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sirs, powerful feelings

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Than Q All the Well Wishers and Hell Wishers for making such a Massive Good Bad Hit

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>8c EOW
>20c EOM
>$2 EOY
>$20 EONY

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Never should've bought this piece of shit. This and Statera are my two worst investments.

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everyone here laughs on your rubbsih
clever user will choose just liquidity yields
my purse is safe with juld tokens

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OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

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is it happening?

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Tbh I don't understand why it's not moving up. Many interesting developments in the works, possible twitter integration etc..

Should be at least 5x, did 4chan fud this too hard?

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The needful has been done

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We are back on track, the whale set us back a couple of months.


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>up 3%
cmon sirs..

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Finally!!!! This means something big is coming. Maybe a listing. Maybe PoH.

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Where to buy sirs?

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Uniswap sirs

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kek bagholders desperate for any movement just sell and buy PAID you faggots

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You know what? I don't regret buying Kleros after all. If I'd never bought Kleros, then I wouldn't have used Uniswap, and I never would've gotten the 400 Uni-token airdrop. In a roundabout way, this coin made me some money despite not increasing in value.

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Has anyone claimed their free PNK?
The gas price is a lot for a poor Indian.

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why can't we have this nice thing? is it because of all the racists on the board?
can we dispute them there too?

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How do you do that?

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this and ocean and BCDT were my first uniswaps, thanks biz

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>tfw not staking currently due to gas fees
How do I stake sirs

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Go on the site, click claim, get raped in the gAss

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I claimed 4.6k PNK, the gas fees were $28.
Staking isn't that expensive, I paid $17 to stake 25k a couple of days ago.

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cant find it on their website...

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I shouldve sold this at 20c

I shouldve listen to pink pup poster

But i got too greedy.

Then I decided to take profits and sold UNI at 3.20 and Link at 21$

And look what happened.

Fuck this whole goddamn scam

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unironically $1k
purchase and lost on trading
what a retard, now he weeps on every /biz/ thread
don’t send him money
I suggested him to use fucking amazing justliquidity and hodl pearl juld but seems like he is too dumb to realize it

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Is there a limit to how long we can wait to claim?
And where does the claim go?
Will I need to pay more gas to stake it once I get it?

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What is this about?

Guys what do you think about Mochimo i need your views so I can invest in this new gem

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Wish I held on to my UNI as well. Then I wish I held onto the ETH that I sold the UNI for lol.

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There's no time limit so you can wait to grow your stack to save on gas. The claimed tokens go to your wallet so you have to pay gas to stake them.

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What is this? I'm scared. Do I need to use metamask or can I use my Brave wallet?

I get this popup when I click on the Kleros court link.

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Use Metamask

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Can one of you sirs make a "how to stake pnk" guide? It would really be doing the needful

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1) Buy PNK from Uniswap
2) Go to Kleros website
3) Connect Metamask to site
4) Choose a court ie. General court
5) Stake

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Thank you sir.

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OooooOoo sirs when the dorsey will confirm not even 50$ PNK is enough

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I don't see the "claim" button.

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Lol imagine Vitalik stopping everything so he can validate Kourt Kases all day

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You won't get anything if you haven't staked before.


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Should be next to "Join a Court", I think you needed PNK stook

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Kek Statera refuses to die despite never pumping

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Thanks. Yeah, I figured it out. I bought a little Kleros before December 1, but it's not worth paying the gas fees to stake now.

Do you earn anything from staking? I kind of just want to get rid of my Kleros when it's worth more than what I paid to get it, which wasn't much.

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Proof of humanity drops in less than a day and 3% is all PNK can manage? It really is over

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I have 380 pnk sirs. When will I be rich sire?

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1k is the pajeet stack

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12.16% APY

I guess that's on top of coherent voting rewards?

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uniswoppers sire

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None of the courts are thing I know anything about currently sirs. When proof of humanity comes out, can I make some easy pinkies by looking at someone’s ID card and saying yes they are real people?

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