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Another day, another new local ATH

10k stack and i couldn't be comfier.

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I've been getting 2 BNT/day rewards with a small stack, nice to see my gas fee paying off quickly.

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im comfy, wish i bought more when i first bought in. but oh well. im really looking forward to accumulating + staking after the end of the bullrun

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Gaining sats

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Staking on here is mega COMFY
Become a LP, ez LM gainz and fees from trades

>Inb4 losers say I can't pay gas, ngami

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For the tech lovers.

Check Mochimo

Share the thoughts with me

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$25 EOM

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What's the apr period for the Dai pools? 9% Daily?

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I'm retarded though, is that daily or yearly?

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Would have been $8 if bitcoin could not dump every 5min.

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My advice for the povvos - pay the gas fee. Stake it

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Lol yearly.

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what does the future hold for this project exactly

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Imagine being me watching bancor for months, liking it, but feeling stuck with AAVE as it does nothing and BNT moons. Feels bad

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how many bancies for that much reward?

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1800, seems to be almost exactly 2 BNT per day in the BNT/LINK pool. And that's just the rewards not the swap fees.

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It’s going to make us rich

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To all BNT holders and believers BNT has a bonded yield curve product.


Think uniswap socks. I've already secured my familial wealth.

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how to get rich with 730 BNT ??

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U r me. Chew hopium and stake in the best pools. You probably won't be rich but this is going to be a great launchpad for us fren :))

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what is the best pool
i heard the most chainlink about the chainlink one so chose that

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I'm wondering as well. Maybe I should have went with another pool? Here's mine after 24 hours. I like that I'll have 2000 after 100 days. And my gas fees will be covered in like 12 days.

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have 110 Bancor literally bought it cuz of the logo.

Hopefully enough end of summer to buy car parts.