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charge your phone

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Uh im probably gunna lose half its value soon lmao

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>90k xrp
You will soon be in 9 figure fellatio

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Give me $500 for the love of god op cmon..

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larp thread. nobody on biz has 6 figs or more

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What do you think bros? Am I going to make it?

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In need of some hopium bros

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I’m bored

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If you only knew how comfy things really are

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ngmi, try some new hype trains.

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You're not in the 6 figure hell if 1 bad dump can shake you out.

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Oops, didn't mean to include op there

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Nigger you really gonna try to give advice with shitfolio >>30167985

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Move at least some of your uni and pnk (definitely a lot more of the pnk) into something better. Otherwise you're okay.
Bat and matic are the only good holds you have. Move your money off bsc back to eth and buy something real. That shit is seriously dying because L2 eth platforms are blowing up rn, as you well know.

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these are fake, only pajeets would think of holding these dumpster coins if they had 6 figs

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I’ve been thinking of selling half my PNK stack, so you may be right. Not sure about UNI desu got it from the airdrop, might wait until v3 though. Thanks

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This thread is for non poor fags only

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Sell Uni for Cake

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how does 50k eoy sound

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>there are people in 6 figure hell who are diversifying

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Cashed out my BTC/ETH/LINK a bit over a month ago and ready for alt-season

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Based and redpilled dead phone poster

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Finally made it to 6 figure heaven. Feels great.

Please teach me how to see more gains.

Please sell those stinky linkies.

Based etherium Chad. Dump the meme coins though (ADA, LINK)

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Do you seriously want to get btfo'd?

has been crabbing for an eternity and will probably continue to crab through the whole cycle.

dead token, only hyped because it made it on coinbase

laggard in this cycle, everyone knows it, even linkers

about to get dethroned by pancake or the up and coming quickswap

another crabbing piece of shit

you're ngmi anon.

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Literal insane person

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you sound smug right now, but you will eventually lose all your money by the end with a portfolio like this, mark my words.

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You fool

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>apologing for accidently tagging someone on a chilean nazi anime image board


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Another literal insane person

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>(x) doubt
I made $84k back in 2017 with $900. I'm easily hitting 7 figures this bullrun

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I believe in GRT as much as anyone, and I own a fat stack myself, but this seems very risky. Be careful, anon.

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Check it out. The founder + team are very well respected in the community. Friendly with winklevii and gay Twitter owner. I’m aling ~.002 bitcoin per day with only 130,000 staked. It’s only on OKcoin and binance and a handful of smaller foreign exchanges. It’s basically defi right on top of btc. Grayscale filing a trust for it. Gemini and Coinbase are practically guaranteed. Already vetted and approved by sec (not a security) in December. Plus it never gets shilled on here which is a plus

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Recently got out of six figure hell and now I'm in seven figure hell. It doesn't get any better boys. I'm still miserable.

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** earning.

I’ve only had it staked for four days and here’s what I’ve made. EZ MONEY. Why sell something that appreciating and earns you a yield in btc?? Liquidity will evaporate once the on ramps come online (coon base)

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DEX was a bad choice. But I won’t sell for a loss

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>RSR crabbing for an eternity
it did a 4x in the last 3m and has a top at 10 cents. It’s being bought up by institutional funds and has a coinbase listing coming soon.

>GRT a dead token
they just announced several partnerships and new integrations last week you brainlet

>LINK a laggard
It’s a top coin and I pretty much guaranteed to go up. Don’t care about time

>UNI getting btfo by competitors
Lmao what happened the other week when pancake swap took all of its volume share? UNI mooned

It’s a long term hodl and they’ve got announcements coming up. I’m still up and comfy.

Everything below BNB in your folio is hot trash I suggest selling before you get rug pulled and rope anon

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that's what I thought in 2017, but I'm still here.

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Get your teeth cleaned twice per year. Have a cleaning lady do your place once a month. Hire a stylist (I can refer my guy if you want) and spend 5k on a new wardrobe.

These are highest utility expenditures you can make once you acquire some play dough $$$.

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Why do you exclusively invest in shitcoins?

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lol, now you're just being silly

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Holy shitcoin

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How will getting my teeth cleaned and a new outfit help me with my crippling sense of Sehnsucht? I feel like I'm dead.

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Took me from $12k to 200k. Can’t be all bad

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What a massive waste of money. I get my hair cut for $10 at great clips, I could buy an entire new wardrobe for under $1k, and I don't want some random person snooping all around my house just because I'm too lazy to clean.

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3K link. that's all. I was at six fig, now I'm back to 5 fig I think.

>> No.30169920

I'll repost this in a month. We'll see who is silly

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>you have six figures but you don’t really have six figures

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you’ll never know how 900-1200k feels like, absolute horror

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Never selling

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Any hope left for Everest? I don't see the alpha materializing at all...

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4 figure hell here. actually i think im beginning to understand. sorry anon

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>PNK stack

You will make it in 2025 friend.

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Bruh... 90k xrp

This man is really about to have 180,000,000 by end of year.

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me larping as me am I doing it right?

>> No.30170139


Anon, I...

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if this thread is real then im selling today. all these 6 fig portfolios are pure stinky shitcoins

>> No.30170308

i like your pitch, thinking of dropping the 15k into stx

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The mother of all alt-seasons is about to start, seethe nocoiner.

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How do you guys stomach not having at least 1-2 bitcoin. I'm at $240k and feel physically ill if I let my BTC drop below 2.1 or my ETH below 32.

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this is what a high 5 fig/low 6 fig portfolio should look like. all in a few researched alt coins of varying market caps. i'm not too familiar with your picks, but your philosophy is solid.
t. 7 figure illiquid retard

>> No.30170468

4-fig anon again. It's because you're smart and holding like you're supposed to. We are taking big risks on these shitcoins it can blowup in our faces.

>> No.30170487

pure unbridled greed and low iq, during a bull run you don’t have to be all that intelligent to throw in 10k and get back >100k

>> No.30170491

It only makes 450~ a month? That's nothing. I'd rather go stake it in a 50% return coin or put it all in a liquidity pool.

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You must look like trash. Appearances are the first things people notice. You pay someone to clean bc they do a better job than you will, and it buys you time.

Since you have a million dollars you understand investing and compounding. For lots of people their teeth are essentially earning negative 2% interest on enamel. Starts slow but then when it’s too late it accelerates and you’re fucked. It’s one thing being out of shape in old age. Another being toothless and denture shopping. Plus they always have chatty bimbos who are happy to see you.

The clothes I recommend because if you are young and investing you probably fall into the function over form camp. It’s natural. But this applies to impressing women as much as it does to your sense of self — wealth that cannot be sensed or seen does not exist. It doesn’t have to be ultra fine linen suits. Just a coherent wardrobe of stuff that fits, matches your skin tone, and that above all else, you enjoy is such a massive boost. If you don’t get compliments you don’t dress well enough. The difference between higher end jeans that fit perfect and off the shelf Levi’s from four years back is large enough to be noticed by others. Zero downside to it.

You’ve the the cajones the put a milly in crypto — spend 5k on yourself

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>look like trash because I don't buy expensive brand names or pay immigrants to clean my house for me
lol ok buddy

>> No.30170583

Sometimes it’s fun to play things fast and loose. The rest of my portfolio is safe and boring

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If I throw 20k into a legitimate alt coin, it’s got a chance of a 3-4x in a year or so, w BTC it’ll be a while before we even get to 100k. Though I’ll admit I wish I had BTC ETH for safety

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>biggest dick folio is a Bitcoinchad
Every single time

>> No.30170774

Any day now. Just need another bull run and I can get to 7 figure hell.

>> No.30170842

I am surprised how barely any one is holding link in these portfolios

>> No.30171048

I said I’ve only had it staked for four days. I know the protocol thing shows monthly amount but I just started

>> No.30171092

> holding ETC.
NGMI. go back to reddet

>> No.30171185

>just entered 5 figure purgatory
>i have no doubt most of these are real

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I had 500 link and sold it for grt when grt was $0.50. I have absolutely zero regrets.

>> No.30171193

Cuz this is a 6 figure hell thread. They’re all in 7 figure hell

>> No.30171298

Tell me the truth anons

>> No.30171324

The pain never ends

>> No.30171369

Find a project you believe in, buy it. Set a price notification when it hits your name it number and forget you even own it. This is the only way.

>> No.30171467

I didn’t say expensive or brand name. Don’t need to be rocking balenciagas. If you think people don’t judge your looks you’re wrong.

Upgrade your mindset. You have disposable income now. You can afford to dispose some trivial portion of it. Your portfolio has daily swings larger than the amount of you’d be spending.

The ideal goal of everyone on biz shouldn’t be to maximize net worth , but to max out their SPENDING. High net worth just enables this.

I forgot another thing which will make you refill in pain too. Tip well. And tip before they even serve you. Or tip bouncers at the end of the night. Obviously only applies if you plan on being a regular.

They don’t teach this stuff in school bc most never will get to this point.

>> No.30171498

It’s not bad, you have a good chance of making it.

>> No.30171529

Aware me on vsp

>> No.30171560

More Rose

>> No.30171627

have held half of this since the previous bull market. BTC since 2013 kek

>> No.30171682

Honestly feel like I'll never hit 1m :(

>> No.30171688

having 6 figures in this market isn't that hard, if you had even just low 5 figures a year ago

>> No.30171761

With a little patience, that rsr will take you to an early retirement

>> No.30171805

Jeff Garzik, more TVL than YFI at 1/20 the MC, 95% of revenue is paid out to token stakers, I expect $100 minimum EOY

Thank you anon yes this seems wise

>> No.30171806

Been here since 2017, still haven't made it.
Lost over $150,000 in early 2018 during the great crash.

>> No.30171817

>6 figure hell
shitty trader

>> No.30171861

buying shitcoins and they talk about "6 figure hell" lmao
post screenshot of wallet or you're larping anyway

>> No.30171870

dude you will definitely make it this cycle, just hold what you currently have and you're gonna be 8 figures

>> No.30171881

This has been my approach with the majority of my portfolio but I put smaller amounts into promising projects and take profits as I go. I'm a STEM phd student so I can't devote a lot of income to DCA but I try to add a bit every week.
Right now most of my portfolio is Link because I really believe in the project long-term but most recent purchase was ADA that has doubled the money invested.
I just want link to stop fucking crabbing all the time...

>> No.30171937

lmao everyone itt deserves to lose everything, can't wait for the bear market

>> No.30171949

>six figures is shitty but you're larping anyways!!!
seethe and cope nocoiner

braindead consoomer mindset ngmi. I don't care how much I have, I am not buying overpriced shit that I don't need, simple as.

>> No.30172049

Thanks buddy, I think it's possible
Still can't believe I made 200k with a 7k investment, already took out out 3x my initial investment too :)

>> No.30172109

you're a braindead retard.
you are a shitty trader if you can't figure out how to turn 6 figures into 7
hint: it's not by buying shitcoins, and you're a nocoiner since you hold no btc

>> No.30172132

yeah im selling ppl like this have hundreds of thousands of dollars and will panic sell the second they realize they arent hitting 7 figs >>30172049

>> No.30172167

it's alt-season dumbfuck, I sold all my BTC/ETH/LINK a bit over a month ago. Go cry somewhere else nocoiner faggot

>> No.30172216

im guessing you got in prq early?

>> No.30172223

bitch shut the fuck up, I've held through multiple bear markets already, just sell you're ngmi jealous retard.
Show me how you've turned 7k into 250k or shut the fuck up.

>> No.30172241

I'm a low 4-figure subhuman. I probably shouldn't even be allowed to post desu. Or even live.

PNK sounds vaguely homosexual though. So will likely moon.

>> No.30172337

have fun staying poor and larping on an Indonesian basket weaving forum

>> No.30172360

You underestimate the number of trust fund neets around. They're here, but they'll never sell, and when this all drops 80% again, they'll be back at 5 figures.

>> No.30172379

fuck you youre a nigger and i dont ever listen to what biz says anyways.

i have not showered in almost 2 weeks and i rarley brush my teeth. I am a NEET who found out about bitcoin in 2013 so now im somwhat rich,who the fuck cares. im still working my job from home and i do not talk to anyone else. im living my best life.

>> No.30172427

All in on Stacks or GRT?

>> No.30172438

i fucking want to KMS. i bought rubic instead of rsdl

>> No.30172530

You’ve been fudded by the thrift crowd to a degree.

I agree with what you say about not buying dumb chit. But look at the Elon before after bald pic. Or bezos in the early 2000s vs him now on gear.

I think Obama said towards the end of his term he got rid of all but two suits. I’m not saying to buy a lot, but do it deliberately and be aware of the impression it creates.

You’re buying access. Better looking people earn more too — proven. Zero downside but not your thing I guess.

Do you gamble at least? Like throw a few thousand down on a fight you’re confident in? Otherwise I do t see much of a point in accumulating anything beyond 1-2m if you just want to stay low key

There’s a difference between inflating ones lifestyle with expensive contractually recurring high dollar expenses (cars, yachts, baby mommas, bad real estate deals, etc) and once off purchases (new wardrobe) or services that are easy to pull the plug on (catering, cleaners, personal trainers).

>> No.30172599

you can tell this whole thread is larp because not even a single person has a pic of a btc futures position. Only poors buy shitcoins, hence why their market caps are so low. I wonder if people actually fall for these pajeet nocoiner shills.

>> No.30172671

thousands of people have changed their lives and bought houses with shitcoins you idiot,
not everyone is a trader, stay poor.

>> No.30172721

based and IQ Protocol pilled

>> No.30172746

Checked and keked. It’s a nice life for sure

>> No.30172762

I got in rubic at 1.5 cents and I'm never fucking selling it. It took me into 6 figure hell and it will take me to 7 figure hell.

>> No.30172768

I will enjoy the pink wojaks in a few months hope you sell in time broke faggot

>> No.30172809

What comes after 7 figure purgatory?

>> No.30172840

Six figure hell is about to breached, seven figure purgatory will begin.

>> No.30172852

Cool so what’s the point of being loaded if youre a disgusting loser who stays at home all day and wallows in filth? Could’ve skipped straight to that step from the get go

>> No.30172900

>> No.30172904

I still believe. Sirs

>> No.30172933

Dumbfuck my net worth is over $2MM, I'm not investing in "shitcoins" because I'm poor, I'm investing in working products with actual use cases that have at least as much of a chance of doubling or tripling my net worth as they do of failing (as all risky investments might)

This is to be contrasted with the aging boomercoin BTC which has literally nothing to offer besides its first mover advantage and (for now) network effects, and will accordingly be worthless except to the type of autists who collect trillion Zimbabwean dollar bills. I mean say what you will about ETH but at least it has real world utility.

>> No.30173057

hi dennis

>> No.30173180

>thinking anyone would put their actual name on a portfolio

>> No.30173213

you wont be thinking that way soon

>> No.30173232

lying on the internet, why do you do it

>> No.30173267

also have a few grand in several shit coins

>> No.30173277


>> No.30173292

finally someone gets it. this is why I hold rsr.
it's kinda funny that people get angry at me and wish for me to be broke for holding shitcoins,
I wanna know what the haters on this thread do for money? I've never critiqued what people hold or do with their $ during my 5 years in crypto, unless they're dumb enough to hold xrp or something,
I've only ever given advice if someone with a small stack is over-diversified or if someone keeps losing a % of their stack from swinging incorectly.
Moral of the story, broke assholes are always gonna be broke assholes.

>> No.30173321

>highest balance
get rid of that it'll make you never sell when you inevitably miss the peak

>> No.30173366

Chadfolio has entered the chat

>> No.30173403

Actually if I counted real estate my net worth is closer to $3MM. I'm not "crypto rich" and I didn't start believing in crypto until 2017. I still don't believe in BTC but blockchain for enterprise and automation is going to explode over the next 10 years, hence my portfolio

>> No.30173466

Redbar me on RSR, the buzz I hear hits the right notes but I'm not sure what the deal is

>> No.30173585


>> No.30173648


>> No.30173657

Don't worry, I plan to take profits during the peak

>> No.30173707

you should be crying tears of joy that vechink is even worth 100sats. must've been the longest, most joyless bear imaginable. did you consider suicide when your stack was worth 12k$ last march?

>> No.30173718

Proof even those with 6 figures to freely invest are fucking retard
Have fun losing it all

>> No.30173981

Oof shoulda got in on grt earlier instead of prq sorry anon

>> No.30174161

That’s a lot of PNK sir

>> No.30174183


So I held various fartcoins shilled by biz for 1-2 years and always lost money,
eventually found rsr in 2019 and thought it looked really promising. Had around 7k left and put that in and just fucking made sure I didn't touch it, went up to around 230k, spent 30k in the last year paying for medical expenses, rent, some treats, dental work and basically retiring at 30, currently living in a Mexican paradise and skimming a bit off the top when it's doing well to pay for nice hotels and tacos. Due to recent news / developments I am sure we will hit a dollar in the next 1-3 years and then I'll buy a house in Naples.

Anyway, enough about me.
RSR is a utility token used to keep rsv stable, the point of reserve is to fight inflation in struggling economies, the team is solid and very transparent, Peter Theil and Sam Altman are also investors. They've made great strides so far in Venezuela and just made the app public 2 days ago, hiring 22 new staff to cope with high demand and fast growth of the company, this month they'll be implementing a referral scheme where everyone who signs up a friend to the app gets 10USD, their friend also gets 10USD, in VZ this is a great deal of money so it's pretty much guaranteed to make the app absolutely explode in popularity, their growth strategy is based on paypal and uber's ramp up, probably inspired by their pig boy investor Peter Theil.They have also confirmed paypal integration as well as mainnet this year, we will see a coinbase listing after mainnet too. Also listed on the greyscale list of token's, and entering new territories soon like Mexico, Parts of Africa etc. These reason's and a few others are why I'm so bullish, Delphi report projected 56$ per token in bull market but I think 50c - 1$ in 2 years is more reasonable.

>> No.30174210


>> No.30174424

Explain what I said that was retarded you gay faggot. Also post folio

>> No.30174443

I bought in February 2020 so I'm doing just fine

>> No.30174475

i dont know either but im still making more money anyhow. why sell when i can get richer later? why shower if i can just do it later?

>> No.30174495

Shit read that wrong my b >>30174424

>> No.30174617

You broke ass jews

>> No.30174737

Am i gonna make it?

>> No.30174852

R8. If this is the peak I will rope

>> No.30174890


>> No.30174891

Imagine holding btc and not any bsv.

>> No.30174939

You're so gay. Ngmi

>> No.30175040

Solid folio

>> No.30175059

R8 me am I the only Eth Maxi here lmao

>> No.30175076

Ok I agree with the not selling an appreciating asset. But at some point after you’ve made it — make a point to take care of yourself. And have an honest look at the image you project. No hard feelings, we all gonna make it

>> No.30175100

All the big dick portfolios have rsr

>> No.30175127

Nice anon, congrats on making it (or close enough). Will definitely take another look at RSR

>> No.30175268

Noticing that too. I don’t think there’ll be much pump until mainnet + Coinbase though. No idea when that’ll be. Lots of bizraelies bought in 2019 because of the team behind it. Still the same million I bought for like 1500$

>> No.30175286

I guess I do have one more question, how does the monetization for RSR hodlers work? How does it make you money by holding it?

>> No.30175304


>> No.30175413

Dollarydoo edition. I also have like 25k in linkpool
Based XSN chad

>> No.30175433

yeah idk im really young like all i do is work and sleep and eat and look at crypto to trade to get more bitcoin. this isnt that hard and i really could just quit my job and get a life if i wanted but idk this covid shit really put me in a position to completely ignore everyone and everything, as well as put me in some more gains. such is life. thank you for your comment anon i will now go take a shower.

>> No.30176138

Well you can arb for money, the capability to do this will be unlocked this year.
But rsv is the stablecoin which sits at 1$, rsr is the coin you buy now and hope for the price to increase so you can sell for profits / arb.

>> No.30176160

I'm not gonna post my portfolio but I had about $487,000 at the very peak and lost money down to about $430,000 in SXP and ETH this last month, but it's slowly (or frankly very quickly) going back up so I'm hopeful.

>> No.30176410

omg he

>> No.30176581

datamine me please

>> No.30177380

No it isn't. Stop giving retarded advice just because you got lucky on some illiquid microcap shitcoin

>> No.30177471

What's the verdict?

>> No.30177474

>shit coin general

>> No.30177535

>1m + rsr
Gmi . Very nice

>> No.30177539

>What do you think bros? Am I going to make it?
There is no way this is real

>> No.30177705

>you are a shitty trader
The funniest thing about this bullmarket are the retards like you who think they are "good traders" when the only thing they can actually do is go leveraged long on breakouts. Yeah no shit it works but only because it has been an insane bull market. You are not a trader and no different from the shitcoiners here

>> No.30177883

I saw you in the poorfag thread quit larping, for 1k you're over-diversified

>> No.30178076

cope and seethe

no such thing as overdiversified.

>> No.30178110

Based vesperchad

>> No.30178129


>> No.30178271

Why lto

>> No.30178815

I wear pants from old navy and shirts I thrifted. People don't realize that goodwill's in nice neighborhoods are tax write offs for rich people. I get complimented all the time. You don't need "nice" clothes. They just have to fit and the color pallets should match. Working out helps too. Also, linen? Are you a fucking retard. A good suite is going to be made of some kind of wool or silk. Agree with the teeth thing. Great clips is fine if the barber is good and you already have a good style picked out already. Just show them a picture. Cleaning reinforces discipline. I could free that time up with a maid, but I grew up cleaning and was in the military. Keeping my own shit in order reinforces discipline and attention to detail.

>> No.30178986

Sixfigurebros I need help. How can I improve my portfolio? I've been thinking of buying into GRT.

>> No.30179138

>If you have capital
Buy half GRT half PNK
>if not
Sell ZCN and buy GRT PNK

>> No.30179295

I have a similar portfolio with less capital. I understand exactly why. Are you delegating?

>> No.30179408

hows 10-20m sound?

>> No.30179526

Not quite there yet

>> No.30179583

>Keeping six digits on an exchange

>> No.30179649

Thanks boss

>> No.30179728

Bitcoin doesn't change very much, and even 100k bitcoin is only 2x from here.

>> No.30179979

I fuck with it

>> No.30180030

is your life like the show Gossip Girl?

>> No.30180067

why fren? bad? bad?

>> No.30180334

RSR is the only stablecoin that will survive (for reasons stated in the whitepaper)
with rapid expansion over the next year (not just marketing, but with mainnet launch), global inflation only set to increase in coming, its looking good for reserve
I will continue accumulating rsr over the next decade or so, rsr is a super long bet, but itll pay off
its unironically the brainlet filter project and the only legitimate/robust project I see other than bitcoin (the "platforms" like eth/link/ada are legit but only insofar that bullshit vaporware keeps being built atop them)

>> No.30180399

How do you feel about HBAR? I've mostly gotten it as a hedge but I've been thinking about pulling it out after a pump to buy into GRT.

>> No.30180632

Can someone have mercy with me and tell me when/if i can join your club

>> No.30180661

rate it

>> No.30180871


Why did strong dump so hard in the past. was thinking of buying myself a node.

>> No.30180936

My boy is swinging around his 20 pound cock

>> No.30181218

what are you holding like $5 worth of every coin

>> No.30181549

1mil PNK....based sir

>> No.30181663

Sell this all for BAT and it'd be perfect.

>> No.30182277

>have held half of this since the previous bull market. BTC since 2013 kek

Only legit screen.

>> No.30183396

$0.03 yeah

>> No.30183828

T. Fattest dick in this thread

>> No.30184017

That 2x is almost a slam dunk though. If your shitcoin doesn't 2x at the bare minimum then you lose to the market. And I expect much more than 100k from BTC by the end of the year.

>> No.30184049


>> No.30184147

Give it to me straight.

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