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Where my howiewowies at!
This is just the beginning fren! MARCH is gonna be a beautiful start

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9300 stacklet here. Most comfy hold right now.

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140k and counting. I'll see you at the top my friends.

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Been holding since late october. It's been such a ride my fellow howies

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I'm just under 10k now too. Hoping for a little dip this weekend so I can get another small stack. Even if it's not significantly down, I'm probably just going to finish it off soon and then hold.
Mostly just bumping for OPs pic though. That is just gorgeous kek

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I'm jealous. I wish I would have known about this earlier but I'm not on /biz/ all day and missed it somehow when it first started getting shilled.

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Be happy for the gains you made and not the ones you lost out on. I didn't have much capital to put into eRSDL at the start and if I did would be top 100 holder easily but it doesn't matter because Howie will launch us to the stratosphere.

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60k here, $60k seems programmed, $300k would be possible, $600k doesnt seem impossible...

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I'm glad I at least got what I did. I just started with crypto a few months ago and I only have a 4 figure portfolio. I don't have a lot of capital to invest right now, so just seeing it going over 20c has been kind of crazy. I feel like this is one of those one in a million apps.

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50k holder. Should I buy more now? Or wait for a dip?

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$600k for 60k is Entirely Possible. If it really picks up even 10% of what aave has (which it is expected to) that would put it at around $35. However that'd probably be sometime next year.

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my balls get so fucking wet thinking of this

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You think it’s good holding alts in a bear market?

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Not all alts are created equal.

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250k I may have fell short in making it.

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Depends on the use imo.

ERSDL - bank to bank lending
RSR - Inflation solving currency via RSV for South Americans

both look solid imo.

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dont join thread if you dont know what this coin does. ersdl is in a unique situation where they have no real competition, are just starting to show results of their product, and have already joined with multiple banking partners. In a financially concerned bear market, lenders will only be more drawn to use a platform that ensures licensed settlements.

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>Didn't buy more when it was 2 cents

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Yes, if they have an actual product.

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Where do I buy this absolute scam?!?

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> didn’t buy more when it was 20 cent

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At this point, wait for the dip. The market is a bit down right now, but eRDSL still isn't.

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>didn't buy anything at 1 cent because I thought the name was stupid

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not sure if eRSDL is gonna dip hard fren. If the market corrects up again eRSDL will follow. It clearly showed that it's capable to create it's own path.

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We are about to break .25 again after that not so dippy dip. Bless you Howie.

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haha nice meme fren

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I saw this shilled at 0.00# price, quickest way to kys?

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If you need to load up, you need to do it soon, 0.20 dip incoming

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Howie threads are always a vibe

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I'm getting up to got 37k now, getting over 40k this week. When this shit hits 10 bucks, whenever that is, I'm getting my reef blue coyote swapped foxbody mustang and the plate will say How Wow on it, screen shot that shit.

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lol nice fren.
I'm happy i have 200k howies but sad i didnt stake

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Lmao same here. The autistic ticker name got to me after I held for three months of crabbing around .01 so I sold my bag after I finally broke even around .02. If I had stuck around I'd be $20,000 richer now, but I still don't see much value in this for the long term. Though I should have known greedy idiots and hype would pump this shitcoin.

Not fudding, I just unironically believe that the token is not needed for this, and I'm someone who has read all the documentation/team communications and watched all the videos. I think that B2B lending is a solid use case for crypto, but don't see any value in this particular token; it's worse than a governance token. And even if Howie manages to provide solid value to token holders, there's nothing stopping another more established lending platform or bank from pivoting to eat up the market share. It's arguable that eRSDL may protect their position in the market due to the first-mover advantage and Howie's connections, but then I remember that the team is likely developing a buggy piece of shit platform coded by pajeet street shitters. The website fud is real.

That all being said, I still see this pumping to $1 at least, because like I said before, greedy idiots and hype. Though for the same reason I also think most of crypto might soon collapse.

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might go up, might go down is what you said, with some personal twirls in there.

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You should go meet a friend for lunch today and have a nice hour conversation.
Honest advice, would do you some good my bro.

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Double top should be bearish with a retrace...wtf is going on?

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Go back

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Retard level reading comprehension on your part then. I can see this pumping for a few more months, but dumping after that. But I'm hesitant to rebuy a bag because it's already massively pumped for a project where the team has only released a roadmap and some screenshots.