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How is this not a bubble?

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Zoom in, first five years

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because it's a line?

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Seems like a fair price to me

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>technology that revolutionizes literally the most capitalized sector of mankind with the most overhead of anything in the world that hadn't changed at all for 800 years
> how can it's value grow so fast?
yes get out of here and go collect shiny rocks you small brain faggot

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It is.
Doesn't mean it's gonna pop yet.

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It is, but it was also a bubble in 2017/18 and look what happened.

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It’s unironically fairly valued.

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It’s going back down to 10k

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Because I said so.

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you can make many charts look ridiculous if you play with the time frames like that. Will it go down? of course, but we dont know when.

do you think btc is worth its marketcap? and that the whole crypto space is worth 1.3 trillion?

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> Fags sold in June 2017 at $1900-2500
> https://np.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/6dbzzc/we_have_now_entered_the_bull_trap_phase_of_the/

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noob detected

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because this

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How is this not a bubble?

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It is, and if you dump it for silver and silver stocks it's the best trade you'll ever make.

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You realise that bitcoin isn't tied to inflation/dollars in circulation whatsoever right?

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How is this not a bubble?

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kek gtfo of here Peter schiff

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If you knew what you were talking about you'd be looking at the chart in log

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Because it is a network following human population growth + use

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>You realise that bitcoin isn't tied to inflation/dollars in circulation whatsoever right?
you are the lowest IQ gorilla nigger ive seen all day

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Yeah that looks like a line OP this is a bubble you dimwit

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It's very simple, if the value of the dollar goes down the amount of dollars one Bitcoin is worth goes up. Hurr fucking durr.

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It’s not a bubble, it’s a pin for the bond market bubble

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Please, quit all kinds of "risky" investment for your own good.

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Why is mochimo up 100% when bitcoin is down 25%? Should I buy?

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Bubbles are smooth and round. Whatever you posted is pointy and not a closed object

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Surf it faggot.

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It's a new paradigm, dude. Relax.

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It's not a bubble, it's a Tether scam.

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>It took us a month to go from 1.1k to 2.8k
>It took us an hour to go from 2.8k to 2.3k
>It's over
I bet that dude has been feeling bad for years. It unironically never went back to the 2k range

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It was. That's why it crashed back to 3k.

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The units you're measuring it with are getting smaller

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Yes, buy high so you can sell low later

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Becaue this will look like a small blip when it's at 1M.

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The future seems quite dystopian to me

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but why does one bitcoin matter when each bitcoin has 100 million satoshis?

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>what is log chart

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Zoom in! Use log axis! Compress the y axis! Number go up!

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You're measuring the price in dollarinos?
Go and look how many of those are circulating (m1).

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Linear chart always exaggerates recent highs, you shouldn't care about absolute values but percentage changes, so use log chart

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zoom out.

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> Want to sleep
> Making bags
> Getting in $MCM

Woke up with gains

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oh wow shit, you guys actually have no idea what you're talking about do you. k, buying puts now.

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That I’m not sure of. Something is only worth what someone else will pay. Does bitcoin’s technology perform a function that is valuable enough for an entity to buy it for $1Trillion?

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Because the dollar is losing value due to inflation and printing more like crazy. You want to know what the deal bubble is? Just wait until the housing market and stock market crashes, it's all been held up by low interest rates and the feds pumping money. Unless you out your money elsewhere, it's all going to collapse. Protip, buy some ammo, if it gets bad enough, that will be worth more then anything else.

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So retarded he actually called the price out correctly

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Oh that’s a bubble for sure

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Do it. You've demonstrated exceptional intelligence so far.

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This. Check log chart.

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Damn, nice fish.

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You might be retarded. Silver is a real commodity that the “green” technology/ 4th industrial revolution depends upon. I do invest in crypto, because I want to make gains. But I convert savings to silver and gold, just like every government, institutional investor, and non-retard does. But I think you should keep all of your money in digital dollars, goy. That way you essentially own nothing (of real value) but you can feel accomplished.

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things with far less value have a tril market cap

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I’m with you anon. Also, buy a house that you can stay in long term and lock in a fixed rate mortgage. Housing prices will change in the future, but mortgage payments will never go down.

Guns, ammo, silver, gold, real estate, and a small amount of meme coins

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If Bitcoin was a publicly traded company, what would be its earnings per share (coin)?

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True bubbles only pop once, they don't keep inflating repeatedly

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what the fuck am I reading?

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>implying eps matters in this market
>not comparing to market cap of gold


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>muh bubble

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it was...

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What percentage of silver's value is because of its practical use in tech, and how much is just from people wanting it for the same reason they want bitcoin?

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based schiffzophreniac

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>keep buying crypto goy
>look how good of investor u are
>it’s (((the))) future
>we will leave your decentralized crypto alone, goy
>by the way, goy, we will buy the shiny metal rocks so you don’t have to
>here goy, enjoy 5G for faster crypto trades
>here goy, plug yourself into our IoT so you never miss a crypto pump
>goy, we noticed you have been having bad brainwaves lately, please pay 5 sheckoins for this disturbance
>you can’t just buy shiny rocks with your crypto goy, those are for banks and government. You already have sheckoins

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Your incredulity is remarkable. The simple fact is that bitcoin is not a tangible thing, nor is it actually backed by anything, the way that a government can impose its will on you to use their currency. This means that its value is exclusively whatever the market decides it is. Note, this isn't the same for commodities or other assets which have fundamental value to back them. So if you have nothing to gauge the value of bitcoin with other than the market price then why would the market price increase along with inflation? Fucking buffoon.

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what happened next?
did it keep going up?

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That's the plan. In talks with the woman to buy one soon. I work in mortgage, it's such a shit show, but it appears the home builders got thier asses handed to them in 08, so it's looking like it's still going to rise since they aren't building like they were. Beats me what the fuck is going to happen, but I'm making money and investing, so can't complain.

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it's a hedge against inflation in institutional portfolio investments.

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Spoonfeeding is a never ending task around here.

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Too big to fail.

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>thinks stock to flow works for non-consumed commodities. lol

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inflation is not correlated with money supply, even economists don't even know anymore whats happening, and their job is to know at least a bit

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this is a bubbke OP, you give us lines...

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That gain is less than M1 shooting up.

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Inflation _is_ the expansion of the money-supply, anon.

CPI is a lie. Food is up 60% since the middle of last year, commodities in general just as much, copper, lumber etc. constantly hitting new highs. Last domino to fall is manipulation of gold and silver on the COMEX, that's the last means by which they hide the consequences of inflation. That's why they want everyone buying into the worthless Bitcoin ponzi scheme which never changes anything instead of buying silver and killing the banks.

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>thinks precious metals are a consumed commodity

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bitcoin's value in dollars is tied to inflation/dollars in circulation
EVERYTHING'S value in dollars is tied to inflation/dollars in circulation

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Because I didn't make it yet...

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Precious metals are the worst performing investment in history. You're a retard if you hold any of your money in them.

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>>thinks precious metals are a consumed commodity

They are...you wouldn't have an iphone or android without them.

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Show it next to M0 and the market caps of housing and art.

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how is this not a bubble?

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I don't understand these people.
I mean it's fine to collect gold/silver based antiques like coins because the value tends to go up steadily and it's not taxable to trade those in most countries. But buying those just for the sake of having some? I don't get it.

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Zoom out. B)

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>investing in jewelry, investing, and central banks
ok, bud. Put your jammie jams on. It's naptime.

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how is this not a bubble?

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No it isn't.
No it isn't you absolutely retard. Housing markets and commodities etc. all correlate with inflation, i.e. tangible things. Look on the bitcoin graph and explain to me exactly how bitcoin in any way correlates with inflation when the price has increased by 5000000% in ten years.

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Price of Bitcoin/M1 money supply

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>Precious metals are the worst performing investment in history.

Gold went 25x in the '70s
Silver went 36x
The average penny silver junior went 150x in the '60s when silver merely doubled

You are either misinformed or lying

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$12K ETH, end of the bullrun, see you there

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Brought more Algo, fuck all you FUD niggers.

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dude this is why i dont come here anymore.
when will neural networks be able to filter out big juicy asses
i should just block all images on this imageboard

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This, 2017 will soon be a blip on the chart that you have to squint to see. Op is a new fag he can learn the hard way

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its not a bubble because it just popped

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I like this chart.

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Kek go back

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It is. We have 0 or near 0 interest rates all around the world so people are willing to take risks and take out loans. Just wait until it rises and this bubble will pop.

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I use the 4chan X chrome extension and block images. But it's also hard to not click on them - I get curious a lot.

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Bubbles are typically spherical. That seems to be a line.

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All that means to me is that's it's boomer tier and not worth investing in now since the whole world lost interest.
I wasn't even born in the 70's. I'll be better off buying oil and sit on it for five years.

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>All that means to me is that's it's boomer tier and not worth investing in now since the whole world lost interest.

Buy high, sell low

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Because there's a finite supply retard

>> No.30208158

Why was it discontinued?

>> No.30208214

If you held from pennies to thousands, you'd still literally have ended up a millionaire whale and if you weren't a retard who bought back in at 20k, you could easily buy back in at 4k when BTC bottomed out again in 2018 and continue being a BTC whale.

>> No.30208287

>we need to get these NIGGERS out of here


>> No.30208375

kys plebbit

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His reasoning in this thread so far is completely impeccable

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USDT exists so Chinese crypto holders can cash out. The PBOC doesn’t allow crypto purchases with RMB anymore so the USDT functions as a poker chip that allows Chinese holders to cash their BTC out to USD.

>> No.30208806

Fucking kek. It's been like this for 29 fucking years, you really think ((they'll)) ever raise them again?

>> No.30208846

>Food is up 60%
Please link statistic. I need it to prove a point to someone.

>> No.30208888

its a technology that lets you store or transfer billions of dollars around the world with 0 overhead and for a $2 fee or so... isnt that worth something?

>> No.30208909

It is, but it won't pop for a while and the new floor will be above last bullrun's peak. That's how Bitcoin works.

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how new are you be honest

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This only extends to January and it's getting worse now.

Not a chance that this is the case, tether is often printing faster than the Fed itself is printing money and as we just learned it's only 13% backed by dollars.

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Check who owns majority of Silver before posting

>> No.30209165

Interest rates were rising from 2016 to about late 2020. Does that sound spooky when comparing with the Bitcoin price?

>> No.30209189

Zoom out

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I know that 8 of the biggest banks in the world are short 400 million ounces of silver and would go bankrupt if called upon for it

I don't believe fairy tales about JP Morgan having a billion ounces and even if I did it wouldn't matter or change a single point I made

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bitcoin has is not tied to anything actually valuable, so it cant ever be in a bubble

>> No.30209555

Human stupidity.

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File: 50 KB, 890x625, longtermSGSCPIAU1700.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ShadowStats is the authoritative source

>> No.30209707

>nothing pre-Americas
What happens when they start mining the other side of the flat earth?

>> No.30209772

How is that sustainable?

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>nothing pre-Americas
Here you go

>> No.30209912

This + tether

>> No.30209985

This one isn't inflation adjusted though.

>> No.30210019

Institutional buyers like greyscale are loading their bags on every dip. Some nerd faggot wrote a large article about it, read on it if you care. I'm just sitting comfy knowing the nerds are making me money.

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Bears always do this. Take the longest possible time-frame and fit it into a narrow pic.

Go back to 2017:
Lots of people thinking the first 2-3 pullbacks was the bubble, but it kept running another 3-4 times before it ended.

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You asked for something pre-America which I didn't really see the point of but I obliged you anyway. If your idea was that we're suddenly going to mine a load of new gold deposits and inflate the supply of gold to vastly new levels then no that isn't going to happen. Gold-price inflation has remained pretty much constant with population growth in all history. Even inflation during the Spanish Price Revolution was only about 1% per annum.

>> No.30210193

here is the article:

>> No.30210222

That's how you know its over.

>> No.30210501

Wrong. We are going straight up to 100k EOY with some stops along the way so nocoiners can jump in.

>> No.30210528

because it makes the ruling elites look bad
>oi vey shut it down

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Just bought a big bag of $ETH and $FRM. Few understand.

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