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If deano can make it (on finance) we all can! Believe /biz/ brothers

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I buy everything on finance so that the High Court Enforcement Agents can't do duck all against me

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Why is a fairly attractive (albeit slightly effeminate) man with such a strange looking girl?

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daft bloke, thats a 10/10

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Might not be the best looker but that's a prime breeding sow.

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10/10 in Bongland

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Are dissing my misses mate? Meet me Tesco carpark we sort'eh'aou

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Her face looks like someone used character creation and stretched all the features out. Plus she has a fucking tattoo.

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I feel bad for guys like thatt, they are wasting their potential simping for a girl thinking they've made it. They are her slave. Look at how he is leaning towards her to ttake the photoo, she is the dominant one

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why are you judging? it looks like a typical pegging relationship to me

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Deano isn't dominated by ANYONE. Only thing keeping him down are those monthly direct debit payments

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Don't tell me it was deano all along.. I did hear rumors that Barratt was a merged shell fund for 3 of the biggest investment banks in the world

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I've got a few deano mates, they are happy as fuck. 100% enjoying life, and constantly looking forward to
>New fifa / pro evo
>New champ man
>Cheeky nandos
>New blockbuster movie
>New bake off / reality tv show
>New number 1 on radio
>New phone
>New car

Meanwhile I see everything as shit, repackaged shit or a scam

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what's the appeal with the deano meme? bong-zyzz a decade after zyzz? sounds like we're repeating memes now.

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as much as I hate them I'm jealous of their lifestyle. ignorance really is bliss

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>being submissive

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It's generally what chavs become as they get a bit older if they haven't fucked their lives up during their teenage years.

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Completely different from zyzz. Most Deanos are basically DYEL. They'll work abs, bicep and maybe chest. Even then it'll be a once or twice a week 1 hour gym sesh. They mainly have terrible diets, but their cocaine abuse keeps them skinny

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Deano isn't a gym head. He only works out a few months before holiday to look good for shagaluf

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can someone tldr on who is this guy? i see him pop up from time to time but have no idea who he is and why he is so popular

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He's an archetypal Deano from some reality TV pish like towie or love Island

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It's when reality TV, especially shit like Love Island or Only way is Essex is your bible and guide for life.
It's the British version of a Guido that was about years ago.

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He’s just an embodiment of the deano architype

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Those tits are off-putting

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>pull up to my Barratt new build home with my 25 year fixed rate mortage in my grey Audi A3 on finance after a hard days work as deputy assistant head of sales targeting
>open the boot and take out my River Island and Superdry bags with the new gear I bought on the way home from work
>open the door
>yell hello to my wife of 2-years in the kitchen as she is already home from her work as a Team Leader in a call centre
>sit down on my leather sofa bought on sale at Sofology (haha I love those adverts, what is that sloth like haha, love sloths me)
>put up my feet on the IKEA table
>whap on the telly and tune in just in time to see Bradders going through the rules of the final chase with the contestants who made it through before they face Anne Hegarty
>perfect timing as my wife comes in with the dinner, another one of Jamie Oliver's cracking 30 minute meals
>tuck in as I pretend to listen to my wife's stories from her day at work
>send a cheeky snap to Smithster and Deano to see if they can come round for the champions league match later to watch it on the ol' Sony Bravia, maybe sneak in a few rounds of Fifa '17 on the PS4 first, bloody Smithster ignoring the rule of no tap-ins what a melt haha

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Deano represents the consumer. Thinking he's made it despite really not being financially free

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What's in their portfolio lads?

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Do you think Deano would be interested in acquiring xBTC which uses dynamic rebasing to maintain a target price as a smart hedge against BTC's overall market dominance, or do you think he's too busy motorboating Stacey?

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its nothing like Zyzz, Zyzz was an inspiration and embodied the 4chan spirit, Deanos are just funny normies

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his girl is hot

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Choose the Deano life
Choose Percy Pigs
Choose the shiny white teeth
Choose the tanned skin
Choose the sales job
Choose payday loans
Choose the holidays in Ibiza, Dubai, and Shagluf
Choose the Audis or Range Rovers
Choose Stone Island clothing
Choose the pug
Choose the nights in with the missus watching X-Factor or Love Island
Choose the dumb blond wife
Choose those Fifa sessions with the lads while having a few pints of beers together
More importantly choose the Deanobox

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god damn she's hot

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That nose job isn't doing that girl any favors.

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>understanding Link or liking the memes
He'd get invested into pump and dump shitcoins and call himself a 'Digital Asset Manager' on IG when he makes £10

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not enough lip filler

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Chill out

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lmao no she's fucking not. She's like 6/10 at best.

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In the United States literally everyone would assume that this man is a homosexual

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Sometimes I just wish I was born a half wit or better yet, a lack wit

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She a right stunna what are you on about

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Just a top shagger over here

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>pull on my Clarks Beeswax desert boots, black rip-knee slim jeans, my white oxford shirt and cap it off with my green bomber jacket (size medium) from ASOS
>make sure X-Factor semis are set to record on the Sky+HD box before heading out
>lock the door of my 2-bed Barratt New Build behind me
>hop in the VW Golf 2015 TDI 2.0 purchased on a finance agreement
>the missus gets in the passenger seat
>set off on our second trip to IKEA in 2 weeks
>have a wander round the aisles
>debate with the missus whether or not the MALM set of drawers we have in the lounge is too obviously from IKEA and if we should be shopping at somewhere like Oak Furniture Land these days instead now we can afford it after her promotion to Assistant Staff Call Co-ordinator at the call centre
>buy a new desk lamp and potted cactus near the end to have something to make the trip worth while
>grab a bag of mini Daims as well for when we're watching X-factor later
>drop the missus off home
>boost into town, pushing 40 in the freshly paved streets of my exclusive barrat estate because I know there's no cameras
>head over to Smithy's barbershop
>get my usual mates-rates weekly skin-tight-to-number-2 fade undercut from Smithster himself
>meet up with Calum and Deano in spoons and sink a few jars over the footie
>head to the toilet and take a snap of my new haircut with my dick out and send it to the 19-year-old I've been texting for the last 3 days
>head home in the car
>stop in at Raj Mahal's Curry House en route
>pick up a Jalfrezzi and a Korma with rice, poppadoms, tub of extra sauce, veggie pakora and a special nan
>get home, sit down with the missus to watch the X-Factor with the feet up
>wait for the missus to go to bed
>crank one out to some extremely overproduced Brazzers porn downloaded on my outdated BitTorrent client, addled with malware
>check my phone; 19-year-old has text me back a picture of her chebs
>forward it to Davo
>head upstairs
>slip in beside the missus in our comfy IKEA bed

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A tragic figure that deserves your pity and yet he's still happier than any of us will ever be.

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Damn, I'd love to feminize a guy and turn him into a bolt on plastic slut

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*except dudes who also looked like him, who would think he's a Chad. And actual homosexuals, who would think he looks like an idiot. Gay dudes are usually very judgemental and very accurate when it comes to first impressions

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sounds comfy desu

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Sam Gowland.
Tbh I'm surprised nobody here has made memes of his Forex trading shit

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BCH. They meant to buy bitcoin but mistakenly bought bitcoin cash.

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>Do all of that with the priceless Deano smile(on finance)

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kek, only in bongland

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You only wish you had it as good as deano

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>C'mon the lads wheeeeyyyyy, jonno looking mega on the end there. That lad Rob always on it!!!

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Rate Deano's new watch lads. Only 13 more direct debit paymets left till it's all payed off

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deano aspires to control the world, but not for malicious reasons; he just wants a bigger telly to play fifa on

>> No.30196014

Just had a look lmao. He also seems to have taken up mma. The forex and crypto 'advisor' he was shilling seems to have disappeared. Based Deano rugpulling lesser Deanos.

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>pull up to my shithole terraced victorian era house in Sparkbrook in my white BMW 3 series with personalised numberplate 'PAK1 B055' I bought on finance with money from selling weed.
>open the boot and take out my Selfridges and Zara bags with the Stone Island jacket and Gucci trainers I spent all my wages on
>open the door
>yell Salam to my Mom and 10 siblings, slap my little bro in the face for being cheeky bhenchod
>sit down on my leather sofa our uncle Assad gave us
>Spit out all my phlegm in the sink, then roll out the prayer mat
>Tuck into some leftover curry as I pretend to listen to my Mom telling me I'm a family failure for not training to be a doctor like my cousin Whaleed
>drive recklessly to the gym with boys Harmzy and Abbas, don't signal at junctions and tailgate every car in front whilst playing some dutty bangers on radio 1 xtra
>Perv at all the white girls at the gym (gorri bitches) and spend the entire session snapchatting myself tensing in the mirror
>Mention multiple times how all white girls are slags
>swear down all the kuti are checking me out (see the way she lookin at me she on2 me i swear bro)
>say "kusmeh bro" regularly in conversation
>go shisha lounge and a mixed grill later in the Mailbox, add a further 20 snapchats to my story
>drink brandy and whiskey with coke all night because I think I look hard (non-alcoholi tho enni)

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Life is bliss with an IQ of 95 if you live in the UK or USA.

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So Deano, what is your opinion on the Chancellors new budget and it's ramifications for you?

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Fun looking bimbo

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Take the deano pill

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It was deano that approved it mate

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He is the prince of the deano culture. Just imagine a significant backbone of the 25-35 male group in the UK is like this. For generations his bloodline was just considered village retards but now in the age of reality TV and the idiocracy we are approaching he is basically a millionaire, or at least spending like it whilst he has his 15 minutes of fame.

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this is hilarious

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Literally had a paki house mate for a while that referred to himself as the boss man. Would wear all black and brand new adidas sneakers which he would desperately try to not get dirty walking from the front door to the public pavement.

>> No.30196736

dat bitch looks like a blow up doll

>> No.30196744

What a genetic cesspool

>> No.30196926

Obligatory deano anthem:

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we ain’t known for being pretty tbf

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This is literally the reason every UK employer is dependent on the EU for workers.

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The problem with this meme is it is dangerously accurate.

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This whole taxonomy of British males is fascinating. Do they know they look ridiculous? Is this an ironic thing? Reminds me of wiggers in America but I always assume wiggers know they look stupid but are trying to fit in.

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hahaha shut up fuckers, i will never follow your fckn referrals, don’t even dare! my pajeet pepes will fuck you to death
i actually don’t care, i already invested in $PHR and just wait for graphene distribution

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Yo that's not Ronaldo

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>Do they know they look ridiculous? Is this an ironic thing?
Not in the slightest, doesn't even look ridiculos over here that's the thing. Can guarantee these lads do great with women.

>> No.30197209

I thought it was a couple of lesbians at first lmao

>> No.30197240 [DELETED] 

My bitcoin is down 25%, but mochimo is up 100% already :)))

>> No.30197277

Isn't that that Sam guy from Love Island a few years back? He seemed like an all right kid. Shit taste in women apparently, though

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would be rude not to lads

>> No.30197598


>> No.30197616

It's too real, I know 3 guys like this. Why can't I just turn off my brain and be like them?

>> No.30197648


Zyzz? Are you utterly devoid of nuance?

>> No.30197687 [DELETED] 

British people are just one big circus of nigger cattle cucks.

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>> No.30197941

I thing with wiggers is they probably get next to 0 pussy and their ass kicked.

These lads >>30194542 may look dumb to me and you but they will be knee deep in pussy every weekend and are most likely the ones to kick off on a weekend and fight

>> No.30198012

>having a gf heavier than you

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>having a gf taller than you

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File: 2.13 MB, 1206x1348, Screenshot 2021-03-04 at 14.17.12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


What about this one lads?

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>not being an architect

>> No.30198157

Why does he look/dress like a fag?

>> No.30198174

That's on the upper end of newbuild aesthetics but it's still soulless. At least it has a bit of a fucking garden

>> No.30198225

2300$ FROM 33000$ FOR A MONTH

>> No.30198226 [DELETED] 

Hi folks, wazzap here?

>Have you seen that shill attack on /biz/ today?
These poor pajeets really trust that clever trader will check their trash
Funny haha
>I never risk today, my funds are on yield farming on yvs finance and I can reinvest any time

>> No.30198284

BNT is better lad

>> No.30198374

>crank one out to some extremely overproduced Brazzers porn downloaded on my outdated BitTorrent client, addled with malware
Deano would never download porn, he just watches it on his iPhone X on safari mate - all that techy stuff confuses him.

>> No.30198492

Barratt homes only lad. Needs to be on finance too

>> No.30198587

As a bong, Deano threads are one of my favourite things about /biz/.
Admit it bongs, you all secretly watch Love Island clips on Youtube.

>> No.30198622


i see a couple brittmutts

>> No.30198685

mate, I had to watch about 4 whole series with the gf
and ex on the beach
and made in Chelsea
and geordie shore
its all so tiresome...

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>"JJB sports manager"

>> No.30198844

kek'd audibly

>> No.30198851

Dear God bongs are ugly

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leave it out mate, yeah?

>> No.30198984

seethe beta boi

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>> No.30199187

god imagine her tying him up and just sitting on his face waiting for her braps to come out. Every day the same thing but a different tight outfit to wrap around her fatrolls.

Quite pungent indeed.

>> No.30199288

Deep down I'm jealous of Deano's 90IQ and people skills. I'd watch a few clips to live vicariously for a minute.

I couldn't stand watching them like that though. lol

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>Yanks will never get to spend three years at uni going on nights out pulling slags

>> No.30199522


I watched Geordie Shore back in 2010 when that lifestyle was appealing. Now it's completely scripted and 100% degenerate for shock factor.

All the spin offs like TOWIE,MIC etc. are a great insight into british culture and why it is such a shithole to live and work.

>> No.30199600

My both mates got brand new builds that looked like this, inside was full of "snags" they called it. Street is filthy and floods regularly, garden is tiny and fucked. Felt bad for em when I seen it. Worst part is all the neighbors are young so on the weekend it's fucking loud with music in people's gardens, fights in the street and fucked parking.

Far left would get it

>> No.30199921

Oh shit I know that one on the left!!!!
Any autist recognise the city in the background for confirmation?

>> No.30199950

Chloe Ferry is a dirty robot whore

>> No.30200023

pretty sure it's Cardiff

>> No.30200403


I've met 10 girls that look exactly like this, stop lying.

>> No.30200611
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I was thinking it looked more like someone photo swapped their faces. Still confused.

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What could one open up and what would be best to open near Deanovile to make massive money and red pill them on crypto by accepting bitcoin?
Gastro pub? Astro pitch?

>> No.30200702

Reminder that this deano actually did make it, owns a couple of rental homes and drives a Porsche. He just needs to upgrade his missus and he's set

>> No.30200725


I've thankfully never had english friends so haven't had the delight of entering one of these. These really just remind me that deanos are just farm animals and these are the battery farming method for their shitty finance strategies.

I am less concerned that the economy will tank since the upper class want their livestock to keep producing 2% interest on these things. I see 3 new linkedin posts everyday of humble brags of people buying these homes.

Maybe it is just corona accelerated london flight as millenials that aren't retarded can now afford deposits.

>> No.30200790


Rental homes (on finance)

>> No.30200804

post more of his girl. weird looking specimen that much is true

>> No.30200856

Bitcoin as accepted payment for Fifa player packs

>> No.30200894

Back in my teens/early 20s I'd watch stuff like The Hills and MIC (which is a British spin-off).
Brody Jenner. What a fucking pussy slaying machine that guy was.

>> No.30201145
File: 996 KB, 1200x4000, 8d9327c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These people are having 100% more fun than you and passing on their genes

>> No.30201253


Speak for yourself I would love to be able to afford one, instead I'm squandering money away on rent for an indian fuck who refuses to replace the oven which stopped working.

>> No.30201407

looks pretty nice desu

>> No.30201525

>The second pic
That picture will be studied the way we look back at classical paintings

>> No.30201537


Talking about the guy retard

>> No.30201563

>passing on your genes
Bad. Unless you're top-tier good looking/intelligent. People in your pic just have kids to fit in and feel like less of a failure. Shit reason to have kids.

>> No.30201767

The absolute state.

>> No.30201876

You're missing the point, you don't matter because you won't breed or will be outbred by them.

>> No.30201881

Do you not remember guido culture back in the day. Ed hardy and affliction

>> No.30201944
File: 1.78 MB, 400x279, 1578354533255.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder: Every Baz was and is a Deano, and every Deano will become a Baz. The transformation occurs when they realise that they are ngmi and have too much capital tied up in direct debits.
Baz is "Punished Deano"

>> No.30202084
File: 27 KB, 247x236, 1613399723214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These people owned 25% of the landmass of this planet at one time.

>> No.30202275

You can make a lasting impact without having biological kids.
>you can adopt
>you can look after nieces/nephews
>you can use business/charity to make an impact
Also, I'm more than good looking and smart enough to have my own kids. I don't want them.

>> No.30202284

I fucking love deano posting, keep it at it lads oi oi let's fucking av it large oggy oggy oggy, oi oi oi

>> No.30202414

And we will again lad. Just need to go for a spin with Smithster and a cheeky Nandos first m8

>> No.30202513

and we gave it back willingly

>> No.30202552

I wouldn't mind marrying a hot bimbo (no surgeries). At least that would guarantee our children to be attractive and we all know that contributes 90% to a person's success in life.

>> No.30202565

In Bongland, the sort of women that look like that attract the sort of men that look like that.

>> No.30202609


The whole point of a "bimbo" is that she's had, at minimum, lip work done, usually tits and possibly ass too

>> No.30202851

That's cuck behavior for people with shit genes. If you look good and are smart, you need to have kids.

>> No.30202867

Thread soundtrack

>> No.30202930

According to your definition, maybe. That word already has an official definition, though, and has existed since before surgeries became trendy.

>> No.30202956

It's more like guidos, overly aggressive and 'masculine' personality but ridiculous preening habits to attract dumb bimbos who unironically like that look.

>> No.30202987

I think he's had some work done. I would never kiss artificially pumped up lips like that, or grab plastic tits and ass.

>> No.30203103 [DELETED] 


Looks like Deano is building his own house and selling bath bombs.

>> No.30203221


Reality show 'star' and now selling bath bombs.

>> No.30203275


"bimbo" has never meant pretty, natural woman lol

>> No.30203363

No you don't.

There is no logical reason why the human race should continue at all. And I'm definitely not bringing another child into clown world.

If the world wasn't such a cesspit, I'd consider it. But I can't do it in good conscience. Too much fucked up shit goes on.

>> No.30203491

>Sometimes I just wish I was born a half wit or better yet, a lack wit
Consider a frontal lobotomy

>> No.30203520


> implying their missus doesn't require 100k of IVF due to heavy drinking and poor diet for the first 32 years of her life

>> No.30203578

It has. Are you implying there are no naturally hot, dumb women out there? Do you believe those never existed before plastic surgery and makeup?
Dude, there have been bimbos in the middle ages; back then they were called wenches.

>> No.30203640

English guys wear really tight jeans wtf
Those look like girl pants

>> No.30203738
File: 1.42 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210305-004447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's wrong with his legs lads?

>> No.30203746


Tacky american burger restaurant or a gelato for them to bring their stacy's every week.

Bonus points if there is a challenge on the menu to eat in x minutes and get a free t-shirt.

>> No.30203823


Women were considered dumb by default prior to the 1970's, I'm not sure what your idea of a bimbo is vs a conventionally pretty or beautiful woman

>> No.30203888

V true

>> No.30203940


Why do influencers go here? Is it purely tax reasons? I imagine they easily make well over 50k lol

>> No.30203963

Pathetic beta. You don't have to send them to clown school. And this is why the white race goes extinct. Some sort of self hatred. Get help

>> No.30203973

deano is a chad hes living his best life, getting laid, having fun with his mates. i wish i could bag trashy bimbos like deano but im not their type unfortunately

>> No.30204029

This meme is scarily accurate. Crazy how many people in the UK live lives that can be boiled down to buy now, pay later plans and fifa.

>> No.30204094
File: 43 KB, 615x409, 0_PAY-MAIN-MAIN-Chloe-Ferry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>chloe ferry is 25 years old
>this is a 10/10 in bongland
Wew lads, what race is she? Is she related to the bog twins?

>> No.30204108

I'm more worried about the myspace angle concealing his fridge torso

>> No.30204166

That's not a bimbo idiot

>> No.30204300

That's a trannie

>> No.30204334

Its the dream destination for Deano and The Missus.

>> No.30204392
File: 136 KB, 376x877, 12345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>those fucking ass implants

>> No.30204436
File: 83 KB, 189x183, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30204482


>> No.30204539

corrrr peng

>> No.30204540
File: 91 KB, 630x420, nigel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30204611
File: 15 KB, 460x276, Vicky-Pollard-007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a strange looking girl?
>daft bloke, thats a 10/10

>> No.30204650

good lord

>> No.30204673
File: 45 KB, 600x400, Nose-before-after-600x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She wasn't that bad before, not my type but would make some bong happy atleast if she had a good personality. Women are fucking retarded

>> No.30204675

>It's the British version of a Guido that was about years ago.
Was trying to put my finger on it and this nails it.

>> No.30204832


Mrs Bogdanoff, please pomp the market

>> No.30204838

>being compared to Zyzz
First of all, Zyzz played real vidya shit like WoW, not FIFAggotry. Second, Zyzz never simped for a plastic bimbo, he was too beta to even avoid hoover handing.
Quite a way to say you're new.

>> No.30204905

That man took the bimbosuppository.
God speed, lad.

>> No.30204908


> ass, cheeks, lips eyebrows (on finance)

>> No.30204913
File: 77 KB, 634x463, who let the dogs out.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a wild slag pack appears

>> No.30204940


>> No.30204962
File: 72 KB, 468x923, cedb4d54e17beadee99dc09ef7221a0e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30204988



>> No.30205035

Honestly can’t wait for the clubs to open again me

>> No.30205057
File: 31 KB, 396x222, unnamed (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30205085

not a pair o socks between 'em.

>> No.30205104

The world isn't good enough.

Everyone is suffering. Everyone is trying to get something. They don't get it, they suffer. They get it thinking it'll fulfill them, they still suffer. We push on, but we still suffer, seeking temporary enjoyments along the way. Backwards.

Your bloodline will continue eating the shit this life feeds them for as long as they exist. Mine won't. I'm winning by not having mine play the game in the first place.

>> No.30205131
File: 201 KB, 1280x720, 1293895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the British version

>> No.30205180

The hard-working Pakistani will inherit the United Kingom.

>> No.30205183
File: 133 KB, 1153x807, ceo erik hayden.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30205232
File: 143 KB, 768x1024, 285838728_f4580ebdfa_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Dear God bongs are ugly

>> No.30205319

The only issue with them is how tight their jeans are, honestly. Overuse of tats but I'm not a tattoo person, I'm sure these blokes get tons of girls.

>> No.30205367
File: 15 KB, 284x341, deano bog.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

*Btzzzz Btzzzzz*
He signed the finance plan?

>> No.30205371

>The hard-working Pakistani will inherit the United Kingom.
If paki child rapists actually inherit england it will be quite literally because no one else on the face of the earth wants it

>> No.30205383

obviously if you believed that you would have killed yourself by now

>> No.30205437
File: 86 KB, 230x328, chavsitting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This whole taxonomy of British males is fascinating. Do they know they look ridiculous?
Just search for chav

>> No.30205505

chavs are early 2000s mate, get with the times

>> No.30205511
File: 37 KB, 600x374, chavs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This whole taxonomy of British males is fascinating. Do they know they look ridiculous?

>> No.30205565


>> No.30205588
File: 76 KB, 594x392, chavs (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>get with the times

>> No.30205636

Oi OOOOOOiiiii. 'sapneeeen

>> No.30205693
File: 3.50 MB, 272x450, reviewbrah kek.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30205720
File: 50 KB, 750x750, mr__chav_by_vurtpunk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>chavs are early 2000s mate, get with the times

>> No.30205736
File: 22 KB, 236x419, 9B6A4B3A-7C05-4E4E-AF22-56220B90F947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes, look how old all these images are you are posting, chavs aren’t really a thing anymore
those kind of people are all roadmen now

>> No.30205745

>Ee bot? dump eet

>> No.30205780

chavs are not deanos.
a deano is a chav made good, a chav on the upward path, as fast and high as the Easy Monthly Repayment Plan(s) will take him.

>> No.30205808

shes fucking gross

>> No.30205840

sounds like a yuppie chav

>> No.30205868
File: 205 KB, 1016x1390, chav-family-AJJX09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a deano is a chav
>chavs are not deanos

>> No.30205885
File: 200 KB, 1200x800, globglobgabalab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30205955
File: 32 KB, 286x400, 51A-dhr9-1L._AC_SY400_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30206039

Sheesh is an overrated shit restaurant and idk why these faggots all go there.

>Gotta make sure the new watch is in shot, all da ladz are gonna think i'm doin well for meself when they see that aint they?

>> No.30206063

I can still do shit to make life less shit.
I'm just not going to willingly subject anyone to clown world.

>> No.30206084

>light hearted self deprecating thread
>some seething yank shows up who can’t see the joke
why are they like this?

>> No.30206148

It's actually fascinating. Deano is bang average, along with a bang average life, and he's doing the best he can to strive for greater heights. His wife being a 4/10 striving to be a 10/10 by becoming a rubber cyborg is too fitting, almost poetic. They literally throw away everything that they were and replace it with what they think is better (on finance).

>> No.30206220

they're both kinda trashy, trying to make themselves look hot to compensate for their insecurity, taking care of their hair and tan etc, unusual fashion sense

>> No.30206223

This genuinely looks like poverty in russia

>> No.30206285
File: 335 KB, 1908x1146, 31361328-0-image-a-21_1596095969379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30206315

the great city of cardiff everyone

>> No.30206318

that’s because it’s from 2001 or some time like that
you don’t really get chavs anymore, it’s all deanos or roadmen

>> No.30206389
File: 2.96 MB, 240x426, webm.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The pride of England.

>> No.30206394

People who look like that are made for each other. Metrosexual gym deano (manager at Sports Direct) and fish lips fake tan slag (hairdresser or nail salon) is a very common couple pairing in bongland

>> No.30206411
File: 87 KB, 827x807, FA93C9DF-2951-4E70-AC16-779556DA9BB4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does every plastic surgery victim end up looking like the same identical Bog clone?

>> No.30206438

>This genuinely looks like poverty in russia
The bongs were practising for leaving the EU and the whole chav thing was just a practise run for full blown second world urban decay and testing the bong chav/gropnik preparing for brexit. Finally it all makes sense

>> No.30206469

His bird has nice tits (on finance)

>> No.30206474


This is a tragedy. These lads were meant to be piled up in ships ready to oppress Africans and Indians

>> No.30206578

we call them dickheads

>> No.30206587

that blonde on the far left would get it so hard up the trumper it would come out her mouth

then for pudding a good face fucking

>> No.30206624


Based, this is the way a lot of people are thinking. Having kids now means you don't the capacity to see the way this world is going and would be bordering on immoral if you could.

I would probably have liked kids, if I was born 50 years ago, but not now... Not when even the basics of life are unaffordable for the average joe, with disinformation growing exponentially and cult of dumb human apes following it and throwing shit at everyone to spread it.

More austerity, more misery, more stress. I'm lucky to have a semi-decent job, good with savings and a decent stack of crypto. But I know a lot of people who don't

>> No.30206654
File: 83 KB, 960x959, NINTCHDBPICT0004914928391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These people live in a state of luxurious exemption from zeitgeist or fleeting trends. They Don't need to keep up with fashion, politics, music, and especially not art. They will always dress, act and live as they do. Tracksuit clad, and bathed in the dulced sound of scooter blasting from the window of an Astra VXR.

I really do envy them. God bless our fair Island

>> No.30206725

I don't think there is an American equivalent to Deanos. They are a British phenomenon

>> No.30206765

>throws cigarette on ground
>his mate instantly picks it up and starts smoking it

cheeky chappy

>> No.30206827

Roof angle is fucked. should have been knocked down a few degrees.

>> No.30206831

She's 4/10 not even worth it. And he's a faggot/bully type whos been skidding about on his knees too much

>> No.30206930

because thats the only "aesthethic" peak plastic surgery has.
>"Well, we cant make you YOU perfect. But, we can go with the model everybody loves"

>> No.30206940

Do English lads normally kiss each other on the lips, or are they gay?

>> No.30206969
File: 31 KB, 500x382, 1481439874742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfwno cute energetic geordie gf to egg on with

>> No.30207004

Maybe it's to make more space for an attic bedroom, with a cheeky VELUX window at the back of course.

>> No.30207072
File: 1.82 MB, 804x428, 560.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the Love Island /tv/ watchalong threads were class. I haven't watched it since they started doing 2 seasons a year though. Too much for me.

>> No.30207099
File: 122 KB, 683x1024, 1614082076557.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based thread
so many fellow bongs on /biz/

>> No.30207126

XRP is the only deano-approved crypto. My british friend tells me they all low-key pyramid scheme eachother in uni to join

>> No.30207193
File: 39 KB, 400x400, kCqLGyfx_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>We have a High Court writ that allows us to make peaceful entry

>> No.30207245

chavs are not deanos. the pic you posted contains no deanos.

>> No.30207300

I'm English, living in Ireland for 20 years. I've never kissed a man on the lips. Maybe they're gay or just drunk and did it for a giggle before his m8 attempted to break a chair on his back.

>> No.30207305 [DELETED] 

What Coin you guys are talking about?

I just found a gem! real use case, new technology, growing like crazy!

Plz share with me more good projects.

>> No.30207317

you're subjecting yourself to clown world, you obviously think its worth it. Your child would have the same opportunity to make life less shit for themselves.

>> No.30207379

That makes sense. It’s just creepy how the Kardashians basically programmed an entire generation of dumb women to aspire to become them. The clothes, the makeup, even the fucking lips and eyebrows all look the same.

>> No.30207419


You're a loser bloodline anyway. Raise them right and they will rule in this sad pwussy world.

>> No.30207505


They are actually lizard people with human suits on who control the planet.

>> No.30207532

Thus spaketh the deano.

>> No.30207574

>>light hearted self deprecating thread
>>some seething yank shows up who can’t see the joke
>why are they like this?

Americans have no culture and they seethe at the thought of our great nation's vibrant cultural tapestry.

>> No.30207716

m8 that had me creasin, what a proper mad pair eh what are they like? Marshmallows for decoration what a joker

>> No.30207745

>he never gives his mate a cheeky peck on the lips

>> No.30207751

>programmed an entire generation of dumb women to aspire to become them
Even their dad!

>> No.30207788

Nonsense, they are so incredibly trend driven they’re all listening to whatever nigger grime and drill is pushed by the powers that be and dressed in asos rags with an undercut now
MC Devvo is now certifiable nostalgia

>> No.30207814


>> No.30207830

My mum bless her, has a house that isn't too different to this. But better looking than this.

Unironically, a nice interior can somewhat make up for a small house. The interior is nice and cozy af. I like it even though it's small and in a small town. The town is worse than the house.

Fucking boring as shit.

>> No.30207841

we're all desperate to get out of the ghetto. My street looks like baghdad.

>> No.30207880
File: 35 KB, 513x616, rHkPv-sadasd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30208078

Stay pufft, bigfoot, Jim Gaffigan, and Bride of Chucky

>> No.30208093
File: 48 KB, 650x452, 118693078_171820954444140_8686402674166813345_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Watch your mouth faggot
there is nothing wrong with aggressiveness and masculinity you twink

>> No.30208179

Because I was born into it and now have responsibilities towards others.
I don't have a responsibility to have biological kids. That's optional. You play risky games when you have children in this world. You are subjecting them without possibility of their consent.

>> No.30208233

*obnoxious apple ringtone*
‘E saned’e feenance plän mate?

>> No.30208265

Kek I met this woman AMA

>> No.30208378
File: 62 KB, 454x549, 06E6EE63-DEC9-45D6-B53D-4C06BDB9F98C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you get an uncanny valley reaction at the sheer audacity of her facial proportion architecture and frozen/invisible micro muscles, the same way you shudder at a lifelike doll or deathly ill person?

>> No.30208397

juicy body, fugly fish face

>> No.30208457

So a buddy of mine stopped hanging out with me and my friends after he got a new gf. Looks vaguely like the one in the OP. He also started ticking these boxes >>30194667. One time he showed up in the whole attire too. Did my buddy get DEANO'd bros? Dutchfag btw.

>> No.30208557

Did she seem at all healthy beyond the surgery shit? I always wonder if these retarded bimbos have the sense to at least exercise and eat well to counteract their pointless lifestyles and grotesque transformation

Do you think if you squeezed her cheek like a doting Nan it would pop or squish out of shape like a jam donut?

Can deano press his face into her arse cheek and leave a memory foam impression?

>> No.30208578
File: 300 KB, 599x448, ohnos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>aannn less loookk at me astrotuff
poor doggo, they couldn't even leave him a bit of earth to shit on.

>> No.30208585

No one's saying there is you fucking idiot.

>> No.30208624

>House is nearly entirely devoid of personal belongings apart from clothes and a few pieces of tacky sports memorabilia
>Nothing in the house that shows any sign of personality or cultural tastes beyond consuming
>No books, not even a premier league footballers autobiography
>"Photos of every memory that we've ever done"
>Only 8 photos

>> No.30208654

the dutch have a propensity to either deano or become hipster effeminates. But dutch deanos are top notch banter-lords.

>> No.30208665

>So a buddy of mine stopped hanging out with me and my friends after he got a new gf

Literally every british lad I've met. What do the women do to them, it's like they lay their eggs in the lads brain and he becomes a twat

>> No.30208675

The dog matches them perfectly in form and lifestyle
Probably the first time she’s ran around with it since it was a puppy :(

>> No.30208683


>> No.30208686

No disrespect to homosexuals but this guy looks like a major flaming faggot.

>> No.30208737


If only you knew how bad things really are.

>> No.30208825


Was the deano meme cut from this video or is this lifestyle far more prevalent than I have realised

>> No.30208826

The time he showed up in the deano attire was a fucking shock desu. He said the gf picked it out for him. It's kinda sad because he's a good guy.

>> No.30208830


>> No.30208840
File: 38 KB, 360x433, 6AB9DDAC-9266-4F52-864D-3788D6898E10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For some reason the gay equivalent of a slapper is hot as fuck. I wouldn’t want to spend any time with them though. Pure pump and dump.

>> No.30208900

>You are subjecting them without possibility of their consent.

Thanks, I needed a good cringe today

>> No.30208908

he was on love island. Love island is a show about an island full of deanos. Deano trancends any one man.

>> No.30208979

what if hitler was right?

>> No.30209073

i never understood those things other than showing youre a twink with barely any balls to hang and showing your boi butt.

>> No.30209103

Quit bring jealous and worry about yourself homie. That is a fine as hell woman, she fucks up? Shes on thr curb. Nigga style.

>> No.30209116

Folks, a mere glimpse into the unfathomable void of human illness that is the fag’s mind
Do not pity him - he does not seek redemption

>> No.30209122

This is true whenever I mention crypto to normals (which is rarely) they always ask If I have XRP and I always tell them it's a scam

>> No.30209144

Based that I could actually hear that

>> No.30209200

Kill/castrate yourself

>> No.30209285

These people used to rule the world.

Let that sink in.

>> No.30209293

Addicted to the slags

>> No.30209330

Ya.. he showed me obviously cropped/fake screenshots of portfolios people would post on their snapchat stories to get people on board baka.

>> No.30209353
File: 41 KB, 641x530, lol1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

which of them is which and who they are?

>> No.30209355

Very prevalent, and actually transcends class - have met Deanos from all walks of life

What is quite amusing is that Pakis and poos often take the Deano lifestyle on an even more surface level by apeing the most materialistic and soulless aspects with none of the charm

>> No.30209361

weird how you can rationalise it for yourself but not for your child. You didn't consent either, but you're still here. If they didn't think the suffering was worth it, they could end it too. Just like you. Life would be worth living to them for the same reasons its worth living to you; responsibilities, striving to make your life better etc.

>> No.30209381
File: 56 KB, 496x498, D9BFAD95-8250-4F1D-A389-41D2C83AF0BC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he’s never been wae a right wee dirty

>> No.30209413

Why do they wear skin tight pants to show their crotch?

>> No.30209503

I still see plenty of them about

>> No.30209563

Same story with one guy I used to know
>bit dumb, not a looker but not a complete dickhead
>no success with women, gets obsessed over girls who couldn't care less about him
>starts improving himself, loses some weight
>starts dating this obese (literally round) single mother who is emotionally abusive and whose shit lifestyle habits cause him to put the weight back on
>he proposed to her and they've got a house and dog together
>literally haven't seen him since 2018

>> No.30209574

GME, but bought in at 300

>> No.30209631

bizarre how accurate this is, why do they do this to themselves? i can't fathom how anybody finds it attractive

>> No.30209642

The one on the left in the left pic is a cutie I won't lie.

>> No.30209643
File: 311 KB, 572x846, B3B143BA-D6D3-4D53-BF22-FFA0C256B1AA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Modern day equivalent

>> No.30209803
File: 516 KB, 1500x1997, B8DE1AED-DE49-42EC-BE96-F9E07C43AD27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That’s literally me but I am closer to a plebbitor than a deano

The Deano v Alasdair (read:redditor/games workshop enthusiast) dichotomy is pretty important for characterising Engerlund

>> No.30209914

Philtrum should be longer/lower and more ape like from fillers, contour on nose, thinner hair

>> No.30209982

Where? The only ones I see are old or mental looking, very rare here now

>> No.30210069


>> No.30210307

horrid show. love deano threads tho
why do things you hate anon? you have ony life you know

>> No.30210802

Swansea and the surrounding areas. Granted they tend to be slightly older than the standard hoards of north face rats that sell weed outside tesco

>> No.30210838


sort of agree but i watched the big short recently, the chad dudebro real estate caricatures (on commission) later in the movie gave off similar deano vibes to me tbf

incidentally having worked at a recruitment consultancy before holy SHIT the deano stereotype is in full swing there, i mean the office had

>ex professional youth footballer that lived near a famous singer and brought it up once every few weeks
>loudmouth obnoxious director that loved telling stories about people he'd encountered spending fortunes on frivolous shit
>same director and multiple male + female staff LITERALLY talked about love island at least once every lunch break
>director also brought up a trip to Las Vegas he went on in his youth once every few weeks, quite clearly resenting his settled family life and reliving what he saw as glory days

fuck recruitment consultancies tbqh, awful places to work

>> No.30210970

come in if ya like but none of its mine