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Yea don't buy it, we're not going to $5 in like 5 days.

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What? Why would i not buy it then?

Are you srsly retarded

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Hol up.. no.. did i got boged

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this, op is a retard, why would i not?? makes no sense if its about to go up wtf

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so it's true, everyone on biz really are autistic

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I bought some i mean if it goes to 5 in 3 days

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why do we all have blue IDs

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Good, I was being sarcastic mate, we're going to go up

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Bought at 1.63 at the start of the dip thinking it was a decent move. Shameful.

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3 days or 5? I cant wait till tuesday

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been holding this for over a month up 1% fml

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What am I supposed to gather from this chart? That it's being accumulated? How do you know it isn't being held up so the whale can slowly dump?

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Did u read what he said its gonna do x3.. do you know about x4? Or whats your problem bud

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>PRQ logo is blue...

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Nice.. draw prq logo u nigger

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... alright give me a few minutes

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I am the green ID

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This faggot needs to sell too. Its getting obvious sacrifices are needed

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>bought in at .10
Feeling comfy and not selling until $50
Gonna keep fudding though to keep the weak out.

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Green ID.
Also check em

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mfw the meme graph is actually just the prq graph

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Maybe they can peg the price to a dollar and rebrand it as a high tech stablecoin

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Lmao so happy I never bought into this crap. Was debating buying this or GRT two weeks ago, so glad I picked GRT. Enjoy your endless crab.

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Check em and weep boys. Our time has cum and so have I.

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>Nothing to check
Weep, I shall.

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Drawn in to the back drop here, you can fade, you can fade away.....

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I feel bad for every faggot who didn't buy this when it was less than 10c

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Hahah thats pretty sick bro check me out im feeling pumped today


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what the fuck

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the whale dumping is over, we had all that a few weeks ago

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LMFAOOOOOO thanks for this

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y-you ok there fren?

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wtf kind of autistic TA is this?

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>so glad I bought GRT two weeks ago
holy fuck ahahahahaaha

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major buy signal

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based schizo

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Should have bought GRT

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Just bought 10k

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We are the new shizos, even the ones who bought at 2 bucks and hold 50 prq.

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i recognize that song...
the guy who blew his head off

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No need to check the price for GRT in the coming year. It's going to blow away crypto. Literally the next link. I might be down 30% now but I'll be up 45000% next year. See ya nerds

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hey guys its post malone and I fucking love PARSIQ

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kek'd anon

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Marketcap will but price wont

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Yeah no, Sweetie.

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kek based schizo thread

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Well done, keep moving forward.

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Ill check back tomorrow. If number no go up more sacrificies will go up

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This is truly the best timeline

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based schizo anon

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based android user

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volume is dropping off a cliff, the announcement tomorrow had better be good

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PRQ has the greatest schizos

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thanks, didn't buyed.

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thats some time travelling vocabulary you got there fren

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I want a dom, and you're saying with parsiq I can have one... for free?

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>He doesn't know...

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b-but we had an announcement last Friday surely we will get one this week?

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Imagine if there's no announcement.
Wait, no, I don't want to, please stop.
We're supposed to have like 6 more announcements in 3 weeks + tomorrow.

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6 announcements with 16 business days remaining just what the fuck do they have planned

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trust the plan
two more weeks
time travel, blockchain
*flushes toilet*


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>mfw we haven't had volume this bad since $0.40
We're either going straight to 5 or straight to 0. No in between. How many of you plan on actually holding if they just cuck us tomorrow?

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There's nothing slated to happen tomorrow.

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I'm selling all 500k

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fellas this is some dangerously autistic announcement planning they've got. Either 0 or 5 by EOM

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Switch up the script.

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I'm not a bot, anon - but we all do seem to be schizos.

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What are you asking them, bros?

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neither am I for fucks sake nigga

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are you the whale?

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Imagine if theres no announcement tomorrow.
Imagine if binance does come but its the very last announcement in from Q1.
Imagine if btc shits the bed again before an announcement.

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you fuckin estonian toilet flusher motherfuck FU KFCUK MY MONEY do something. PIECE OF SHIT COIN MY FUCK

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Who said there was an announcement tomorrow?

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What the fuxk do u meqn there ia no announc thus AERON IS GOTTA GET IT IF NO PUMP

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Holy based, 5 $ eom confirmed

>> No.30212705

Did you even watch the AMA?
The announcement isn't for 2 weeks

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checked $5 EOM

>> No.30212771

we had one last friday so it figures we will have one this friday seeing as they are running out of time
a lot of anons are THIS close to selling so they had better come up with something good

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>tfw tomorrows announcement is serum and we dump to .80

>> No.30212890

this is my biggest fear

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Dont! Just take the Samsung or switch. Just not the poor Aeron

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im done if that’s it
fuck this crabcoin, i believe it has a future so i will buy back during the bearmarket, but im not missing the bullrun holding a crabcoin any longer

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They don't care if anon sells or gets rich.
It doesn't effect their business at all. They provide a service, the token uses the service.
Do you think Coca Cola would be worried if you were hoarding their sodas and then lost faith in them & decided to sell all your Coke to a convenience store?
They are a business and they only care about doing business.

>> No.30213148

that's just a massive bart

>> No.30213199

What's the morale like in the telegram?
This is false because they literally get paid with their own token. They have the MOST incentive to time releases well.
I guess blockchain autism doesn't translate to marketing autism though.

>> No.30213243

No one that matters is impressed. You got a round of applause from halfwits. Enjoy basking in the adulation of your peers.

>> No.30213252

You can say the same about any project, it helps to have a strong community and Parsiq will completely lose theirs if they don’t throw us a bone.

>> No.30213319

U forgot about me in your dumdum calculations

>> No.30213507

They have got a telegram following twice as autistic as anyone here sucking their d every day

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No one cares what you do.

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if it continues to crab that will slowly dwindle

>> No.30213728

They were broken because dog are u happy now thanks for ruining the fun by insulting my ego

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Can you fuck off to >>>/soc/ you massive attention seeking faggot?

>> No.30213832

bought 1k more

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Someone make a webm of this please

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Nice gifs sry i didnt notice it must been lot of work

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by the way, this WILL be in the $10 video
yeah alright wait

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$10 feels further away than ever

>> No.30214858

Damn bro there will be video can that one gif guy help

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they unironically do. public traded companies depend on keeping their valuations as high as possible.

>> No.30215777

yeah that's about what i would expect from a guy bagholding on this long after the pump ends
>muh binance
just stop. there is a paltry 4x in this if you're lucky. more likely 0.10 by may

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This is parsiq

>> No.30215982

This is Parsiq

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>more likely 0.10 by may
lol you wish

>> No.30216307

Between all my buys im averaged at about a dollar a coin so with gas fees im probably at break even now if i sell.

I get crabbing but why is it going down?

>> No.30216511

look at bitcoin

>> No.30216522

This is fartshit

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In your mind did the poster you replied to make a Binance reference?

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I feel like BTC was a lot more predictible before institutionalized investments. Maybe thats just rose colored glasses though.

For sure 50k is a sell trigger for many but we are on 3 or 4 corrections since the first 50k now.

>> No.30217079

if BTC crabs between $45k and $50k for the next 3 months, we'll be in alt season

>> No.30217276

Friendly reminder that LINK was exactly like this in its early days.
I swingtraded the shit out of LINK because of its endless crabbing and lost a large part of my stack in the process.
Please learn from my mistakes.

>> No.30217347

55$ eoy checkem

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Like this?

>> No.30217572

I looked at the dexg chart literally less than 2 seconds ago
this is fucking creepy dude

>> No.30217606

5 dollarinos EOM check em 4 realoz

>> No.30217617

Lmao based

>> No.30217640

with this us bond yield shit going on does this mean its over bros.

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Me so horny

>> No.30217991

cope, nothing like it

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moon wen sirs

>> No.30219409

$5 EOM or im buying rope

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why are you in such a rush this is a long hold

>> No.30219641


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It doesn’t do anything I just need a little pump, just a morsel.
The volume is nearly non-existent now, something HAS to happen soon

>> No.30220190

parsiq rest in piss. piece of shit bollocks.

>> No.30221210

>something HAS to happen soon
shut the fuck up and close the dextools tab

>> No.30221254

you forgot the pic?

>> No.30221599

OP is a massive tranny faggot.
But PRQ will be $100 EOY. It is its own layer of the blockchain.

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What’s up brother? See you at the party this weekend.

>> No.30221730

Maybe just maybe ill humor you and buy a bag if it drops under a dollar
But don't count on it

>> No.30221924

It will never drop below a dollar bucko

>> No.30222029

K not buying this trash

>> No.30222037

>They waited until BTC dumps to announce anything again

>> No.30222042

The telegram is an insufferable group of intellectually stunted twats, who are marginally better than the mouth breathing faggots they ban. The company is solid.

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You will buy.

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>> No.30222440

holding 1000 just bought another £500 worth. not even LARP. this is my main alt hold. don't trust the random biz poster though

>> No.30222449

bitcoin is going to kill our pump again isn’t it?

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>> No.30222548

This fucking coin

>> No.30222554

someone call bitcoin!!

>> No.30222568

What pump? We're already back down to $1.10
If you're asking what'll happen if we get news then yes. Because they like timing the dumps

>> No.30222801

we should get some news tomorrow which will hopefully be a bit of a boost, but yeah bitcoin will smother us with a pillow again

>> No.30223314

what are those? looks fucking delicious.
unlike my fucking investment

>> No.30223319

you are all acting like teenagers, this is not a shitcoin, stop talking about price

>> No.30223637

I get people being annoyed by the long crab but nothing has fundamentally changed.
All people care about is "muh binance" when this is bigger than that.

>> No.30223708

it’s an investment anon, i would like to see some profit, especially when every shitcoin under the sun was mooning last month

>> No.30223806

wen did you buy?

>> No.30224043

got half of my stack at about .60, but ive been steadily buying more so my average buy is probably about .90 now

>> No.30224187

ok I wont

>> No.30224433

absolute shit tier fud

>> No.30224537

Have you heard of opportunity cost, anon?

>> No.30224922

Ever heard of opportunity cost, faggot?
Other coins have 20x this month while we've sat with our dicks in our hands

>> No.30225582

>opportunity cost
it's funny when you people use this word as if you're serious traders with significant capital and not 4chan basement dwelling neets.
maybe you should... idk get a decent job then you would be able to diversify a little instead of having to go all in on one altcoin.
If you want to swing then go swing.
don't be a pussy and complain when you don't do it.

>> No.30225721

>he didn't invest for the tech
mine is 1.30 or so, get fucked

>> No.30225770

fucking brutal..

>> No.30225808

do you eat shit?

>> No.30225999

it’s a bullrun anon, i can invest in the tech after summer

>> No.30226046

yeah okay come back and tell me about oportunity cost when prq pumps 100% in a single day and you try to fomo with your bag of shitcoins

>> No.30226064

All these poorfags whining about their missed opportunities.
If you idiots could have made all this money, why didn't you?
Anatoly isn't holding a gun to your head making you hold shit you don't believe in.
Don't blame /biz/ for your own shitty decision making. The opportunity cost is zero because you faggots have no hope flipping shitcoins, if you had any money you wouldn't be on here crying that Parsiq hasn't made you rich yet.
Poorfags are just like Swingies, they always rope in the end.

>> No.30226227
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>> No.30226334

If they wanted to time announcement with pumps they'd do it on a monday. But they like announcing end of week when things dip

>> No.30226540

b-but I could have b-bought ERSDL when it was 1c and now it's 20c but I didn't for some reason (I am gay) and now I'm gonna complain about it on 4chins.
only one coping is you.
I recommend getting a job at your local mcdonalds.
Then you would have more to put into crypto then the $200 you got for your 15th birthday.

>> No.30226654

>I hold PRQ there's gonna be announcements. And those announcements are actually gonna pump it this time

Take your meds schizos. I know your GFs will disappear but you're making shit financial decisions.

>> No.30227226

I am not the one whining because of missed opportunities.
I am all in PRQ, at the very least it's a solid stable coin. Feels good, good luck to you gambling on foodcoins

>> No.30227992

my gf and dad dissapeared a long time ago anon, and no I won't take my meds, and yes I will become a schizo holding parsnips

>> No.30228387

This is the same shit you find in any LINK thread nowadays-- poorfags whining about LINK being a $2/$4/$6/$12/$16/$20/$25/$30 stablecoin and never mooning. All of us oldfags who bought our bags at ICO or on etherdelta back in the day under 20 cents get to laugh at them for being poor, stupid, and brand new.

>> No.30228743

I’m giving it until the end of the month to do something, I’ll buy back in later, but if it doesn’t do anything this month and the volume is still dire it won’t be doing anything for a while

>> No.30229016
File: 319 KB, 1682x855, firefox_ncmZQw61sW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i hold this coin for the community and the jokes, its better than all other coins

>> No.30229607
File: 122 KB, 634x892, 1448946200001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine traveling back in time by using parsiq wallet quantum technology and getting dubs just like that.

>> No.30229810

I wish we would have made a N I G G - joke with our initials but alas.. we are retards

>> No.30230139
File: 260 KB, 786x873, Untitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dont forget the obvious token holder self fud

>> No.30230504
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>> No.30230537

Everytime I think about Parsiq the word that comes to my mind is: pathetic.
And I'm all in

>> No.30230734
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>> No.30230852

This coin gave me AIDs so I'm shorting Africa and using the profits to buy more PRQ.

>> No.30231046

so your monitor broke recently

>> No.30231079

Real talk. The project Is very interesting in its core. All it needs Is a listing on a major exchange. I'm poor, have like around 1k of these, but holy fuck, does Tolya takes his time. Really doubting myself right now, seems like besides tech the team cant into marketing.

>> No.30231127
File: 286 KB, 625x1354, 5623C29A-D0D5-4107-8CA7-43BA34AD93AE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30231188

it did a 100x and didnt dump back down to 0.30 or 0.5
think about that, literally no one wants to sell

>> No.30231262

no one wants to buy either aha

>> No.30231382

Yeah it’s solid, moral is just low, ive even been considering selling, but I doubt I will as I know it’s a solid bet if I’m just patient

>> No.30231460

I mean if you're selling for another project I understand it, but I can't think of any projects that are as promising offhand. And selling it for cash would be retarded, this is the most stable coin I've ever seen.

>> No.30231561

Despite all this, gonna buy last 50 eur more of these shits. This and inj are my only holdings, and I'm used to not seeing major moon yet.

>> No.30231700


>> No.30231712

>but I can't think of any projects that are as promising offhand
this as well, can’t really think of anything as safe as PRQ at the moment
this has a good chance of mooning and very little chance of dumping
ticks all the boxes

>> No.30231896
File: 1.38 MB, 1548x1564, 1614802988555.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In all seriousness I do believe in the project. I bought 5k around 0.8 and just wait it out.

>> No.30232484

To be fair, the only reason it has little chance of dumping is because it already dumped from $2.

>> No.30232741

It was only there for a few minutes before bitcoin shit the bed, bit of a pisstake that as I’m sure it would have gone higher

>> No.30232894

linear chart. what a faggot. however, this does have potential to launch hard once newfags realize we're not crashing

>> No.30232958

I just added more to the stack.

>> No.30233241

yes same, just the fact that we are talking about it again is reason enough to add another 1k. same happened with LINK back in the day. that made me cash out tremendously

>> No.30235008

No we don't.

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Sh-should I buy the dip
What if tomorrow is just bad news and it dumps more

>> No.30236031

Tomorrow is news?

>> No.30236463

The team still has at least 5 announcements and there’s only 3 more weeks left of Q1 so we will almost certainly get something tomorrow.
They also announced Solana last Friday, so it’s likely we will get something this Friday too

>> No.30236760

All news are priced in. Just drop IQ Protocol and Binance already

>> No.30236889

>Just drop IQ Protocol and Binance already
If the team has any sense they should announce Binance tomorrow
I’m not sure they are that smart when it comes to marketing though

>> No.30237446

i am financially ruined

>> No.30237504

Just don't buy it.

>> No.30237760


>> No.30238364


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dont worry we're green on the 30day

>> No.30239104
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1 % APR coin

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>> No.30239576

Give it until the end of the month - trust the plan