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stay poor

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Better get out before the new Women and People of Color hires fuck it all up.

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Still selling at $4

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>omg I can’t buy this cuz it’s nazi coin with nazi memes zomg
>omg I can’t buy this cuz it’s tranny coin desu

Fucking retard nigger. Real Algokings knew the FUD was chink horse-shit.

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this is that coin that gets mad bussy right?
all in $1.20

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I went on Warosu to try and find some of the McDonald Coin memes and for some reason I barely saw any.

Algorand needs the McDonaldCoin meme team to really go to the next level.

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1 dollar stable coin. Thank god i sold.

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Nah. I just put shit like this in the threads. They never get the answer right. Its usually 1 out of 10. Watch, these retards will all be arguing over the wrong answer

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i am riding this thing out! got in at .31

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ultra based & redpill.

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this algo psyop really took a twist over the last week

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Evil dead / dusk till dawn/ algo mashup? I like it

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>In @ .39
Fewls good man

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I'm finna make n sheiiiiit.

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you know it, anon.

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>$1 stablecoin with 8% APY
Even if it crabs forever it beats the piss out of a savings account.

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all them white boys have to pay $1.20 for an algo.
for bipoc? $0.012

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For the first time someone is using my meme. You've made me happy anon kun

1xshoe + (guy + 2xshoe + 2xtie) x tie (guy = 5, shoe = 5, tie = 2)
300k Algo chad

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>All of these black girl memes
I'm holding a bag aren't I.

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>happy with 8% APY during a bull run

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It’s a good meme. Remember the original from encyclopedia dramatica. Hope ya make some more.

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5 + (5 + 10 + 4) * 2 = 43

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Assuming PEMDAS as parenthesis, exponents, multiplication or division from left to right, addition or subtraction from left to right precedence,
>10 + 10 + 10 = 30
>5 + 5 + 10 = 20
>4 + 4 + 5 = 13
>5 + 5 x 2 = 15

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Quick, what's the ALGO make it stack?

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shanice dat 3,333,333 lego rain stack we got last summer doing some.

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Seems low. What are you expecting it to reach in the next few years?

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That’s it?

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probably 100k

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people that have 1mill algo wallets.. right now..
do not have to work ever again.

so.. probably 100k.

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Fuck I only have 40 :(

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should i buy now

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10k make it
4-5k suicide

that’s the general consensus

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*locks your wallet and redistributes the assets to BIPOC*
heh, nothin personnel, whitey

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Idk anymore if bait or just american

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Good thing fundamentals don't matter lol

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every legit coin needs janitors and secretaries. Keep FOMOing scam coins

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Sold my tranny coins for BAT. I'm out, niggers.

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>buy high, sell low, the FOMO back in when it goes up

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Set buy orders around 1usd with half and fomo half.

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20k fatness instructor reporting in

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>whitelist model for privileged asset
>white privilege
you can't make this shit up

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Wtf is this real? I'm all out

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This is literally the high point of algo, put the crack pipe down

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Define make it and when will it happen? I don't have a make it but I can hit in under two years on interest on my current stack.

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can I have your coins then? you seem stupid.

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literally zoom out. chasing old glory.

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Make it is being able to live sufficiently as a NEET for a significant amount of time

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Do you think $100 is doable by EOY 2023?

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no you fucking idiot lmao $100 won't make you shit

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name one thing that isn't ruined by niggers and bitches

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he means $100 per coin for algo, not $100 worth of algo

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It's literally from the ALGO website's Technology page describing features on Layer 1. You wanna find some line somewhere saying those features are not and cannot be used on the ALGO token itself be my guess.

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LOL you wish

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Europoors pls go.

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>goes up 10c and struggles
>everything else fucking moons
Fuck this coin, its a savings account that wont moon till like 2030.

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>be my guess

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>never work again
You do know this coin stops paying APY once all the coins are out right?

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Isn't it ahead of schedule for dropping coins?

>> No.30170739

Even assuming total crab mode that's $80k a year until it stops paying out... and it'll keep paying out until 2030 at least.

>> No.30170786

>100 per algo
Hahahaha... no. not till 2030 and that's assuming hyperinflation monopoly money is in full effect.
Cap on this coin is what Link is now. So buy a stack now, profit in 10 years.

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I may not be able to type perfectly, but it still beats not being able to fucking READ before you ape your money into a project.

Seriously, I want to be proven wrong here. Show me the line where the Foundation says that its pride and joy asset controls cannot be used on ALGO tokens in ALGO wallets.

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I'm not trying to fud Algo because the more people buy it the more coins they drop and the faster the value picks up.
But im trying to be realistic about its potential. Yes they have released ahead of schedule but its been the equivalent of dumping bags on our heads, - it hasnt been positive experience given they did it at the top last time [1.8] and the price crashed shortly after.

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When you buy ANY crypto you are literally betting AGAINST the traditional financial system that is controlled largely by WHITE Europeans. By giving crypto value, you are empowering Kangz, Changz and Pajeets all around the world, indirectly banking those that would otherwise go un-banked. 1st world countries with strong financial systems DO NOT fucking need crypto. In fact, one could argue that it actually WEAKENS the influence that they once had in the third world. I'm pretty sure its ultimately going to be third worlders that benefit the most from a collapse of traditional financial systems and the rise of crypto. Its mind boggling seeing mongoloids literally betting against your own race, but are so busy chasing that sweet 5-10x, that you cant even see that.

Another thing you don't realize is that if we want to make sure crypto stays valuable long term we NEED third worlders to adopt it as a medium of exchange, otherwise this shit is just tulip mania all over again.

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That's cool bro but thats assuming a full 1mm investment RIGHT NOW. And for whatever reason the dev fuckheads keep lowering the APY, its at 6.7 now, at this rate may as well keep your coins on cuckbase.

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Don't mind him, he'll end up buying the top and holding onto his bags for the next 2 years after the bullrun ends. He's ecstatic over his 20% gains, truth is this thing is an absolute shitty performer.

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What's going to happen though when they run out of bags and IS020022 kicks into gear?

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>When you buy ANY crypto you are literally betting AGAINST the traditional financial system that is controlled largely by Jews
FTFY. You leftyniggers glow in the dark.

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>controlled largely by WHITE Europeans
>no mention of the (((real))) people in control


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apparently you can't read properly either because I never said anything in opposition to your stance you fucking monkey.

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are you retarded? Point out where in this thread I ever said anything close to your claims you spastic chud

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You're buying the coin. Do you think your wallet could be frozen or that your ALGO could be seized by whoever has the right master key?

>> No.30171367

If you're using ALGO as anything other than an in-public good boy coin you're doing it horribly wrong.

>> No.30171416

Yeah now point out where I said I'm buying the coin

seethe larp

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I think i'm gonna keep my stack, move it to the wallet, and forget about it. This shit just follows BTC and its annoying, if you offered me 10k of btc and 10k of algo i'd take 10k btc every fucking time.

>> No.30171475

Nah keep them off so Cuckbase has to buy more.

>> No.30171489

>What's going to happen though when they run out of bags and IS020022 kicks into gear?
kek You already know the answer to that anon but why don't you share it with everyone here.

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based, but they really need to stop lowering the APY

>> No.30171584

the block reward is the same you stupid nigger, sell if you think they're manually lowering it

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It was implied, when you made the kind of shitpost that a holder makes to make fun of someone else who believes fud.

What, did you actually look up the Tech page like I suggested, see the exact spot where the screenshot I posted is real, and start to feel embarrassed about having a bag?

>> No.30171690

Keep seething, bunkertranny. Truth is, erc20 tokens like GRT blew algotrannies out of the water.

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i'm going to sell a portion of my stack at the top, which i'm watching for right now. Don't worry anon, you can carry my bags back down.

>> No.30171727

How u buy Algo stock

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65 niggers

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I should have sold at the top since I bought in at 1.20
I could have rebought for much cheaper or if I was scared buy a different coin which at the time any coin that I bought would have mooned since then.
8% APY without effort or scammy chink exchanges is great.

>> No.30171799

> did you actually look up the Tech page like I suggested, see the exact spot where the screenshot I posted is real, and start to feel embarrassed about having a bag?
blackpilled, i hate when the fud is real. nontheless i enjoy the APY, its my boomer coin.

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Yeah switch out for Monero if you're going onto the Silk Road.

>> No.30172033

Nice gas fees.

>> No.30172050

If you want an APY bluechip, just get Atom. They're working on launching their defi eventually since they've fulfilled their whitepaper.

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All eyes on Algo

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I a poorfag whos priced out of anything that is more than a dollar Algo was the first time I broke that rule.
Plus all my money is already invested and staked

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Thanks anon i'm gonna take the ATOM pill.

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I mean it already went like 5-6x during this bull run. If the bull run continues this will follow, plus 8% apy compounding on top of that.

>> No.30172451

wow look at that just bought 20 algo.

you algos really do have the cutest bussy.

>> No.30172488

I don't see algo going anywhere with such a high marketcap and circulating supply. Good luck eitherway.
Based. Here's a demo of the liquidity module they plan on implementing: https://swap.bharvest.io/
They recently had an osmosis token airdrop for any atom holders plus a bonus for anyone staking them. Of course, Osmosis is still in the process of finishing an AMM. Just stake and forget and collect sweet rewards.

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i buy and it drops, hate my life

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racist company, no thanks

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If I bought in sub $1 Id basically have an auto 8% stablecoin so it would be worth a huge stack but im considering just selling at the top if it does a 3-5x and just buying in at the new low
To me if it doesn't hit at least $10 we will definitely go back under $1 in the bull market so might as well not make the same mistake twice.

>> No.30173904

Thats the suicide stack baby, and I’m getting closer

>> No.30174551

>Literal jew replying to her.
You realize every fucking company has sjws nowadays. Abandoning the new blue chip cryptocurrency because a single one opened her retarded mouth is a smoothbrain move

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I'll be eating well in a couple paychecks!

>> No.30175294

li' satan dubs, Algo transfer fee is always .001 Algo, Cuckbase doubles it as a fuck you on the way out.

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bitch i got dat algo

>> No.30175688

but his wife would be moved to the front because shes a woman

>> No.30176379

Luddite arguing for the steam engine

>> No.30176698

You're missing the dude holding ties because these stupid things are not about knowing order of operations, it's about missing stupid little details.

>> No.30176784

I already thought I was retarded missing the multiplication sign...
>he also has shoes on

>> No.30176867

And I guess he's wearing shoes too. This faggot can't provide a decent resolution.

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File: 1.29 MB, 4048x2696, marinated-rump-roast-3058682-hero-01-0977a498722f47debaa7034c13053048.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$10, with a 6-8% interest is $60 a week, more than enough for the 30yr-old boomers using Algo as a saving account.
500,000 would be like $312,000 USD a year at $10 a coin

>> No.30176968

They aren't ties, they are lifting straps DUDE

>> No.30177156

its like a .002 algo fee to transfer...

>> No.30177157

What price do you think it has to hit in order to not sell your whole stack before the bear market kicks in?
I think anything under $10 will probably kill this coin
But this is my first time actually putting in effort instead of just buying a coin I thought was going to do well

>> No.30177298

pretend it's a side saving account. set it and forget it, by 2024-2030 they'll be out of coins to give as rewards, and either the landscape of the coin has to change or it'll skyrocket due to 100% of the supply being in people's wallets

>> No.30177493

I feel like there would be a huge and permanent did unless they create a use for the coin that will pay you in other coins.
I have a tiny stack not even 500 Algo and I bought at 1.20 because I wanted to max out my doge gains but I should've just sold it the first time it hit 8 cents I would have had so much more Algo

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Kek, rekt.

>> No.30177756

>inancial system that is controlled largely by WHITE Europeans
where was this happening?

>> No.30177789

well, $600 isn't anything to sneeze at, but Algo is absolutely a mid-range investment for people with long-term goals. I regret folding back when it went from 30 to 50 cents, but that's within a year. if somehow Algo became as prolific as bitcoin, i could see it hitting $45, but everyone who's serious into it are fine with very slow, conservative gains

>> No.30177893

>if blank became as prolific as bitcoin
pointless speculation. its like saying if my penny stock became as popular as google id be a millionaire. well no shit.

>> No.30178036

if your dick became as proportionately large as bitcoin from 2007-2021, it'd be a full 1 inch long and 3 cm thick

>> No.30178057

Im just sad the bullrun happened at the worst time for me
My license expired and getting it renewed is taking forever so I have no income let alone investment income.
When I do get paid it will take up to 45 days so im basicall screwed.
If everything dips or crabs then the bullrun is over and I lose money, If it moons then I have to live with knowing I made the right choice but could not invest more

>> No.30178068

damn. that would rule.

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i love you

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bull run this time is 4 years long

>> No.30178571

You can't tell me something like that along with a picture of Biden now I don't believe it.

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you absolute fool, biden is wilting the USD.Slow death of mainstream fiat means that wealth flows into alternative currencies.

>> No.30179368

>When you buy ANY crypto you are literally betting AGAINST the traditional financial system that is controlled largely by WHITE Europeans.
Jews, you mean controlled by jews.

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Hope you got your FAME.

Algo going to be top 20 soon

>> No.30180394

he's right though. don't think of this bull run as a omfg i'm +10000% in 2 minutes! bull run. There will be ups and downs.
USD is crashing but they will forstall it for as long as possible and do all kinds of crazy shit to postpone it, steal from 401ks, come up with insane taxes, you fuckin name it. ideally for them in 2025 the "OTHER GUYS" will be in charge and take the blame for what is inevitable since the printer went brrrr.
if you need to burn your investment for petty cash because you're in a shit situation. then do it.
I'm gonna say it over and over again - until all of the coins are released (still supposed to be 2030) this coin will follow BTC's overall price action. The only reason it's making gains now is to reclaim lost glory. It's got a looooooong way to go.

>> No.30180529

so you are saying there is a chance it will stay above $1.00?

>> No.30180603

Never got sent any :(

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Hmm this looks like a good token

>> No.30180796

The problem is the paper hands they have no faith in the project, this a mid to long term play on the ducket

>> No.30180862

>being able to literally "give a fuck" over the Internet
This has massive shitposting potential.

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Agreed, I wish I had some Fucks to give

>> No.30181578

I have faith, but this coin doesn't move much and there's gains to be made.
I think it has a lot of pressure at 90c-1.00 because the staking is worthless if the suicide stack isn't making you at least 1.00 a day and every retail investor knows it.

>> No.30182075


>> No.30182698

Shut up and take my algos! How to get FUCK tokens?

>> No.30182725

I bought a stack of this shit and it is doing NOTHING absolutely pitiful coin what a waste of money.

>> No.30182744

Nvm I just found out in the algo wallet app

>> No.30182781

>every other coin in the red
>algo still green
You need to learn patience, time in market > timing the market

>> No.30182805

god damn what price did you buy in at?

>> No.30182852

lmfao double that MINIMUM for a suicide stack

>> No.30182975

Main task is to beat tron