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Guys, no reason to search for a good staking ecosystem - YVS is here!


Easy to understand gamechanger will bring top rewards for holding!

>Two vault pools - stablecoins and wrapped bitcoin (15 % of round)

>Staking pool (20 % of round)
>Liquidity pool - ETH-YVS (65 % of round)

Do you want more? Check YVS/BUSD liquidity pool built on Binance Smart Chain! Profit has never been so easy to get!


>> No.30181096

let's tell everyone about this project, a lot depends on us

>> No.30181127

I had sex after I bought this token !! He brings good luck !!!

>> No.30181133

my dick got bigger when i bought this red pill

>> No.30181160

I have questions about the project, where should I write to get a direct link?

>> No.30181184

as soon as i get my money all the bitches run to me

>> No.30181196

lol, maybe you confused with Viagra?

>> No.30181201

did you know they have lotteries? this is a great way to make money for those who have no brains

>> No.30181248

write here, as you can see there are very sociable guys, and will called you a fag and tell about the project

>> No.30181273

that's why you know about it, ahahah

>> No.30181426

hold an AMA session, it will be very important for beginners

>> No.30181457

Or is it possible to create a room in the clubhouse and discuss the project?

>> No.30181471

I'm sorry, but I do not think that there can be found the potential investors ...

>> No.30181500

I can store my coins here, right?

>> No.30181667

do they have a mobile app ???

>> No.30181680

we are so happy for you (no)

>> No.30181720

are they on uniswap ???

>> No.30181756

where can i find out about the team of creators ??

>> No.30181805

Can you feel it? do you feel? Our money goes to us

>> No.30181878

I'm waiting for the price to go up FUCKING 100 TIMES

>> No.30182114

I won the fucking lottery when I invested in this project

>> No.30182129

Getting my money read to get in.


>> No.30182158

buy even more yvs and your profit will increase

>> No.30182197

please make a separate branch, without cocksucking

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>> No.30182267

i see an active fagot who bought or didn't buy tokens lol

>> No.30182294

they have run out of presale, it turns out I didn't have time to buy tokens ????

>> No.30182355

Oh God, and these people keep tokenomics ...

>> No.30182503

dude, if tokenomics really supported such "smart guys", it would simply not exist

>> No.30182562

you can buy yvs on the exchange so relax

>> No.30182604

what wallets can i use ???

>> No.30182623

what exchange will you buy on?

>> No.30182671

this is a thread for millionaires, not for fags

>> No.30182684

team, will you hold any contests or events ??

>> No.30182735

why do they need it? I think they are doing well

>> No.30182757

but in this way they can attract the attention of an even larger audience

>> No.30182841

where did I get to? what is it all about?

>> No.30182892

it will be difficult for me to explain to you if you were born stupid

>> No.30182944


>> No.30183058

you have already come to the right place, you just need to buy yvs

>> No.30183074


>> No.30183128

what about the gas? Where can I find this information?

>> No.30183178

and you buy, find out and tell us

>> No.30183220

can't understand this shit? or worthwhile shit?

>> No.30183267

fuck i spent all your money on these tokens ...

>> No.30183347

we are in the same boat ... me too, bro... me too...

>> No.30183366

why are you writing different shit, just buy, why discuss

>> No.30183410

i already bought lol

>> No.30183458

is this another pyramid?

>> No.30183489

it is the most secure platform I have ever seen, cocksucker

>> No.30183520

what is the benefit of this project?

>> No.30183535

I will get tired of pressing these fucking keys to tell you all the benefits, just go to the site and read

>> No.30183563

guys, do you have a system of rewards and bonuses?

>> No.30183584

Sure is brown and stinky in this thread.

>> No.30183600

I came down to you on Earth to buy YVS

>> No.30183704

this is a team of real professionals, everyone who walks by then sucks me off

>> No.30183755

who developed the site design for you? very compact and understandable

>> No.30183815

I just sit and wait for the price to rise, amen

>> No.30183856

how much YVS now?

>> No.30183892

Did you try to build on CONFLUX? Much better returns desu

>> No.30183897

from today red is my favorite color

>> No.30184198

entire thread reeks of curry and bots

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