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Only a matter of time until someone mods the BIOS.

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>all future 30xx cards
What future 30xx cards they're out of stock everywhere they might as well not exist

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>miner limits
>limit mining
>limits supply
>thinks the price will go down

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lol remember when they put 10's of millions of dollars into encrypting bluray and that shit was cracked in 24 hours?

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>want a ps5, they are almost impossible to find anywhere unless you want to pay a huge premium
>fuck it, you know what, gaming on pc is better anyway, I'll just build myself a nice PC
>fucking 3xxx series are getting the exact same treatment.
fml. i just want to play video games.

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The 3060 also had that and people cracked it within a week... Nvidia doesn't actually want to crack down on miners, they just want to appeal to gaymers by pretending to crack down on mining.
Miners are huge customers for them

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yeah pretty much. Nvidia is rolling out mining dedicated GPUs anyway. Gamers just want to be able to purchase a gaming card without having to battle scalpers. Imagine having to treat a computer component like some fucking rare magazine that you need to pick up before the collectors tap out all the comics stores purely because
>le first edition
its annoying and there needs to be a solution cause I want a fucking 3060 and im not buying it off some fucking Chinese dude without warranty or customer support.

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I have a 1080 still. Why? Because prices were insane for the benefits. Between miners and scalpers I was not dealing with that shit. If the 3000 series has the same problem. I most likely wont bother again.

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I sleep

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hahah im sitting on my 1080 as well. I just wanted the newest tech. I like to sit on my hardware for 4-6 years before upgrading.

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stop wasting your life on vidya you cunt

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hahahaha, some of us have plenty of hours in the day.

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this wont prevent anything from being vacuumed up by bots and scalped.

they need a one card per address and per card plus captcha

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>Implying there are good AAA-vidya in current decade.

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I'm just saying, in 10 years what will you have to show for a decade of playing games.... literally nothing. you're getting jewed by a life scam.
learn a hobby like woodworking, welding, programming etc. have something to show for the time you spend idle

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Plenty of hours you don't spend earning money or learning how to learn more.
Entertainment is and always will be a time waster unless you profit off of it.

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Enjoying your life is a waste of your life. What in the actual fuck

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Your not wrong about picking up hobbies. Im trying to learn line art and carpentry and its all pretty intuitive. Seems like humans are designed to just be creative. Once you start making things, it flows like water. I enjoy the immersion of video games as well, sometimes I just wanna kick back and play dark souls, pretend im a cursed dude and kill giant fucking demons. I agree neet life styles and video game culture is pretty bad.
For sure, im not entirely interested in profiteering forever, I dont have a girl so Im not having a family, at least not yet. For now, il focus on these little hobbies and maybe one day I do something special with them, but I think the reality will be they are just for me. I got a bundle from this years crypto run and im thinking about buying some land and making some homestead (obviously nothing remote or silly). Youll be surprised how much you can get with 150k in the states, A simple property and housing materials and you have a nice little house in a years time

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AMD looking bullish

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I agree. Can't understand all this sudden hate on vidya. Sure, if this is all you do, then you definitely have a problem. You can't be productive all the time though and leisure is important to stay sane. And there's few better things than a good vidya.

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I like vidya too, I just spent years on them and I can't get that time back. I wish I could though.

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doesn't matter. Even in possible hash rate will adjust itself

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>nooo stop having fun without my permission!!!!

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this, it is literally impossible to buy them, and now they are making more models while the old ones are not available

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>Paying for something you can't have complete control over
>People love the fact that companies can build circuit like breakers in their product.
Hmm, interesting. I guess we won't own anything in the future. We already don't now, but it'll just become more blatant in the future. This gonna be litty.

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They are also launching a line of ETH Miners that are optimized for mining.

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I spent ten years playing vidya. I was lucky enough to have an inheritance and placed it. Woke up with the pandemic and i am rich.
But if i could go back in time and get those years back, i would. It was enjoyable sure. But i didn't learn much of anything, anything useful at least. Maybe my hand eye coordination is better now idk. I don't care, it doesn't make me happier. I am a few years over 25 now and i don't see myself playing any more games.
Try and look beyond instant gratification. Because that's what video games are.
>maybe one day I do something special with them
If you're not a pro gaymer by age 17 it's already over for you in the video game industry. Unless you start learning how to write/code/produce them today.

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I mean line art and carpentry. I hate pro gamers and streamer culture haha

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>in 10 years what will you have to show for a decade of playing games.... literally nothing.

>play hardcore race/rally simulation games --> you don't crash your car because you did something retarded, you avoid better shitty situations, etc. Even if 20% of your game skill translates to rl, you gained something
>play strategy games --> learn to be patient and plan in advance, learn to tackle problems in a novel way
>play adventure games in foreign language --> you actually have to use & understand the language to progress (active learning is best learning)

Even shooter games are said to have some benefits in keeping age related cognitive decay at bay because they require constant attention and fast refocusing after attention is lost.
Not advocating vidya 24/7 but just because it isn't immediately obvious that doesn't mean that there isn't some benefit to it. Novel situations are good for the brain.

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Fair enough, best of luck in the crashes to come

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thing on the right has a dick

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clearly you have no idea what you're talking about

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every gamer kid that's upset about gpu prices could have bought one 1080i worth of bitcoin when all this started and been able to afford a whole new rig now if they wanted

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Now existing supply is even MORE EXPENSIVE

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Nvidia doesnt give a flying fuck about gamers, they still are gonna keep selling most of them to miners anyways, and yes, all their stupid shit can get bypassed as easily as a custom vBIOS, and i bet there must be some going around already

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the one on there right is probably hiding it with it's hands

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just buy a 1070
I have that GPU and can play all the games I want

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I bought mochimo a month ago and its up 1100%, why is it going up so much !??!

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Does this make my 3090 even more valuable? LOL

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Then AMD scoops up the competition by allowing open sourced bios.

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this wtf

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>makes a store of value even more limited/harder to obtain
>this somehow DROPS the price
I don't think you understand how this works.

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as if they'll implement that
The faster they get rid of stock, the better for their profits