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Stop trying to swing trade. Stop trying to day trade. Stop buying and selling on margin. Just buy and hold coins that you like. Occasionally move profits into new projects that are great. It's not complicated.

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$20k initial investment up to $200k
I think I would have done better if I didn't go all in LINK

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>acting like you know anything becsuee you got lucky on a literal 10x like link

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>just invest at the right time before the bull market starts and be lucky enough to pick the right shitcoin

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Picture the following:
It's 2022, you've got triple digit link, maybe you've got 200 but you round it up to 1k in your head for cope. Link is now valued at $200 and it's rising every day, every hour. Every morning you wake up you look in the mirror and all you can see are the previous opportunities you had to buy link below $1, then $3, then $7 etc.
In the reflection of your mirror you see your girlfriend who you're hanging on to by a thread because she's consumed by guilt about leaving you due to you being so emotionally fragile (plus you've been shilling her the $1k meme). You decide to sell a couple link to take her to a 'special restaurant' to make her feel like she's actually dating someone rich.
You get to the restaurant, the waiter is a bit sniffy because you're obviously not used to this. They put you on a table out of the way of the regulars.
Noone has taken your order for 20 minutes, they haven't even asked if you want water.
Then a total Link Marine Chad sits down a few tables away. Your girlfriend notices his Chainlink edition Coutts card - its only given to 50k plus Link holders.
You notice her attention starts to drift and she's staring at his crotch. He doesn't even look at either of you, he doesn't even know such a dank dark corner of the restaurant exists. All the waiting staff greet him cordially.
What's up? you ask her
Huh? She replies.
Then without any prompting the chad says hey babe, come have a seat, repositioning the Rolex on his wrist.
She gets up in a trance and they immediately start holding hands. He asks her if she's ever held the hands of a millionaire-soon-to-be-billionaire before. She says she hasn't, trying with all her might to pretend you no longer exist, the last remnants of guilt clinging to her as tightly as the cheap polyester clothes you bought for her at tk max for her birthday.

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The Chad alternates between mentally undressing your girlfriend and looking at you. Incredulous he asks her if you're her boyfriend. She blushes with embarrassment and hangs her head in shame. He says it's OK babe, don't worry. Suddenly you see him whispering in the ear of the waiter. The waiter nods subserviently and walks over to you, his eyes narrowing disdainfully.
You'll have to leave sir, we didn't realise you were poor.
You're escorted from the premises and just as you're leaving you see the chad lean in to kiss your girlfriend. She returns the kiss passionately.
You look at your beaten up Toyota and wonder how long it'll take to attach a hose to the exhaust pipe and kill yourself. If only I'd bought more Link instead of that bag of weed you think. You take one last glance back inside the restaurant and the chad has your girlfriend spread eagled over a table and she's having the most intense orgasm of her life. She's screaming I love money and no more poor dick!
You make eye contact for the last time and something inside you shatters. You know the only way to find peace will be to rid yourself from the earth.
But you're so weak and cowardly you know even that's a pipe dream.
The point of all this? You had four years.

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He found ftm too and thats all it takes..he just needs to find another one before next bullrun, iz that izi litaraly

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cool fanfic bro but didn't read

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undeserved check
Sat through 3 years of fud and no action. I'm not even a linkie and never was but fucks sake anon. Next you'll be calling me lucky for getting in PRQ and doing the same. NGMI lad.

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link is an erc-20 token that is not needed for the chainlink project to do anything that it does.

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true dat.

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I don't know anything. I'm a fucking retard.

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Literally that's the moral of the story lmao
Stay poor.

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okay go back to jerking off to your hentai

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Why not putting 90% into holding and 10% to scalp? Who knows how much that 10% grows to

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So it's too late to make gains with LINK? I am all in anyway and only have 208... and accumulating slowly... literally 100% of my poorfolio is LINK

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Buy more. You won't regret it. Its a guaranteed $200 minimum, probably this year. Or you can get scammed with Asko or something

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Buy some hbar before it gets added to coinbase

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A-Anon I..

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you can outearn a year of a buy and hold tard’s gains in a month with leveraged futures contracts

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I went $3,500 into LINK, $3,000 into FTM, $5,500 into THETA, $3,500 into KSM, and $2,000 into ORN. I moved $10k of profits from LINK into XMR.

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17k invested at the end of november, im up to 190k, daytrading has worked for me a bit, but its way too stressful. I think the biggest difference is i buy a lot more coins than you do. i have over 80 coins now.

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As a fellow idiot, I agree.
Get perspective, buy, hodl.
If your perspective matures, and it is worth the risk, then take it and hodl some more.
I did that in 2017. If it weren't for being lazy and cashing in for short term profits so I wouldn't have to work at the time, I'd be a millionaire right now.
An expensive lesson I will not make again. I suspect there are many like me who have taken that lesson to heart moving forward. Best of luck anons.

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>portfolio over 2k
Confirmed larp

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Link to qrd of futures/options shit just out of curiosity. I stand by
but I admit I am curious how all that extra stuff even works.

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ok but how long did this take you

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kill yourself brainlet

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3.5 years

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Only stupid normies buy apple, as referenced in your diagram.

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you have quite the imagination young man

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yup that checks out, currently have 20k and doing the same. I don't know if it makes me relieved it will only take 3.5 years or stressed that it'll take that long.

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Literally the scammiest countries on the planet

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dude you just posted a thread asking if you were gonna make it like a little whiney bitch kek

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He's literally got 6k link. In less than a year he's going to be mega rich.

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I see you made smart choices. Theta might smoke link by end of year

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Praying for you anon

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Evidently you enjoy being cucked in real life by Link chads. Sad.

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Not looking to remove the validity of your gains -- I'm very happy for you, anons. I am curious, however, if this is something that can be replicated?

So you got in at 2018, after the huge crash. Everything was cheap and you were able to grab lots of everything. This isn't the case now, at least I don't think it is. I'm still very ignorant and learning.

But starting now, could some replicate those gains through just holding and not day trading over a 3.5 year span? Say just DCAing once or twice a month (as I'm doing). I'd love to be able to make big plays, but I'm still in the "accumulating knowledge" phase and don't have enough capital invested yet to make big plays. So I'm learning while I invest what I can each month.

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I'm impartial to the rest.

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is fantom link tier?

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redpill me on fantom i thought it was a scam

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YES RETARD. throw a small amount of cash youll never care about and seal it away and forget about it but look for solid projects for quicker gains

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Started last november with 15k, up to 80k
Hope alt-season is good

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>3 years of alt coins
>only x20 investment

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dont bother with link
if you want a super long hold (like >10 years) buy RSR
shorter term (next few years) ada seems pretty safe, kinda has some meme magic (not nearly like link tho), and has a legit team/vision

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I'm only switching to Apple this year because I want to sync Bear and Agenda with all my devices.
Literally never owned an iPhone before, and not willing to buy before the 12s because it would be a downgrade, having gotten used to 120hz displays.
>t. oneplus 7 pro and $3m portfolio

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Why not bother with Link? Will be 1k one day, probably triple digits eoy

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no BAT ahahah he's never gonna make it bros

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its solid if youre like 18-21 and putting money in them that entire time but its too late for that with me

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my last two months:
>reddit fags are gonna make some stonks moon, cool, i'll get some AMC
>on /pol/ everyday, hmm should see what /biz/ thinks about this shit
>oh what is this crypto shit
>search crypto on youtube
>find a guy daytrading futures, crypto is cool but this looks like my shit

now have a poorfolio of nice coins, some gainz from amc, and starting daytrading futures now and it's all because of retarded faggots on reddit

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