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Love you.

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Love you too

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Love you too >>30183086

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Sorry but I don't like you romantically, anon. Hope we can still be friends

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prove it

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Love you too, anon
Thanks for keeping the board alive

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This board has been lifechanging for me.

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How can I profit from this...?

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nighty night

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not so bad yourself either anon love ya

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Man, love you too. Come here, bring it in.

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Love you too fren

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thank you anon, I really need this rn...

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Stay up, anons

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I know.

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Suck my cock love you or just love you love you. We can suck each other's cock dude.

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Love you too my black qt

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Love you too bro

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were all gonna make it

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>kyoanus poster ruining the thread

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sir, please just take the pizza

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are we really all gonna make it?

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love you too fren

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trips and we all make it. dubs or below and we all get the rope.

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I know.

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Love you

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Not like this anon.

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Love you too

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shamananon here
i just talked to imaginary pepe
imaginary pepe say y'all are based
and that you should buy avax after the march dump

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Hello is this the gay thread?

I love you gigantic faggots NO HOMO.

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You too big dog

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kek love us to

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You don't even know me. At least the frog telling me to fuck off is being honest

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no bad vibes
only frens

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Lmao I didn't wake up, you faggots have no power in the real world. Sergey is going to die and there's nothing you can do from behind your anime stations.

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where do you think you are? /biz/ is anti-fren

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C'mere, big guy.

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heh, fuckin gay ass thread

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mfw thinkin about anon

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Love you too.
Now... about those charts.

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Don't tempt me with satisfaction.

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I am being the love for you too.
I draw heart made from poo on the wall of my shack.

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u are anon
none of this is real
as far as you believe in this shit they try to shill here faster you will lose all your assets
Buy skeptically, no risk and seeincome
wanna use staking or yield farming, choose modern projects
I use YVS Finance, check it and understand how smart system should be like

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neck yourself fgt

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>>30183086 love you too bud. Im gonna try to get some sleep. Need to stop staring at my portfolio all night. Bad habit. Sweet dreams frens.

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forget about this cheap dump
no need to check this scam
>you shouldn’t be genius to get how to make profit on staking
take a look at JustLiquidity on Binance Smart Chain
>don’t pay 20% of your value on fees and taxes

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this and checked

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What about quads

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Thas rite fren

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i kiss you

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Love my bags on Mochimo :)) :))

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>The year is 2035
>You are lounging at the bar in the Big Coiner Hotel Vegas overlooking the nocoiner shanty town
>You take a sip of a rare port thinking about how glad you are you never sold.
>Staking only 10 DOT allows you to stay in a room for as long as you please. 5 more gets you an open bar.
>Another classy looking fellow is browsing /biz/ on a holographic read out.
>Greetings Fren
>Hello Fren
>He says with a manic grin
>We really did make it didnt we.
>You both laugh as gun fire echos from the impoverished slums below.

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Thanks fren. We are all going to make it.

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how many pics of your ass did it take for them to tell you about it? I bet your uncle jerked off to them too. amazing you hate prostitutes but are one yourself.

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*ugly cellulited ass