy shit. bogs, i kneel

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Waah, a creep, Bog-sama, help me.

>> No.30232699

based and bogpilled

>> No.30232759

and you cannot swap

>> No.30232821

yeah must be a traffic issue, give it some time. also 30%? damn

>> No.30232831

Drop the "official" wallet and just use Metamask instead.

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>he wants in?
>ddoz ze pancakezwap

>> No.30233460

You gotta stake on bogged.finance

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I don't fully understand this but I'm fully erect now.

Glad I got BOGGED.

>> No.30234554

change wallet to metamask and don't sold BOG btw

>> No.30234649 [DELETED] 


>> No.30234678

>hating money AND /biz/ memes
Stay poor and stay gay

>> No.30234771

Without being a blatant jeet, where do you guys see this going? Maximum of $1?

>> No.30234853

easy 1000x to the moon ser

>> No.30234933

Kek, Im out when it reaches $1

>> No.30234941

Maximum of $1 this week. $20 EOY

>> No.30235007

10m marketcap. x13 from here. around $4

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oh yes, BOGGED is going to 1$!

>> No.30235405

You're pathetic.

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how are your staking rewards bogchads?
mine is comfy

>> No.30235858

I love Osaka

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Staking rewards are fucking crazy desu

>> No.30235967

Getting more gains than Bruce Bogtrotter

>> No.30236032

only 31? that's not a lot

>> No.30236073

this, the devs went full weaponized autism

>> No.30236092 [DELETED] 

Just staked few $ just in case shit hits the fan

>> No.30236176

same, i was going to just 2x this but now im a hodler

>> No.30236337

How much BNB do I need to stake? Does it need to be 50/50? which means I can't go all in on BOG

>> No.30236509

is this your first time buying? if it is and you bought BOGGED you are BASED

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G-Grichka-sensei, another guy is saying weird words to me.

>> No.30237015

Yo this bogbot shit seems kind of legit as an outsider. Didn't realize getting up to date prices for new coins was such a bitch atleast on bsc I'm gusssin?

>> No.30237106

This shit is such a scam, its crabbing at .29, about to crash back down to .05. Get WYNAUT instead

>> No.30237180

its easy to get off-chain, but not so easy to get historical data on-chain, its a niche but quite a useful one if they play it right

lmao your bags must be heavy

>> No.30237538


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Lmao I heard the same shit yesterday, in the meanwhile I got 300 bonus BOGs from staking.

>> No.30237692


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How accurate is this?


>> No.30238272

Dev linked to another scam
No thanks Rakeesh

>> No.30238301

proof? no didn't think so
devs are based af people should read the contract & lightpaper and come ask questions in tg if unsure

>> No.30238648
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>> No.30238666

Gave me a good laugh. In the very least, its worth checking out the website.
I'm putting in five tether for the meme. Good effort.

>> No.30238782
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