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The hardest red pill to swallow is that there is no substitute for hard work. I thought I could rely on my above average IQ or my "charisma" to get me places but you actually do need to work hard too. Shit sucks bro I want to roll out of bed at 2PM

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Ive made more than my parents in 5 years sitting on the computer than my dad has in 40+ years of working as an electrician 6+ days a week all day long.

Hardwork is a meme, in most cases its just luck/timing/genetics and being in the right place at the right time.

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>dark eyes

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Still hotter than any girl you’ll ever get, /pol/cel

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that's right anon! there is no substitute for it. but with enough natural born gifts like iq, charisma, general good looks you only have to work hard some of the time.

>t high iq good looking 80k year job mid 20s but i do want to only roll out of bed at 2pm every day and am deeply depressed

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Your dad slugged away at a middle class lifestyle to educate someone as non grateful and ignorant as yourself, I'm an electrician making more than 40$/hr after a few years experience. You on the other hand have no skills besides computer games and a speculative market dotcom scam and riding gme meme stocks.

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Yet youre the retarded one slave waging away for peanuts.

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Been a welder/metal fabricator for years. Always had a job.
At least a fun wage cuckery

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I guess you could say that successful people who don't work hard are simply standing on the shoulders of hard workers. Even modern hard workers are standing on the shoulders of humans in the past who worked hard. A modern electrician would have to work harder at a different job if Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla didn't invent ways to harness electricity.

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I trade crypto as well I've made 20,000 and this is my first year starting in 2020. Do you get pleasure from this argument? I'll have a house and paid off car by 23 because I decided to learn a skill and respect skilled labor. I'm done talking to neets good luck dude

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kek you faggot hardwork is a meme for poorcucks if you havnt already made it from crypto you are below average iq

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>lesser sons of greater sires

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ive payed off my everything, fully retired and lived off my btc and shitcoins for the past 3 years. keep working wagie.

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Look how mad they get when they realized they slaved for nothing
It's not our fault the money you work for is jewish

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Smart monkey doesn’t work too hard

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nice cope losers

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Only dumb goys believe hard work matters

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Nice anecdote boomer nigger.

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Have sex

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Rich people that are lazy exist, I'm sorry to be the one tell you on an anonymous anime image board

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Checked and based. Remember anons when you go to wage slave - almost 99% of the people there are mentally fucked normies with an agenda. Do your slave work and fuck off home or NEET.

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You having a pc, internet and time to browse crypto is thanks to your parents.

You finding the bullrun, pure luck. Anybody can make money on crypto.

You are clearly fucking stupid. Fuck off

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work smarter not harder

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>Someone said something so it must be true

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the guy is a retard, nobody gives a shit about his fairy tales

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then why doesn't everyone do it?
checkmate brainlet

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also, i made my parents over 200K thanks to crypto. i am grateful for everything they provided and they are grateful to me for showing it to them. fuck your wagie cope fag

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You're really overestimating the average normie intelligence.

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what a loser. imagine having all that money and still working that hard.

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I have no charisma either. The trick is to overdo eccentricism, girls will find you interesting even if you're fucking strange

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The way I see it people want there ego so instead of quietly working hard and adding to societies progression they compensate for the insecurity of no job well done by shitting on anyone they don't understand. I help build schools, courthouses, homes. Things that actually make you think of how you physically helped the world and other people through your job. If I was rich off crypto I'd treat people like shit too I guess, however I'd keep working.

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At some point they just get addicted to authority and responsability.

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Holy shit are you me????

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based parents, i told mine about btc at 250 and they just called it a scam

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If you value not working hard if you are smart enough you can find a way to make that happen. I work about an hour a day and I’m comfy

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i'm charismatic and eccentric. life is too easy. shitposting anonymously brings me joy.

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You fucking niggers. Do you not realize traditional ways of building wealth don’t apply during our current hyperinflation? It’s all about leveraging on clown markets now

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That's why Bezos stepped down. He knew money didn't matter and he probably got sick of the work. Now he can spend his life with his wife and kids where he's truly happy. Elon is desperate for attention and validation and probably deeply unsatisfied with himself. He also bragg's about working non-stop or through his birthday as if that isn't a normal thing for wagies.

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Sour wagey detected

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they are. they didn't understand it much either, but they believe in me. i got in about the same time as you, but told them about it feb '17 so they didn't have to wait long to see results. now they understand. it's cool to see them checking the price and sending me articles. i've even helped them dabble in alts, kek

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nice bait, seemed to work three times kek

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imagine being the richest man in the world and still having to deal with plebs (by comparison) who work with you. bezos is based.

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Why are you having to prove yourself to strangers on the internet anon?

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you mean you're done losing the argument and you're a pathetic cuck?

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File: 276 KB, 800x405, i-would-rather-earn-1-off-a-100-peoples-efforts-than-100-of-my-own-efforts-13f7b3b1008180e1719c1365cd89246d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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My point was to try and make the average fellow wagie realize there's purpose in alot of the jobs out there until we all eventually make it in crypto, not to brag. I'm triggering alot of you antiwork guys huh.

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this guy gets it

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purpose in a job is wagie cope. the sooner you admit this, the sooner you will make it.

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Well we can both agree that we feel bad for one another then. I hope someday you do something greater than make money friend.

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>in most cases its just luck/timing/genetics and being in the right place at the right time.
Also a meme.

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i do. i have plenty of free time to explore my interests and meet amazing people. i've learned so much just by talking with random people. i never would've been able to do this waging 9 hours a day like i used to, telling myself i was doing something meaningful.

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and i don't feel bad for you, i'm trying to free you from a mental prison. if you're happy in it, who am i to judge.

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>this kills the wagie
honestly I can’t imagine how cucked you have to be to work any other job than a remote one in this current political climate especially with crypto/stock trading, if you are waging for any reason other than saving up enough to invest, you are literally feeding the kikes

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>I thought I could rely on my above average IQ or my "charisma" to get me places but you actually do need to work hard too.
Cry me a fucking river. There are people out there with low ass IQs (75 - 95) and they make great livings. Yet here you are bitching about having to work hard, despite the fact you are way more likely to get ahead with LESS effort? You're pathetic and deserve no empathy.

~ Signed, 115 - 125 IQ midwit.

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mine didnt believe in me cause i was a total neet, i wish i got in back then i also had 0 money so i was counting on them to get us all out of poverty. I failed. From then on i only managed to fuck up, did everything wrong in 2017 bullrun i had gold in my hands and sold too early. Then lost my gains on margin trade so i couldnt get in LINK. One disappointment after another i should've made it by now but i was such a noob to markets. Now i understand better but im still poor so i'll have to wage and hope to accumulate during bear. Im so jealous of you anons who did things right, you deserve it for not being retards like me. Enjoy the gains but dont waste them

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>I’m a bad person because I made the most of my opportunities
huh? are you literally a nigger? grow up

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thanks anon. you have learned and that's what matters. there is still plenty of time, crypto still has a lot of room to grow. you are congratulating others on their success, this is the right attitude. you will make it.

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billionaires lie about how much they work it's all bullshit. He probably sits in his office playing video games from 8pm-1am and then checks his emails and calls that an 18 hour work day

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yeah but society sucks and the people who build america get treated like shit compared to banker / white collar leeches

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>billionaires lie about how much they work it's all bullshit
this is 1000% true, nothing make me laugh harder than seeing people like elon or Buffet larp about hard work I know that all they do is vacation for 290 days out of the year and occasionally look at their bank account and laugh. They are made off the work of others. Intelligence is better than a thousand arms that can reach hundreds of miles and lift any object.

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If fucking around all day was the way to build rocket ships, then I'd have built a base on Mars by now.

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one last tip: don't be so hard on yourself, we all make mistakes. looking to the past will only bring regret. look for opportunity, laugh as much as you can (pic relate), and you will make it. i sincerely wish you all the best, anon.

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lol, 7 figures from crypto, get high 7 days a week, stay mad lolololol

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have sex

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thanks anon you give me hope, i need to focus on income and dump it on them dips. I really hope this isnt the golden bullrun i cant stomach buying at these prices when i knew of ETH at 1 fucking dollar kek. Being so early and having no money is the worst pain, shouldnt have been a neet for so long but i was depressed af

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look how much travel these CEOs have to do, they'll sit on a plane for 4 hours and maybe check an email or make phone calls and in their mind that's 4 hours of work

bro they all do it
>An Atari executive recalled that he showed Gates a game and defeated him 35 of 37 times. When they met again a month later, Gates "won or tied every game. He had studied the game until he solved it. That is a competitor".[66]
imagine being a billionaire larping as some overworked CEO who has to work grueling 18 hour days and yet you have time to master video games just to prove to yourself you're better than everyone else. Look at that ex-yahoo CEO, she claimed to sleep only 4 hours a day and yet she filled her day with nonsense. Billionaires just want to one up each other

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i was full of regret until recently when it finally clicked in, the past is the past i know i fucked up but also learned a lot. There is no point in dwelling on mistakes. But damn it hurts what could've been, with just a little patience i could be 7 figures, holding is harder than it sounds. That 2017/18 alt spike took many by surprise i wasnt expecting it at all

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based thoroughbredsposter

>> No.30180907

Videogames were cutting edge technology at that time. A CEO of a tech company needed to spend enough time on them to see the appeal. It was homework for him.

>> No.30180924

Staying humble is rarely rewarding however doing this line of work makes you appreciate a craftsman. Trade or not I notice the workmanship in things I never even thought of before I started the trades. We take everything for granted as Americans we had a silver spoon in our mouths psychologically since day one. Ever see a child cry of joy from getting a dollar store toy? Not in this country.

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>ex-yahoo CEO, she claimed to sleep only 4 hours a day and yet she filled her day with nonsense
prove she filled her day with nonsense

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yeah and playing overwatch is homework for musk because he needs to know what people will do in their tesla car once it self-drives

>> No.30181013

read any article about her management style

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>don't mind me fellow executives just doing "market research" boy these 18 hour work days sure are grueling!

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>he's not in a coal mine so he's not working hard

>> No.30181381

he's not doing 100 hour weeks that's for sure

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Musk himself doesn't engineer anything tho... He just takes care of the marketing.

>> No.30182935

bro...the engineering decisions...the rocket designs...the CAD...the financial decisions (Has an economics degree)....has a physics degree

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Based. Fuck op.

>> No.30183093

Musk is pretty much genius level who is interested in solving cutting edge problems in the real world. This isn't necessary.

>> No.30183328

>I'm a natural genius and just learned working hard is a necessity
lmao sounds like the hard pill to swallow is that you fucks aren't fucking geniuses

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Efficacy and results are the only things that matter; whether you achieve it by hard work or smart work is irrelevant.
Digging a hole and then filling it in is hard work and achieves nothing.
Inventing a product no one wants is smart and hard work that achieves nothing.

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You do realize that most autists on here have made 500k minimum on average? Keep coping.

>> No.30183541


You are right but why should I bust my ass for a society that hates me for who I am (white) and actively destroys everything our ancestors have built?

>> No.30183548

is electrician a good field? been thinking of switching over, going the route of firefighter but its too fucking stressful

>> No.30183624

Not autist, but I've already cashed out more than $500k in this bullrun, still gambling almost 1 million in crypto holdings for a long term (2025 and beyond)

Even my father (who is an industrial architect) in his 60s just literally said to me that "do what you are doing now for few years" and see where it goes and how much you can make. You can always go back to waging later in life.

>> No.30183636

Me? Oh im just really good at sucken dick

>> No.30183733

Goddamn GabeN was fat. He looks much better now, still immense as all americans though.

>> No.30183760

I sincerely hope this is bait

>> No.30183826

She is swallowing lots of pills. She is getting red pilled on OXEN desu

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I think OP makes a valid point that hard work is a virtue, but that doesn’t mean hard work=wealth. For example someone that worked 100 hr weeks to design aircraft jet turbine engines obviously added a lot to society, whereas someone working hard as an accountant adds much less, but might make more money.

>> No.30184038

>For example someone that worked 100 hr weeks to design aircraft jet turbine engines obviously added a lot to society,

I disagree. Someone who made more money, AND paid more taxes provided much more to society at large than someone who worked with jet propulsion technology to get us to mine minerals on Mars.

It amazes me how clueless children exist on this board.

>> No.30184155


Without that guy who designed aircraft engines no one today would fly transatlantic flights so I disagree. And the accountant paid more taxes, but what is being done with that money?

>> No.30184333

You fail to see the big picture and have sort of scientific, quantitative view of the society and surrounding power structures that are kept alive solely through taxation. I am not American, but the fact is that the education systems of most countries are not running on charity or holy ghost: most of it is paid through taxation money.

You are the one arguing here, that U.S should probably drop all their budget on military spending and concentrate solely on "scientific Mars mission and interstellar space travel" only to be invaded by foreign nations after cessation of its military might.

Yes, my argument is that people who pay more taxes inherently are more valuable to society than people who pay less taxes. This from the viewpoint of a nation. You have some sort of Reddit's "I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE AND SPACE TRAVEL" -viewpoint and some sort of collective globalist idea of human endeavour of highest ultimate goal being "We must spread to space", while some of may be more interested in perfecting the conditions here on Earth.

>> No.30184489

sums it up 100% you are actually a fucking idiot if you think hard work matters for anything other than your own personal feelgood

>> No.30184529


Why are you bringing up space flight all the time? I just used jet engines as an example of inventions that benefit all societies. I could have also used the invention of the internal combustion engine that eventually led to the mass production of cars and much more. My point is that we as a society put too much emphasize on achieving financial wealth as opposed to tangible inventions that benefit all. I’m not going full commie because of course I know financial incentive is what powers business, but our culture has more admiration for money than for progress.

>> No.30184563

Hard work definitely has value. People who can't see that are fools.

>> No.30184578

>globalist idea of human endeavour of highest ultimate goal being "We must spread to space"
Unfortunately, this is NOT a globalist idea. If it was, I would not oppose them the slightest. In reality they just want to put shackles on everyone and rule from the Citadel.

>> No.30184588

If there are any Christian brothers here I’m in a bad place in my life and in dire straights if anyone can help me you will be saving my life, hopefully someone sees this will know my struggle is very real, thank you brothers and sisters and God bless you all.



And I’m sorry I just don’t know where to turn anymore and you do seem like good people.

>> No.30184642

>this guy did more than this guy, therefore the guy who did less is completely useless

>> No.30184646

>You have some sort of Reddit's "I FUCKING LOVE SCIENCE AND SPACE TRAVEL" -viewpoint and some sort of collective globalist idea of human endeavour of highest ultimate goal being "We must spread to space", while some of may be more interested in perfecting the conditions here on Earth.

This is like the cave dwellers in Plato's cave allegory saying they don't want to venture into the outside world until they've perfected their cave life.

>> No.30184660


Too much young talent is being lost that is going to Wall Street to chase money instead of innovation

>> No.30184684

Id recommend it if you're young the beginning is rough on your body but if u don't have much direction I think its a good decision to look at any field besides residential electric. Being that it's the lowest paying "handyman" type. Only do it if you think you'd be interested in going the full stretch of getting licensed and not just putting outlets in a wall for 30 years.

>> No.30184704

they hated him because he was right

>> No.30184769

You are concentrating on the individual endeavour and individual contribution aspect, while society at large produces huge bulk of material in terms of geopolitics, society, science and all that it contains.

We cannot produce absolute mastermind geniuses like Netwon, Tesla etc. simply by high IQ breeding programs or produce them in a factory line: at the best we can provide them favorable conditions on which to arise and spring through taxation and keeping the society's level high in terms of infrastructure, geopolitical power, education and even social welfare.

The influence of the genius is only known in the mankind. There is no known analogy in Nature. One cannot even think of a super-dog transforming the world of dogs.

This happens frequently in history of mankind, where one genius discovers absolutely something revolutionary or either creates a new political ideology. But you are here arguing that we should kill al those who contribute less, despite you do not understand that you cannot create some sort of nation of geniuses where everybody is some sort of contributor and makes advancements to the scientific understanding of our present times.

You have quite frankly, quite childish view of this world if this is what you think.
>but our culture has more admiration for money than for progress.

And it doesn't matter. This is a good thing, as long as you want to worship your Einsteins and Teslas. Any other system would be more inefficient producing them, North Korean scientists, even the brightest dudes, made to work at gun pointed on their head probably will not achieve anything great. Even the Chinese in terms of innovation are mostly copycats.

>> No.30184901

The fact is hard work does matter. Someone has to fix your broken pipes and flip your burgers. If you've made it I'm happy for you. But if everyone did nothong would get done, and the world would go to shot and we'd be back to square one. Someone has to put in the effort for your lifestyle, and good on you if you've figured out a way to not have to be the one to do it.

>> No.30184958

The difference between Musk and a normie is that Musk pretends to work hard (it's actually easy for his brain) to lead by example which motivates thousands of his workers by challenging them to live up to his example and not being able to come up with excuses because Musk is supposedly proof that you can work much harder without whining.
It also has a placebo like effect where people who have a limiting belief actually feel exhausted when they reach that believed limit but if they see others do it this limit disappeara and they aren't exhausted that early.
tldr Musk pretending to work hard has a min 1000x multiplier

>> No.30184968

It's a good thing the interests of nations are not driven by young white dudes (with glasses) and palish, ghastly appearance whose only understanding of nation affairs boils down "We have to spread to space"

Actual politicians, industrialists etc. are more interested in geopolitical stability. Even the Moon Mission was not a race to moon, it was a side effect and a side product that sprang up spontanously, like a World Fair, not some sort of sacrifice of a nation where the highest agenda was get to the Moon.

Brainlets like you will never get this.

>> No.30185082

Politicians are small-minded morons. Why would I care what they want? Politicians represent the worst of humanity. Elon Musk and other innovators represent the best of humanity.

>> No.30185140

We're not good people. But I did pray for you.

>> No.30185176

Yes. Spoken like an 8 year old who plays with his rocket ship legos.

>> No.30185218

Musk is just as much of a conman as politicians.

>> No.30185274

that is literally what he said you retard, your statement is agreeing with him. You are obviously fucking stupid you dumb little bitch baby

>> No.30185307
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I don't know OP. This "working from home", which I am currently "doing", seems to be quite decent substitute to hard work.

>> No.30185309

Has Elon Musk ever used the threat of violence to procure funding for his projects? If not, then he's infinitely more moral than the government.

>> No.30185349

Based undead mage player

>> No.30185439

this is why capitalism has to fall anon

work with what you got, but fight for the end to the stress

>> No.30185455

Musk as an innovator is irrelevant. When the global hivemind of technology, maybe some sort of mineral crisis or other global catasthrope pushes the current geopolitical and maybe geomineral conditions to an inevitable point that mining minerals on Mars is a Must, we will get there. And it will be easy. It is like human organism producing hormonal response to a stimulus. It will not be a global endeavor of highest agenda, but rather, a side effect of taxation, a small nudge in the budget of a nation(s), just like the Moon mission. Few papers signed and maybe a raise in taxation for few years.

Go worship your celebrities like Musk. We'll get to Mars, and it will be easy, almost effortless. And people will stop for 5 minutes to watch for the landing, but after that is back to waging. "We did it Reddit!"

>> No.30185499

No, the real blackpill is the opposite of that. Our economies are all so fucked up and so manipulated to grab working class people by the balls and to squeeze all life out of them that your number one priority should be not being in the working class. If you're working hard chances are the entire economy leeches off of your labor. Be one of those leeches, that's how you make money. You may not like this, but that's how it is

>> No.30185580

>we'll get to Mars when we need to
So what if a meteor hits the Earth before we run out of minerals? What if there's nuclear war? Oopsies. Guess we should've invested more into space travel instead of trying to maintain the status quo.

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Amen to that.
Work smart and hard.

>> No.30185719

I hope you can find your island nation where the highest agenda is literally space travel, I really do hope kid. Like some sort of lego city?

I rather live in high infrastructure society with a geopoliticial stability and quality food and services, rather than some North Korean dictatorship with State Agenda "We must spread to Space" to some hostile red rock.

Shouldn't you be concerned on some sort of Planetary Defense System type of endeavour so we can protect the Earth from those meteoroid threats?

>> No.30185750

Hardest pill to swallow is that you literally can't fail at life.
All these "failures" are just mental expectations set to yourself by yourself. You can live just fine without doing absolutely anything or achieving absolutely anything. What is a good life anyway? In 2 generations you will be forgotten.

>> No.30185810

If you think that COLONISING MARS is the best solution to any of this, congratulations, you've been brainwashed. How about we try to defend planet Earth before establishing off-planet outposts for billionaires? How about SpaceX actually focuses on preventing meteor threats instead of just using them as a boogieman to promote their off-planet outpost program for billionaires?

>> No.30185835

The government doesn't need to promote space travel. They just need to get out of the way of guys like Elon Musk, and the average person might walk on other planets in our lifetime.

>> No.30185914

>I hope you can find your island nation where the highest agenda is literally exploring the earth, I really do hope kid. Like some sort of Atlantis?
>I rather live in a noble society with a geopoliticial stability and quality food and services, rather than some barbarian sailor nation dictatorship with State Agenda "We must spread to new lands" through a hostile endless ocean with sea monsters for all we know.

>> No.30185929

>They just need to get out of the way of guys like Elon Musk
You dumb brainwashed fuck, guys like Elon Musk wouldn't exist without government gibs propping them up every step of the way.

>> No.30186031

>They just need to get out of the way of guys like Elon Musk, and the average person might walk on other planets in our lifetime.

That is your individual desire talking. Few hundreds years in the grand existence of humanity does not matter.


In the grand scheme of things, that is the beginning of Time when the clockwork started ticking in the universe, few hundred years here and there doesn't matter.

It literally does not matter if the first succesful Mars mission happens in 300 years, rather than your 50 year ticking time bomb scenario when the Universe stops existing.

The Migration period, also called Dark Ages, lasted for 500 years in Europe where there was essentially a stop to any technological innovation and advances in science (if that can be even said to have existed back then).

Your posts remind me of the Henny-Penny, a story young children should learn early: trying to incite panic can result in opportunists like Foxy-woxy (Musk) doing real harm.

>> No.30186186

Even harder pill to swallow is that being remembered after death doesn't matter, it's still part of the rat race. Transience is beautiful.

>> No.30186298

Elon might get government funding, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't have been equally or more successful without government. When you live in a world with government, you've got to do business with them in order to succeed.

I don't think there will be a nuclear war, but what's wrong with planning for one? Also, I never said we HAD to get space travel in my lifetime. I just think it's possible, and I think it would be fun and cool.

>> No.30186372
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People who pay taxes are more valuable to our current governments, but substantially less valuable to the overall progress of civilization because through taxes they are subsidizing people and institutions who are actively trying to harm civilization, either intentionally or unintentionally. For most developped countries, a majority of tax money is spent on welfare for the elderly + welfare for the dysgenic masses, and some unlucky or unwilling individuals as well. Your tax money doesn't really serve the heroic purpose of building roads, infrastructure, power plants, or contributing towards scientific breakthroughs ; your tax money is largely spent helping others, many of which should really not be artifically allowed to survive and procreate via welfare. And what to say of the hundreds of thousands, millions, billions even that are spent on completely useless bullshit that doesn't benefit the common good, on foreign aid, and for you americans, foreign wars and foreign occupation? If you find virtue in the government siphoning away your money for this, you're a cuck and a chump.

Act out of rational self-interest and accumulate wealth without concerns for what the powers that be think your money should be used for ; or what they think is moral for you to do ; when you have enough power, you can then use it to steer things towards a better future.

>> No.30186448

You're just plain wrong. The government is the only entity with enough resources to make space travel real. It is mostly thanks to capitalism that the progress has stalled for a few decades so far. Space exploration will never be commercially profitable, and why should it be? I want space exploration, not space exploitation. Fucking Elon would rather build his satellite network to stream adds directly into your mind, than do anything that really propels us forwards as species.

>> No.30186453

Have fun producing your Geniuses at a factory line. Doesn't work that way. >>30184769

>> No.30186463

when anon said he was propped up by government money, he meant it.

>> No.30186548

Didn't he invent Paypal, buy Bitcoin, and sell cars? That's all profit, right?

If government didn't exist, then there'd be so much extra wealth in circulation that people would be able to crowd-fund Elon's space projects.

>> No.30186632

delusional people in this thread

>> No.30186988

It's competence, not hard work, that matters. Experience and effectiveness will always bring in more money.

>> No.30187114

Because of shit like this, people will remember who Elon Musk was a 100 years from now, and nobody will know who Jeff Bezos was

>> No.30187942

>Not autist
he doesn't know

>> No.30187998

True. Who owned the East India Trading company? Never heard his name before. People will remember Amazon, but not Bezos.

>> No.30189179

well this anon is having some problems.
first, he doesn't know he's a man who doesn't ever get any women.
second, he is complaining about not making money on a board all about cryptos like BOND and BTC that are just always making people quit their jobs.
third, there's not even a chance this guy breaks the cycle

>> No.30189623


>> No.30190222

you're not ganna get validation around here bud. bye idiot

>> No.30190243 [DELETED] 

what are you waiting for?
still don’t know about fucking best Justliquidity??
>>how dare are you? how can u use farming on ERC?
Join top yield farming on Binance Smart Chain

>> No.30190452

Facts, these leeches thing its something admirable to speculate on shitcoins and "making it".

>> No.30190650

huh, i've swallowed the complete opposite pill. you don't get to interviews by having more skills than your peers, but by presenting wider social circles and skills

>> No.30190701

*wider social circles and social skills

>> No.30190716

that's a man

>> No.30191611

When majority thinks like you society collapses. I have $7M in crypto but all that came at the expense of other people. It's all an enormous ponzi.

Or to put it another way, society is increasingly structured to extract wealth from actual hard working wealth creators and give it to parasitic manipulators

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