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>13m Market Cap
>Google Analytics showing massive increase in Shibaswap searches
>6x in 4 days, holding a steady price floor of a 5x, up by a minimum of 25-35% daily
>Ate a total of 64 ETH in mass whale selloff in a few hours and continued mooning
>Nearing 10k holders

These threads will keep coming, people will keep seething, and I will bathe in your salty tears.

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On track to break our ATH at this rate within 3-4 days, assuming no massive buys from interested parties.

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I was certain this bag would be my mark of shame for all time. Clown world delivers.

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LOL, you will never beat me in that regard. I have 200,000 CHODE in mine.

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what kind of pump you guys think were in for? sitting on 20bil that I am going to convert into amp when the time comes

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At least you didn't sell at a loss like most of the idiots here. Gonna make it bro.

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>put equally big bags on promising $Everest project and clown ass $SHIB
>one of them moons

Lmao, crypto is a joke.

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No fucking clue. It will probably keep rising and falling until shibaswap comes out. Maybe it will 10x from there? A 100x would be fucking dope

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Well since the pump is preceding an actual platform launch, it's really impossible to say. I think ATH just on speculation is absolutely reasonable. If the swap launches near the target day, the mooning will be fucking biblical.
Crypto markets make zero sense and anyone that tells you otherwise is a liar. Sometimes shit clicks just right and things like this happen.

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Just keep holding Everest. You never know what could happen.

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Holding 28b
Not selling untill x10,000

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I want to say fuck you to someone that supports NWO shit like Everest, but frankly it will do very well in the coming years.

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Is this just pre-shibaswap hype? Or something else?

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Crypto thot to the rescue

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Imagine the smell

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Yeah, his dick is probably rotten smelling

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I've already more than 10x 'd my investment. This coin is going to moon hard once we accumulate more holders.

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i bought some and the added the token to metamask but the dollar amount isn't showing up. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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What's the make it bag?

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What am I missing in this image ? I don’t get it

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Oh nvm

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You can’t. It doesn’t work with prices like this. You’re gonna have to enter it into Blockfolio if you want to check the price

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Nah I waited until the mooning this week and sold at 1.5x. Never felt better about finally dropping a bag. Hope you guys do good though, but I don’t care for it any longer.

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alright thanks

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Make it bag is in the trillions. you can still buy a lambo with a few hundred billion though

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I still need it to hit .000000008 so I can break even. Yes, I bought at the ATH.

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Nigga, SHIBASWAP will never see the light of day.
Look at Edi's fucking github, that dork hasn't touched it in 8 days, and what is in there is a clone of LuaSwap, complete with their logos. He has literally only changed TWO lines of code, and one of those lines was to change the name from LuaSwap to ShibaSwap.
I want it to be real, and I want this hit to moon so I can fuck on off out of it.
I'm embarrassed that I bought it in the first place.

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Just do the math real quick yourself. Metamask can't handle that number of decimal places.
Glad you made a profit temporary SHIBro. WAGMI
I don't think you'll be waiting long at this rate.

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The repo that was being shown around isn't the one they're working on lol. That's just some miserable faggot Luc that is big mad fudding his own bags.

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Edi's is gone now! Haha.
Oh fucking hell, it really never is happening.
"Two weeks".

This is there though.

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Which, this is a combo of Lua/Sushi Swap and it was last touched 13 days ago.
They have mentioned needing a Dev a few times in Telegram and Discord.
I will suck my own dick while TubGirling myself if it comes out.

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Kek, CHODE overtakes BTC when?

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Sorry, I'm just not very familiar with GitHub. But is it not possible to be working on it without having it auto update to GitHub?

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If you change something within the project, the date gets changed so that whoever else is working on it can see. Funny enough though, only Edi is on the project. Edi = Ryoshi.

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Is there anyway we can convince Vitalik to burn that 500 Trillion that was sent to him?
I think this is our next move because if he burns it or at least publicly mentions it we are for sure going to get may over 8
People are buying because it was the best time to restart the coin that was basically dead.
If you bought in at the lowest you'd basically be like the first time you bought