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>> No.30171684

not first

>> No.30171760

Digits for GME thread digit blessing continuity.

>> No.30171822

Let's try again.

>> No.30171833

Did everyone see that low of $68 - holy fuck it rebounded to $125 like it was nothing.

>> No.30171855

How can we be sure?

>> No.30171871


>> No.30171902

it was one of those weird instant tick things, i nearly had a heart attack when i saw it. spammed refresh and it was gone.

>> No.30171919

Because Christ is King and has our backs.

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>> No.30172097

sounds like a good reason to have retarded sell limits set

>> No.30172169

And buys. An instant 2x is nice.

>> No.30172184

this is getting ridiculous, even on low volume threads we get digits

>> No.30172217

Is this the new Volkswagen short squeeze? When is it mooning bros

>> No.30172229

How many days do we got anons. I'm tired of watching the days go by and only waching it creep up. I'm tired of playing vidya and looking at graphs.

>> No.30172235

Because we are either being played by kek or on the right side of history here.
We will find out eventually.

>> No.30172278

Why do you want it to end? Most fun I've had since rona.

>> No.30172318

How did this general arrive at the conclusion that GME is shorted at 200% of shares outstanding? I'm not disbelieving or believing, but I have no idea what your methodology ior basis is for that claim.

>> No.30172342

Because I am a poorfag and want a valve index so I can continue my pathetic existence in the virtual world.

>> No.30172348

just 2 more weeks guys #TrustThePlan #StopTheCount #WWGOWGA #CountTheVotes

>> No.30172375

Not shorted that much, it may be much higher than 200% shorted.
Institutions own 200% of the stock, and seeing as this is only a little dated, likely more now. It's fucking nuts.

>> No.30172454

Just step away from the computer and go for a hike or some shit. The squeeze isn't gonna happen the second you walk away from the monitor.

>> No.30172478

Me personally, I’d like to take some gains and reinvest them into some crypto and maybe a couple different stocks.

>> No.30172528

Totally worth. Got mine in the early 2020 restock.

>> No.30172567

120 exactly yesterday and 125 exactly today. Some chad out out there is having a good hearty laff. I sincerely hope he's one of of /ourhedgies/ but I'd be less surprised if it turned out to be some jew with so much contempt for poors that he's willing to go to these lengths to build us up before fucking us raw.

>> No.30172587

Yeah but what's the hurry?

>> No.30172590

Why would Kek be playing us on this? Perhaps if this doesn't happen even more chaos happens?

>> No.30172636

Is 100k a joke and I'm just being played? Buy more?

>> No.30172645

Chaos picks no sides fag

>> No.30172682

How the fuck is that possible? Did brokerages sell these financial institutions paper stocks? mfw

>> No.30172828

It's not legal but SEC is just flat put ignoring it.

>> No.30172835

>Leave Wallstreetsbets
>Add SwaggyStocks dot com to favorites
>Use reddits retardation to become a trillionaire
only actual retards watch charts all day. Real chads use alerts. If you're not willing to spend $15/mo on TradingView you dont deserve to make $1 of profit

>> No.30172866

is this real? does this mean its on the SSR??

>> No.30172896

>tfw no one buys your moderately priced 3x share after hours

>> No.30172930

holy fuck this might trigger the SSR tomorrow

>> No.30172979

It is real, it is also "After Hours" where SSR does not apply. It is between institutional investors only.

>> No.30173014

ahhh missed the AH part

>> No.30173021

u fags made 4% today, tron made 30.......... who's retarded now

>> No.30173050

No comments from the SEC? Anything? It's just hedgies vs hedgies and we're caught in the middle?

>> No.30173077


>> No.30173115

Nice anon. Hopefully you pulled out already though. Don't want to be stuck holding bags.

>> No.30173121

it will lose 50% tomorrow, just like RKT

>> No.30173153

idk if you'll see this, but to the anon in the last thread who wanted to quit his job and open up a cafe: don't let people FUD you about it. i opened up a food service place with my family and while it was a lot of hard work it is really fucking hard to fail if you're in a good location. there are so many retarded things my family did that i was continually amazed how we managed to succeed in spite of doing so many things wrong. people like to create fud about how hard it is to open up a little place and they'll tell you 90 percent fail, which isn't remotely true.
that said, as someone who did a lot of the work but didn't have any profit share it can suck real dick sometimes

>> No.30173158

Look up sec's recent actions.
They have stopped other people from organizing pumps on social media, despite that being exactly how GME was kicked off.
They are IGNORING the fucking shit, literally letting it happen. Someone higher and more powerful than the SEC or even our government is pulling the strings.

>> No.30173166

100K would crash the entire US economy full stop and no amount of bailouts would be able to save any hudgefunds on the other end. I still think we will see the economy crash from 10K of some kind. 10K is about what I am expecting, 100K is a meme as far as I know.

>> No.30173190

Sooo.... Is it like an option getting executed? Someone had options for 68 and 301 and executed them forcing buying at that price?

>> No.30173239

Blessed. I will watch Kakegurui tonight

>> No.30173240

You’re right. 100k is a meme.
Thats why Im selling at 200k

>> No.30173362

>The squeeze isn't gonna happen the second you walk away from the monitor
Of course it is.

>> No.30173421


Bless, and thanks for the info.

>> No.30173592

>Gamestop of all things was the Great Reset
>an entire new class is created overnight of autists

>> No.30173685

No option executions font show on the ticker.
There was no volume and someone did a market buy/sell is all that happened.

>> No.30173766

I hope so, wouldn't mind picking up some more on discount.

>> No.30173827

I'm not even joking, SEC has proven they could have stepped in on this ANY time, and they have not. Let that sink in for a moment. Not only did someone slap the FED, the FUCKING FED in the face just to prove their point.
The SEC is kneeling. Who could force the SEC to kneel? I'll give you a hint:
>HE looks like Poohbear and fucking hates it.

>> No.30173977

What's a price you all think this can get to? I have 92 shares and trying to decide when to sell is fucking with me

>> No.30173990

My guy couldn't even put on a clean shirt for these girls ... Think about the smell of the asshole on the one on the left tho

>> No.30174099

I bet she eats the fish sandwich from hardee's

>> No.30174266

Hi Anon,
I'm actually in the middle of doing a similar thing with my family. Any tips from your journey?

>> No.30174503

interesting theory, but a bit too imaginative even for the Chinese. We probably never will get an answer unless we question the SEC board and waterboard them till they fess up.

>> No.30174698

I feel like they the CCP are propping up gamestop at 500K a share who the fuck knows at this point
to absolutely destroy the western economy
they don't care that a few thousand auistmos become tendie billionaires

>> No.30174849

Retail has access to AH

>> No.30174995

>They own 90% of the companies in america now
>They likely own the banks
>They undoubtably own our politicians
>It's too much to think that another country has FINALLY gotten the power to control the world.
It's ok Chinese spy-kun, i accept our chink overlords.

>> No.30175158

this is why nothing makes any sense tone
it literally hasn't since covid started
phase two is completely crashing the US economy with a stock apptly named
"GAME "STOP"....................

>> No.30175279

Nah, I just think a GME crash is just too imaginative for them. They are shrewd businessmen with long-term goals while most american investors can barely stay focused on a 5 year time frame, yet alone a 30 year plan and get instantly blind-sided by a short term gain.But hey, hats off to them if they actually let gamestop fly off the rails.
I just don't see how the SEC could have stopped GME when this was all of this was caused by institutions to begin with.

>> No.30175444

is anyone going to jail over the sheer amount of shit that has been pulled?

>> No.30175521

I trust the spreadsheet; we mooning tommorow

>> No.30175527

No. But Robinhood is going to get REKT by the end of this. Either by their IPO completely falling flat and them crashing and burning, or by the end of the congressional hearings to create a "saving you from the heel" type of situation.

>> No.30175538

Thank you for the question anon, I think that is a great question.

>> No.30175545





>> No.30175588

Thats not a get, faggot.

>> No.30175622

yes but that is

>> No.30175680

>How could sec stop it
Like they have stopped every other internet born pump recently, by stepping in and saying "NO" and running full scale investigations and freezing accounts.
You are talking about a country that intentionally released a virus to distract the world while they built military bases and pushed for control of countries on their borders. Have you not been paying attention to china lately? They have been EXPANDING this whole time the corona has gone by.
Japan called us the sleeping giant, but china is the titan of titans, and has been awake this whole time. IF you think this was a short term plan you are a fool.
It makes perfect sense when you consider one fact: "If the USA fails, who becomes the defactor major country all other countries will look to for an example?"
I'll give you a hint, it's no country in the EU.

>> No.30175687

Not its not. How new are you

>> No.30175754


>> No.30175773

he's just talking about digits, stop gate keeping jesus

>> No.30175796

at what age did your mother realize she raised a completely flaming homosexual faggot?

>> No.30175812

thanks man, i'm trying to become financially independent, and /fit/ says /biz/ is a comfy board :)

>> No.30175864

plz stop we're full :*(

>> No.30175884

he’s being sarcastic, quoting the congressional hearing. but good luck you’re gonna have to work on your bullshit detector

>> No.30175989

Its not even dubs you fucking dumb 12 year old niggers

>> No.30176038

if it makes you feel any better I only stick to these containment threads and lurk everywhere else
defo, i nearly fell for the squat plug meme on /fit/

>> No.30176119

So can I quit my job yet or what?

>> No.30176127

>squat plug meme
Oh man I forgot about that

>> No.30176140

I want GME or AMC to pop off because even though I'm in the green I want money NOW

>> No.30176230

>88 is not dubs >>30175588
you must be a troll, sage

>> No.30176235

He was talking about your 88 get you fucking mongoloid.

>> No.30176279

last 3 digits is tomorrow's close

>> No.30176288

Were going to make Chechnya look like a nerf gun fight, and the Weimar republic look like peak economic performance before the end of the year, aren't we?

>> No.30176315


>> No.30176316

>Announcing a sage

>> No.30176337

Refer to Terry Davis' cryptic warning of Market Crash. I don't want to see the world collapse into disarray but all signs point to this. It's about to get warm in the US; a bunch of literally and figuratively heated people with a destroyed economy is like a wet dream for the elite cabal. In the Chaos, a New Order is born

>> No.30176364

I've never been banned for doing that. Maybe I just got lucky though.

>> No.30176384

>sage an individual poster
theres newfags, then theres fuckin newfags

>> No.30176400

no anon, that just means the order book in after hours was super dry and two market orders happened to meet

>> No.30176541

Too low. Now THESE are tomorrow's closing numbers.

>> No.30176556

there's some funny shit going on still which is nice

>> No.30176574

why did I think sage was used as a “fuck off and ignore” but for threads not individuals that makes sense

>> No.30176600

Its looking like china joined the secret club of elites, and now the plan is to crash the world, and let china reign, while the big boys walk off with bags of cash. It will be interesting to see how this pans out, as my dreams of homesteading are being contested by potentially roaming the earth as a lost soul among the madness.

>> No.30176653

No, it just means you dont bump the thread. Recommendation: lurk a year before posting.

>> No.30176892

wat dis

March 3, 2021 09:20 PM ET (BZ Newswire) -- Short Sellers

Gabe Plotkin’s Melvin Capital Management LP saw gains of more than 20% in February after being brutalized by a retail investor-led short squeeze a month earlier, CNBC reported Wednesday.

What Happened: Melvin fell as much as 53% in January in a short squeeze fueled by users of Reddit forum r/WallStreetBets, which sent the shares of GameStop Corp (NYSE:GME), AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (NYSE:AMC), BlackBerry Ltd (NYSE:BB), and others soaring.

The fund returned 27.1% in February recouping some of the earlier losses, according to CNBC.

Why It Matters: Hedge funds Citadel and Point72 infused $2.75 billion in Melvin in late January. The investment was in Melvin’s fund and non-controlling revenue shares, as per the Wall Street Journal.

Melvin subsequently covered its short position in GameStop in January after confirming it had taken a huge hit as did Citron Research.

See Also: Citron Research No Longer Publishing Short Reports, Switches Focus To Multibaggers

In a statement ahead of the House hearing called to look into the GameStop saga, Plotkin denied that Melvin was bailed out by Citadel.

“To be sure, Melvin was managing through a difficult time, but we always had margin excess and we were not seeking a cash infusion,” wrote Plotkin.

Price Action: GameStop shares closed nearly 5.08% at $124.18 on Wednesday and gained 0.66% in the after-hours session.

For news coverage in Italian or Spanish, check out Benzinga Italia and Benzinga España.

Copyright © 2021 Benzinga (BZ Newswire, http://www.benzinga.com/licensing). Benzinga does not provide investmentadvice. All rights reserved.
Write to [email protected] with any questions about this content. Subscribe to Benzinga Pro (http://pro.benzinga.com).</

>> No.30176940

We are going to lose our country, and the recent election was only the start. Orange man pissed off winnie the pooh. SO he was removed.
If you think this is not the doing of the CCP, you have not been paying attention to how they have been fucking other countries. I've been watching, and i wondered how they were going to cripple us, they took the WHOLLY CHINESE approach, hitting us where it hurts the most. Our countries wallet when we are still over 3 trillion in debt /TO THEM/.
Welcome to the red future. The Corpo future is real choom.

>> No.30177030

well thanks for clarifying that, i’ve been here for years but never realized it’s proper usage

>> No.30177031




>> No.30177045

Based. Terry is a legend. FUCK NIGGERS.

>> No.30177127

Please, Rahsheesh. Just. No.

>> No.30177152

It’s ok to get anxiety over this all sometimes, r-right? Idk I’m holding 10 at $200 I’m not shooting for break even I’m holding for $800+ but now that it’s beddy-bye time I kinda feel worried about what might happen if people break the law or something and the stock gets messed with or whatever or some unknown thing happens and this all gets ruined :/ I’m ok with losing my money on this but I don’t want to :((
Just sharing my feelings I guess. No matter how bad we feel remember to never sell

>> No.30177184


>> No.30177207

China can’t reach us if we join Elon on mars, bros. But yeah FUCK CHINA they kill tens of thousands of Americans every year with their fentynal.

>> No.30177320

>If the USA fails, who becomes the defactor major country all other countries will look to for an example?"
The hero we need, but not the one we deserve

>> No.30177446

i don't think China would walk away from this so cleanly. It will be all over. Without the USA watchdog, what's to stop any country on the planet from being an opportunist?

>> No.30177509

Let them desu America shouldn’t have to waste time and money babysitting everyone else.

>> No.30177544

Come to think about it, maybe CP2077 was onto something. Global corporate wars. We already see a shitload of cryptocurrencies acting as forms of payments. Corporations totally have it in them to be their own self-serving nations

>> No.30177655

You make jokes, but i'm not.
The data is all there, and and as disgusting as it is to consider, the SEC refuses to step in on GME, there is no way the shorts are covered because we are crabbing at 120-125.
Someone wants the BOOM to happen, and no one but them can stop this at this point. Ask yourself a serious question and wonder why institutions would be piling on, including ones from other countries, if this was a done for stock? They know something we don't have talked to people we have not, and money and favors have passed hands. The fundamental language of those in power is being spoken in the shadows.
GME is going through the roof, and when it does, that's only the start.
All of the people who could have stopped it won't, and there is more than enough proof of this.
Holy shit, the more i think this out the more clear cut it is, i don't think GME is going to go down. It can't.

>> No.30177748

really starting to think i should cave and buy some 140$ calls or something

>> No.30177780

We are getting a lot of ominous dubs...that being said put me in the screencap

>> No.30177784

Dubs confirm it's the Zang Tao future and not Arasaka.

>> No.30177879

Checked. Just so you know anon, it’s usually better to attribute bad actions to stupid than evil. Personally, I think Covid was accidentally leaked by some dumb chinaman who didn’t follow sanitation protocol. And for this stock market stuff I think most of the institutions that are supposed to be watching it are just incompetent. They can/(are) be taken advantage of by bad actors like China, but I choose to believe people are just ordinary stupid rather than a massive conspiracy.
Maybe invest your profits into silver you can bury in your backyard just in case tho...

>> No.30177939

You know what a shit-barometer is, boys? Measures the shit-pressure in the air. You can feel it. Listen, boys. Hear that? The sounds of the whispering winds of shit.

Can you hear it?... Oh, but you will, boys, when the old shit-barometer rises, and you'll feel it too. Your ears will implode from the shit-pressure... beware my friend. Shit-winds are a comin'.

Put it on the market, boys. 100k limit prices everywhere.

You thought we were trying to sell it to someone else other than Melvin?

Listen, at the price I'm asking, no one in their right mind's gonna buy it.

Melvin is never gonna let his hedge fund go bankrupt on the open market while shorting GME.

We keep raising the price, Melvin 's gonna have to raise more money to buy it.

And the only way Melvin can raise money is breaking the law, boys Breaking it. Then we'll catch him in a shit snare and sell GME to him at our prices.

If Melvin didn't cross my shitline, i wouldnt have crossed the shitline.

Maybe you can fool the FBI, but you can't fool the FB Me. He who looks into the abyss realizes that there's nothing looking back at him, and the only thing he sees is his own greasy shit in the toilet, Melvin. You understand? Bud? The Abyss? The shit-abyss.

>> No.30177946

>it’s usually better to attribute bad actions to stupid than evil.
that's what they want you to think, so they can get away with it
how many coincidences have to happen before something is intentional?

>> No.30178033

Well, how many coincidences do you have to see before you realize your brain is designed to notice coincidences? Are you confident you are 100% accurately interpreting subjective reality?

>> No.30178072

Oh I saw that aswell. I tought it was a glitch.

Someone probably decided to sell at market price, in a moment when no one was buying. This or he decided to sell 1 share at an extremely low price, just to see what it would do, for the fuck of it.

>> No.30178122

Based. Diamond hands boys

>> No.30178131

>It's stupidity
But that's the thing with GME bro. It's not STUPIDITY that caused it, you can't tell me "The genius of our generation" as they call Melvin's CEO would be dumb enough to OVER FUCKING SHORT a company knowing people have fucking EYES and can see. He was /forced/ to do this if not paid to do it. People don't just overshort, you are taught in business school that it's literally the dumbest thing you could do.
I'm sorry but i don't think so low of my fellow man as to attribute everything to stupidity. I am smart enough to know direct malice where it is obvious.
You can call it schizo, but the people who could stop our bull run are not, and acting like it's just not happening. I'm scared, i know i want to win the gamburu but not like this.

>> No.30178144



>> No.30178211

Was this tonight?
People are already buying at 300$?
I set my sell limit 360$, I might raise it up a little just to be a stock-tease.

>> No.30178235

I talk about stupidity in general anon. Yes, Melvin and this GameStop shit is on purpose but I think they were just greedy not trying to bring it all down. And I feel the same as you. I want to win, but I understand what the cost is... oh well, the great American men will survive and rebuild society better. Hopefully on mars

>> No.30178258

I would agree fren, but here's the thing, our country isn't what most people think it is. A country isn't the borders, it isn't the economy, and it definitely isn't its government. A country is its people, and their culture. You are America friend. Your friends, your family, hell, most of the retards on the internet you talk to. People have lived in a world where the government is taken for granted, and everything has to be done with the will of a higher power. People arent used to the government not lording over them. You are about to enter time where that feeling doesnt exist. Some of my friends had it during the riots. That sense of stability, and structure completely goes away when there are sixty communists with rifles a block away from your house. Comfort is what did us in, and that comfort is about to be stripped away. Men like you and me will be left standing among ashes, with hoards of people who cant care for themselves. You are approaching a crossroads where American men who are 'in the know' will need to make a decision. You can escape on your own with those you care about, and probably set yourself up to live a fair and rewarding life. Alternatively, you can become a leader, and walk down the road of our forefathers. One is almost certain safety, and the other almost certain ruin. Many on this board will take the safe road, but there are those who will walk through hellfire, and they will do it because its in their blood. I dont know where ill be, but I know that weak men have led to bad times, and to survive them, we must become strong men. And one day, perhaps we can live to see the good times we can bring about. God speed anon.

>> No.30178289

birds of a shit feather, flock together...

>> No.30178403

Checked. There are multiple gods waging war through us, anon. Not all of them good, and their gets are different than ours...

>> No.30178443


Big cultural events/inflection points represent manifestations of a larger pool of unconsciousness. This meta-mind is beyond our day-to-day understanding. But i believe it can "intuit" outcomes or probabilities. Perhaps even draw them out with sufficient attention/alternation of probabilities via attention.

Nothing is a "mistake". The last few years have been deepening and deepening of resentment between all strata of humans. As if there is this longing for a catalyst. This very much feels like a boiling point. Lockdowns. Mass adoption of questioning of authority. Migration. Fake news. The Game "Stops"

>> No.30178498

Based shout out to Thoth/Hermes Trismegistus.

Perhaps I've said too much...

>> No.30178518



>> No.30178538

my GME stock doin a little somethin.....

>> No.30178552

checked, but nice try rabbi
our brains are designed to notice patterns, and when events all coincidentally seem to benefit only one group/goal, well, it sure feels intentional

>> No.30178567

Admirable but this world is completely conquered. You either become a pawn, an adversary or you take the right path, and not participate. Focus on yourself. Ruling others and politics was created because humans peaked and got bored. They decided life should be absolutely living hell instead of comfortable bliss

>> No.30178591

Hey anons anyone here has a.picture of the conspiracy post about how GME was gonna crash the market in order to start the great reset? I saw it a few days ago in here but can't find it anymore. Thanks.

>> No.30178606

>tfw still waiting for GME to blow up
>+2k on the line

Let me go free

>> No.30178610

oh my it's staked, I forgot, I'm done for lmao
good I didn’t go for this trash they tried to spam on /biz/ today
my portfolio with yvs and their farm system. top gem on yield market with modern terms

>> No.30178659

Starting to feel like /xsg/ in here. Based.

>> No.30178694

tfw no asuka tulpa

>> No.30178811

1 final thought
godzilla vs kong ~ ww3

>> No.30178833

When you will faggots die off?

>> No.30178858

What are the chances you guys think the longs will sell before retail? It has always been their game and if they cash out than that's the peak no matter what retail says.

>> No.30178884

When you put a shotgun in your mouth and pull the trigger, go ahead, stream it and i will sell.
Your move, fag, and it's gotta be loaded.

>> No.30178894

>digits, but shill

>> No.30178915

Wtf is going on itt? Yo fuck other stocks, we GME gang. Wtf are you guys even talking about? Just chill tf out and hold you fucking limey pussies. 180 tomorrow, 215 Friday, 3 day gamma squeeze Monday through Wednesday. It’s baked into the charts

>> No.30178935

That's the way she goes boys. Sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn't, cause that's the fuckin' way she goes.

>> No.30179025

There are still a few who keep the old lore. >>30178443 seems there’s more of us around still than I thought though ;)
Is that confirmation bias I detect? Perhaps cognitive dissonance?
Yeah I’m gonna. SKE money no worries about the rest

>> No.30179064

So GME bros, what do you think of this?
>$GME The maturity date on the 2021 bonds is coming in less than 2 weeks
>These are the bonds that OG GME bulls suspected short sellers tried timing their strategy on & placed huge gambles on these bonds defaulting
>3/15 will be a day

>> No.30179095


How would it crash the market

>> No.30179156

Fuck SKE. No one cares about that shit. Did you read the fucking sign? This is GME pump general

>> No.30179297

Well, I don't know how many years on this earth I got left; I'm going to get real weird with it...meanwhile, block the wind while I roast this bone.

>> No.30179299

They're trying to run psyops as if this was reddit and that would work here kek. Disregard the shills.

>> No.30179310

The DTCC has enough to pay it off even if the hedge fund goes bust.

>> No.30179311

Also took me a second to realize the 15th is the Ides of March. You can't make this up. I just want to know what it will do to the price cause I have no idea what these bonds actually do.

>> No.30179379

>The people in charge of this chose 3/15 for some happening.

>> No.30179402

▲ ▲

>> No.30179448


>Ides of March
>Leo Ascendants horoscopes say they'll receive a sudden, unexpected windfall in the middle of the month

>> No.30179457

Oy vey fellow whites
These merchant tricks in an industry dominated by Jews are clearly caused by the chinaman.
Remember how Biden appointed an all Chinese team to manage our diverse and inclusive economy?

>> No.30179552

>imfuckingplying the jews are not in bed with china
You forget Israel was selling US data to china.
They've BEEN in bed together for a few years now.

>> No.30179667

they may be in an immediate bed but neithers' end goals involve the other, but both involve control over our glorious land

>> No.30179751

That immediate bed is all that matters right now, both will play the long game against each other once the main enemy (us) is cowed for good.

>> No.30179761

>the us is a colony of israel at this point. They can sell obsolete goyim technology for shekels
It was Russia all along, Russia,Russia, er China.
>no Chinese telling me to be less white.

>> No.30179787

true. our work is cut out for us

>> No.30179801

Like i said, I welcome our chinese overlords if they are the ones pulling the GME strings.

>> No.30179912

Melvin are the Jews who got greedy in this. Retail are the ones who crystallized the squeeze. Not some Chinese fantasy.

>> No.30179947


*tink tink tink*

Attention HEDGIES

I will NEVER, ever sell my GME. GME at 400? Didnt sell.
GME at $40? Didnt sell.
GME at 50? 60? 100? 200? 600? 1,000?

Not selling.

IF you filthy hedgies ever want to see these stonks again, you are going to have to pump the price to AT LEAST $100,000 per share... At which point, AGAIN, you filthy hedgies, I AM NOT SELLING

The richest man in Costco. Praise DFV

>> No.30180012


>> No.30180043


>> No.30180134


>> No.30180154

can a kind anon please repost the 1m a share math I think it was 50 trillion from some agency I forgot which thanks bros
t. retard who has 140 gme average 290

>> No.30180420

Back in 2016, GME issued $475M in bonds. A few months ago, GME refinanced over half of those bonds out to 2023.

>> No.30180556

And this does what exactly to the price? I just want to know how more people invested in GME bonds will reflect on the stock price on the 15th.

>> No.30180654

china isn't doing shit you faggot

>> No.30180670

gme makes 750 million cash from paid subscriptions, the company has a free cash flow of around 6 billion.they can service their debts, they did a refi with lower interest rates makes it easier to pay their debt and save cash.

>> No.30180734

so since the company has survived the shorts, the cash from their bonds basically guarantees that the shorts are now impossible and unjustifiable under any circumstance?

>> No.30180819

Prove it, chang.

>> No.30180833

if dubs moon

>> No.30180951

Well that is just more fuel into the GME train.

>> No.30180974

its just a MATTER of TIME until GME goes to 100000000000000 a share its GUARANTEED why don't people UNDERSTAND GME is INFINITY MONEY I own 100000000000000 shares of a stock worth 100000000000000000000000000 dollars and its a lot of money so I will be RICH SOON

>> No.30181007


"GME has a momentous task in front of it, but it has two major luxuries that make a large upside surprise possible. First, the end market (gaming) is absolutely massive, approaching $150 billion. And second, this market is growing rapidly all over the world with billions of people playing games on their phones, PCs, and/or consoles. GME has already established relationships with 60 million engaged gamers through its PowerUp rewards program. This will become a key asset as the company transforms itself to tap some of the new and exciting trends in gaming.

1. Any way you slice it, the first six months of calendar 2020 will look very bad from a financial headline prospective. Revenue will be down substantially year on year, as will earnings. These headlines are likely to feed the consensus that GME is doomed.

2. Something changes with respect to the console releases. Although both Sony and Microsoft have announced that their new respective consoles will be released in the fourth quarter of 2020, there is nothing that is written in stone. If there was a dramatic timeline change, this could put financial pressure on GME to transition its business much faster than expected and provide it with a much smaller cash buffer.

3. Management fails at finding success in transforming the business. All the new concepts fail, and the company is left with few options to counter the declines in the legacy business.

4. Company decides not to buy back any more shares. This would dramatically change my EPS outlook as the denominator would be much higher. Financially this would leave the company’s balance sheet with substantially more cash that would likely be invested in the new lines of business. "

This was in Feb 2020, things are changing as predicted. GME was 4 per share then.

>> No.30181042

I'm not claiming to be keen on being ruled over by the CCP. However, if they were to take control of the best universities in the west, and have their ethical standards be the norm, would that allow more unrestricted research and development? Would we see scientific breakthroughs not possible under the current paradigm? Will we see human deer hybrids in our lifetimes? I really want a non baizuo deer wife.

>> No.30181126

In the USA, if someone invade your house you have the right to kill him.

In the middle east, if an american invade your house and rape your wife, you get sent to guantanamo, for killing him.

How many people do americans kill every days?
How many country’s democracy do they destroy every years.
The CIA used to test drug on dentists patients, in Montreal.

At least China oppress its own citizens.

>> No.30181130

He used 50 tril / 69.5m shares

>> No.30181242

Thats more I like it

>> No.30181293

thank you so much anon

>> No.30181304

Woops kek

>> No.30181491

I tried to set my selling price to 69420$ and my broker didn’t let me.

>> No.30181541

I hope this shit is resolved one way or another soon. I was excited for another round of quick and easy dopamine after the unparalleled highs of January but it's getting tiresome now and I'd like to go back to whatever I did before gamestop.

>> No.30181644

Lol my phone autocorrected it. I meant to say “make money” idk wtf SKE even is. Another example of their being an explanation other than malicious conspiracy I guess ;)
Lol dumbass
Love the struggle ride the tiger

>> No.30181672

Why did you take the first marshmallow when you could have had a second one if you waited.

>> No.30181718

I was in low for both pumps, it just feels like this one is taking so much longer than the first.

>> No.30181785

Did you check ATEC?
Why did the director bought 90M$ worth of shares, tonight, two days before the anounced earning report?

>> No.30181814

BSC ecosystem is rising extremely rapidly
So there is no reason to wait
Join fucking cool Swirge and earn with fun
>I hold SWG, coin price got top liquidity this year

>> No.30181837

That's cuz this one will end it all.

>> No.30181960

Their supposed to publish the earning report, Thursday night.
And they just made those enormous insiderbought, less than 24h before the date.. guess what it means...

>> No.30182248

How about you stop.. talking like a faggot.. and explain it you fucking retard?

>> No.30182379

god help me anon

>> No.30182430

connect the dots bro. learning to think critically is the only way you'll keep your money if you stay on this board after this shit goes nuclear

>> No.30182547

>hurr lookit this shit and figure it out yourself, you know it's relevant :^)
Yeah no show your work to the class or fuck off.

>> No.30182629

Can't use my broker until the 8th. Never got on the train and its going to be long gone by then. Or is the 15th really the magic date?

>> No.30182699

Why the fuck do you think the director of a company would spend that much money to buy stocks from the company he work for, right before his company’s earning report goes public?

>> No.30182796

He wants to lose it all and return to monke

>> No.30182817

OH, OH, so this sheet for for the GME director, buying stocks for his own company?
Ok, i was confused looking at this at first.
So they know something is coming?
Should i save that image as a proof for later?

>> No.30182899

god i hope so

>> No.30182910

>The director see the earning report one day before anyone else.
>He see that those earning surpassed analysts expectations by far
>He knows that the investors will regain alot of trust in his company’s ability to generate revenue.
>He put 90M, 1 day before the public see he’s earning report so he’s sure to have bought at the bottom, before it skyrocket!

>> No.30183008

Godamn I just realized that this was the GME general and not the SMGeneral, I guess I’m the stupid one!
This had nothing to do with GME this was about ATEK.

>> No.30183032

based and misunderstandingpilled

>> No.30183109

Goddamn it man, that's just rude.

>> No.30183131

>It's just hedgies vs hedgies and we're caught in the middle?
No. Don't believe the shills propaganda, we (retails) have a lot of power. I believe that retails own more than 50-70 million of shares and that would be more than the circulating float.
Reminder that retails alone raised the price from 70 to 480 in 3 days.

>> No.30183243

We might have power, but that doesn't make us not caught in the middle of a hedge fund turf war.

>> No.30183260

50-70 million is not the 200% owned by institutions.
We are still small fish to them ad every retail who sells is bought up by them.

>> No.30183311

a good portion of that 200 percent would be naked shorts they sold to institutions which effectively are debts

>> No.30183346

Seems like you could make a killing selling covered options in gme.

>> No.30183442

I saw your reply, I was like
WTF are you talking about?
It says ATEC right on the paper, printed in blue.
Oh wait a minute.
>Goes back to the OP
Oh I see why he would think this is related to GME.
My bad.

>> No.30183448

I'm on ameritrade and I had to actually call my female broker to place the order to sell a cc on gme this afternoon.
The broker was talking me through the process and at one point mentioned trying to route it thru citadel, which failed, so tried for Morgan after that.
interesting stuff but basically the point is it's a pain in the ass and if you want to adjust your limit sell it's a hassle

>> No.30183468

>and at one point mentioned trying to route it thru citadel, which failed

Substantial if substantiated.

>> No.30183570

It was intriguing to hear this twenty something zoomer talking about navigating financial plumbing jjust to deliver me the ability to sell one 200 c expiring friday.

>> No.30183598

>Is 100k a joke and I'm just being played?
>100K would crash the entire US economy
Wrong. The DTCC have 50 trillion dollars and if we all sell @700000 the DTCC will be left with more than a billion dollars. But since stupid people will sell @10k, 30k, 100k or even 500k, I think chads can sell @1m or even 2m without DTCC going bankrupt. I don't fucking care about the DTCC and I'd love to see DTCC go bankrupt so I will sell even higher than 2m, maybe 30m.
>Im selling at 200k
Based but you should sell higher.

>> No.30183659

will it be tommorow /biz/? I will fucking have a tantrum like a toddler if you lie to me again

>> No.30183747

>The DTCC have 50 trillion dollars

If they go insolvent there isnt any stonk market anymore though, so we shouldn't bankrupt them.

>> No.30183759

yes we should. Fuck this place it only serves the elite.

>> No.30183799


You son of a bitch, I'm in. It'd be worth it just to tell commies that capitalism redistributes wealth better than communism too.

>> No.30183800

nah, the stock market can restructure around a better system, the stock market existed before the DTCC.

>> No.30183840

Can you touch that or is OXEN 100% digital?

>> No.30183867

Under capitalism it take money to gain power.
Under communism, it take power to gain money.

>> No.30183912

I'ma gonna be honest with you guys. I got 4 shares at 87 but I've got a stop loss at $110. I hope it moons but I can't be with this crabbing. I need to get my BAO farm going and $500 would help out.

>> No.30183960

They outsmarted the U.S.
They can't win a fight vs the U.S.
They can't win politically
But they can out smart the U.S.
By going after the white man only weakness greed
Greed is how they got so much influence slowly eroding Americanism one corporation after the other
They are playing a long game, the Chinese are very patient, and they will win in the end if American does wake up, but the frog is still in the warm water without a care

>> No.30183981

Anyone else remember it going to 325 then back to 49?

>> No.30183999

shill BAO to me, im looking for some passive income with my GME gains

>> No.30184007


China's a dead cat bouncing, anon.

>> No.30184013

someone is explaining how to do it in smg. honestly gme sounds like the perfect opportunity for it. massive volatility. but ranges around a predictable price for weeks at a time.

wish I could cover calls on this

>> No.30184016


>> No.30184050

>the CCP are propping up gamestop at 500K a share who the fuck knows at this point to absolutely destroy the western economy
500k will absolutely NOT destroy economy.
See >>30183598
If it's true, they will sell at 10m minimum to destroy the US economy.
>we shouldn't bankrupt them
I know shill that you scared your employer goes bankrupt. But everybody else hate the system that allow naked short selling. Fuck the DTCC.
Checked and redpilled
Love ya frens.

>> No.30184122

My friend is making $2000/day with an initial investment of 6k. with the new stuff.
Baoman is heavily autistic and hates the majority of his userbase
I'll be honest I'm going off my friend's advice. He's spent hundreds of hours pouring over shitcoinonomics and fully believes in BAO and I'm down for a gamble.
I have a grood job so I'm not banking on it, but if it can turn into 1-2k/month passive income then hells yeah boy. Small potatos but that's a hell comfy life.

>> No.30184125


>> No.30184212

Short answer?
We don't know.
Long answer?

>> No.30184216

Might buy a few puts, fuck these niggers

>> No.30184306


Alright, fine. Fuck the DTCC, they can hang. Fuck 'em, pay me.

>> No.30184504


>> No.30184508

>people don' make mistakes it has to be the shadow government
come on...

>> No.30184606

>The richest people in the world and the man called "The smartest investor of our generation" fucked up this bad
Come on... man.

>> No.30184623

Infinite squeeze creates a holding pattern.
There is no time frame yet a number of things happen mid march.

>> No.30184676

who the fuck calls him the genius of our generation

>> No.30184753

do you mean plotkin? even just checking his wiki it's not like he's one of the highest earners. it sounds like he's a literally who. who calls him that?

>> No.30184754

News reports, apparently Plotsky was called the "genius investor of our generation" by the older kikes and his peers.
I can't honestly believe someone with that title did this on an oopsie. Shit's intentional yo.

>> No.30184795


The fund is led by Founder & CIO Gabriel "Gabe" Plotkin. According to Forbes, Plotkin earned about $300 million in compensation in 2017, making him the 20th highest paid hedge fund manager that year.[25]
it just sounds like dumb lip service. if he was the smartest investor of our generation he'd have the most money in our generation

>> No.30184803

The DTCC is so shady. As a retail I do not have access to all the details on them, but it looks like they have 63 trillion.

>> No.30184809


>> No.30184815

Bloomberg of course. As if you they would say anything less of their masters.

>> No.30184831

Can the Q, astrology and conspiracy schizos go to bed, please? This GME thread is a weird one.

>> No.30184845

That's the point. They are blowing him, despite the fuckup. They are blowing him hard.
If this goes through the roof, watch as they STILL blow him. He's been paid to fuck up on GME, i feel it in my bones.

>> No.30184873

people do things when they seem like they'll work forever. when i was in highschool i was one of the earliest bitcoin adopters. i'm talking like, when i bought it was less than a dollar. my dipshit self margin traded on bitcoinica.
from like 200 bucks i got up to 3000 bucks. i thought i was invincible. and then i lost it all in one day because bitcoin crashed.
it's the same thing on a larger scale. i'm sure these hedge funds have done this over and over to random companies. they probably made billions and billions of dollars doing it too. this is just the first time it bet them in the ass. i'm sure until GME, there was some weird tacit rule of engagement that stopped hedgefunds from fucking each other over. retail piling on gave other hedgies an excuse to pick at each other's corpses.

>> No.30184938

Not a genius.
He was doing what they do all the time.
Putting businesses out of business while making money doing it.
They liquidate corporations that they deem should be out of business so others they deem worthy can take over the market share.
It is going to be the reason Bezo's et al start being charged with anti-trust laws.

>> No.30185041

So like what happened with auto corporations in detroit being bought off by conglomerates at the cheap in the 80's when auto manufacture moved to asia at increased levels. Except in this case its gamestop

>> No.30185139

Can they take on such a giant like amazon anon. Bezo's built a fucking government. Now thatbhe's leaving it makes sense amazon will be pumped and dumped though. How can we short amazon before the hedgies

>> No.30185155

I can see your angle, i can.
But inside i feel like they are all complicit.
Like, if the market collapses they all stand to benefit from a Corporate takeover of the states. Imagine, the amercian government just collapsed from an economic stagnation and all of the benevolent tech and corporation overlords will swoop down to "save us" with help from our friends in other countries.
I know it's easier to think that people did this on a fuckup, and it bit them in the ass, but it's also just as likely that this was on purpose, and not only does the evidence point to it, the only thing people have to say against it is "oh man, there's no way".
Is there? Is there no way?

>> No.30185238

yeah, sure. the point i'm making is that when the world makes it retardedly easy to make money, then "smart people" end up going the retarded route -- to very rare consequences.
look at fucking hollywood. you know why movies are shit? because you can reliably make money off shitty movies. that's why frozen 2, an almost universally disliked movie, made over a billion dollars and cost 100 million. there's no need to be competent when you can just press the win button over and over.
every dick and jane who runs a hedgefund is going to be some sort of investing prodigy. that doesn't mean every hedgefund succeeds.

>> No.30185239

In doing so he screwed thousands of small businesses. Of course they can the question will be if they will. Trump called him on the anti-trust issue. I suspect that is the reason he stepped down.
The problem remains as the structure is the issue. The only thing that will save Amazon is if they restructure in favor of the small business that made them what they are today.

>> No.30185317

i dunno. i'm not that anti-conspiracy. i'm not incredibly convinced by your argument, but i'm sure someone out there is plotting something. just look at all the great reset bullshit.
mostly i think that if there's some kind of conspiracy, it'd be something stupid like using GME as an excuse to put more limits on retail investing. new world order from GME? i'd have to see more.

>> No.30185324

Keep in mind that literally millions of people will then have capital to work with.

>> No.30185511

I'm trying to remember which director of the FBI said it, but something along the lines of "The greatest conspiracies to exists, are the ones so terrible, so horrible and strong that the average mind cannot begin to fully comprehend it."
People though MKULTRA, taking kids and adults and brainblasting them with LSD to reprogram them to make the perfect solider was a nightmarish fever dream, then it was declassified.
Kicking off the collapse of our economy using a video game stock? That's actually pretty tame compared to MKultra, you gotta admit.

>> No.30185707

It will never moon. Mid 135 or lower and that's it. If it moon above 300 I will buy each and everyone in here one banana.

>> No.30185742

I demand 1 banana republic.

>> No.30185901

capped, ill be expecting my banana

>> No.30185973

if i were China, Id want to buy the loyalty of the people smart enough to figure this out, considering the American economy is going to collapse anyways.

>> No.30185996

You best get ready for those bananas. I need one to be green so it will be ripe by the time it passes customs.

>> No.30186002

Thanks for info. Just sold my 50 GME stack. You really are a protector.

>> No.30186017

getting rewarded social credit points seems more better

>> No.30186044

2 spoopy 4 me anon, its night time here.
I wouldn't be surprised if there were a bigger conspiracy behind this though; it's clear that hidden hands are involved. Why did they double down the second time around despite facing such a precarious situation earlier. They pulled out almost everything in the book to stop themselves from getting screwed--then they go right back in and burrow themselves deeper? It'd be hilarious and fitting if it was simply out of hubris, but it's hard to believe.

>> No.30186104

because people are stupid and after doing this shit without any negative repercussions for years, they feel invincible.

>> No.30186109

Anons, I hate jews and the economy more than most but I need proof of this before I buy back in. Melvin apparently up 25% in February makes me think this second round is bullshit. The lost 50% in January

>> No.30186164

>fitting if it was simply out of hubris, but it's hard to believe.
I've learned that if something looks like a coincidence, feels like a coincidence, and is being called a coincidence, despite all the evidence screaming that these number of coincidences don't just happen in a row...
Then something fucking stinks, and it's not fish.

>> No.30186177

by the time this is over my penis will be in gabriel plotkins ass, forcibly

>> No.30186184

well Uncle Bruce has a theory on that

>> No.30186213

can someone explain to me how a short squeeze is possible when the short interest decreased drastically?

>> No.30186243

It hasn't.

>> No.30186280


>> No.30186305

I think today will be a red day, allowing the price to dip enough to enable the SSR so that on friday this can moon with all those call contracts expiring ITM can bring us above 200

they didn't actually pay back what they owed and they also shorted a ton of other ETFs holding GME.

>> No.30186346

It's pretty simple.
They lied, and there is no penalty for it because >lol business.
It's sad but true.

>> No.30186406

but these ETFs were always highly shorted way before the GME fiasco

>> No.30186481

A lot of it is self reporting fuckery. ETF shortage did increase after January fiasco though. Besides that short sale volume was huge last week and presumably this week too. It was over 50% when it's normally 20%.

>> No.30186485


>> No.30186490


>> No.30186498

and if we moon these ETF shorters are fucked bigly

>> No.30186506

Everything going on the world today reads like the plot of GitS: SAC. Q and WSB are like the laughing man. The Q movement was aimed at corrupt politicians, WSB was aimed at greedy hedgefunds. Just like in the show, both of these movements have likely been hijacked by the very people they sought to destroy. They’re useful tools to control the masses. BLM is the same. It’s a theoretical communist pincer attack to sow discord among the masses so that a new power can take root among the confusion, much like Gouda uses the refugee crisis to his advantage in season 2 by spreading the individual eleven mind virus. Everything is a carefully constructed work of fiction that plays off the fantasies of the masses for the benefit of those who seek power

>> No.30186521

Digits department? I'd like to place a buy order.

>> No.30186531

Pic related
>these ETFs were always highly shorted way before the GME fiasco
Wrong. What are you referring as GME fiasco? January, 25? They started to cover shorts mid-January and put these shorts on ETFs.

>> No.30186610


>> No.30186631

XRT went on the threshold securities list on the 29th, going from ~10,000 FTDs to over 2 million on the same day GME went off the list and went from a million FTDs to something like 130k. Not only did they obscure existing shorts using XRT, they doubled down.

>> No.30186657

>im so fucking tired from losing funds
>hate everyone who approaches me
>i see graphene AIRDROP soon
>i put money in in $PHR and receive some graphene coins
>i get profit from sharding tech
>i fuck your mama underneath your bed

>> No.30186673

It's not about the destination it about the journey.

>> No.30186674

The scary thing is, you are not wrong.
And it scares me. All we can do is watch it unfold, powerless to do anything about it. They will execute their enemies financially, and we will end up rich from the endeavor. But at what cost?
Not one that will cause me to sell early in guilt, but enough to haunt me the rest of my days if it goes the way it's looking.
It's a good thing i plan to end it in a game of russian roulette eventually, maybe i won't live to see the long term consequences of my actions. Only time will tell.

>> No.30186717


>> No.30186757

>we will end up rich from the endeavor. But at what cost?
The trillions of dollars the government will make in short term capital gains taxes. I have no doubt that we will pay a much higher percentage in taxes than a lot of these corporations do

>> No.30186792

It won't happen. The little guy is hated anon. So amazon goes the way of aol then?

>> No.30186872

You don't understand, it's not a FINANCIAL cost i'm talking about here. It's the kind of weight we may feel for the rest of our lives.

>> No.30186901

Personally, I don’t give a fuck about anyone but myself anymore. Friends are great and all, no offense to anyone on this board, but I gotta look out for number one if you know what I mean

>> No.30186922

yep. this is just the first domino. innocent people will be hurt nationwide because of this

>> No.30186980

understandable anon, hope everyone goes green when it happens.
though a coordinated dump might be funny kek

>> No.30187005


>> No.30187026

So jews just love collapsing governments and civilizations like bees to a flower. They infiltrated all important aspects of a sucessful modern economy and just shilled their product only, their product being filth as movies and media. Them controlling banks allowed them to go full retard on fiscal policy to crash the west repeatedly only to fill more jews in high positions. All so an epic tier collapse can come to fruition. Just so they cam feelnat home like in the middle east. The land of eternal petty conflict and war. I get it. I don't get why, but I get the how. Honestly lads the middle east needs to be cleansed bronze age problems cannot be entertained. Anyways if they are all prodigies then no one is a prodigy.

>> No.30187031

Oh you fucks are up early, just in time for a new thread soon too. SIck.

>> No.30187032

Comfy based thread. Had a good time listening to trey davis beat on some wood while reading the thoughts of you anons.
Now it's time for bed. Goodnight /GME.

>> No.30187046

It's a kill or be killed world. Ultimately, what all the doomsday posters fail to realize is that these gargantuan financial structures are monolithic and all-powerful. They're literally like undying Lovecraftian creatures with incomparable power and the groundwork for them has been laid since the first Neanderthals bartered four hens for a cow. Capital, in one form or another, will always equate to survival. Better to have it then not, it's as simple as that. I won't feel guilty for facilitating a better life for myself and my family.

>> No.30187081

Good, I can buy more

>> No.30187121

Powerless? I am making money off of this. Yes, GME is a financial black hole, but I am just here to ride it till I get my paycheck. If it was any consolation, at least people are making money this time unlike 2008. And hey, someone will have a job looking over my taxes deductibles so I can get the most out my gains.

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