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The next few hours are critical for this bull run's continuation.

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Go FUCK yourself Bobo.

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>counting on burgers to save the run
it's over

>> No.30183949

if its a bull run why has NONE OF MY SHIT MOVED IN 2 WEEKS

>> No.30183968

What happens next few hours

>> No.30184008

There's a little too much enthusiasm right now, I would say.

>> No.30184029

theres nothing that can make it reverse this early, you retarded fuckin joke

>> No.30184252

at white price point would you open a short?

>> No.30184305

You bear faggots always come out of every crevice to try and get retards to sell. Newsflash retard, you arent a bear, youre too broke to be a bear, youre too much of a coward to be a bear. You were created in a test tube in a pig fetus, smothered in chicken shit. Thats why youre ugly, will always be ugly, and your mother will not mourn your death because she will finally be relieved of having birthed and put up with such an embarrassment of a human being.

The most obvious choice in life for you, is to drink a bottle of sleeping pills and down it with gasoline.

You were never loved
You will never be loved
You hate yourself as much as everyone hates you
You will die alone.

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>McConnell Opposes $1,400 Stimulus Checks Because He Thinks People Could Stop Working

>> No.30184446

the bull run is over, bear market for the next 10 years

>> No.30184593

Zoom out the chart a little bit and relax.

>> No.30184735

VIX is still below 30. Fuck's sake. Calm down.

>> No.30184896

SPY still has yet to close below the 55 day average.

>> No.30184942

The burger economy is getting absolutely fucked, this bull run is 100% in the hands of China and Europe. My VTI is tanking like a shitcoin

>> No.30185000

How long have you been holding it? Look at the other asshole dips that have occurred since march. What did you think you were holding?

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