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>only 2000 Linkies

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Checked 77

Bud I have only 600 and I've been buying from 2019

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Really wouldn't worry dude, that's going to be a nice bit of dough to have one day. It's not a retirement stack but you'll never have to worry about bills again

>> No.30183428

how to make it this bull run
>Step1: accept that you aren't making it with LINK
>Step2: sell your link/take out stablecoin loans
>Step3: play the uniswap shitcoin roulette or dyor and invest in good projects
If you don't royally fuck up you will at least have $1M by the end of this bull run

>> No.30183820

I have a small 2.5k stack of link. It's 90% of my portfolio because miraculously none of the other shit I invested in panned out. I've got some thousands in some microcaps in the hopes they moon soon.

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Lol were going to be millionaires by Halloween

>> No.30185611

>by Halloween

>> No.30186152

Hold those fuckers. They'll hit 1k

>> No.30186242

>only 23k
>had the money for so much more

oh well

>> No.30186605

these digits say 81k fren

>> No.30186664

just change the shitcoins to Link, much better in the long run.

>> No.30187500

iktf brooooooo :((((( only 16k and I had 3 fucking years

>> No.30188548

this entire thread is cope and you should all kill yourselves, anything less than 50k link is cum change

>> No.30188659

Sorry meant to reply before. Peak of cycle. Link is this year's eth. Look what eth did in a year. $9.5 to $1400. On that cycle's bull year. Look at historic charts, fren. Crypto goes in 4 year cycles. People on here try to obscure that for their own financial gain.

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