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It's starting to look like 2021 will be the year for nfts as the normans seem to be going wild over them. Both enjin and flow are still relatively small in terms of mcap. I definitely think we could see an nft coin hit top 20 by eoy or sooner. What's everyone buying? Personally <100M is too big a gamble.

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stop shilling this stupid talentless bullshit

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any opinions on aavegotchi?

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Terra Virtua Kolect. Best one in the game. Legendary and Paramount partnership. Godzilla and Kong NFTs coming up

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I'm with you 100% on this, but I'm an investor before anything else, so it would be silly not to invest because muh morals.

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normans aren't buying this shit. it's super rich crypto people with nothing better to spend their money on

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I can confirm 2021 will have an alt-season with NFTs

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I stole this one and don't care how many eth the buyer paid for it. I use it all the fucking time.

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People looking for shit that hasn't mooned yet should be looking right here

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Nah bruh. Gaming nerds et al are all getting a slice of the action.

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Honestly for a reproduction it’s not even that good. You can tell it’s a counterfeit just from looking at it. 3/10. THEYRE worth money for a reason anon.

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I'm all in Waifu since it's a small cap. I'm currently looking for an NFT token on BSC.

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if this cute waifu im in

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What's people's opinions on OGN vs Enjin?
Obviously Enjin has already mooned, they both have a lot of space to grow but would you do both, one of the two and if so, which one over the other?

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I clipped it out of the same image op used with my phone, and you had to "how to identify wood" on it. I'm laughing.
Maybe if the original owner takes me to kleros court we can sort all of the intellectual retarded property issues.

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Get OMI, they actually have good fundamentals

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Yeah, it's looking pretty good. I just got a bag, let's see what happens in a couple of weeks.

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TVK terra virtua collect

listed on binance last week, just announced partnership with Legendary Games, more to
come. great team

I'm also heard quite alot of positive stuff about SAND, anyone know much about that?

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Problem is tkv seems a bit niche to me? Whereas enjin and flow look like they'll capture a bigger market share

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I'm looking at nfts the same way a boomer looks at cryptos

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nfts are trash, you heard it here first

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yep nice, thanks guys been looking for a decent NFT

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How come none of you are talking about axie infinity?

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You can actually buy MS Paint colors wtf

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buy my art normans


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>I definitely think we could see an nft coin hit top 20 by eoy or sooner. What's everyone buying?
NFTX and punks.

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haha nice man I love it

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>fully diluted market cap: $650MM

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I like that their nfts are actually used for something

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I bought some flow last month and it's doing nicely
It's my one and only impulse buy and I'm surprised it worked out
The connection with NFTs and small circulating volume seem to be helping it

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Gonna be huge

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It's not out yet but there is a lot of hype behind it
Ethernity chain

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I make NFT art. Im gonna be featured in a digital gallery by MCDC and cryptovoxels, and im the featured artists for the PEPE Nonfungible Pepe Art NFTs.
Hoping this shit takes off so i can make some skrilla.

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I picked up a couple unopened portals and some legendary wearables that I'm going to sit on for a while. They'll either be worth zero or tens of thousands.

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Where can I buy TVK in the US without having to use Uniswap?

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Hey anon have you checked $MCM aka Mochimo.org I am seeing it and thinking of getting in looks like the right time.

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Flavour of the month fad briefly popularised by Elon Musks troll cum dumpster

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Uniswap is based though. TX fee is like $10-$20 mid peak.

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>Godzilla and Kong

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I went all in on locked stacking OGN.

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>Im gonna be featured in a digital gallery

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I could see nfts replacing funkos for redditors, just seems too early to tell which one will get a foothold

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Just buy Paint. It is early and deflationary supply. Painting an NFT burns the supply forever. 4 million MC. Easy 10X if you got the balls to hold.

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superfarm u fucking retard

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What? Last time I used it it ranged from $40 - $100. Did they change something?

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dipped my toes into arte and lukso

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what gallery anon? I bought a parcel on cryptovoxels and plan on building one soon

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Its like a VR gallery.

Cryptovoxels Berlin. Pretty psyched.
I was using the handle Pope Francis, but ive recently rebranded to cryptopixelart on every platform.
@cryptopixelart on insta
@CryptoPixelArt1 on twitter
Have a few opensea listings, but my best work is on Unifty waiting to premier for the show

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Why does OMI get like two mentions in threads like these? I looked at their licenced and threw in an ETH to see what happens, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something because no one seems to give a shit.

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