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I’m making a cup of decaf. Am I turning gay or something

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I just hold then. and buy more. Already locked in.

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Should i pay back my Student loans?

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Remember thar GUSH was shilled here at $15 last year, why didn’t you fucking listen??

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What is the maximum upside you see on 15,000 in SQQQ, UVXY, SOXS, and TECS right now? If the crash is as bad or worse than march could that be a 10x? Is a slow bleed or a fast crash more lucrative in this case?

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Hedge against inflation with Steel and Oil.



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I'm gonna buy pokemon and name my team after stonks. Hilarity will ensue.

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Alright guys this crash is ending tomorrow. I'm buying SQQQ and SOXS. I will sacrifice myself for all of you (except lum poster who started all of this).

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Quit throwing innocent animals around you filthy anigay poster!

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>PLTR up 5% afterhours

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would you cathies daughter?

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>all those people here long on uranium mad because I said bad things about nuclear energy
nigga, if nuclear energy becomes mainstream we're surely getting some nuclear terrorist attacks

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>t. Treeum 16.5k

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Say that to my face and not online.

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I want a bull trap to get rid of my tech. It's only 30 percent of my stuff because I'm not a retard like you people

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I'm actually probably selling at VIX 50 or so tho actually

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it will dump in premarket LOL

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thank god the bull run is back baby

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Is this black-haired Lum and purple-haired Lum?

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PLTR AH can it please fucking stay green today

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That’s why you nuke all Islamic and communist nations before implementing the policies ez

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Rare pepe, gay fucking stock

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>nio is 60% of my normal portfolio

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Is now a good time to enter AITX or will it keep on dumping?

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Anyone going to cling on to ARK investments?

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Sh-should I sell all of my SOXL tomorrow? I'm down 10% on it even after averaging down multiple times

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No it’s chilly outside and my sweater is in the wash

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>I want a bull trap
We had that already. You will sell tommorow or else you WILL be waiting until the dead cat to sell at more of a loss

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I would if I still had any

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Just sold GUSH today. Going to move it over to NRGU.

Any insight on NRGU?

Also, CPE as been SLAYING for me.

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It’s ironic that the etf named ark is sinking

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If you have private loans YES
If you only have federal loans -- no and avoid it since you have many versions of cancellation and there is no interest on it with the chance in the future to not have to pay anything. If we are in a bear market it might not make sense to play it at if you're not used to it. I would keep the money liquid enough but extremely safe if you need to in the future pay off your student loans to reduce your debt-income to say close on a house.

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Do I buy some NASDAQ tomorrow, or will it dip more this coming week? What are memelines saying? Sometimes they actually are a bit useful.

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So 2 months into 2021; what was the worst shilled stock in smg so far? I’m sure with literally any of the picks you could have made money if you got in and out quick, but I vote for CRBP and AQB. I’ve never owned either stocks, but the people that shill CRBP are relentless when the stock hasn’t done anything. Don’t think I even need to say anything about mutant salmon... What’s your picks?

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I did a suicide gambit and rode the dip, the bull trap, and this dip perfectly. Holding my bear positions indefinitely now.

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It is SO strange/annoying that every other economic article I read states the COVID vaccine or something about it. It's shilled so hard I'm starting to wonder if some monetary force is telling stock news to include it in there. Some of the vaccine inserts don't even make sense in the context of the article.

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Remember how cocky everyone was Monday? What happened?

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The real terrorists are the ones afraid of some white people pee poo peeing in their halls and stealing their shoes to jack off into since they will be sending american soldiers to bomb brown people again and everyone will clap.

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Don't mind me. Just into a few things like Renewable energy, Nuclear energy, Power,Healthcare, and Aviation. Plus Capital (aircraft leasing). It's not like the aviation industry will be rebounding this year or the renewable segment will be growing over the next several years or anything.. Meanwhile my stock price is still cheap as fuck.. Those who bought me in march or hell even in October are laughing their asses off now..

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>NIO is 100% of my portfolio
>tfw went all in at 62

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shes cute

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Aqb i agree

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Don’t know haven’t looked at my portfolio I’m not down any money!

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SOXL was good until mid feb when it hit the top

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Anyone have any penny stock recommendations? Currently looking at NAKD. I have about $1k extra and feel like throwing it at some penny stock. Threw $1k at crypto so far about $200 down. I have enough to throw money at a penny stocks.
>So any recommendations?

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when are the oil and gas fags gonna get dumped on? they need to feel my pain

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>he didn't listen to his warning on monday

its literally over bros

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Jesus christ. Hold on anon. Don't sell that will go over 62 again, I hope by summer sometime. I am in at 9 average. I will just keep holding.

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I still can't believe we pumped and dumped TR with a weekend of shitposting. What the fuck.

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Wh-what the hell

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Remember to sell once clear liquidations start anon. Bear markets tend to liquidate the overleveraged pretty heavy which provides reentry opportunities

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Can you guys goad some incels on r9k or pol to create a massive terror cell so pltr can track them. Pls

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they are all federal yes,
>many versions of cancellation
and you also implied biden is going to get rid of SL debt, careful there...

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tech rotation while the market farded and shidded because treasuries went up .01%.

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>he bought the mortgage company larping as a tech company

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A fast crash is way more profitable. A slow bleed is gonna mean days and weeks of up days and reversals slowing the spike on sqqq through decay and uvxy. A slow bleed won't make you much honestly. A black swan or March will but chances of that are slim. A slow massive correction on tech is real. But not without plenty of green days and great yet minor upward corrections

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I got massively abused by bulls on Monday. I tried to warn them.

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>degiro took forever to accept my 5 grand
>stock market getting raped while im waiting

Good feels, maybe I should wait a few more weeks before dumping them in boomer chip companies

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yeah we're gonna abuse the fuck out of you again when line goes back up too

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Buy and hold these in the long run


You'll thank me later.

t. Pennyfag

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Not nakd.

The penny shills will come soon

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I probably called you a retard for not buying the dip I’m not gonna lie I was somewhat incorrect on my assessment of the market

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I love that little whore

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>has been
thanks for reminding me

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>she thinks that zoomer investors will know who David Bowie is
Oh Cathy

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I don't think so

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shill me an anime that is NOT urusei yatsura

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>take out student loan
>fail out of school
>use remaining money and put it in dividend stocks
>student loan payments are tax deductible
>write off student loan payments
>collect dividends
will i go to federal prison doing this?

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Maybe I'll just stop opening my portfolio and learn how to make bread or something.

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Yes, 3 week dip after years of good returns isn't going to scare me

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what companies are most likely going bankrupt in the next 5 years?

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*thanks you now*

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Pretty sure they'd be booing at Biden and not at Don Jr. That little faggot Jared Holt is insufferable.

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Sword art online

>> No.30168887

As highly intelectual investor you should be aware that extended hours are just reperations for holocaust, and just like holocaust they don't matter.

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Blink Charge

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Well if interest rates explode any company that needs tons of cash

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Fuck all neocons.

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Bear markets are the easiest to make money in. Its more difficult to profit from a sideways market if you don't have 25k to day trade

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How come other boards get so pissed off when a /biz/nessman post their portfolios?

>> No.30168974

I'm not a glop fan

>> No.30168979

SQQQ time?

>> No.30168989


jf there is volatility there is always lots and lots of money to be made if you know how to read the market

>> No.30168990

Most people are broker losers

>> No.30168994

probably because its off-topic?

>> No.30168996

spy puts on the menu tomorrow?

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>Bear markets are the easiest to make money in
All ears.

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We will wait and see what happens with this stimulus. My worst case scenario is the the senate republicans stone wall all efforts to get it passed (in a meaningful way) as revenge against Biden and use the market crash as ammunition in the mid terms.
Of course it's all a puppet show for the goyim but it does have real world consequences.

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What the fuck does SOXL even make?

>> No.30169009

if SOXL keeps dumping I'm just going to buy some oil with my remaining cash and just not open my portfolio until April

>> No.30169020

Panty and Stocking, Mushishi, Redline (movie), Cromartie High School.
In no particular order.

>> No.30169025

I bought last week and was down but i held that bag. I have a 75.65 GUSH average

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you're late but yea

>> No.30169043

Why not NAKD?
I want to add apparel to my portfolio though and thought of a penny stock.

I have banks, airlines, medical, and real estate.

>> No.30169046

$8 by october. will probably follow the exact same pattern as 2013.

>> No.30169059

I told you I was going to keep buying. I am going to continue to buy. I won't stop, I will crash everything and take as many of you as I can with me. I dont care anymore.

>> No.30169073

I fucking love bear markets. Literally pick a position and wait:

>> No.30169085

Smart rocks.

>> No.30169086

he said bear not ear

>> No.30169090

breadmaking is peak comfy and makes your house smell great

>> No.30169091

I'm counting my oil money that thousands of people died fighting for in deserts and mountains

>> No.30169092

None. Nothing. Zero. There will be no bankruptcies in the next five years, none at all. This is financial advice.

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>> No.30169107

Reminder to eat egg for a happy and healthy body while trading. And don't question me on my filenames.

>> No.30169110

Bear market
I kneel

>> No.30169123

Which one of those has the best anime titties?

>> No.30169127

Get the interest rates under control king boomer!

>> No.30169129

If you work for the state or national government you can look into public service loan forgiveness. I think they knock off 5,500 off for it. Or maybe its true forgiveness. I forget. There are other programs as well. I doubt Biden even knows what's going on but there is a militant wing that demand it be forgiven. Since we are just in the third month of a presidency and the U.S stock market is on the verge of collapsing due to fears of inflation since jpow said there would need to be 300 billion of bonds needed to be bought per month its safe to safe clown world will see us go the path of Argentina. Your loans are forgiven but you make as much as an african nigger.

>> No.30169133

How do you guys feel about CWRK as a NFT play? They create NFTs for art and art fraut

>> No.30169140

bought at $12 sold at $12.80. fml

>> No.30169148

Ultimate Muscle, Law of Ueki, Log Horizon, Ladies vs Butlers, Cyborg 009, Lupin 3rd

>> No.30169154

Do I buy VTI or VT? Index friends do you subscribe to the international meme? Then again our POTUS Is gonna be fucking up for the next 4 years...

>> No.30169168

Feels good. To be sitting on green even thru the short term shit fest. Hell I dumped more into my total market fund today on this dip. Cause honestly do you expect DIS for example to drop back to 119 or sub 90 again? Fuck no, cause that time has come and gone and won't ever be repeated. There's nowhere else for it to go but up.. KO is the same, as is Viacom, Comcast,etc. Fighting streaming is like trying to fight air; It's all around you. The sheep will eat it up. Coke will flow like wine cause fuck people will be out doing shit en-mass soon and what do they give you by default at 90% of places? Coke.

>> No.30169171

OMG, how do you know the anon is a HE.

So offended.

>> No.30169175

Buy SQQQ until it crabs or things start to recover. Everything moves together in a bear market so don't bother looking too much into indidual stocks until it's over.

>> No.30169183

>PLTR rises in AH after dumping during normal hours
Its been doing that for a week, anon

>> No.30169185

rate my portfolio
50% SOXS
50% SOXL

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>> No.30169216

Anyone else here EMAN? I've made a ton of money on this stock already but I don't know if I should pull out. Is it a meme or this company going to make me a millionaire in a few years?

>> No.30169225

Aaah Rika you finally understood
Oil is our salvation

>> No.30169227

It's not patriotic to bet against energy sector of your own cou try anon.

>> No.30169242

I don't bother to look at AH prices, I don't have Jewish heritage so I can't participate anyway

>> No.30169258

it's not happening. oil moons hard tomorrow.

>> No.30169287

Redline has some good booba moments and looks sweet in general.

>> No.30169288

EMAN eat egg.

>> No.30169301

>People were mocking me in march 2020 when I was buying my boomer oil companies @10% divies at the price they were back then
>half of my rend is now paid by divies, and the principal also went up by 30%
>I just have to keep them all my life as if they were bonds, I don't give a shit if they do +10% or -15% or whatever the shit market will do
>living the comfy life

>> No.30169305

>AQB down 40 percent for me

I have come to acceptance...

>> No.30169306

Probably a lot of fintech and small gap green energy firms. Literally everything that doesn't make anything but has a sky high valuation.
Look back to the dotcom bubble if you need inspiration.

>> No.30169313

Wait and see if OPEC increases production. Then you can shitpost and laugh at them
You're using cheat codes.

>> No.30169319


A+ to an A

S would have UVXY and perhaps TECS

>> No.30169323

My wife's anime, Spice and Wolf

>> No.30169332

I'm going to have some faith in you anon. Just note, I will come find you.

>> No.30169333

So according to a bunch of rich fucks, SKT is the next pump n dump stock thats primed to go. Dunno if I want to fall for it after RKT crashed lol

>> No.30169343

Maybe movie theaters, shit was already a terrible business arrangement and they're obsolete as long as home electronics stay cheap.

>> No.30169351

He's lying, the bullchad said that shit back in fucking April, and hey, it was pretty understandable considering how shaken everyone was.

>> No.30169359

>urusei yatsura
iria zeiram

>> No.30169365

A million different shitty stocks are shilled every year. If I listened to all of them I would be broke.

>> No.30169370

You'll never lose

>> No.30169397


>> No.30169399

cathie wood turns me on like a lot...

>> No.30169403

sp500 will be over 1000 points lower by end of april at latest. screencap this.

>> No.30169418

And crashes the market; with no survivors.

>> No.30169420

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin

>> No.30169421

Why does everyone wanna be an OiL chad now, we were called bagholders a few months ago. Did something good happen?

>> No.30169427


I misread the second one as SQQQ lol

>> No.30169430

What how? In a 5yr high of not even $7

>> No.30169431

what the point of even coming here?

>> No.30169433


WTI is going to $100
X is going to $75 and CLF $50

>> No.30169439


>> No.30169444

If you are uncertain, see what happens with the stimulus. Don't just me blindly, I could be leading you down bum rape alley.

>> No.30169456

i'm going to jump in at open and just focus on taking some profit instead of maximizing gains

>> No.30169459

Are you selling?

>> No.30169463

>Lupin 3rd
starting anywhere in particular?

>> No.30169465

If you didn't get in NAKD at 0.4 you already missed the train.
Get in ACRX after it finishes dumping, or HITIF. Those are what I have rn

>> No.30169476

For me it's selling covered calls to drive down my cost basis of my bags

>> No.30169487


>> No.30169514

Already priced in
We ride oil barrons

>> No.30169516

+1 for Redline

>> No.30169517

If I keep successfully trading SOS, every single day, I’ll have 1M$, in 2 Month.

Do you think it will last this long?

>> No.30169527

Well I sold my pltr in the after-hours spike. I got out with a small profit but considering I bought after the lock-up expiry I'm happy with it. Now that I'm out it will hit $40 tomorrow.

>> No.30169530

any of you use quandl data for screening?

>> No.30169535


What was that now?

>> No.30169545

he's still saying buy the dip

>> No.30169551

oh no, am I in the tribe now?

>> No.30169555

OIL chads check in
Last night, I said we bust $60, sitting at $61.35 now. The great bull run has just started. $100 oil this summer.

>> No.30169572


>top story is The union vote that could change Amazon forever

>Nearly 6,000 Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama are voting whether to unionize. This is the backstory.


>> No.30169583

Why does SOS seem to vary according to bitcoin value even though its value and expected revenue aren't affected by transient fluctuations in bitcoin value?

>> No.30169590

Doesn't really matter since they are all pretty much self contained stories. The Cartoon Network run will do you fine.

>> No.30169592

based anon wish i had had money to put in the market in march

>> No.30169598

I just want to waifupost

>> No.30169610

VTI. If you want outside exposure, throw in a little AVDV or VXUS. Remember to hedge with some TIPS, BND, or VCIT.

>> No.30169613


>> No.30169619

Blood for oil is actually a really good deal. I mean, you know, as long as it's not *your* blood.

>> No.30169622

All you gains will be spent on gas and food price increases.

>> No.30169631

My soul hurts

>> No.30169632

No. I didnt go super crazy into it. I'll wait for earnings. I figured it was gonna be a long hold. If it drops below 5 then I think I'll be actually fear selling.

>> No.30169648

Well, RIP 2 day delivery it was nice while it lasted.

>> No.30169650

I am sorry fren

>> No.30169653

>Anon, you've been contributing the yearly 6k max to your Roth IRA, right? You haven't been missing out on tax-free gains have you?

>> No.30169663

Boku no Bible Black

>> No.30169669

That's where you are wrong bucko. Energy sector is saving market from collapse. I don't know what magic USA is doing to keep pumping it, but it works

>> No.30169675

THAT'S where I come in.

>> No.30169676

Dump asap. It just started dipping and is going to $30 very soon.

>> No.30169687

+5.15% feels good to be in Oil.

>> No.30169691


Good shit bro. Thinking when I make it I just need 200k to dump in MCD and I can collect 5k every quarter.

>mfw mcdonalds dividend is actually somewhat decent

>> No.30169694

who tf that

>> No.30169711

I told yall not to trade the nasdaq today. You did listen right?

>> No.30169715

should i unironically do this and write calls on both for monthly income? wcgw? if i get assigned on one just wait for a drop or buy more of the other

>> No.30169716

I don’t care, I make more than 400$/day, just buying the dip everyday and selling it the next for over 10%.
I don’t care if it make sens, but that’s the only thing I don’t have to wait too long, to make profit.

>> No.30169734

I currently have 10 shares of XOP

what other oil should I buy?

>> No.30169741

>implying I have 6k to spare per year

>> No.30169748

What does /biz/ think of these Divvy stocks


I like how O you have a dividend check every month

>> No.30169760


>> No.30169764


I made 8.5% trading against it

>> No.30169765

>1.33% CAGR
Nigga what the fuck

>> No.30169772

Deep Blue Fleet

>> No.30169780

It's always bullish long term. Every time there is a dip, retards come out of the woodwork screaming that THIS time it is actually over. Literally hold, and you'll be fine

>> No.30169786

You also get a free 4-piece just for being a shareholder.

>> No.30169789

they went too hard on the diversity = no whites meme and forgot that only white people are anti union

>> No.30169797

I got fucked today, biz... and not in a good way...

>> No.30169810

Baby oil. Put plastic sheets over your mattress, Pour a couple of cans of refried beans on the bed. Rub you naked body with the baby oil. Roll around on the bed.

>> No.30169822


>> No.30169828

Lum posting is bearish for the market and has been bearish since January

>> No.30169849

fat albert here's gonna drive food prices up all by himself

>> No.30169857

im just gonna holdl

>> No.30169860

If I don't buy tomorrow, I'll hold out and wait till tax season is finished with. SQQQ, oil, and natural gas sounds like a gameplan till 2023.

No shill, CPE has been making me money, for whatever that's worth to you.

>> No.30169866


>> No.30169871

Tommorow I’ll put 5K on SOS when it dip, and if it dip more than20% my initial buying price. I’ll put another 5K on it.

Hope I get rich in 3 months max.

>> No.30169884

And miss out on cheapies?
You should set your dividends to automatically re-invest. Also, you shouldn't buy stocks that are purely dividend focused. They aren't sustainable. Get something broad and safe that nets ~2% divvies like VTI or VXUS

>> No.30169886

Lefty policy is so gay like just stop being poor and taking my money

>> No.30169893

Futures are down 350 points, you tell me

>> No.30169899


Stop it.. 4 piece nuggies for holding mcdonalds stock???


This is almost as backwards and insane as California trying to tell people what minority you must have on your companies board. Hence everyone leaving Cali for Texas and Florida

>> No.30169902


>> No.30169916

Look how fucking weak futures are, ES didn't even breach the first level of resistance before dropping again. Time to head down to ~3700

>> No.30169928


>> No.30169935

Futures cuts like a knife........ Nah. Nah. Na. Nah. Na.....


>> No.30169936

You should have bought SOS under 5$, friday.

>> No.30169940

same exact scenario you describe already happened in 2013 and it was even de-listed off the euro index just like this week only to rally 100% by October. Only difference was at the time they were on the decline and now they are cash flow positive.

>> No.30169952


>> No.30169974

Certain cruise and air lines.

>> No.30169975

>> No.30169983


>> No.30169984

Its a perfect fuck up.

>> No.30169992

Is this yield curve control?

>> No.30170002

I put 3k to 4k in mine a year. I figure that's good enough.

>> No.30170015

Who here /RBLX/ at IPO

>> No.30170030

It's solid if it opens above $8 tomorrow, which it will. But it looks more like a short term swing trade.

>> No.30170037

I ain't scared.. I'm laughing. With glee. Closed out today green. Closed out yesterday green. Dumped more into my SWTSX fund yesterday and today during the dips. Nothing can stop the green. Why? Cause march 2020 will never happen again in my lifetime.. Short small dips, sure during which I'll dump in more.

>> No.30170042

the government will print more money but gold prices will never go up again

>> No.30170045

dubs and funds are safu tomorrow

>> No.30170051

I'm bullish on this image ngl

>> No.30170075

take out a loan

>> No.30170077

believe in gerome
he's not letting the market crash

>> No.30170079

My income bracket let's me get a tax bracket up to 4k invested per year, so that's what I invest because I'm a poorfag.

Just trying to find a broker that will let me do 3x leveraged accounts in a retirement account. Schwab is cucked and tells me it's "too risky" to use my own fucking money like that.

>> No.30170092

Take out a loan and leverage that fucker
>t. anti-dave

>> No.30170098

well duh, anon. When the damn breaks it will be the mother of all black swans

>> No.30170104

I just blindly buy TQQQ and SOXL every month and its been going alright

I mean how can I fail? Tech ain't going away so I figure I'll just buy it

>> No.30170136

I've been shilling BCEI but honestly it's run up a lot lately. BSM is worth a look, it's an oil and gas royalties company, prettymuch a boomer stock so not gonna 2x anytime soon but it's got a sustainable 8% dividend which is nice.

>> No.30170145



>> No.30170151

Sell calls above your cost basis and pray

Holy shit your not lying

>MFW those futures across the board

I should have shorted even more than I did today. Fuck.

>> No.30170153

At $45/share? Sounds like it might get dumped near the beginning but it's a cool long-term investment in a very forward-thinking company so RBLX is certainly on my radar!

>> No.30170179


>> No.30170197

How to benefit from rising interest rates?

>> No.30170203

Suck my dick, for 50$.

>> No.30170204

dubs and I make at least 2% tomorrow

>> No.30170219

Hey bobos, what this red everyone was talking about today, i’m too comfy with my 150 shares of GUSH and 50 shares of XOM that I bought last year.

>> No.30170221


>> No.30170230

Selling covered calls too, right Anon?

>> No.30170233

>I mean how can I fail?
During the correction last March, SOXL 80% of its value. This next one will be worse. Wait, and grab that knife.

>> No.30170236

>holding bags

>> No.30170250

bros i feel like shit

>> No.30170256

do really believe that a black swan is going to happen exactly one year after another black swan happened?
has thi ever happened before?

>> No.30170259

anyone shorting this shit?

>> No.30170260

Explain why you feel that $45 is overpriced when most people feel it should trade around $150+

>> No.30170263

*futures except oil

OIL CHADS [email protected]?

>> No.30170275

Crash of the century coming

>> No.30170292



>> No.30170316


>> No.30170328


>> No.30170344

Anyone in AVGR? Seems at least a good 2x - 3x this year, IMO it's extremely undervalued

>> No.30170349

You're getting too cocky oil baron, just like the SOXL posters
Dubs and bobo cooms on SOXL tomorrow :^)

>> No.30170352

you'll find out tomorro

>> No.30170353

I'm up 90% in basedhorse.

>> No.30170359

>t. nigger dick

>> No.30170363

If the tech 100 going down I’m gonna start blasting the tech 9

>> No.30170386

>oil up a quarter of a percent and looks like it’s about to crash

Sure thing champ. Enjoy tomorrow’s wipeout.

>> No.30170389

I’ve been doing this for over a month and I use to split my profit in 5, among the other stock, I would buy. But I’m going to reinvest the same profit, everyday, on SOS.

>> No.30170392

Will JPowell save us tomorrow?

>> No.30170395

>Famous last words before he got bogged

>> No.30170409

It's a dangerous game but if these anons call it right they could profit more than they expect.


>> No.30170416


>> No.30170420

I unironically might a boomer. I have too many piggish tendencies seeing the play but lacking day trading ability.

>> No.30170435

The only thing certain is uncertainty, The way the FED has propped this market up since 08 will come home to roost, sooner rather than later. Oil going off the dollar would kill it and would have Argentina or Africa tier inflation.

>> No.30170473

Yes I maxed out. HSA too. Free gains.

>> No.30170485

Bobobo bo bo bobo

>> No.30170489

Based oil bro

>> No.30170513

>in minecraft
He meant, for any law enforcement including the SEC that maybe observing this thread.

>> No.30170517

>Operation Twist iz going as planned

>> No.30170525

>That cielo in the background

Kino af

>> No.30170531

Oil has run way ahead of itself and I wouldn't be surprised if it pulls back. SCO calls and GUSH puts.

>> No.30170532

The younger you start, the better. The more you save, the sooner you can reach NEETirement

>> No.30170535

>VIX red
>but also futures red

what does it mean

>> No.30170538

>Oil going off the dollar would kill it
What would be the catalyst for this?

>> No.30170550


>> No.30170556

Traveling Witch Elaina

>> No.30170578


futures were primed for a green day today bro it's not sacrosanct

>> No.30170585

look again champ

>> No.30170599

Get better fren. When I hit the Powerball tonight, I'll come find you and buy you a slurpee or something.

>> No.30170604

you must be 18 to post here

>> No.30170609

he bought? tweest it

>> No.30170610

>The way the FED has propped this market up since 08 will come home to roost, sooner rather than later.
people are saying this since 08, we literally had a big crash last year chances are the next crash is not happening for a while

>> No.30170612

everything is gonna be fine, as long as you hodl and have a longer time horizon.

>> No.30170624

it would literally start ww3

>> No.30170643

>tea. gay? no.
>decay. gay? yes.

>> No.30170649

Thanks bro

>> No.30170655

Everything will be OK if you're holding OTM puts anon : )

>> No.30170656


>> No.30170683

I'm in it anon - solid dip buying opportunity here in $1.50-$1.65 range
Clearing plaque out of arteries without causing restenosis is a big deal
The entire world is getting fat - China just announced >50% of adults are overweight
Being fat isn't just an "American problem" anymore
Everyone will need plaque cleared from their arteries

>> No.30170686

Last year was not a "black swan", it was an overdue correction. The market didn't even go below 15 p/e.

>> No.30170690

OIL bros, we take $62 tonight

>> No.30170718

Oui, oui, monsieur, you will be OK for at least ze next 20 seconds.

>> No.30170733

Let's say I make like 3 mil in my roth and 1 mil in my 401k by the time I'm 45.

Say I want retire. Do I just take it out and pay a penalty? What of i dont want to wait until 59

>> No.30170745

I put another 12k a year in my Roth 401k. Up to 300k retirement now.

>> No.30170755

Won’t shit on your parade, enjoy the tendies anon

>> No.30170762

Doubtful. Possibly a liquidity crisis. But I ask again, what would be the catalyst for moving oil off the dollar? What other currency is in a position to absorb the volume and why would the industry switch to it?

>> No.30170819

Screencapping this and making it the decal for my lambo

>> No.30170820

the yaun, there are stories out on this very thing right now.

>> No.30170856

Saudis are threatening to use the Yuan, as crazy as that sounds, probably just fake posturing as those lying arab filth like to do

>> No.30170908

Jesus Christ the NASDAQ took a shit the last couple of days.
>finally decide on Monday to invest in non meme stocks
>pick solid buys that I would expect decent returns over a long period of time like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, PayPal and took a chance on Riot
>put 10k in which is half my savings because I'm trying to save up for a house (can borrow half of my 403b which is at 80k now)
>hoping in a year or two I'll make another few grand
Jesus Christ the only stocks making money has been GME so far for me. Fuck these Jews, Boomers, and Democrats. Holy shit, Biden is in office and the economy shits the bed? I unironically will vote for Trump next time even if he straight up says fuck niggers publicly.

I'm exhausted. Just fucking exhausted. I'm selling it all tomorrow, putting in GME and if I lose it I'll just drive my car off a bridge. I'm so fucking angry right now.

>> No.30170995

They should use shekels. It would be funny and probably throw everybody for a loop.

>> No.30171000

i dont care lol, I held TQQQ all of last year

>> No.30171036

This guy fucks.

>> No.30171073


Ranma 1/2
Maison Ikkoku

>> No.30171137

SEPP (and/or roth ladder) to avoid the penalty

>> No.30171163

I'm sorry anon, but your ass belongs to the bobos now

>> No.30171244

>bombing brown and yellow people
Oh shit what else would boom other than oil??

>> No.30171309

You bought in at a bad time where the market fards and shidds. Dont sell anon. Wait for the stimulus to be passed.

>> No.30171410

anything can set off USD right now
>fx traders net short USD
>liquidity crunch - crash in other markets
some other guy mentioned it seems to be under accumulation - the spark he mentioned is a currency crisis of OTHER currencies
weird time to be in... again the market knows what's up we just don't know yet

>> No.30171535

I’m looking

Looks bad. I hope oil has a huge up day tomorrow so I can short the everliving shit out of it selling pumped calls to rubes.

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