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should've held this piece of shit
I get what i deserve

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buy back in faggot this hasn't even begun

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You know we’re going to 100, babe

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Buy now, sell at 25
Free money

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Sold 200k bancies at 6 for ETH. Fml

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I have exactly 1 BNT. Am I gonna make it?

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Ouch. I sold 38,500 grt at .11 if it makes you feel any better.

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your one bnt will buy you 50 packs of top of the line instant ramen

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you have to buy in now, there's no fudding this, too much momentum

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What This; Does Mean Pattern?? One Hour Scale.

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How's $4 million EOY sound?

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Tfw finally bent the knee and took out a 80k aave loan and bought bnt at 6.20$.

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yeah not if buttcoin has anything to say about it apparently

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It's bullish to have BTC drop periodically. BNT doesn't dip as hard and it gains in SATS everytime it happens.

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It’s all fucking staked. Can only go up

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It's not going any higher than 7-7.5, right?
I'm a stacklet so I consider selling to find something that can still x10.
Feels bad because this is the only thing paying off right now.

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if it's the only thing paying off then maybe it's worth holding on to dipshit??

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Don’t be an idiot this could 10x from here. Look at the mcap then look at uniswap

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$15 by EOM

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sell dude lol i'm begging you
sell and never look back
i want to get rid of people who just want to swing and aren't staking

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I was shopping in a grocery store in Tel Aviv getting snacks for my weekly drive to Mecca three days ago and I saw Ghalia Benartzi. I thought no way that could be her, but I checked my phone and it definitely was. I told her how cool it was to meet her in person and how much I loved Bancor, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother her and ask her for photos or anything. She said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?” I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but she kept cutting me off and going “My bancies are stanky! My bancies are stanky!” while rubbing her hands together and slouching over. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard her chuckle as I walked off. I went up front to pay for my groceries and looked to my right, I saw her trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in her hands without paying. The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Ma'am, you need to pay for those first.” At first she kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter. When the cashier took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, she stopped her and told her to scan only one of them and stake it “to get sweet 1500% apy gains,” while fumbling through her pocket grabbing a Bancor logo sticker and sticking it directly on the the scanner. While the cashier was trying to pick the sticker off, Ghalia turned around and winked at me. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, she kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

Seems pretty shady.

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Oh my God it's gaining in SATS again

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Does unstaking cost as much as staking? Don't want to press the button to find out in case it's free and instant.

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Imagine being this retarded kek

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Thanks, got another one for you which wasn't too clear on the faq, if I restake, or stake another stack, these will be separate contracts which will need to be individually unstaked, right? So unless I'm restaking a decent amount, I'm gonna be losing out to gas fees? Cheers

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Yes, sadly. Arbitrum will make it 50x cheaper so fingers crossed that’s soon

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if dubs 15 EOM

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>it gains in SATS everytime it happens

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Arbitrum soon, everyone's incredibly bullish on this right now

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There is literally no reason under the sun for anyone to sell this, that's why it continues to stay afloat and recover faster than anything else. LM rewards are the single best passive income in crypto right now. Rewards will end eventually, but it was recently implemented that LM rewards can be extended several more times if enough people vote for it, exceeding no longer than 1 year in total for each pool. So yeah LM will is finite, but not until after most of the top pools reach their maximum extended durations, which again will likely be 1 year for the top pools like LINK, ETH, WBTC, etc. By that point Bancor will have undoubtedly secured enough TVL and seized enough of the staking base to deter a mass exodus due to their staple IL protection as well as other incentives, one of which coming very soon that is akin to what Uniswap and 1inch did with token distributions.

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>By that point Bancor will have undoubtedly secured enough TVL and seized enough of the staking base to deter a mass exodus due to their staple IL protection as well as other incentives
Not if we're in a bearmarket.

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What will happen to the value when LM stops?

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Passive income mitigates losses in a bear market, which we aren't even in anyway. So while nobancs are freaking out about their short term losses from shitcoins being down 10%, we are sitting comfy, buying the dip, laying a base, and building compounding staking positions

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we will be in a bearmarket one year from now when the rewards will cease to exist, and with volume at all time low for most of BNT stakers, the panic will ensue as the profits will be drastically lower

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this shit really wants to go up, in spite of bitcoin biting it

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Anyone leaving the stable coin pools now that the rewards been halved?

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Rewards are still great, where am I getting better right now?

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Is it the rewards or the APR thats been halved?

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BNT is not a one trick pony. LM is not the only thing contributing to the success of the network. IL protection and good tokenomics alone will be enough to maintain the price indefinitely. Why does a token like UNI continue to rise despite having no practical use case? A year from now Bancor will be the #1 DEX for staking especially after ETH2.0 and Arbitrum, as well the best platform for arbitrageurs and swing traders due to the Bancor Vortex protocol

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what is the amount of BNT needed for entry level staking
should i buy BNT or even both staking if i am bearish for the later quarter of this year like everybody else

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i think it's super minimal. i sent just a couple dozen into a pool to check it out.
the main issue is gas prices. i paid like $100 to send like $70 into a pool lol.
if you're strapped for $bnt make sure you're not fucked by gas. if you're whaling then send it.

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obviously I am bullish on Bancor in general I just think that people who think that there won't be any movement out of the staking pools once reward period ends are too naive. The fees won't make up for the rewards during bear markets, but that's not to take away from the fact that there are still other incentives to stay invested in bancor

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>BTC -5.69%
>BNT +0.07%
we really are going to make it aren't we bancbros

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Depending on the pool, whatever amount of BNT will yield you a high enough return to exceed what you are paying in gas to stake it, and you will eventually get multipliers on your staked positions. At this point I would say at least 400-500 BNT to generate anything significant.

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checked and better answer than i gave

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Oh I agree there will definitely be some movement once LM ends but who knows where this market will be a year from now. So much has happened in crypto just in the last 2 months alone. I think DEX coins are all still absurdly undervalued so we'll just have to see what happens. We should have a better idea once scaling solutions are deployed.

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So I have 2000 bnt in the Eth pool, 1750 in the btc pool and 5000 ren in that pool. My ren is like 12 days staked, the Eth Bnt is like 9 and my btc pool is 1 day. The idea is to wait until you get the 2x reward after 30 days of each of those pools, then restake those rewards? Do you have to claim the rewards with gas and then restake with gas or can you just restake the rewards with one use of gas?

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Will the decrease in rewards be offset by a higher bnt market price you think?

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Restaking will not reset your multipliers, only withdrawing or unstaking will, and there is no claiming that needs to be done before restaking. You can restake anytime into any pool with a single transaction, so just one use of gas. And if you restake into the same pool as older positions that already have multipliers, that multiplier will also apply to the new position.

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Eventually, and quickly, but not immediately

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you can tell the potential of this project by the quality of literally every single bancor thread, wagmi boys

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it still makes sense to wait until the full rewards multiplier is applied before restaking due to gas fees

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press the stake buttons next to the rewards

it is costly but won't reset your multipliers AND if you restake in a pool that you already have 2x multiplier it will inherit it. DO NOT PRESS CLAIM as it will reset ALL your multipliers.

The IL counter will start from zero on the new position however.

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It definitely feels like the days of 2018 link discussions. I have a feeling a lot of OG linkies are in bancor aswell am I right?

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After the cliff has expired, 30 days into the stake correct?

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You're talking about the stake button next to the withdraw button on the ui yeah, it will withdraw all your current rewards and restake them with a new timer?

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Is this true? The reward percentage will now be half?

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yes, IL protection is not inherited

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yeah man check the big link marine twitter accounts, then also take into account the IMMENSE liquidity staked on the Link side of the LINK/BNT pool, it's extremely significant

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You have to go back.

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Have I upset you?

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After some advice from fellow bancies. I have some cash coming in this week, will be £5-8k. I want to get some more bnt, but I also have small stacks of link and grt. Was considering getting 1/3 of each. Any thoughts on whether I should do that or go all in on bnt?

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Yes. Mostly wBtc, aLink and Link

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AHHHH why are my aave pool rewards so low now I chose it because it had the longest time remaining for LM but everything is gonna get extended anyways FUCK. Still grateful tho thank you BNT

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I put 65% bnt into link/bnt fuck me.

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it's probably safer to diversify but you'll probably end up earning more from balls deep bnt + staking

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Lol tbf
Yeah weighing up pros and cons. Currently thinking of maximising on bnt now, potentially investing more into link / grt when the bear market comes

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Based bancor knows how comfy 7 dollar waiting room threads are, so it’s letting us do them over and over!

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2.5 BNT Chad holder. I am currently unemployed and have no income.

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We're all gonna make it, friend.
I love you, I love all of you so much
To the moon

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Ugh I'm so torn I have about 10,000 cardano right now and I'm really tempted to put it all in BNT. I feel like cardano's the safer bet but it seems like bancor would double far sooner than cardano would. I know this is a bias thread but any dual bandcore cardano holders here that have any advice?

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Cards on the table, I sold my Ada (didn’t have as much as you)
I’d say bnt is a good bet to double (I think it’ll more than double but you know...), but not only that you can stake the bnt and earn juicy rewards, which will really add up in the mid to long term. Your “double” could easily become 4x

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Me too but at least that one will keep getting renewed forever so I dont have to worry about switching pools

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Thanks for coming into this thread just to tell me I'm not going to make it. I mean one post just to give me a you, how thoughtful.
Thanks for the advice and it's much appreciated I figure with the amount I'm thinking about putting up it'd be worth it to stay for sure. I do hate that 24-hour hold if I decide to unstake but that's just like

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Does the multiplier still happen on the stable pools?

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I'm in your boat too, I have about 1k bnt staked but about 10000 ada, and a couple of ETH which I bought too high. probably ngmi and was debating the bnt all-in, what are you gonna do about yours?

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It's hard to say, like I said this is a bias thread to ask in. That's not a bad thing of course, I think bancor is getting a strong community together.
I feel like if I just hold my cardano until end of year we could easily see $3 or more. With bancor I think the possibility of $40 is possible but it would require things to go super well. I already have about 500 bancor myself. Not staked at the moment of course.
I guess it's all about safety, do you want a 100% 3x or a 50% 6x?

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I don't understand why people choose to be balls deep in speculative smart contract platforms when you could literally choose the best already working DEX with arbitrum weeks away.

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honestly it probably comes down to lack of experience in my case. how balls deep are you?

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I swapped my uni airdrop to this when uni hit 20$. My BNT dollar value is about to surpass my 4 digit link stack value it's been pretty insane and all indicators still pointing North-East for Bancor it's so comfy

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AFAIK Bancor team is working on bridges to multiple other chains (polkadot for sure, have seen devs in tg talking about ADA and BSC recently)

maybe ADA staking will be available on Bancor? All that is needed for that to happen is for a knowledgeable user to write up a proposal and pass it on to governance..

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you're all going to fomo in at $20+ BNT wishing you'd gone all in right now.

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