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Welcome to the new Council Member! Électricité de France S.A.

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Post feet

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just fresh in, boys.

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Where is the evidence that states we need 25k to stake?

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never seen anything about that and i've only looked at hedera shit for 3 weeks

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Any predictions then? I just saw 25k mentioned in the previous thread.

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>type hashgraph into youtube
>top video is some guy fudding it (coin bureau)

Why do they fear the hashbvll so much?

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We are coming back down to Earth.

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Good more bags for me

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The burgers woke up

They always fuck things up for the rest of us

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>Not for long.

Électricité de France S.A. (EDF), a top five global utility firm1 serving customers worldwide, has joined the Hedera Governing Council and will run a Hedera network node. As a recognized global leader in combating climate change, EDF has undertaken to produce increasingly low-carbon electricity and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

The Hedera Token Service (HTS) is one innovation we look forward to leveraging, to deploy a carbon offset and credit system on Hedera, in line with our overarching mission. Additionally, we will be exploring other use cases that leverage the technological advantages of speed and security that Hedera brings."

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>better tech
>elite on its side
>leftists on its side due to eco-friendliness

hbar literally cant lose anymore

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He bought?

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.1 on Sunday. OP is a faaaaaaag

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I hope you are right, i need to reach 100k stack.

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You mean 1.00 on Sunday

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Charles Soiskinson is fudding ADA trannies out of this, it's beautiful

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EDF is fucking huge in France lmao

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My bags were packed long ago. You guys are pumping this thing like massive faggots, you probably bought 3 days ago, and when it collapses again, it will dissuade future investors. Great fucking job on the slowing the momentum for a quick, regrettable nut.

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How else are we supposed to get in without buying also?

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>implying it's /biz/lets with their tiny bags pumping this

come on bro

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You were supposed to buy in last year when I was pushing it hard

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ngl, as a frog I'm impressed. EDF might be the biggest civil nuke operator in the world (58 reactors). There's plenty of use for a blockchain-like tech like Hedera going from reactor security to billing customers...

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Is this a jew or a pajeet coin?

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fren think of all the feet

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Let it dump so more of us can acCUMulate.

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It is a Feet coin

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You think /biz/ is jacking the market cap by $300+million dollars?

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This guy asking the real questions

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Can't spell Hebraic without HBAR

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hello HederaChads I uploaded my first song on the Tune.fm Hedera Hashgraph dAPP. https://tune.fm/profile/Faceprints/music/. Probably one of the easiest to use blockchain platforms for musicians. I've looked for similar platforms but they're so fucking clunky and barely work. For all future users, the way it works is that once you made your account, you're given a wallet that has $5 worth of hedera deposited in it. When you stream other people's music it automatically sends funds to the other users wallets for the amount and vice versa when they play your music.

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I imagine more and more musicians will transition to it and it will overtake other websites like bandcamp and soundcloud

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I cant put dis sheeeit on me ledger? Sheeeeeeit

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surely companies have an incentive to buy a large amount as early as possible to capitalise on a potential price increase per token. Maybe the price increase won't be as slow as people think.

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Full on hebrew power,

The Moses of alt coins,

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federal reserve finally doing something for people

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WTF I love leftists and globalists now

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Is this involved with FedNow?

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teehee, now pound the bussy, anon

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We continue. Hashchads, please strap in.

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