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Every time there is a little upward movement, some fucking whale sells

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Ah yes, allow me to make Amp moon. Once again, this post is absolute, unequivocal proof that $AMP will reach $1.00 EOY

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Godspeed anon

>> No.30179083

if purple ID I put everything on AMP

>> No.30179118

They haven't finished accumulating yet before it breaks out of Gemini.

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Lel, get fucked, faggot. You ain't gonna put anything nowhere.

>> No.30179260

Amp will be $100 end of 2023 mark my words

>> No.30179265

I hope you are right, anon. Plus, purple ID. YGMI.

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>> No.30179380

Not buying your bags

>> No.30179439

You must and you will.

>> No.30179506

Sold them in 2018

>> No.30179600

Not upset about it. I'm loading my bags all the way up until this hits $0.50. The low price is beneficial to me.

>> No.30179663

Coingecko shows nothing before Sept 2020.

>> No.30179690

Sir you haven't done enough research

>> No.30179724

Shhhh no talky about my ampy’s bros i need to accumulate more

>> No.30179845

Used to be called flexacoin.

>> No.30179878

Ah, yes you are right.

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yeah try to YOLO with this tokens that never give you profit
BSC is a gold rush rn just get off at the right time
want to see a cool deal?
>go for Swirge, hold SWG and don’t worry about your future profit

>> No.30180475

It's a sell signal

>> No.30180611

this HOmo is buying dinner rolls

>> No.30180933

Checked. $.11 EOM.

>> No.30181083

AMPbros is a 100k stack enough to justify staking on flexa capacity?

>> No.30181143

they only give 5% right now. So I don't think so

>> No.30181641

>You ain't gonna put anything nowhere
he's going to put his cock in a twink's ass

>> No.30182541

If youre planning on holding long term then yes

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