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>didn’t buy at 20 cents
>didn’t buy at 30 cents
>didn’t buy at 50 cents
>didn’t buy at $1
>didn’t buy at $1.20
>didn’t buy at $2
>didn’t buy at $5
>didnt buy at &$10
What the fuck are you waiting for?


Check out a live visualizer of the Chrysalis network here:
Link to IOTA discord (for interested devs):

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>dead 2017 shitcoin promises free and scalable shit again
>retards fa for it again

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I hold iota before but this is obviously an announcement trying to time the market. Pathetic.

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Yo is this the "blockchain" that was paused?

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Post portfolio Faggot you’re clearly a nocoiner, devs have immediate access to develop on the network and are providing the public access to the contracts in the discord.
>working chrysalis network (see visualizer)
>devs working on automated market maker as we speak
You think fees on ETH are ridiculous atm, no? Well.. here’s your answer. ADA doesn’t even have smart contracts yet for Christ sakes. We’ll see you when you FOMO in at $5 fren

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Even dead IOTA can pump, what say you ETH?

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>just few more weeks

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let me laugh at all fee paying sheep that buy ETH to swap to some stupid cake-metamask fucking thing.


buy iota fools

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$MCM Mochimo is the next top 50 project. Tiny market cap, but the community is growing fast, Check it out Anon.

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- You cant get cheaper than feeless
- You cant scale better than DAG + L2 smart contracts
- You cant have more functionality than Turing-complete SCs

Its over

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Does it still use a coordinator?

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Imagine thinking it’s a good thing that they’ve just swept under the rug the centralized mess their “tangle” is and continue to develop worthless features on top of it. Product can literally never be useful, no matter what makeup they put on it. The fact that a literally DOA coin can still be as high in mcap years after they’ve proven they’ll never be able to launch a successful product is a sign of the continued market immaturity and that real projects have yet to actually boom. That’s the one good thing about IOTA, is it’s proof other projects have room to make you money.

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Its really sad to see the state of 2017 bagholders
You bought a shitcoin, stop bleeding opportunity cost and just sell already

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you're ignorant man oh man.

this is not the same IOTA as in 2017

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Tryna unload those bags eh?

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Nice centralised database with smart contracts you got there bub.

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Buy in before Coordicide or you will 100% rope EOY

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Found the no-coiners. Do whatever you’d like anons but don’t go bitching when we moon to $2. We went to $1.5 a week or so ago with no news, imagine with 30+ devs in the discord actively working on smart contracts.

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>unironically calls less than a 2x a moon
Man you poorfags are just sad to watch

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>just released smart contracts
>killed ethereum
How do people on this board actually manage to breath with such an iq?

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Damn I´m so ready for IOTA crypto kittes and feeless DeFi.

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I hate iota and believe the fud and fud on my own too, but with their academic and industry momentum it would be stupid to not have at least 10k Miota as a hedge if you are big in the game.

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Except it is because it’s still using a centralized coordinator, it’s still run by egotistical morons, and it’s still never going to be able to solve its own fundamental problems which make it useless.

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Post portfolio or sit on the sidelines (yet again) and watch. $5 is right around the corner but you do you anon

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Its simple
>you cannot be cheaper than feeless
>You cannot scale better than a DAG with L2 SCs
>You cannot have more functionality than Turing-complete SCs

IOTA is literally at the physical boundaries of performance here. ETH is legacy tech. ADA will never fully take off

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Buddy everything in crypto did a 5-100x in the same time, only dead shitcoins had such poor movement.

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use coordicide testnet or stfu

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this. iota shills are some of the worst

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If it's feeless how does it secure the network without infinite inflation?

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a dead shitcoin from 2017 pumped 5x last 2 days because muh NFT basedashit but you missed it out didn't ya ? (It's ENJ)

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+80% in one day is bad movement? Those who bought in at 20-30 cents are 5-6x since January with another 5x to go

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On layer 1 (the Tangle): Every node earns Mana (=reputation) by validating transactions. You need Mana for prime access to the Tangle (guaranteed minimum tps). You further the network for your own interest. Problem is solved by game-theory. No miners, no stakers, no inflation (token amount fixed forever).

On L2 (smart contracts):
A comittee of nodes (either your own/trusted ones or random ones from a SC-node marketplace) runs a blockchain on top of the Tangle. The base-layer is again feeless. However if you pay others to run your SC you will compensate them. However you dont have to compensate the whole, global network for your crypto-kitty application, but only a selection of nodes. Easily reducing costs for DeFi by 90%

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hahaha yes.
>the iota foundation validators control a large protion of the network. eventually they won't be needed
it's an envetually consistent protocol. the "tangle", directd acyclic graph. each tx requires 2 previous txs to validate it. their weight (value + block height) gives it more height making other nodes accept it. in theory it actually does scale well

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Optimistic, pessimistic and realistic eoy?

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The one flaw iota has is that it can’t have privacy like eth can.

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You're not answering what innate incentive there is for anyone to maintain a node if they aren't rewarded for it directly.

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riddle me this: without a stake, what's the incentive to act honestly? is the executive authority always watching?

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People always talk about X killers but none of these ever seem to actually hold and take ground.

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The direct reward is reliable, prime access to the Tangle. If you need a guaranteed 2 tps for your smart-factory audit trail then you will run your own node. If you use other peoples node you might have to wait and you have to trust that this other node operates correctly.

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If you act dishonestly other can detect it (because the Tangle has no 1 leader that decides a next block). If you get detected while cheating you loose all your mana and therefore tps in the network.

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Also IOTA has been at 1.20 for like 2 weeks.

>2017 shitcoin which has partnerships wiht major corporations

It took BTC 12 years to hit 58k, why is this board full of faggots that think if something isn't 1 to 100 in a few weeks, that means it's not worth holding? People on this board are actual fucking retards when it comes to investing and even worse at swing trading.

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>too smart to hold investments which are gaining in value and adoption over time

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This time it's different because IOTA is at the physical limits of performance.
>can't get cheaper than feeless
>can't scale better than DAG with L2 smart contracts
>can't have more functionality than Turingcompleteness

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Optimistic 15$
Pesimistic 2$
Realistic 7-10$

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i still don't get it anon. it might be my retardation, but the system seems fundamentally flawed to me.

if u have a "leader" that dictates the next block, why do you need validation nodes?

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Its the other way around, you DONT have a leader ("no 1 leader" meant NO leader, not "number 1 leader"). It is a leaderless system, therefore if 1 node cheates the others can detect it. If they detect it, you very quickly loose access to the Tangle.

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IOTA is Leaderless. In case of conflict (doublespend) nodes vote which transaction is valid. In case of no conflict nothing extra happens and there is no overhead. This makes the Tangle so fast (1000tps, 10s confirmation time)

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Google DYOR DD about IOTA terms:

IOTA IoT yet requires Proof-of-Work which even a million IoT devices can not compete with a single PC.
IOTA backdoor
IOTA trinary hash function
IOTA quantum safe crypto
IOTA Jinn scam
CfB Jinn Nxt scammer
IOTA wallet hack
IOTA network stalled
IOTA refund not processed
IOTA bitcointalk stolen funds refund 1337BTC
IOTA no fees no node incentives to run or cooperate honestly

Coordicide promised since 2017 every few months next month.

Compare the original whitepaper of IOTA. FLAWED. REKT. DEVASTATED
Current whitepaper is a copy of some other shitcoin.

They dont know what they are doing, but they do know fake partnerships marketing and scamming you.

> this is not the same IOTA as in 2017

What will it be in 2023, which shitcoin and marketing terms will it try to copy then to scam retards?
Quantum safe crypto Jinn hardware was promised when IOTA launched.

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Coordicide Q4

>> No.30202545

I will call you a nigger because guess where I bought?

At $5. I've been waiting for years. YEARS MOTHER FUCKER


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The fact this has been out for so long and is only priced at $1.20 in this bull market is really telling. You could've invested in almost anything and have made more money. I literally remember this shitcoin trading between $0.40 - $0.60 back in 2017.

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IOTA is literally a scam, get out while you can.

The old founder literally fucking ran and killed himself or someshit lmao.

>> No.30202784

Every dead 2017 shitcoin pumped again last 2 months, means nothing

>> No.30202844

Holy shit I just had IOTA memories of that first piece of shit wallet that you had to reconnect to the network about 10 times because it showed that all your tokens were lost LMAO I sold immediately when I had to deal with that shit at $0.90. Best sell I've ever made.

>> No.30203009

In 2-3 weeks comes the new Firefly wallet. Best wallet on the market, with personalized contacts, chat and NFT manager (implemented soon after first release)

>> No.30203305

Wow this is so exciting, I imagine lots of important devs are hoping to work on iota immediately.

>> No.30203349

Wallets were cool in 2017.

It's pretty much expected to have a working wallet at minimum nowadays, and nobody really cares about wallets as long as they work. I just have a memory of the IOTA wallet being the worst one I've ever used.

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Centralized ghost chain.

>> No.30203440

Shit man. Everyone better move their production dApps and DeFi over to the IOTA test net.

>> No.30203510

>6Xed from 90 cents over a very short period of time
>best sale this dude ever made.
Nice one!

>> No.30203539

Wait until Firefly becomes the WeChat Pay of the western world. You would be surprised what difference UX makes

>> No.30203569

Sorry, but my money is on ATOM. They got way more going on.

>> No.30203593

so your reputation aka mana is your stake and if u act dishonestly u lose it ... this i get.

the thing is that this reputation is worth no money, so why would i give a fuck if i lose it? how is more tps beneficial foe me if i don't profit of it? just because it's marginally quicker it don't make a difference to me.

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IOTA is a question of education

>> No.30203696

I don't know. I'm not shilling. I only know the previous because I wrote a tangle calculator for an interview with them.

>> No.30203713

I'm yawning internally just reading that. Also biz hates IOTA. What pajeet shill group are you from?

>> No.30203724

Yes, education is definitely a factor in buying retarded meme-trash like iota.

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I want to withdraw my Iota from binance. Should i wait for Firefly or just withdraw to Trinity?

>> No.30204075

If you run your smart city, for IOT business, your smart contracts or anything else with real value on the Tangle you will not want to destroy your business, right? If you are a random schmock with no business in the Tangle ofc you can try to cheat 1-2 times, then you are out. New nodes start with 0 mana btw so you will need some time to set up your new node.

>> No.30204080

this is making me so bullish. reminds me of the nano fudder. it 10xed

>> No.30204211

If you dont want to migrate tokens yourself, keep them on binance for 4 weeks until after Chrysalis update (exchanges will migrate for you). You can take them to Trinity and migrate youself too, its not that hard
>Export seed-vault from Trinity
>Install Firefly
>Open seed-cault with Firefly
>next, next

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wait for firefly fren. funds are safu.

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Please I can only get so hard anon

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There's such obvious IOTA astroturfing going on right now. I wish I could just filter your IP addresses instead of having to add a new phrase to my filter every single time.

>> No.30204339

IOTA is a piece of shit ran by an asshole
Somebody post that Richard heart meme rant about iota

>> No.30204342

Okay i trust you fren

>> No.30204410

Found the noIOTAer

>> No.30204413

Thank you for reminding me of that as well. Holy shit, IOTA's downfall was such a shitshow. It was both painful and hilarious to watch.

>> No.30204534

its almost like all these eth killers are gonna kill themselves theres a new feeless smart contract platform released every week now

>> No.30204627

They cant stop the train anymore. Dell, Intel, Bosch, Jaguar Landrover, ST Microelectronics, German government and EU already have made up their mind.

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Richard Heart stopped the train before it happened. God I love this:
"The people who designed are retarded to a degree that is almost impossible to understand."


Sorry but this isn't a new project you're trying to shill. We remember.

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File: 2.17 MB, 1280x720, chadler16114892284610.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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we are poomping

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I love MMA and I love IOTA

>> No.30205097

IOTA is set to change the landscape of crypto in 2022. Nothing can compete. IOTA will monopolize the industry. Legacy DLT holders who keep their heads in the sand about IOTA will bleed out fast when the rocket starts... countdown has begun.

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Now let's wait for ICX to announce the same

>> No.30205276

nice album

>> No.30205327

Nobody can compete with feeless and scalable base-layer.

>> No.30205508

>calls IOTA a dead shitcoin
>apes into pretzel coin
The absolute state of biz in 2021

>> No.30205515

I will bet any amount of money via smart contract prediction market right now that IOTA will outperform your shitcoin this year niggers. I will also bet any amount of money that coordicide will launch before dec 31 2021

>> No.30205589


>didn’t buy at $1.20
>didn’t buy at $2
>didnt buy at $5
>didn’t buy at $10
Not too late to hop on the rocket anons

>> No.30205610

YES MAN we need an SC to rip of retards on /biz who actually believe in their shitcoins!

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soon to be sold on IOTA

>> No.30206289

of course it does. it literally can't function without it, and after 4 years, these retards still don't get it. >>30202511
you faggots have literally been saying for as long as IOTA has been around. it isn't feasible from a technical perspective though...that's why it never happened. I told you IOTA cunts that 4 years ago too. it is technically impossible to do what they have always claimed they are going to do with the data structures they have designed.

>> No.30206484

>What is parallel-reality based ledger state
>What is fast-probabilistic consensus
>What is Mana
Its ok I understand, lots of new tech instead of ctrl+c, ctrl+v like your bags. Hard to understand. Go down the rabbithole and you will be rewarded.

>> No.30206573

I've been down this rabbit hole anon, the difference between me and you is I have a technical background and actually understand comp sci on a deep enough level to know that it's a fucking joke.

>> No.30206579

Okay bitch you are on.

>> No.30206590

>4 years ago
>implying I didn't buy LINK in 2017 and only just swapped for IOTA
>he hasn't read the latest coordicide papers
>he doesn't understand multiverse consensus
Take your fucking meds schizo

>> No.30206811

you went down the 2017 IOTA rabbit hole. The protocol has been entirely redesigned by people who didn't even join IOTA until 2019. It's so fucking easy to be a lazy nigger spouting old bullshit without updating your information

Watch this and come back here to refute it. I will send you $100 if you do.


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>> No.30206873

you guys are dumb as rocks and gullible af. this is the project that uses terinary logic because "it makes it more efficient". kek. since the beginning they have stretched words and tried to wow retards with big concepts that actually make no sense from a technical perspective. the hope is that people will feel like "gee I don't understand, must be they are just smarter than me" instead of calling them out on their bullshit. it's bullshit anon.

>> No.30206986


>> No.30207095

once again, you are strawmanning with 2017 IOTA. Stop being a lazy nigger and read up on everything that has changed. The people who pushed for terinary and qubic and JINN are gone. You are behaving like a literal NPC right now. And you're going to watch as IOTA holders get rich because your hatred kept you hyper focused on the past rather than the present

>> No.30207123

Too late. They won't have any interesting ecosystem by the time this run is over. Just buy after the crash and by the time things get bullish again it might be really good.

>> No.30207182

Nice story anon. 100+ researchers at IOTA foundation, academic partners in Aachen, Vienna, Italy. Industry already using the Tangle and building on it. Maybe instead of posting on /biz you should reach out to them and explain them that IOTA is shit?

>> No.30207194

bullshit. it's not 2017 IOTA, its still the same IOTA....still haven't turned off the coordinator, have they?

>> No.30207288

Congrats on being the stupidest person itt.

>> No.30207295

Chrysalis is a 100% re-write of everything, optimized and adjusted according to industry feedback gathered over the past 3 years. No, its not at all the same IOTA.

Coordinator-free testnet is up and running, mana integrated in a few weeks. Coordicide Q4.

>> No.30207321

kek, this shit is honestly a joke outside the cryptocurrency bubble. non-experts are wowed by the bullshit, but its a joke to actual industry experts. good luck guys.

>> No.30207403

Wow, this is some retro fud.
Imagine fudding the internet of 2021 by talking about dial up.

>> No.30207459

test net doesn't have traffic....and that's the fucking point. IOTA was always able to turn off the coordinator if network activity was low enough. as soon as it starts to get used though it breaks quick.

>> No.30207581

Well thats all they got. How else should they earn their paid FUD money?

>> No.30207650

kek. yes sirs. vitalik pay us .001 ETH per post to fud IOTA. buy etherium sirs

>> No.30207781

Dude the coordinator is not about high traffic, quite the contrary it slows things down. Coordinator is to prevent 33% attacks and could in theory already be turned of at guaranteed very high honest traffic

>> No.30207939

link or inhouse?

>> No.30208120

U fking ape if coordinator was turned off and nodes were working without it do you think it would have 3 bil marketcap??? Jeez bizlets are so stupid sometimes

>> No.30208139

all this fud tells me people are actually scared of iota succeeding. bullish

>> No.30208152

Yeah these shills aren’t even trying to hide it. Literally nobody talked about this shit coin during the bear market, but once the bull was prepped all of a sudden this crap resurfaces with retarded buzzwords to capitalize on the newfags that came from plebbit. Really makes you think. Glad I sold this piece of shit last bullrun and went all in on LINK.

>> No.30208223

is this on uniswap? or just any method without exchanges?

>> No.30208338


That's literally the opposite of true. The coordinator becomes less and less required as traffic increases.

>> No.30208344

All of a sudden DELL and INTEL shill it too right? Maybe they baghold????? Fking apes bizlets you hate money

>> No.30208443
File: 78 KB, 1024x1008, 1584594410309.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is anything more comfy than watching people shriek and argue over which chain your GRT and LINK are going to run on?

>> No.30208447

yeah, and how does it prevent 33% attacks retard? >>30208120
guess will have to see. Q4 2021 is the new goal post? kek...so after the bullrun when it's already scheduled to crash. probably a good time to move the goal posts out again. good luck.

>> No.30208581

I have made $500k from holding LINK you retarded nigger. Thanks for buying my bags.Your shitcoin will never be used and you will never be invited to the citadel you cockroach

>> No.30208984

Hey Linki, how do you feel about Dell, Intel and Horizen using IOTA for their oracle solutions?

>> No.30209085

Gj ape u bought link at $1 and I got it at $0.20 glad I sold at $32 and into iota now feeling comfy... and if u sold iota last bullrun how the fk am I buying your bags now retard????
Low quality FUD ill buy morr

>> No.30209091

Do it

>> No.30209362

>How do you feel about [older companies building more and more of a reputation for hiring jeets and expensive tech mistakes and then chasing the rest of the industry up to speed later] using IOTA for their oracle solutions?
Feels good tbdesu, none of those companies are the innovators in their spaces.

>> No.30209402

Go to IOTA Discord they teach you how to code smart contracts

>> No.30209856
File: 2.77 MB, 406x720, 1613975119683.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30210025

In 2025 you can have her for 3Mi

>> No.30210563

Wallahi 'Jinn' mean devil spirit in my culture. I not buy. This evil coin.

>> No.30210690

Nice LARP Hund

>> No.30210742

In 2025 she'll be sagging like ur granma

>> No.30211032

Ever had huge saggy tits pushed in your face? It's the best.

>> No.30211313

for 3Miotas? way to gooo :D

>> No.30211369

the thing is this "industry" was a joke 10 years ago and still was. so scams like IOTA can you make profits without a doubt, they focus is on "can" because the concentration span of your average "Investor" is 3 minutes at best. just take your profits when it does like 5000% in 21 days. the scammer co founders all have huge underwater bags to unload

>> No.30211748

IOTA no scam though, ask Merkel

>> No.30212025

Whats the point when AVAX already exists?

>> No.30212082

Dumbest post. The founders didn't premine, didn't pay for listings, didn't pay for marketing. All organic. Some of their ideas like ternary was too interstellar, but the core vision of a fee-less scalable DLT is still being delivered, as is adoption in the machine2machine economy they kickstarted all those years ago

>> No.30212343

You're still not clearly answering the question.
What intensive is there to maintain a node? How does "prime access to the Tangle" pay my bills?

>> No.30212661

You must be 18 to post here.

>> No.30212982

Answer me this if you sold last run how am I buying your bags now?

>> No.30213675

Sounds like shit

>> No.30213815

Lowsy fuckers, first theyre the NWO coin used for pandemic registration. When that doesnt move the price the hop on the shitcoin swap bingo and nft train.

>> No.30214395


>> No.30214465
File: 56 KB, 266x255, XTZAAAA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

XTZ did the same thing. The focus on enterprise wasn't generating any buzz now they are going in on NFT's and DEFI to steal ethereum degens.

>> No.30214709

NWO coin how?

>> No.30214714

IOTA has NFTs too
IOTA soon has DeFi swap bullshit too
Its the final solution

>> No.30214877

I sold it at 2 USD like 3 years ago...

>> No.30214950

where is iota offered exchange wise?

>> No.30215212

>DeFi swap bullshit
Will IOTA be able to emulate gas fees? They are an important part of the ecosystem.

>> No.30215364

on the please hold my bags exchange

>> No.30215491

Answer the question

>> No.30215535

Is it that hard to do 20 seconds of searching?

>> No.30215648

Yes every smart contract can decide if it takes fees. The base protocol doesnt require fees, so if you run your own SC (or within a company), you can have feeless SCs.

If you want a decentralized SC you will pay node-owners that you get from a SC-node marketplace whatever you agree on. IOTA smart contracts are Turing complete and can do everything ETH and all Erc-20 projects do. You can program the exact same protocols on top of the feeless Tangle.

>> No.30215816

Because you reek of curry and use bag holders mental gymnastics to justify your retarded purchase. Seethe more Sanjay, maybe you’ll have enough rupees for a dowry someday.

>> No.30216017

Depends where you live. In EU basically everywhere, in US it depends on the state. However Binance and Bitfinex mostly. More exchanges listings after Chrysalis update (4 weeks) confirmed

>> No.30216682
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But I bought IOTA at 35c and now Im rich

>> No.30217413

Post txs of your link order and iota and I’ll leave this thread.

>> No.30219006


>> No.30219637

not exactly mooning is it?

that said at least it isn't dumping really hard, it's showing some strength vs btc. needs to get above and stay above 1.25

>> No.30220993

After all its the release of the TOOLS to build great stuff on the Tangle and a bearish day. Not much pump expected. However it will lead to many insanely nice products and releases in the future.

>> No.30221319

But it's literally alien-tech level tools. You can literally build BTC and ETH on top of the feeless Tangle

>> No.30221835
File: 428 KB, 2048x1208, Screenshot_20210304-144829.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yeah no thanks

>> No.30221881

>Turkish spaghetti code
>German autism code

>> No.30222021

Kek thanks for confirming my suspicion that IOTArds are just a bunch of pseuds and charlatans. Congrats on this, seriously.

>> No.30222060

IOTA investors literally BTFO

>> No.30222161

Isn't this shit literally centralized where they can lock your funds?

>> No.30222547


>> No.30222952
File: 44 KB, 399x385, 1613519421028.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>smart contracts anounced (again)
iotafags just can't win

>> No.30223023

my shitcoin already did a 70x, i dont need ur shitty vaporware token

>> No.30223254

>but the COO

Look you retards have to understand something. Decentralization is a meme and only BTC is currently past PoC phase with a functional MVP in the wild.

ETH chose to focus on decen first with scalability after. Look at what it's going through and decide for yourself if it was a good choice. There is no right answer currently.

IOTA stuck training wheels on its network understanding so long as they are working on the protocol, it's centralized anyway. So they favored solving scalability over decen. The protocol is totally overhauled from what it was in 2017. In another timeline IOTA wouldnt have had a token released into the wild until sometime around now.

As it stands now with what testnets are out on both networks, IOTA is closer to IOTA2 than ETH is to ETH2.

Place your bets accordingly.

>> No.30223623

Coordicide happened already

>> No.30223653

I simply never listened to FUD and kept buying. Huge green bags are my reward and it will become better and better. Niggers who fall for the weak FUD and don't DYOR will be left behind

>> No.30223820


Thanks, but I’m not selling my ADA.

>> No.30224228


>> No.30224285

>smart refugee cities

>> No.30224322

Enjin isn't a shitcoin though. IOTA is.

>> No.30224496

In all honesty, how do you deal with this:
>Cannot get cheaper than feeless
>Cannot scale better than a DAG with L2 smart contracts
>Cannot have more functionality than Turing complete smart contracts

How can Cardano compete?

>> No.30224602

half my trading portfolio.
tnx for tip

>> No.30224831

Nobody can kill eth, too bit 2 fail.
Eth 2.0 will eventually be released and all of your chains will go to zero

>> No.30225085

you gon laugh at people making more money than you?

either this is bait or youre a retarded nigger

>> No.30225600

How can ETH ever compete? Even with L2, even with ETH 2.0 (which will never be released)

>> No.30226247

Update this month removes ternary.

>> No.30226486
File: 16 KB, 1080x180, 2021-03-04 21.45.17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We shall make it

>> No.30226543

You buy before they turn it off, that's the whole point.
We're here to make money you doughnut.
If IOTA achieve coordicide this year then the risk reward pays off. This is when you buy to make insane gains, it might not work out, that's the risk, but IOTA are impressing alot of people recently.

>> No.30226799

In house, made in partnership by dell and intel, there was a demonstration the other day with IOTA and the CTO's of both companies.
LINK has some serious competition, feeless is the killer app.

>> No.30226814

is this the coin that couldn't even make properly working wallet for years?

>> No.30227067

Im still waiting for some Linkie to explain to me how it could happen that Dell and Intel shill IOTA Oracles in front of 1200 business man around several industries and not Link

>> No.30227115

Mana grants a guarenteed throughput of TPS. Holding IOTA creates mana which is a degrading asset so if you want to continue a steady amount of tps then companies will need to hold IOTA to continue generating the mana.

>> No.30227288

Having Devs that support the network and actual working products. That's all that matters in the end

>> No.30227427
File: 72 KB, 1600x900, Screenshot from 2021-03-04 21-58-37.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is IOTA about to moon?

>> No.30227522
File: 2 KB, 125x118, 1591206971471s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

IOTA Literally not needed
I can just send 0 iota attach data to the transaction and do the proof of work
IOTA isn't even a utility token u can't use it to govern the network


>> No.30227565

fucking kek, so 0 demand?

>> No.30227715
File: 34 KB, 440x592, dapp_fees.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>He literally thinks the crypto market is already decided
>He doesnt know you can migrate your ETH projects onto feeless Tangle
>He doesnt know about IOTAs extensive industry and developer ecosystem
pic related

>> No.30227800

Educate yourself you clueless fool

>> No.30227855

Learn what mana is you walnut.

>> No.30227875
File: 69 KB, 592x592, oh-no-its-retarded.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People in crypto are so used to Ponzie schemes, they are confused by actual real-world use
>Data marketplaces
>Smart contracts
All paid in IOTA token. Do you really think all data gets shared for free? Fucking moron people will PAY for data with IOTA TOKEN. I know its hard to understand for nigger pajeets from biz

>> No.30227904

LMAO, IOTA.. This was babby's first shit coin

>> No.30228093
File: 8 KB, 279x180, 1609848519681.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Baby IOTA soon grow up

>> No.30228173

Realistic price EOY??

>> No.30228421

Depends on the market, but:
Q1 Chrysalis: Top 20
Q2+3: NFT and Smart contracts full release: Top10
Q4: Coordicide: Top 5
Would currently translate to $10-12 EOY

>> No.30228486

Devs already showed they'd rather support L2 and take high fees than migrate to BSC or ADA. What makes you think they care about Fees now that much that they'd move to Iota?

>> No.30228583

ten dollarydoos
trust me
i just know

>> No.30228622

> If IOTA achieve coordicide

> Holy shit I just had IOTA memories of that first piece of shit wallet that you had to reconnect to the network about 10 times because it showed that all your tokens were lost LMAO I sold immediately when I had to deal with that shit at $0.90. Best sell I've ever made.

> IOTA is literally a scam, get out while you can.

Too many bagholders who bought above $3 back in 2017
Bagholders are trying to onload on newfags now. So tiresome.

CfB scams
Nxt 2013
Jinn 2015
IOTA 2017

Nxt 2017: bagholders looking for newfags
Nxt 2021: in trashcan of shitcoins.
Jinn 2016: bagholders
Jinn 2017: in trashcan of shitconis.

IOTA: 2015-2017 wow such great coin
IOTA: 2021 bagholders looking for newfags
IOTA: 2023, trashcan of dead shitcoins.

the same pattern repeats
launch coin during bull run - survives next bullrun - dead on third.

>> No.30228790


>> No.30228846

thanks just bought more!

>> No.30228848

>33 posts by this ID

>> No.30228888


>> No.30229029

Yes anon, please remind me of the last shitcoin that died after being explicitly mentioned in patents by intel, siemens, bosch, mercedes, amex, mastercard, dell, bmw, vw, fujitsu, panasonic, hp, sony, bank of america, ford, tmobile, adobe, alibaba, audi, jaguar, landrover (i could go on and on)...

you're either ignorant or an idiot anon. which one are you?

>> No.30229036


Thanks frens

>> No.30229092

And when will we see any of that?

>> No.30229098

It's good job every action CfB implemented into IOTA has been removed then isn't it? Stay poor you massive spanner

>> No.30229325

>everyone inside cryptospace
scam iota haha 2017 called reeee
>literal random ass non affliated businesses
we tried using eth a few years ago and it sucked. Oh look neat this thing solves out problem and doesn't cost our monthy profits. Cool.

The cope is real

>> No.30229339

I bet every user trying to hate on IOTA in these thread are upset NANO bag holders, they're struggling with the fact that their precious no.88 placed shitcoin is about to be rendered obsolete.

>> No.30229657

>Smart contracts
Alpha published today. Fully functional, beta and full release mostly about tooling and convenience
First-party oracles already release and used by Dell, Intel and Horizen
Ready after Chrysalis update (4 weeks). More tooling, NFT manager etc coming Q2
>Data marketplaces
In development by several projects, EU and TM-forum
Some pioneers already offer IOTA payment
https://www.autoteiletrend.de/autoteiletrend-in-magdeburg-vor-ort-grosse-diesdorfer-str.-64b (scroll down)

>> No.30229734

My portfolio is almost 50/50 silver miners and iota now, and biz hates both kek. Must be doing something right then.

>> No.30230752

Always reverse biz

>> No.30230786
File: 3.21 MB, 320x320, iotagain.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why silver miners?

>> No.30230878

Are those real partnerships or is it more like "Iota is using Dell computer that use Intel processors?"
Pic related, another 2017 shitcoin that people cling to

>> No.30230890

If you want to invest in those companies, buy their shares.

Those companies have partnerships with many startups as well which they cant even keep track off.

They probably think IOTA DLT is some kind of german social welfare scheme to bring employment down, in return they get on good terms with tax auditors.

I know of at least one you didnt mention but IOTA had "muh partnership" and marketing hype around it. Nordic Semiconductor. It was an intern at that company which wrote a blogpost on general dlt tech. That was enough for IDIOTAs to add nordic semi to their list of partnerships.

Have strength when holding those bags anon

>> No.30230952
File: 139 KB, 842x1234, zheG2dmafZTKsjJ5_KEdHlttljGF6vh1pMZZzKieGFc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30231321

They aren't partnerships that's the point you mongoloid. It's simply businesses using the tangle in the real world independent of the IF.

aka the wet dream of every other project.

>> No.30231336

You tell me

>> No.30231343


>> No.30231394

The other day around, they are using IOTA Tangle for various purposes. UBIRCH is anchoring Covid-test data on the tangle, Dell is using IOTA Oracles etc

>> No.30231429

really if LINK was involved in this linkies would be cumming all day every day in here lmao

>yfw they started with link and threw it away

>> No.30231438

So...does this mean that there are smart contracts being deployed now?
If so...where are they? Haven't seen a single post giving a single example.

>> No.30231441

The literal CTOs of dell and intel spent 75 minutes shilling iota to c-level tech execs last week. Take your fucking meds niggers and then get laid

>> No.30231679

4 different smart contracts were deployed as part of the pre-alpha release last year.

Todays release is the full alpha, its a vast toolbox and documentation, not a specific smart contract. However there are several SCs under development by the smart-contract X-team (community team), organized on IOTA Discord.

>> No.30231773

This was so fucking huge. It's literally the adoption equivalent event of microstrategy shilling btc to investors

>> No.30231813

fuck miners, fuck fees, fuck pajeets and fuck jannies!

>> No.30231993

IOTA will do everything themselves claim they're solving problems then later get hacked and claim they're using established standards.
remember when they tried to roll their own crypto protocol and everyone was wow so brave and stunning.
t. 2017 holder

>> No.30232061

Its part of ISO20022.

>> No.30232497

Iota sounds too good to be true. Give me your best technical FUD to keep me sane.

>> No.30232612

You wont get an answer here its biz afterall

>> No.30233038

Muhh ternary muhhh coordinator centralized shitcoin muhhh no valur when feeless

Everything above will be fixed before EOY andit will be too late to get a ticket to pluto for 10-15k $

>> No.30233118

i heard the coordicide thing is only being tested right now and that there is no guarantee that it's actually gonna work out properly

>> No.30233257

Yet it is not pumping...

>> No.30233411

Coordicide solution is theoretically proven in some peer-reviewed math papers. Now its about coding, optimizing and bug-fixing (its a billion dollar mainnet after all).

Q1 Pollen testnet (=now). Step by step addition of all features. Only one feature left to integrate: Mana reputation for nodes

Q2-3 Nectar incentiviced testnet: Extrem stress-tests and paid bug-hunting on a basically finalized solution.

Q4 Coordicide

>> No.30233440
File: 149 KB, 677x990, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sorry? Come again?

>> No.30233662

Today was only the release of a superior toolset, libraries and demos, but not specific, finalized project. This will change once the first DeFi and NFT marketplaces are hosted on the Tangle

>> No.30233784

>Coordicide solution is theoretically proven in some peer-reviewed math papers
source? Im googling but i cant find it

>> No.30233927

>check btc price
>looks shitty, going down
>check iota/usd

the fuck. it's getting stronger vs btc.

>> No.30233949


Very extensive white-paper

Math paper about new consensus mechanism "Fast probabilistic consensus": https://arxiv.org/pdf/1905.10895.pdf

>> No.30233976

Its biz he has no idea of TA or resistance

I like cake bake sushi frennn i buy more to the mooon yayyyy

>> No.30234058

Have fun with you one validator coin. Lets see how many pink you get when a single h4x0r takes their core node down.

>> No.30234148
File: 38 KB, 475x480, 1585494045761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

reminder that this is a centralized shitcoin

>> No.30234279
File: 74 KB, 924x624, Fagottino.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

samefag, weak FUD, ignoring Coordicide solution. Is that all you got?

>read the filename

>> No.30234289

>decentralization is a meme who cares

>> No.30234425
File: 79 KB, 600x800, 2054346356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>weak FUD
literally one of the worst shitcoin ever made that has been the laughing stock of the crypto world for years. dont fall for it newfags.

>> No.30234778

>Would have to reach top 5 marketcap to do a x10

idk anon

>> No.30234905

Dont waste your wisdom on biz, we dont control whats going on anyway. Meet the CTOs of Dell and Intel which just did a 1h shill-show for 1200 higher-ups from various industries. I´m sure they can learn from your well of knowledge about the project

>> No.30235087

>assuming marketcaps will remain consistent

obviously things will fluctuate a lot this year. hopefully upwards. it might need to do a 20x by eoy to reach top 5.

>> No.30235173

Just look at their team and their partnerships.

Jesus fuck biz.

It's obvious this shit is doing a 50x

>> No.30235669

dell never mentions iota in their communication, brainlet. only iotards jump on any crumb and make it like it's a big deal

>> No.30235831

Here are the CTOs of Dell + Intel shilling IOTA to 1200 higher-ups across various businesses for 1 hour straight:


>> No.30235970

this is just a discussion published on a iotard channel. as i said, dell is never talking about iota but iotards are sucking dell's cock at any occasion.

>> No.30236063


>> No.30236102

Iota faggots going nowhere fast as usual... iota == dead shit coin. Fck chink coins...

>> No.30236113
File: 60 KB, 620x496, aaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


almost all in!

>> No.30236130


>> No.30236289

4 years of hard work and high iq networking will begin to take effect in March.

>> No.30236303

OK we now have reached levels of denial previously thought to not be physically possible

>> No.30236336


try to educate yourself. you ll be much happier in life. thank me later.

>> No.30236345

Cope. Dilate.

>> No.30236431
File: 46 KB, 500x508, im-2-ungeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-brainlet-48933184~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30236449

Thank you anon

>> No.30236608

how much did you put into iota? if 50x you should be all in on iota

>> No.30236804
File: 224 KB, 1600x900, Screenshot from 2021-03-05 00-23-38.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>iota == dead shit coin
their github repos look anything but dead

>> No.30237003
File: 17 KB, 236x419, aaaaaaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon, read this. iota will reach unfathomable heights. multiverse consensus and the continuous high quality research around it will make the network emerge as the best one among all other DLTs.


>> No.30237036

Im also 90% in due to the fact that I had late entry - $1.18 sadface

>> No.30237055

I see cope and denial in this thread. They are emotionally attached to their previous investments not able to go with changing information. they have 4 weeks until Chrysalis update, then they will FOMO in after another x3-5

>> No.30237153

Absolutely. We're early.

>> No.30237210

Typical bizlets anon; gotta admit their chainlink cult was successful tho but I guess they are emotionally attached to it now... you have to be retarded not to have atleast 10-15% portfolio in it.. it might be the first crypto that fixes the scalability trilemma and if fixed nothing will stop it to reach eth market cap

>> No.30237299

By it I mean IOTA sry frens forgot to mention

>> No.30237324

Is is already taking away Oracle jobs from Chainlink too. Losing Dell, Intel and the DLT project Horizen to IOTA was a huge blow. ccompetition is on now

>> No.30237529


it s very reacheable. 50x from the current price. $10k in iota now will be $500k in the near future. WGMI

>> No.30237638
File: 11 KB, 236x357, aaaaaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


in the meantime, she has glorious jugs.

>> No.30237933

don t be bitter, anon. learn more about iota:

>> No.30237979

Lol. watch the iota/btc graph. It's the one that matters

>> No.30238030

this, unironically

>> No.30238090
File: 13 KB, 236x330, 3f58c7b6b42cd1c200e3162aa4b24e22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30238146

The CTO's of the company are literally demonstrating they have spent the last year making with IOTA... what kind of cope is this?

>> No.30238200

It's german you dope

>> No.30238332
File: 232 KB, 2880x1800, n6r8v8q6bgj61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No one post about the recent dell/intel/iota webinar about how they are going to use iota

>> No.30238387

strong sell signal

>> No.30238426
File: 41 KB, 715x557, chart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the breakout is coming. it s a matter of days.

>> No.30238530

Also Germany is planning on having vaccination passports using iota to track it as seen in the video


>> No.30238642
File: 50 KB, 1000x667, iota-coin-on-a-mainboard-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bless us ancient money wyrm.

>> No.30238671

This is bullish for LINK.

>> No.30238761
File: 3.81 MB, 320x213, ezgif-3-1545a8884aa9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what do you plan to spend your massive iota gains next month on, /biz?

>> No.30238778

... on a iotard youtube channel, you fucking retard. was it on dell yt channel? no.

>> No.30238838

Buy more IOTA, of course!

>> No.30238840
File: 181 KB, 640x590, 1583363800583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>vaccination card!!!

>> No.30238873
File: 3.97 MB, 853x480, 1614547995492.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hold both but iota can potentially btfo link, gif very very related

>> No.30238956

In a few years this babe will be yours for just 5-10 miotas.

>> No.30239016

If by 'potentially btfo' you mean 'be a customer of', then yes.


>> No.30239063

>invest in authoritarian evil

>> No.30239076

Bad argument anon bizlets will say anytime muhhh NWO muhhhh human rights muhhhh freedommmm god biz hates money

>> No.30239247

Hahahah there we go

>> No.30239259

Absolutely shut the fuck up, seppo, Did your mom threaten to vaccine you every time you used to mess around? Are you scared of a little vaccine, eh? Imbecile.

>> No.30239285
File: 141 KB, 1386x1008, Screenshot 2021-03-05 at 01.09.27.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are we looking at the same graph?

>> No.30239325

Yes, people here seem to only want to lose money on stinky pajeet scams. It's honestly depressing to see these same people will regret with "muh why didn't I buy IOTA early?"

>> No.30239355


>> No.30239400

Look at the fucking volume, retard. Do you even know how to read a grap, huh?

>> No.30239414

>needlessly aggressive, childish responses
You sound like someone with internal conflict who knows he's investing in the enslavement of humanity.

>> No.30239509

Authoritarian on what? Just live in the USA forever and deny progress, as you always do.

>> No.30239535

Clearly not. Why dont you teach me how the volume will affect the price?

>> No.30239638

The M2M economy is inevitable and iota will fuel it. I rather be on the winning side while you resist and end up fighting for bread crumbs

>> No.30239722

ALGO's already done that fren.

>> No.30239742

>muh progress
Yes, your cage is coming along nicely. I'm not saying that it isn't prudent to invest in this and gain resources. I'm just saying that they're building the dystopian nightmare.

>> No.30239850

holy shit I never thought Id witness cope this bad

>> No.30239918

Also. The volume was due to the rise of BTC. Not IOTA. so there's that

>> No.30239922
File: 102 KB, 735x905, 25c9ffb38e78651239b6396a61491372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

some reasons to invest in iota NOW:

>> No.30240033

Anyone know of an exchange I can buy it on if my state sucks. VPNs won't work if kyc.

>> No.30240126

It doesn't get as dystopian as it is right now. At least I'll get some money out of it.

>> No.30240249

Don’t you have access to binance.us fren?

>> No.30240346

confirmed retard lmao

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