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>"sHiLL mE a GeM..."


>"hurrdurrr centralizedddddd"

We've tried to help your portfolio anon, you're just not smart.

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Yep. Sad to see. This thing is going to make me a millionaire ten times over

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fuck off with your jewcoin

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That based footfag anon. He was right all along. Everyone doubted and fudded him, but yet still he kept on trying to convince us. We dont deserve him.

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Appreciate it.

I did try really hard. Hope I made some of you buy at least.

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Hbar is an actual gem. The tech is revolutionary. As opposed to half these s
Cryptos where even the shills cant differentiate their shitcoin from the 100 different similar shitcoins

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>Appreciate it.
>I did try really hard. Hope I made some of you buy at least.
Holy shit, its you?? I have 150k now. I cant believe i have a random footfag on some tainwanese cartoon image board to thank for making me a millionaire one day. Thank you so much for persevering and spreading the word when you couldve simply gave up anon. I am very grateful. Wagmi.

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Op such a fag. .1 by Sunday. Swinging the shit out of this.

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>Jewcoin for foot fappers
No thanks

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I bought at 11 cents, thanks anon

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This is called outjewing the jew you nigger brain. They know you will stay poor by not putting your money here.

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We will all have a dirty feet GF one day <3

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God I loathe you. Non stop spamming. Great job pumping to .16, which will collapse back to .1, and make future investors weary. Great job. Just delayed our moon mission by 3+ months

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It's literally all institutional cash coming in. The new price is here to stay but we haven't seen the end of it. At all.

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I could only afford 20k, am I going to make it?

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>better tech than bitcoin
>inventor is a genius that rivals satoshi
>multiple real big partnerships
>aimed at real world usage

Of course this will keep growing.

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What does this do? Does it do anything different or is it just better bitcoin?

Where can I buy this as berger

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It's the best DLT and every company is going on board for that reason

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Literally available on Binance US. You're the reason people call us lazy and fat. Lord have mercy.

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It’s not cope if I have more shares than you.

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moot did not age well

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4channel has nothing to do with hbar pump. the only reason it is on this board now is because it HAS pumped. Hedera does 0 advertising to retail, we are riding a commercial buy in. when this moons it will literally make you reich from $500.

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>Total Supply

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>put money on us branch of Chinese scamsite

Where to buy it that won't fold unexpectedly because xhina

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Oh good! Hbar still comes through.

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>One billion marketcap

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What's the long term outlook on this? 30cents?

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>Where to buy jewcoin that won't fold because of jewsystem

I can't help you anon

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It won't moon until 2036, because that's when they will be done releasing tokens.

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I think .50 is reasonable for this bullrun, and $1-5 in the long run

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Thanks guys. Doesn't seem like there's a huge rush to get in, but I'll study it a bit more and monitor the price and get a 500k stack at some point this year.

Looks like one of the first blockchains with true IoT potential. If a futuristic (2030+) valuation takes it to bitcoins market cap in 2021 dollars (1T+-) we're looking at around $20 per token.

There's a potential fractional of a cent per token buy in if the current bubble bursts which would give me the ability to take several million coins but we'll see.

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Do you dumb niggers realize that price action is US? It’s our board? Our own threads pumped it to this price.

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Thank you for your service. I managed to scrape together 50k HBAR because of your shilling

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So you're saying feet pics memed this pump into existence? God help us.

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>>"sHiLL mE a GeM..."
Plus an endless list of scam shitcoins

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You do realize this meme works the opposite way

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Bought bags of this at 10c, thanks a lot feetanon.

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if you really think that, you'll buy anything shilled here and unironically will not make it.

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In fairness you only need 1 x100 every 99 buys to break even.

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You think hbar is special? Everything is pumping in this market, every single thing, even scam coins

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Yup. Gotta thank some anon on /biz/ for convincing me to invest about a month ago. Doubled my money. Shit's gonna get dumped hard in the next day or two but I'm for sure going to buy back in when it dumps. This is a long term hold

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>low IQ redneck subhuman who will always remain poor

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You're retarded. Just looking at my phone quick, in the last 24 hours these are DOWN: LINK, BAT, Orchid, Stellar, OMG, ETH, BTC, Litecoin, Zcash, and many more.

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>"hurrdurrr centralizedddddd"
It is centralized and that's not how you use meme arrows, faggot.

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