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...then 30x in April.

Can you feel it?



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oh god please yes daddy financially bond me. leave me shaking in a pool of my cum fuckkk

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I bought too much of this. Is this possible?

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Poo in loo scam token

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Not at this stage. Either a 20x (at least) or it goes to 0. Nothing in between.

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anyone else worried this is already dying? weird delays with no communication, which is different from how things were prior to the audit. feel like that wouldn't happen unless the team was really struggling.

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Seriously a 20x or nothing? we couldn’t just see a 4x and be over with the run?

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One at a time son, get on the UNN train and then use your earnings for the bond train.

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i can feel it in my pluuuums

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This better 2x so I can afford clean water.

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Obsolete project.

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unironically afraid of this. like i said, weird silence from devs out of no where, used to at least give acknowledgments. unfulfilled promises about teasers, announcements, etc. and now compound has announced essentially the same product. happy to be proven wrong here.

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nice ID kek
Sold off everything but 100k, it's not going to do what we all expected...at all.

might catch a hypewave but that's it, team to incompetent for a proper defi platform

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Imagine settling for a 2x. You think Compound wants a meager 2x on their $800K in buys around this level? Doubtful.

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ave fun getting soonded

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no more soon the CEO just told us March

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would've thrown money at this if it was on bsc

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