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Is this a useful coin to enhance my life? Does the McDonalds corporation know this coin exists?

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Its a scam. These people should be tracked down and killed.

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I just boughted 35k MCDC

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Wasn't this shitcoin shilled and rugged like a month ago?

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sirs, please don't buy this mcdonald scam rug coin, you will loss your money

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Check’d and yea it did. I feel so bad for the telegram pajeets “just hold it!! pump the price!! shill on biz!!”, now they’ve been left stuck with useless bags for the rest of their life.

I don’t feel too bad, since literally every thread they made people on biz were warning them about the incoming dump (that the egirl on their own team started).

Either way, the drama was funny from an outside perspective.

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Explain to me how this is any better or worse a coin than any of the other shit shilled here

Pro-tip: You can't

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>another mcscam thread not even a month after a rugpull

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Been holding this for a while. Whens the pump coming?