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This shitcoin is just going to continue to bleed out as more and more people are released from staking.
And then it's going to start dumping hard when the people who bought the private/public sale get access to their AVAX.

Only Turk shills with pajeet-tier english from the telegram still try to defend this shitcoin after the double spend. Most likely because they are still stuck in staking themselves.

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I re-staked my stack of AVAX 30 minutes ago.
Still farming AVAX/ZERO.
I’m thinking your premise might be wrong, kek.

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Stay poor nigger

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If you actually did that, you might genuinely be one of the most retarded people on /biz/ right now. Good job.

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Never give a fucking roach a second chance.

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So, you’re a fag. It figures.

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no shit. the devs proved they are not up to the task when the double spend happened and the whole blockchain was non functional for days. absolute shitshow. to top it all off the devs continually lied about it and deflected and even deleted evidence only to get caught. you'd have to be an idiot to hold after that

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AVAX will moon soon

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>poo poo
>t. brown ID PuW

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It's down about 60% in less than 1 month since the shitshow with the chain crashing and the double spend.

And a fuckton of people who went into staking before the disaster happened are getting out of staking in the coming days. And after that, the people who bought AVAX at $0.50 will get access to their funds, and they will most likely be anxious to market dump their holdings after the fucking disaster, especially since they're still at a 50x profit.
Anyone who thinks AVAX is going up in the next few weeks is either a paid shill, a turk stuck in staking or has an IQ below 50.

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Zero exchange stole their idea from Pangolin ! How is this acceptable in a crypto project. Sure, Avalanche is great, but being connected to something as slimy as Zero exchange is not a good look. Just remember that Pangolin did this first.

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Is Pangolin, the official Avalanche DEX, stolen?

Here’s what’s alleged:

- Zero.Exchange submitted a proposal for funding a multi-blockchain DEX to Emin
- Emin loved the idea and encouraged them to provide all the info they could so he could appraise the project in full
- Weeks go by; no feedback from Emin
- Suddenly, all contact is broken off
- The next day, Pangolin is announced
- Zero.Exchange, fearing the worst, launch by building their own ETH-AVAX bridge
- AVAX team and Pangolin devs start gaslighting the community, by first lying that Zero.Exchange is a scam, then pretending it doesn’t exist
- Pangolin launches, taking down Avalanche and crashing the price from $60 to $30
- Zero.Exchange accelerate integration with Polkadot to mitigate the risk of being stuck on Avalanche and the apparent risk it now entails
- Zero.Exchange rapidly iterates, integrating additional blockchains such as BSC, leaving Pangolin in the dust as a second rate also-ran

Can anyone refute these claims? What’s most concerning is Zero.Exchange is clearly the better app and the ZERO team are certainly smarter and harder working, so the allegations are entirely plausible.

I think PNG holders deserve an explanation.

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Same shit can happen with cardano Ada?

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You're being dramatic, it was amateurish but by no meas the apocalyptic level of bad you describe.

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>Whole chain crashes for 2 days because it couldn't handle the launch of 1 dApp
>Continious flow of misinformation from the "community managers" when explaining to the tens of thousands of people why their funds are being held hostage
>Chain is "fixed"
>Suddenly a double spend happens
>Thousands of people watches it happening live on the explorer, and sees how the anon could 7x his AVAX, exchange it for ETH and move it off the chain
>Suddenly the double spend transaction disappears from the explorer
>AVAX team says it was an explorer bug and nothing to be worried about
>People find other transactions on the chain that confirms that the double spend really happened, and it wasn't just an explorer bug
>The double spend transaction then suddenly comes back on the explorer, but with details edited out
>AVAX team then makes up a bunch of bullshit excuses about how it was a "double mint, not a double spend" and "this happened with bitcoin too!"

The guy you're replying to isn't being dramatic. He's being too kind. Had the AVAX team just admitted that they fucked up and that they had a lot of work to do, people would have accepted it and probably embraced AVAX. But when they kept lying and trying to cover up their mistakes, and claiming that the double spend that thousands of people witnessed live didn't actually happen and those people were delusional, you'd be a complete fucking retard to keep trusting the AVAX team.

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God how I wish you would both fuck off. Nobody cares either way

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Don't worry fren you'll get your slightly cheaper entry on the 9th. Better be quick though, there are a huge amount if people waiting to buy.
Avax os the only project that I've been excited about since LINK.
FUCK ZERO and fuck the zero shiller.

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So long as you remember Zero.Exchange came first, that’s all that matters, anon!

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they did though, they published a detailed article about how the fucked up.

you're taking the on-the-fly comments of a non-dev as their sole response

you're obsessed lmao

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He just wants a cheap entry fren coz he missed the boat.
I dont blame him. If I didn't have enough avax then I'd be fuding the shit out of it too.

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I did as well. Gonna restake another 1000 avax in 3 days. Farming on PNG too for free money. Comfiest hold in crypto.

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İkizler burcu yenidoğanı lanetlemektedir. AVAX. Yalanların kralı aldatmacasını yayar. AVAX. Nükleer ateş cennetten düşer. AVAX. Hamamböcekleri kaçar. AVAX.

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Double spend fud shows just how retarded you fags actually are. Its been demonstrated time and time again this was not a double spend and several technical breakdowns have been released. Retards mistake a simple missed sanity check bug in a transfer for a double spend BAKA.

You niggers dont have any AVAX in the first place, but if you did I beg you to sell. Please distribute the coins to anons with brains and muscular hands.

Avalanche is by far the most undervalued player in the L1 game.

> ADA - actual paper company with nothing to show
> BSC - Centralized shit
> SOL - Founder and friends runnning KYC nodes
> DOT - No smart contracts, founder is a pedophile, and its overvalued shit with nothing new to offer.

Avalanche offers far more than any of the above, its leaderless, scalable, cheap AF, has smart contracts, has NFTs, runs EVM, has unlimited subnets, can literally steal the tech of any chain just like it did with Ethereum. Sell you retards and stay poor.

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While i appreciate seeing my comment being used as copy pasta, youre doing it wrong. Its meant to have zero claim authorship over any and all Avalanche projects BESIDES pangolin to deaden the effect of Zero shills claiming authorship of Pangolin. Using my copy pasta to promote Zero reveals your pathetic shill attempt.

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Sry im drunk and misread your comment.

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>It's PLUMMETING again
Total bloodbath coming March 9.

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Low tier fud nigger, most of the people who bought at launch are holding after getting their investment back already. Why? Becausee this went from an all time low at New year's eve to an all time high in weeks and has plenty more market cap to go.

It's not even on Coinbase yet.

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BTC took a shit.

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After a long while, AVAX will be a good idea again. Who is choosing to invest in AVAX over Dot that is not already a bag holder? Correct, no one. Once the internet gets the go-ahead and it gets hot again, people will come back( barring anymore serious technical issues). Avax is a circle jerk, at this point, of bagholders convincing themselves to buy more. It is not trusted and does not provide a compelling argument to buy-in beyond "a future promise." Dot has parachains auctions, 1 million projects and is going live soon. KSM is dots test net so no issues on Dot, likely. One more big 'issue" and Avax is a stable coin.

>t. used to hold 1800 AVAX. Out at 50. Now have only 200 stuck in staking. Not buying back in.

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Dot transactions take a minimum of 6 seconds to finalise


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>double spend fud again

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Im buying the dip atm. I've seen these types of threads for a year now and they are never really based on anything specific. They only talk shit

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ETH will survive with L2 tricks (sidechains, rollups), but it won't be as dominant. There will be one or two other major smart contract platforms. AVAX will be one. Still filling my bags.

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>AVAX chart last month
>Is still one of the most profitable coins
>Only half a year after the mainnet and bug was fixed in just a few days
>"hurr durr double mint" only happened once and the same amount of AVAX was burned to keep the count clean + BTC and ETH have gone through worse

Face it, this is cheapfud. I don't know who's paying you but your work is terrible. DYOR.

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>shitskin id

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>He forgot about the double spend and the network freeze

It was like 2 weeks ago bro, oh look it dumped another 4%

>> No.30216783

Touched 20$ and is back to almost 30$, I can't see your point

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Its nowhere near 30 you dummy

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At this point I think it's accurate to say AVAX has failed. Emin should publicly blame incompetent devs for the double spend, and try to salvage what shreds remain of his professional reputation.

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bought 2700 at $7 months ago and completely forgot about it. tf is going on ive been not going to this shithole for months

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all the double spend fudders in here really help you easily separate the mongoloid retards from the intelligent anons.

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I don't even own this coin and i'm getting tired of this fud, like muh doublespend, muh pangolin stole every single fucking minute, they need to kick the ass of this fiverr pajeet paid shitcoin shillers the fuck out of /biz/

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You guys called me retarded for shorting AVAX 2 days ago now who's the mongoloid?

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once people realise you can double your money in a bonus block, do you really think they will not pass up the opportunity?

it's going to $1000 eoy purely due to how innovative the double mint consensus engine works

ethereum you send one eth and receive one eth

avalanche you can send one avax, receive up to seven (I usually average about 4-5 bonus blocks per transaction but hopefully with the apricot update, the bonus block functionality will smooth out and the number of avax tokens you get will increase)

a lot of people think that this functionality was patched out a few weeks ago but this is FUD, the system would not work without the bonus blocks, so the double mint consensus is intact


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isn't this the double spend coin

>> No.30218282

>double mint consensus engine

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Who /buying unlock dip/ here?
I don’t want to buy on FUCKING VOYAGER but OKCoin is $2 more expensive.
I’m thinking I’ll just buy BTC and sent it to Binance and trade BTC/AVAX.

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When one or two MAJOR projects jump from ETH to AVAX, it'll moon.

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You should know that before March 9th unlocks there are actually a whole bunch of staking unlocks tomorrow. Most of this will probably get restaked but it could be substantial anyway.

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Lol, stay away from this and go suck yourself bastards. stop crawling to invest in your shitty coins. i made to get revenue from sharding. already bought some phore coins and going to receive some graphene at the airdrop

>> No.30218823

Exactly, that's how you can do it and it is actually the best way

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>Missed over 140k of profit
ropey rope

>> No.30218941

BTC and ETH has gone to more than a double spend (and this double spend was compensated on AVAX. In ETH and BTC funds were lost).

>> No.30219071

ADA is vaporware, stfu

>> No.30219119

GOD, the more guys shilling a token the worse it ends up. Stop being an idiot, don’t go for this shit
I don’t trust this scam. My investments are on liquidity pools with YVS Finance model. I can withdraw whenever I need and any number without drunk gas

>> No.30219360

Ah yes, you're quite the trader, aren't you?
>looks at the most shared graph of Avalanche
>"ah yes, I myself, am very smart. The price WILL drop, because the chart says so, yes. mhmhm. Very very much trading skills."

I just want you to get priced out kek

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Based chart poster

>> No.30221971

I will continue using AVAX if it reaches 1 $.
>feeless Ethereum transactions
It's 100 % worth it.
>muh double spend
Go multiply your money right now, then. Since the network is so bugged and so bad, why don't fudders just get a x7 on their money and crash the network again?

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Bought at $4, sold at $56 buying any dips below $25 for the pump after the unlock (there will be a small dip then pump)

AVAX is a top 3 project in the long run, you fudders can suck my left nut

>> No.30222414

sell your avax now and we will suck both your nuts and cock

>> No.30222491

Just because you don't own something doesn't mean it's a shitcoin and "it's over" when the price isn't green.

>> No.30222903

Just bought a stack of 2000 more 10 minutes ago and staked it, thanks for the advice.

>> No.30222941

god help you if you don't get a bag of AVAX in the next few months

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Based Kevin dabbing on the competition

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>> No.30223109

Miss the boat?

>> No.30223119

Kevin is the last one to be dabbin on anyone
C-chain was down for 24hours.

>> No.30223214

Kek, at least you're putting in effort and making me laugh unlike most low resolution FUD

>> No.30223377

But they were upfront with the issue and not spreading nonsense like Kava

>> No.30223387

I like this fud and may in fact steal it. thank you anon

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The boom from DOT to FTM to RBC to AVAX to ADA to MATIC is a really good indictment of the "HODL, IRON HANDS" mentality. If you assumed eth killers were good, you could have invested a bit in all of them and reaped the rewards. Or you could have moved money from killer to killer after making it big on one, betting that all of them would pump at some point as people fled the shitcoin known as Ether.

>> No.30223604

Who else watching this repo? This smart nigga is writing a book
Nodes realizing they were in a bad state took themselves down; code working as intended, not some committee deciding when to turn the network on and off.

>> No.30223718

> But they were upfront with the issue
They kept it secret for 2 days
Anons discovered it showed each other on the official explorer

Avalabs team then actually removed the block from the explorer.
For real. They really made the explorer return 404. People had it open in one tab and in another tab 404.

Then anons used another explorer where the septuplemint was visible...

Only then did Emin and avalabs make an official statement.

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Hodl only works when you’re not hodling literal dog shit

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>> No.30223950

that isn't what happened you schizo, i was in the telegram the whole time

>> No.30224245

Consensus worked as intended, it stopped itself.

>> No.30224364

>lying this much
You're getting desperate.

>> No.30224482

When will AVAX pump? 9th?

>> No.30224700

you callin me a liar

just go to discord and check the messages on 11th of Feb
telegram is always filled with IQ75 people they where not informed even then

fucking faggots all of you

very weak from ava team
very very weak

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100 AVAX to be a validator

>> No.30225531


>> No.30225565

What additional benefits do you get from validating instead of delegating, seems like similar % (about 10% / year) for both?

>> No.30225733

>(107 KB, 1280x732)
wait do you actually have a 720p screen??
please post a real version...

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Wow. I can't even believe the ignorance that's coming from your thick, inbred skull. Only a dilapidated, unenlightened dotard would even dare to spout such inane, low IQ stupidity.


If you had even bothered to keep up with recent news, you would know that you are not only mind numbingly wrong, but idiotic as well. I heartily laugh at the very thought of you attempting to utilize your underdeveloped peabrain.

Thankfully, I am an informed and educated individual. I also moderate the AVAX subreddit, and happily enjoy the benefits and status that the position provides. I'm writing a dissertation on this brilliant project as we speak. It toils the mind to even attempt to decipher the workings of your underpowered and inferior brain.

Don't even attempt to reply! It will be in vain, as I have already reported you to the boards moderators for spreading harmful disinformation. Good day!

>> No.30225945

You get staking rewards for your own tokens, fees from others delegating to you and you'll be able to validate subnets soon, also earning their token. Double dipping.
Liquid staking will also be added soon, which means you can LP with staked tokens. Triple dipping.

>> No.30226002

>sell your avax now and we will suck both your nuts and cock

>> No.30226038

You receive fees from your delagatees instead of paying fees

>> No.30226042

I hate the term "shill" but man, does it apply here. Every AVAX thread is loaded with the same exact responses.
>stay poor

Newfags please read this >>30210835 post and then look at the reactions in this thread and make your own judgement as to whether or not they are organic.

The team made mistakes with people's finances and then lied about it.

>> No.30226147

Imagine typing this much about something you don't own

>> No.30226237

you're down 60% because you bought the top of a parabolic pump which invariably dump afterwards. stop fomoing into tops then selling bottoms

>> No.30226256

You can't call it a lie if you don't know that they knowingly misled people

You're discarding out if hand the possibility that the discord admins could have been uninformed, or misinformed and assuming that they lied

They knew full well that avascan and other explorers would have recorded the double-mint transaction, what would they stand to gain from trying to hide it on just one explorer?

Bugs aren't found or understood immediately anon. Have some self-respect.

>> No.30226322

This post makes fair points; the team handled communication woefully.
Plus, calling it a double mint is just playing semantics and comes off as dishonest (inb4 tekniqlee itz a dubl mint).

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File: 992 KB, 1009x1531, 5CB64F30-D4FC-43D2-AA3E-8C3E92DA54E4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, before someone goes FTM zealot on me, you should demand higher standards from projects you’re invested in, not agree and defend blindly everything they do. It’s in your best financial interest for them to improve.

>> No.30226774

You sound priced out

>> No.30227029

well yeah Im very bullish on avax

the way team managed that incident is surprisingly low weak and disgraceful

avaxers can and must expect better from fellow avaxchads

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Stop I'm gonna coom

>> No.30227200

> They knew full well that avascan and other explorers would have recorded the double-mint transaction, what would they stand to gain from trying to hide it on just one explorer?

Yet they did.

notice Im still bullish, but you have to call out disgraceful censorship like that.

>> No.30227351

you have no idea why that transaction stopped appearing - they could have believed it to be an explorer bug and were resetting some back-end shit.. i don't know and neither do you.

Again, why would they try to hide it on their explorer if they knew it would be visible on multiple third-party explorers or to any validator on chain?

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Kek at the sperg rage in that image

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FTM hormones lmao

>> No.30227923

fudders are dumbasses.
If you are afraid of buying, just do your own research and see how great the project is...

>> No.30227998

> they could have believed it to be an explorer bug and were resetting some back-end shit

being that incompetent, thats even worse than censoring.

> why would they try to hide it on their explorer
ask them
ask them why they even floated that "explorer bug" in their discord.

ask them, are they so incompetent the septuple mint wasnt even discovered by them but by anons and they just stumbled upon it believing an explorer bug happened?

we wouldnt be here 2-4 weeks later discussing this if they had
been honest and upfront from the start of the issues

imagine an alternative world where they tweet out 5min after C chain halts "Cchain is halted yo". but noo, lets blame the fucking explorers and wallet apis.

>> No.30228220

I remember they were pointing at the indexer being down as an example of the fragility of centralization (they’re not wrong, though).

>> No.30228292

only schizoids like you are honestly, it's a done deal

>a bug occurred
>it would have been wise to become certain of the cause before making explanations (i.e. 'explorer bug') - this was a mistake
>it would have been wise to provide regular and clear communications - this was a mistake
>a full explanation was published almost immediately after the fix was released and i'm sure they're learning lessons on comms too

it's a young project that experienced a bug and could've been dealt with better, we all hope the team has learnt from the experience. that's all there is to it.

if that has caused you to lose faith, by all means sell your bags

>> No.30228944

you only need 100 AVAX to become truly financially independent in the near future, whoa...

>> No.30229162

> if that has caused you to lose faith, by all means sell your bags

I told you Im bullish af

but I am sad about fellow avaxers here trying to downplay the incident and take no lessons learned. you have no reason to make excuses for the teams actions during the incident.

>> No.30229303

Will be running 5 nodes then. Do I need 5 raspberry pis?

>> No.30229398

i don't know the reasons, neither do you but are assuming foul-play

i've given several
>discord admins were uninformed and made best-guess (keep in mind that there *were* wallet API issues earlier that day, so it would have been easy to assume the double-mint bug was simply further wallet API issues)
>devs misdiagnosed bug (and discord admins were misinformed accordingly)
>explorer down was attempt to fix the above misdiagnosed bug

probably dozens more of potential reasons.... for some reason you're only considering that they were trying to mislead people (even though this would have been futile ... see 3rd party explorers).

>> No.30229790

Sir please use my humble calculator to see the impermanent loss you're exposing yourself to https://impermanentloss.github.io/calculator/

>> No.30230413


>> No.30230591

>discord admins were uninformed and made best-guess

>devs misdiagnosed bug

>explorer down was attempt to fix the above misdiagnosed bug

> ...that they were trying to mislead people
falls in line with incompetence

what other explanations do you have?

>> No.30230767

>Brown ID
>"I'm Poo" ID

>> No.30230950

whilst neither are good, incompetence isn't nearly as bad as intentionally misleading users/stakeholders

i'm glad we can agree that there are reasonable explanations beyond 'lying'.


>> No.30231094

> i'm glad we can agree that there are reasonable explanations beyond 'lying'.
double mint vs double spend.
if its not lying its at least sneaky to rebrand a double spend like that.

>> No.30231408

double spend: you send the same token twice, one person ends up getting scammed because he didnt really receive the token.
double mint: tokens created out of thin air that can be spent

>> No.30231439

Stop lying, there's proof on Telegram that discards your whole argument.

>> No.30231489

ETH is dogshit, it is overvalued due to the market cap acquired when it was great

>> No.30231528

Actually after, a dip is expected but in the last token unlock price recovered almost instantly

>> No.30231560


>> No.30231615

>"lied about it"

You can see the post mortem on Kevin Sekniqi's twitter and the Telegram updates on the official group. I was on the chat myself.

>> No.30231655

Not before a few double spends.

>> No.30231692

Exactly, what happened was a double mint and the same amount of minted AVAX were burned. FUDders only see the side of the coin they want to see

>> No.30231909

double spend: https://avascan.info/blockchain/c/tx/iWd83KayghBQYNERXem3nW8ifFjJsR66NwWcAR6uZavKFWthq
63 token goes in 444 tokens come out and get spent


> one person ends up getting scammed because he didnt really receive the token.
this is not a double spend but a failed attempt at one. do not embarrass avaxchads like this.

>> No.30231924

isn't this the double spend coin

>> No.30231930
File: 118 KB, 1183x778, ftm_consensus_failure_unsolved.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fantom Foundation can't solve their problem which was known for 6 months; Ava Labs solved the minting bug in 2 days. Let's hope for the best though, maybe Fantom Foundation will find an independent developer to fix their broken consensus in the next 266 years.

>> No.30232073

Yes it is
> Double-spending is a potential flaw in a digital cash scheme in which the same single digital token can be spent more than once

here we can see 63avax go in, duplicated so there is 7 of them.
then they are sent out as 444avax and again spent in other transactions as any other coin.

An illegal mint or double mint, would be me making a reward of more than say 10%.
Illegal mint would mean if I staked 2000avax and should receive 20, that I suddenly receive 40 instead.

This is not what happened.

>> No.30232128

Please. How has outsourcing a project to optimize performance now become "failing to fix their problem?" If you want to talk time with no transactions occurring, for FTM it was 7. For AVAX it was several days. Don't know why you would even bring that up because it's embarrassing for you.

>> No.30232179

mind you faggots I am 90% in AVAX I am balls deep in holding almost $800k in AVAX alone.

but truth should be truth and fuck all you liars and sneaky bastards calling it a double or illegal mint

>> No.30232365

i understand what you're trying to say but it's wrong. that's why that bug on bitcoin wasn't called a double spend

>> No.30232402

It was a C chain to X chain transaction...these involve burning the C chain tokens and minting them on X chain... Except in this case they were minted 7 times. So it exactly as you described a double-mint.

>> No.30232442

The difference is the BTC bug came from the mint function, whereas with AVAX it was a consensus failure in which one block was validated 7 times. It's much worse, though it's seems they fixed it now.

>> No.30232525

I’m still loling that all it took to DOS Fantom was to delegate to the most popular node until it had 30% of total staked value.

>> No.30232965

Why would you post this:
sell your avax now and we will suck both your nuts and cock

Someone with 800k in avax wouldn't post shit like this. Your larp and misinformation regarding double spend is embarrassing.

>> No.30232966

Human error (staking on the safest node) as opposed to code error (in the case of AVAX). Don't know why you would be laughing considering the later issue is worse.

>> No.30233013


Emin Gün Sirer
I want to reemphasize that Avalanche did NOT have a double-spend. The bug from a few days ago involved an error in state validation, not the consensus engine.

Try harder Anon

>> No.30233025

yeah fixed of course

dont pull bitcoin into this.
you are wrong, Im right, it was a double spend and as follows from any double spend also an illegal mining/minting/inflation.

swallow your pride, pride blinds.
double spend happened. bug fixed. lessons learned. avax train full speed ahead. choo choo.

top kek indeed.

>> No.30233100

> error in state validation

yeah error in the validation of the state which keeps track of who has how many coins.
like, can he say it more obvious without using the words double spend?
"error in ledger state transition" you see.

>> No.30233184
File: 96 KB, 750x750, 1612537210292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fuck, please let this happen

>> No.30233341

In a well designed PoS system, staking to the safest node should not cause a failure.

>> No.30233485

In other words, AVAX broke because the code didn’t work as intended.
Fantom broke because the code did work as intended.
Which one do you think is a bigger problem and harder to fix?

>> No.30233690

Also, I’ve just told the CEO of darknet not to delegate to the most popular nodes and he agreed to send out a memo :)

>> No.30233883

AVAX might be the best investment in all of crypto rn

>> No.30234138

>How has outsourcing a project to optimize performance now become "failing to fix their problem?"
I said they failed to fix it because this is a recurring problem, not because they outsource to fix it. They have a blog post about the same problem 6 months ago. It is unacceptable that they are developing the project without first properly solving this major problem.

>> No.30234214

gotta love that Wrigley's Doublemint

>> No.30234296

Dumping this shit chain as soon as my tokens are unstaked in 4 days

>> No.30234624

I got your back my nigger. You need to be a special kind of retard to not do something like this right now.
I won't tell you how to make free money right now anon, but I'll give you a hint: IL can also be used to your advantage. I've had a return of +50% since 8 days ago. Expecting to break 2k AVAX soon.
You can do some insane power plays in AVAX right now.

>> No.30234872

We don't care since you probably have just 20 AVAX, poor weak hands

>> No.30234900

>selling low

>> No.30234927

The code worked, the problem happened because of third party APIs. Nothing to do with Avalanche by itself.

>> No.30234960

ngmi, please sell your 2 AVAX

>> No.30235093

> first properly solving this major problem
they cant solve it because their consensus algorithm is flawed
same story with other DPoS really
it leads to over-centralization and over-reliance on a few nodes.

>> No.30235097

FTM because it runs on like 2 nodes or something

>> No.30235195

what's impermanent loss

>> No.30235304

When you're pooling a pair of tokens you have to put the same amount of value of each. If one of them moons you get fucked.

>> No.30235399

Kek at all the AVAX bagholders slandering Fantom in this thread.

>> No.30235493

so what's the best pair for avax

>> No.30235583

You've never answer, how priced out are you bud?

>> No.30235661

Thank fucking god some one here has a brain. Honestly I'm pretty sure these FUD threads are just co-ordinated efforts to paint some sort of narrative. Either way anyone who believes the double spend FUD is sub 90IQ

>> No.30235826

You fucking gorilla ape-brained nigger neither the "double spend" nor "network freeze" is true. It's an objective fact both of those things didn't happen.

>> No.30235844

I am not sure I understand how you profited form IL anon. Did you buy bancor?

I just updated the calculator, take a look at the new section below: https://impermanentloss.github.io/calculator/

>> No.30235880

Notice the anon with the shit coloured ID who has a sub 90IQ fud attempt wont response to this

>> No.30236110

This anon is literally lying right now accusing other people of lying. Rich. The Avax block chain never froze or went down period

>> No.30236195

It actually was closed due to maintenance but no funds were loss and it only was for less than a day.

>> No.30236278

it wasn't 'closed for maintenance' - the network stopped itself to preserve safety

this was able to be brought back online when enough validating stake adopted the new patch

>> No.30236294

Shut the fuck up if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

>> No.30236316

So you're saying Staking rewards and LP at the same time?
Please tell me this is true bros, I can only get so erect.

>> No.30236415

HOW the fuck can he be priced out of something that's been dumping for a month??

>> No.30236496

lol is that all counterargument you have? insinuate that I am a poorfag?

very weak man you make FTM devs look good

>> No.30236558

I find it hard to believe someone can be this mentally handicapped and yet somehow continue existing on this earth. How hard were you dropped on your head as a baby? Is there a full time team of in home care staff at your door waiting for you to puke up more dribble so they can wipe it from your bib and change your diapers? You've been BTFO'd fully multiple times in this thread anon. Disguising your fud as muh AVAX PRIDE isn't covering up your lack of intelligence. Worst part of it is you could have just shut the fuck up and moved on to fud in some other thread, but the longer you stay here the more braindead you look. Priced out indeed

>> No.30236653


It's called being poor, like you shit stain ID. Someone with a decent portfolio doesn't post like you, only poor people do.

In response to anon saying >you fudders can suck my left nut you responded >sell your avax now and we will suck both your nuts and cock

Your motivation is clear, I'm sorry you're priced out and ngmi and you come here to spread misguided information.

>> No.30236669

nobody will take your stupid page seriously with those flying shit in background
this isnt 1997 you know

this is avax general not shitcoin general. no need to talk about ada solana or algo

> The Avax block chain never froze or went down period
The C-Chain literally was halted for 2 days. Wallet offline for 24h.

I hate faggots like you why dont you go and buy more IOTA you fit well in that group of IDIOTAs

>> No.30236780

>this is avax general not shitcoin general. no need to talk about ada solana or algo

And you're avoiding addressing people who corrected you on your incorrect avax fud. Why are you even bringing up ada, solana and algo?

>> No.30236798
File: 67 KB, 1024x962, 1823844502423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nobody will take your stupid page seriously with those flying shit in background

>> No.30236820

>> Double-spending is a potential flaw in a digital cash scheme in which the same single digital token can be spent more than once
>here we can see 63avax go in, duplicated so there is 7 of them.
>then they are sent out as 444avax and again spent in other transactions as any other coin.
>An illegal mint or double mint, would be me making a reward of more than say 10%.
>Illegal mint would mean if I staked 2000avax and should receive 20, that I suddenly receive 40 instead.
>This is not what happened.
> Double-spending is a potential flaw in a digital cash scheme in which the same single digital token can be spent more than once

here we can see 63avax go in, duplicated so there is 7 of them.
then they are sent out as 444avax and again spent in other transactions as any other coin.

An illegal mint or double mint, would be me making a reward of more than say 10%.
Illegal mint would mean if I staked 2000avax and should receive 20, that I suddenly receive 40 instead.
If you respond to me with anything else than
"I am wrong and was stupid"
I will pay pajeets to copypaste the above in every avax thread for 1 month

>> No.30236898

>Uses wikipedia as source
GTFO of my board

>> No.30236986


> Double-spending is the result of successfully spending some money more than once.

you are a cultist with IQ level of a dog

>> No.30237064

can you not read?

see: >>30232402

>> No.30237086
File: 88 KB, 598x682, 8385fb1ab0896e5becbd180b4bbe0101.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30237252

one day you r*dditniggers need to tell me why you fucking space shit like that
its so fucking annoying to read
also you're retarded

>> No.30237482


I dont expect IQ 30 like yourself to be able to read a blockchain explorer.

63avax imported from X chain to C chain.
7 times. then spent as 444 avax.


dude had 63 avax
he spent them as 444 avax

Emin says
> result of a bug in the client code

Thats even worse, if it means clients ie normal nodes can cause these bugs to happen and not merely the validators with stake.

Sneaky marketing speak. Sneaky not honest.

>> No.30237543

No one credible is Apeing into Avax right now. No one even talks about it anymore other than to trash it. “Your coins could be locked when the chain breaks and you lose 50% of the coins value.” No thanks. Even if it goes to 100, that doubt will alway be there. It was a miss of death. There are too many good projects to risk it. If it hadn’t bonus blocked- it would be “the make it” project if this cycle. Easy. Shame

>> No.30237552

Was fixed, redditfag. Get over it, you got priced out when this was just 4$ two months ago.

>> No.30237601

What if they both go down?

>> No.30237612

Which good projects? Name them please, for real.

>> No.30237671

ICO investor here ffs, I got mine at $0.85

why are you people cult like idiots? you remind me so much of IDIOTAs

just because I have stake and $$$ in AVAX doesnt mean Ill turn off my brain and blindly repeat what team says like a parrot.

>> No.30237714

Timestamp your wallet then.

>> No.30237715

If both go down by the same %, then there is no impermanent loss https://impermanentloss.github.io/calculator/

>> No.30237788

Dude, it was a bonus block. Every user has a chance to double their holdings with every TX. Infinite money = bullish.

>> No.30237843

show sharpie in poopie and I will. deal?

>> No.30237892
File: 67 KB, 1200x675, photo_2021-03-04_19-44-34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AVAX has already more than 840 validators
>One of the most mentioned coins on Twitter
Yeah, sure, you're right

>> No.30237920

No deal Pajeet, as always you were found out lying

>> No.30237974
File: 43 KB, 1094x700, State of AVAX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

These are the subhumans that have been shilling this roachcoin on /biz/ relentlessly.

>> No.30237982

readers can see that you are trying to attack my persona instead of my arguments.

you are a dishonest dumb cultist and a weak faggot

>> No.30237993

Now rank by Txs

>> No.30238089

In response to anon saying
>you fudders can suck my left nut
you responded
>sell your avax now and we will suck both your nuts and cock

>> No.30238344

I never bought this coin after I heard Turkish roaches were involved.

T. Greek

>> No.30238433

yes I am still bullish on avax, the stack I have is not enough. Id sell it all away for 1 avax more.

that doenst mean I can pretend to be blind and look away when honesty and dignity from the team is missing

if they fuck up again I will still call them out on it.

and all you mindless cultist braindead shills can suck my balls

only braindead iq 55 people think they can make more money by being dishonest liars and sweep problems under the rug. you cant.

double spend

>> No.30238476

holy based

>> No.30238555

asamamanlikum mashallaaaah lahha yahweh yallah yallah haram yallah halalalala asaminlukum, buy avax good sir made by turkish!
love from turkey, i hate women so much its unreal

>> No.30239021

Είσαι ηλίθιος Έλληνας πίθηκος. AVAX. Η Αγία Σοφία ανήκει στην Τουρκία για πάντα. AVAX.

>> No.30239180

how long until this shit drops below 20 bucks?

>> No.30239273
File: 124 KB, 1440x810, 1614903032843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.30239408

on sunday below $20 then Ill buy some more

>> No.30239481

Not a double spend, also look at your ID colour

>> No.30239587

COPE and seethe you fucking roaches kek

>> No.30239591
File: 120 KB, 456x337, 1614238951470.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow amazing argument you have there such grace such rhetoric big brain only intelligence glowing from you

>> No.30239675

What more is there for me to say? You're spreading misinformation, you're poor. There's nothing else. Why else would you be posting?

>> No.30239711

You will get a GAYREEK coin.
But we HAVE avax

>> No.30239760
File: 145 KB, 600x600, 1612641846454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dangerously based

>> No.30239923
File: 150 KB, 1200x1200, 1614799211540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I post for shits and giggles
you? you're try to scam newfags


>> No.30240004

why Sunday

>> No.30240117

How am I scamming anyone, are you implying AVAX is a scam? You said you're holding 800k in avax alone. Why are you posting double spend like that? Is your FUD impossible to hide anymore? If you were holding 800k you wouldn't be posting like this.

Also you
In response to anon saying
>you fudders can suck my left nut
you responded
>sell your avax now and we will suck both your nuts and cock

It's clear what you are and it's sad. Some aren't meant to make it.

>> No.30240194

Everyone do yourself a favour and filter out posts by ID:0ARd+d/F in this thread. He was given a brown ID by the crypto gods for a reason.

>> No.30240294

just TA and 2 days before unlock. everyone will try to make moves before the actual day you know.

>> No.30240380

One AVAX is worth more than most Greeks earn in a year, balkan peasant.

>> No.30240428

Okay, what does that have to do with tech?

>> No.30240452

Ok pajeet, you're not an icobuyer

>> No.30240467

> How am I scamming anyone,
You spread disinformation making AVAX look more price attractive. You want to sell your coins to newfags for a price based on lies.

> If you were holding 800k you wouldn't be posting like this.
I must be posting truth because I am holding this much.

If I was holding this much, but ignored major issues, I would be no better than a scammer. It would mean I am here only to make money on greater fools. If the team and other avaxchads are here only to sell their coins for newfags youre disgusting.

>> No.30240482

Expect massive shorts before the unlock happens. You're seeing them already.

>> No.30240489

DYOR and prove me wrong

>> No.30240522

Then you missed around x0 gains

>> No.30240575

>I'm doing it for the little guy

You're the one coming here spreading lies.

Why did you post this?

>> No.30240656

Price always has been attractive >>30216538

>> No.30240726

> Classic.

I am the little guy. My 800k is not whale.

Though, I would be fine if it goes to 8k. I would be fine with that. My honesty and dignity is worth more than that.

Thats why I say it was a double spend DOUBLE SPEND and not a double mint or client error.

Honest and dignity, is something you braindead clutist scammers dont have.

>> No.30240744

take a look at Dex for Jul
don’t make fast dump
>do 400$ on staking
>waited a month
>push to 1200$ farming pools
fees so low, rofl don’t cry about gas on ERC

>> No.30240933

Post wallet history and I'll admit you're honest.

It's clear to everyone browsing that you wont and what your motivation is. I'm sorry you missed the train anon. Other opportunities come along, maybe in a few years time.

Also check this:

>> No.30241120

Tokens unlock 2021-03-09 00:00 UTC. Maybe a good trade to short AVAX Monday and rebuy Tuesday.

>> No.30241206

> what your motivation is

I want to buy avax for cheap? Ive said so many times.

Newfags should understand that 1 more bug in this and price of $20 will seem very very high.

1 more double spend bug is not a miniscule risk.

Inform the newfags what they are investing in, there is risks. Rewards are also very very high.
There is nothing even close to what AVAX is.

But it was a double spend.
The economics have changed. It is more risky now than before the double spend. The price did cut in half and has been on downtrend ever since the double spend.

Facts. Information. Do with it as you like.

>> No.30241406

>More risky after the double spend
Are you reading yourself? It is literally quite the opposite, sanjay

>> No.30241440

It was not a double spend, stop trying to mislead people because you're priced out. Post wallet.

It involved an error in state validation, not the consensus engine. It was an invalid mint, can you dyor ffs.

>> No.30241458
File: 79 KB, 800x600, 3A9562BC-92BD-4DD4-9B6A-0E5B8F7F9C2C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>short AVAX

>> No.30241581


double the spend
consensus engine approves
spend once, no spend twice, no spend 7 times

AVAX new motto. Make it double. AVAXAVAX.

imagine the price if it happens again.
is that what you fear? you wont even get a x2 from your ICO even after 1-2 years?

pathetic dishonest losers.

>> No.30241612

The ministry of truth has declared this to be a DOUBLE SPEND. All those disputing this or calling it a mint will be sent to be re-educated.

>> No.30241640

Avalabs doesn’t run the explorer, retard

>> No.30241697

Won't happen again, have fun missing the price again, "ICO buyer"

>> No.30241748

how long does this usually last for? all my cash is tied up and isn't much anyway so I'd like to try and get it at best current price

>> No.30241803

This was an invalid mint, not a double spend. Independent transactions on the X-chain continued to process. The network did not halt.

Did you even research your larp Reyansh? Do you know what the different chains are on avalanche? Do you know what caused the invalid mint?
>furious googling begins on 0.2mbps internet connection

>> No.30241884


Imagine being so retarded that 10 years after Bitcoin you still don’t know what a double spend is

>> No.30241942

learn to read an explorer



> This tx was included in multiple blocks


>> No.30242099

>Learn to read an explorer.
Good advice for yourself, this isn't showing a double spend.

Also you can go ahead and use the explorer since you're capable of finding it to show transactions to your wallet please.

>> No.30242172

doxx yourself first then Ill dox my wallet

newfags: https://avascan.info/blockchain/c/address/0x0a99c32AFFAEc0a697D4CB4bf660Eeddcf432c21/transactions

the hash you see
is duplicated 7 times, thats the double spend.
thats a consensus failure, which happened on the C chain.

>> No.30242275

It's not even possible for a consensus failure to happen on the C-Chain, are you retarded?
It's been proven time and again that this was a UX issue with this explorer, it's third party. Go find it on another explorer, I dare you.

Also how is posting your wallet doxing yourself lmao, is your shack address on it?

>> No.30243833

And just like that the FUD was defeated and the thread silent again.

>> No.30243866

how long will avax be under 20$

>> No.30244133

fantomfriend here
i feel your pain brothers

>> No.30244215

I don't under why you give the fud any stage, They're broken record for 1 month already repeating the exact same comments. They don't want to resonate with you, they come here with clear motivation

>> No.30244216

>>Whole chain crashes for 2 days because it couldn't handle the launch of 1 dApp
The entire point of Avalanche was that it was infinitely scalable too kek.

>> No.30244314

the tokens were MINTED anon, are you that dense?
>It was a C chain to X chain transaction...these involve burning the C chain tokens and minting them on X chain... Except in this case they were minted 7 times. So it exactly as you described a double-mint.

You were wrong and you are stupid.

>> No.30244343

It does feel like a waste of time, I just hope it helps people not fall for it.

>> No.30244575


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