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Which /biz/ shill made you money in the past month?

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annies' boobs

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same anon shilled me BOND

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the BATshit shill but more like since the beginning of the year

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BOG actually

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FTM schizo

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RULER is a valueless governance token.

How does Ruler Protocol Work?
Ruler Protocol is a lending platform where users can borrow their preferred cryptocurrency with any other cryptocurrency as collateral.
It aims to fill the gap by enabling the following:
No liquidations as long as borrowers pay back on time
Interest rates determined by supply and demand
Fixed rate loans at the moment of borrow / lend
Fungible loans, tradable anytime & anywhere
The detailed product paper of Ruler Protocol can be found

Token Supply
The RULER supply is capped at 1,000,000 tokens.
At month 3, ~17.75% of the RULER tokens will be circulating.
At month 6, ~29.5% of the RULER tokens will be circulating.
At year 1,~47% of the RULER tokens will be circulating.
At year 2, ~75% of the RULER tokens will be circulating.
At year 3, ~87.5% of the RULER tokens will be circulating.

Product Paper


RULER token — 0x2aECCB42482cc64E087b6D2e5Da39f5A7A7001f8

Ruler and Cover - feel the Yearn!

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Reef and BNT

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The only alt I've ever bought on biz that has made me SATS - The only important measurement is FTM

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Pajeet shilled PPAY at 0.017 back in December. Holy cow!

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A little bit off Reef and a lot off GRT

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I lost money on GRT, Rubic and by not selling my Doges I mined 2014. I came to the party one day before every coin hit their ath and dumped. Only sold 50% of the rubics at a loss tho, something I wouldn't do again now. Holding the rest.

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That’s a woman.
Unironically not interested.

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holy fuck she hit the wall, jesus

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Unironically GRT

>Got UNI Airdrop
>had to sold all of it for family support
>Whatever was left was reinvested in GRT @ .30c
>Boomed at 2.80
>Bought back at 1.30

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GRT posters. Literally got in only a month ago and already up 159% with seemingly more gains to come. It's comfy.

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while initially shilled more than one month ago, ASKO and Rubic made me some bags

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bought in 20k at .20c so i dont care about all the fudding, ive made a profit and im waiting for it to get even better

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youthfulness violently rejected

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Rubic made me the most money from 4chan shilling this year. Got in around 13c originally, took a 3x profit, redistributed, now still hold a stack.

I havent bought any other garbage shilled on here in 2021. Unfort once GME happened this place became ghey and fag.

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asko, egg, bog

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The only coin I've lost money on is fucking ethereum and that's not even counting all the gas fees

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Link has been making me money since 2017 every single day.

You are a full retard if you chase PnDs.

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Hbar and, seriously, boomercoin aka Litecoin.

Days before Grayscale news fags on here were saying to stack LTC.

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dHEDGE staking was treaty

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Based family supporter. May green bars be in your future friend.

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Some schizo said God told him oil stocks were going to rise, and that oil would be more valuable than any other commodity.
I listened to him, and so far he's made me a bit of cash.

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Goit in on ADA at 0.56€ nothing crazy but still pretty nice.

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None, I bought ORN and am up 4x

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Didn't have much hope for this shitcoin, but it gave me a x6 in like 2 weeks and it keeps rising

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Avax and grt

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rbc, asko and egg mainly. my next bets are prq, inj and dia. more "safer" bets with bigger mcs, but still a lot of upside potential

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SOUL and HODL, anons had been dropping these bsc gems and they're popping off hard.