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Uh oh, SHAKEtards

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>remember the $400 i put into MILK2 at 4.31
I am never getting that out

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this spaceswap debacle makes me unironically very sad, anyone has the whole story of what happened?

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>tokenomics arent great even though shadowstaking is a great idea
>one nigger went absolutely psycho on here fudding the everloving christ out of this shit but he fudded too hard and now it's FUBAR

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Yeah I've seen the coordinated FUD, they also kept having some bugs in their code? Should've ran an audit imho, team was full of bigbrains, guess they fucked up.
I also remember the peg MILK2:SHAKE being totally retarded and simply not working.
Anyways it would be pretty sad to see it die like this. Team is still working on new things, maybe it will be good in the future. There were talks about a partnership with AVAX? maybe that failed. Rip them, I still have 130MILK2 I boughted at 40c before the big poomp.

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Yeah their team is kinda retarded. Their tokenomics were trash and they released some buggy piece of shit APY multiplier that forced them to lock harvesting fuctionsm Fucking stupid, honestly. I don't know how they'll ever hope to recover from this. They want to release synthetic assets but I don't know if anyone would be willing to trust them if they can't even code a simple fucking APY multiply mechanic properly. Synthetic assets are difficult. It's funny because fucking Baoman as a one man dev was able to fix a bug on his platform in less than 24 hours and these fuckers need like an entire week with what I assume is a fully staffed team.

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it's fucking funny, BAOMan is proving himself to be a giga chad every single day

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The FUD really fucked the tockenomics but yeah this was a going to at least 50mil mcap but someone paid a bunch of bots and had other plans. Kinda dead in the water now and the team proved they're a bit useless.