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ffs this incel told me to buy BAT a month ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSGyv-IINXg

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Same I almost got in 2 weeks ago ffs why I am such a fucking retard

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I was stuck in LTO waiting to break even. I could have made it. Fuck this world.

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I bought 300 or so at .25 cents but I am poorfag

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Still better than stupid me that will once again buy the top

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We're no where near the top bros, get in now while it's early.

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Why the fud around this coin? Its still relatively cheap guys. Real investors should hold atleast 10% bat if not more. If you are a newfag this is your go all in build a portfolio coin.
Not a financial advisor

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Thats a sign of being at the top

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lmao yep that's basically climbing to the top of the mountain and setting up the broadcast tower

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It does so much more than a shitcoin like ADA tho, the browser is actually quite nice to use, took me 10sec to set up and import all my bookmarks and password from mozilla

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i shidded and farded but i didnt fudded

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It's a great browser, just use it as intended and let others pump your tiny bag. Accidentally notice in ten years that you have loads of free money there and sell it, do whatever you want with it. The value of this product is not being spammed, getting interesting ads instead and being payed some pocket change for it as well. Worth more than chasing it for a pump imho, especially when someone probably has a bot farming the ads on several instances of the browser and is going to dump on you whenever he feels like it.

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I'm having doubts. I bought at 0.77 and now its dipping.

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>>> not buying the coins you fud

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It'll dip to atleast 0.55 in the next five days. I still think we are two weeks away from $1

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still don't know how to claim my bat


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your Indian, any self respecting person starts with google

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Satan is the prince of lies. You didn't miss it yet anon. its just getting started.

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What does BAT have to do with Satan?

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check your digits

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been holding 5k BAT for a couple years.
about time it moons. this thing has so much potential

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We are surrounded by dumb niggers

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do i need to actually click the ads to be rewarded? i see there is a thumbs up/thumbs down for if i viewed that ad

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Shit's unironically going to $2 soon if this sentiment keeps up.

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Good thing I bought in last time it dipped to .40
Wasn't even trying to buy the dip, I was planning long term and just bought when I got home from work.

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It's going straight to $40. You still have time.

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>do i need to actually click the ads to be rewarded?

no, you do not

>thumbs up/thumbs down for if i viewed that ad

I think that's whether the ad was relevant to your interests or not, for example if you didn't like getting showed a specific ad, you thumbs down it and curate your ad selection a little better

it's win/win for everyone involved because Brave/BAT is a fucking genius project

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>50 cents to 70 cents
Shut the fuck up

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No, but if your stack is just ad BATs, yngmi.

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Very helpful, thanks :)

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only a few more cents until i can drop my 2017 bags lets goooooo

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>40% gain
>while the rest of crypto crabs with +2%
I wonder why OP was excited.

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>you guys said it was going to $40
>now I'm financially gay

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Nigger it can’t even break 80 cents.

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lol I bought this trash back in Jan 2018 and still have a bag lying around. STILL hasn't broken even.

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Sold my Algo tranny coins for BAT. I'm in, my fellow jiggaboos.

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You have so much time still

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>ape into BAT with 25k usd at 50 cents

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>the stock
why..? are these normies clinically retarded or is this bait???
I cant even tell anymore, my lil bit coin stock b doin somthin'

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Fucking burn reddit to the ground

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$10-15 BAT next cycle isn’t unreasonable at all anons, maybe higher if we are lucky

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I told everyone to buy none of you fuckers listen so I assumed I was out of touch and sold. than you all fucking brought it. Going to go rope now.

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just hold

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Can't blame anyone else since you're the one that pressed sell, lol

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the rarely seen reverse self-fud
well done anon
new meaning to buy high sell low

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I bought at like 0.3 unless it dips my poor ass cannot buy more. I only have like 900. Ngmi

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BAT is undoubtedly in the top ten coins other than BTC and ETH.

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Was this you?

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absolutely. top 5 even.

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Nope I saw that though

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i'm waiting for a dip

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holy fucking retard
based kaiji poster from the first pepe thread, are you bullish on bat?

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if bat adds a way to do payments through the browser with bat youll see bitcoin bat in the same price range

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Sometime in the future you will think back and laugh at your younger self for thinking you were late to BAT. Or you'll be kicking yourself, depends on if you buy now or not.

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I have 1.4k BAT

I hope this shit does numbers.

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This along with buying/selling other cryptos is in Roadmap 2.0. And doing so would give discounted price.

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BATbros...i kneel

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He bought at .847 kek enjoy those bags for the next four years faggot

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That was me from yesterday. Went full suitard. If I lose fuck it. There’s more where that came from.

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Brendan "fuck gay marriage" (R)Eich is a firm but fair leader

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i dont think BAT will go anywhere if it runs on ETH with horrid fees, unless it stays with ETH and figures out its own fees for even tipping. i dont see how anything other than layer 2 or 3 options could work. Big fan of BAT tho i just have a feeling ETH and its fees will be the big thing that holds back most of the value of tipping creators with it. obviously if were taklking 10 years down the line yeah this thing can go huge if everything goes correctly but not anything near bitcoin

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If it does have mass adoption and people are using it like crazy for amazon purchases and shit like that, imagine the Eth gas fees going parabolic, for real. Eth will literally crash from the overload. However there are Eth killers out there and I have a strong feeling that Brave will move on to better tech to protect their project if they need to.

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>not anything near Bitcoin
This is definitely not a realistic expectation. But BATs market cap is only a billion right now. I think somewhere between $10-40 in the next two or three years isn't an unreasonable projection.

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Going to dump to $0.50, plenty of chances to get back in.

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>Launching Dex
>BAT is ERC-20
You must be retarded to think they are leaving ethereum

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I was merely suggesting that eth fees will stop the project dead in its tracks from widespread adoption.

>> No.30175636

The DEX isnt just for ERC-20's btw.

>> No.30175639

Wasn’t it mention somewhere that they were looking into cross chain?
Also, we really are hitting a dollar this weekend. I could have used a little more time.

>> No.30175652

Never mind the fact they have cryptowallets built in...an ERC-20 token wallet.
>I was merely suggesting that eth fees will stop the project dead in its tracks from widespread adoption
You are a pleddit faggot that bought ADA and decided to hop on this train.

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i got in at 0.77 am i fucked bros?

>> No.30175729

>still 0.73

them prices way to high
you need to cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut it!

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Dude I am invested in this project cuz it's the only crypto currency that's doing anything with real world adoption. But if it runs on Ethereum, then isn't it subject to gas fee bullshit? Am I wrong? What happens when millions of people are submitting transactions every hour, or every day?

If I am not understanding something correctly then how about telling me what it is, cuz "faggot" and "plebbit" isn't helpful and just making you look like a moron instead.

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By the way boys. I know we're all feeling really good right now but I would caution any noobs against buying at any time other than the Sunday-into-Monday CST, it seems that in that timeframe is roughly when it dips heaviest/is on a downward trend. Don't chase pumps or you'll fuck yourself over. BAT is a good long term investment but don't get overexcited thinking it's going to go over a dollar overnight. I wouldn't be surprised if it takes another few months if it even happens this year. The resistance for every cent over $.70 is going to be cataclysmic.

>> No.30176050

Eth 2.0 is the hope for more scalability I guess

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You are very wrong. DYOR you stupid fucking nigger. Theres another thread with all of this fucking info

>> No.30176278

Now I hope Brave dies out so you can stay poor.

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Sounds good, thanks for the perspective anon.

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The more you see objectively correct rightism backing a coin, the better the long term investment potential. Politics is objective and in western society, a good measure of the worth of something.

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Were you able to import all your fully functional addons able to access and radically change the sidebar into vertical tabs? NO? Then FUCK OFF with your trash browser.

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So confirmed that this will definitely dip late sunday nite through monday overnight so I can finally make a grand entrance to this BAT?

>> No.30176728

Normally yes, this weekend may be strange because of the massive dip over the next day

>> No.30176994

DYOR but that seems to be a recurring pattern that the bulls come out on thursday and run out of steam by friday afternoon CST in which a downward trend follows into monday.

This, literally anything can happen. The downward trend into monday could be very subtle or it could crash hard. I am strongly considering cashing about 1/5th of my stack out friday afternoon to pay off some bills and loans, and then re-accumulating. I could get fucked but that's just part of the game. I 100% believe in Brave the long term so I can never truly lose.

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Wow your a dumb nigger.
You fell for the chink ALGO Fud?
Stay poor.

>> No.30177841


looks like the bulls were let out 2 days earlier.
But if this continues this Thursday and Friday then this coin could actually break the dollar barrier

>> No.30178145

ok cmon now man, lets relax.

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go on twitter and search "bitcoin stock"

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>yuropoors are waking up

please don't sell you mother fuckers. Just fucking have strong hands for once in your life. I want this fucking shit to hit $1 by the weekend you fucking stupid cunts.

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Been holding for three years, I may mot even sell at $40 because I would miss it in my portfolio.

>> No.30182140

I pray they dump all over it, I want more.

>> No.30182209

Lurk more nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

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I’m not even mad. Congrats to the BAT bros. They’ve finally had their day.

>> No.30182740

Sorry about the sage carry over from other thread QQ

>> No.30182784

It will always be a shitcoin, normies have no use for it

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Normies don't have a use for any crypto. It only becomes useful to them once meme levels of fomo hits public discourse.

>> No.30184197

On a serious note, I thin kit was an obvious play. I don't know why people are hell bent on buying pumped coins, and not coins that haven't pumped yet.
BAT was one of them and is still one of them.
It's doing everything now:
- Attracting monkeys with DEX and DeFI stuff (in built wallet)
- Going after Google, with a browser, a search enginer, ifps etc..

Huge household name. Love it or hate it, just buy the god damn thing man, normies love that shit

>> No.30184222

Funny thing is we're all still waiting for the actual day. This is nothing

>> No.30184324

>make tik tok video
>show your months earnings
>buy giftcard with it
>buy something stupid with it and go viral
mass normie adoption potential

>> No.30184458

Unironically good idea.
Jesus christ imagine crypto being memed like this in <15 second meme format. Shit would be wild. Social media fags were almost there with Doge. Maybe THAT will be the time the market truly peaks. I can see it now. Just when many of us thought we peaked, the true peak happened not when the crypto sphere expanded, but instead when it seemed to emcompass the daily life of even the least disconcerting of plebs.

>> No.30184462

literally thought of this yesterday, also
>Blocks ads (including Youtube, Spotify) and trackers by DEFAULT!

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We just broke out of the bull flag

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>> No.30184577

What does this mean for us;


>> No.30184600

>lets you play youtube in the background on mobiles

>> No.30184628

Not much. Google is full of it, and there's much worse with ads than just that

>> No.30184650

fuck google, i saw an article that they even record incognito searches linking it to the user. No one trusts google because they know they're liars. All the normies know google ruined youtube too

>> No.30184710

Gogleeeee skem sirsssss

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>> No.30184840

Needs to be done by an attractive woman or a mom type.

>> No.30184925

Yes, Elon Musk.

>> No.30184981

i got a friend who can use his gf to shill it, she has 300k+ instagram followers

>> No.30184998

No. This is a shitcoin with no real world usage. If you spend real money on this, you're an idiot

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>no real world usage
kek, FUDers cant even try anymore.
How long until this FUDer FOMOs in? Happened to a few of them now

>> No.30185051

Dø so bud, lets load up our bags.

>> No.30185072

No, smartest thing would be for a decent looking guy to buy flowers for his girlfriend. Trust me dumb bitches go wild for that shit

>> No.30185096

People are using it irl right now to buy browser ads, soon search engine ads and then it will also function as an exchange token like bnb.

And users and websites both receive the ad revenue if they watch ads, so there is a strong incentive to use it.

>> No.30185098

what the fck is going on here. stop Talking shit this trash, im tired with your zero trade and fake bullish. your rockets are joke. is that so fucking difficult to invest in smth legit lol???buy phore token, have the graphene distribution and stop being so dumb

>> No.30185122

he won't full out shill it with the video idea i had because hes scared of manipulation but hes gonna get her to send creator codes out and shill the browser

>> No.30185144

It’s time to shovel the goat shit pajeet.

>> No.30185185


>> No.30185250

>fucking paypal ad in new tab

It's happening bros. Please tell me bat isgonna dip. I wanna get into it as cheap as possible

>> No.30185333

he stays outside off the videos because theres more simps when they think shes single

>> No.30185381

This is some impressive pajeeting.

>> No.30185386

You're like the 15th person I've seen in the BAT threads this week waiting for a dip. If memory serves, this is incredibly bullish. Thank you for your sacrifice, anon.

>> No.30185389

Checked, that’s cool. Someone should do that on Tiktok though

>> No.30185518

Why doesn’t Jennie dø it?

>> No.30185538

>Don't chase pumps or you'll fuck yourself over

Yep. Did thatt with ravencoin after getting shilled here and got fucked

>> No.30185591

>they even record incognito searches
Did they ever claim they didn't? I thought it directly tells when you use it that the only thing incognito does is dump your browsing history when you close it

>> No.30185666


>> No.30185776

Yeah no shit. I know this hot woman and she disnt want to take a pic with me or my friend because showing men with you on social media gets you a -10k followers instantly. Simps need to be gassed

Ok fuck everything. Went all in

>> No.30185862

How much do I need to not kill myself?

>> No.30185983

10k BAT

>> No.30186036

Fudge im too poor. Im gonna miss the ship again.

>> No.30186188

do I sell my ada or bnb for bat?

>> No.30186241

How about 5k?

>> No.30186263


>> No.30186321

You’ll survive the suicide attempt

>> No.30186479

Is it on eth, I moved my shit onto binance so I was able to swing my baby stack

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>Me last night in the poorfag thread

>> No.30187372

>buy coin at .74
>it only slightly dumps

Huh. I guess thats a sign

>> No.30187486

loads of people are waiting to eat up dips because they know its going to the moon in the future and want in early.

>> No.30187553

Only addon I need is YouTube downloader and it works on brave so I have what I need on a faster browser. Opera addons works for brave, addons isnt an issue

>> No.30187658

Yeah. This is a massive posituve sign for me. Usually when I buy something the entire thing dumps as if the faggots were just waiting for a sucker to dump their bags on. This shit is a real winner

>> No.30187803

Because unlike 95% of crypto there actually are legitimate fundamentals underlying projections of its future value, and compared to that it is fucking UNDERVALUED as shit right now.

>> No.30187930

loaded a bit more BAT through maker CDP's. Im using money I dont even have to buy more BAT. Im not stopping the buys. Already have a pretty big stack too. This is still way undervalued.

>> No.30188633

Should I sell the 2.5K I have on BTC for more BAT? I know both are going to go up at some point but I'm not sure if BAT will go up in value before BTC's next run.

>> No.30188669

What are you at my brother? I have been gathering since the before times, currently sitting on 125k.

>> No.30188705

BAT threads are always low energy. Official /biz/ discord says not to talk about BAT, meaning all of you are less than human nufags. please kill yourselves.

>> No.30188740

have fun killing yourself when this crashes back down as always and everything else pumps forever. you have no idea how BAT works.

>> No.30188758

>Uses pedocord
>Calling others subhuman

>> No.30188777

Sergey and Jenny are going to die because BAT pumps.

>> No.30188823

You don’t know how anything works. I have made a safe four times my initial investment. What are you so mad about?

>> No.30188893

Kek imagine being this mad at people for making better choices than you. Sorry we didn't FOMO into the third pajeet $MEME coin this month that was gonna x1000 in two days.

>> No.30188921

This makes me super bullish. Always do the opposite of /biz/ and let them fomo in later. BAT is legit and don't need hype. $40 eoy.

>> No.30188940

Fuckin cheqt

>> No.30188952

sold my btc for bat anon. No regrets. bat will gain sats on btc and break it's all-time high within a few months. bat's been a patient hold, but it's long overdue for a correction up

>> No.30188961

the biz discord server suppressed the price for years and the SEC is so powerless they haven't even attempted to go after trillions of dollars of unreported crypto, now they're pumping it with the help of brave employees and the SEC still doesn't do anything.

Checked, because I know these threads are way too low energy for anyone else to

>> No.30188999

>leveraging 'we'
yea you're a fuckin idiot

>> No.30189003

>constant bat shill threads
>always do the opposite
my left pinky has a higher IQ than you

>> No.30189037

Going back to 25 cents shitcoin.

>> No.30189040


you know nothing about anything. not checked, kill yourself

>> No.30189108

Okay, fag. Suck sec dick you cry baby bitch. Your fud is retarded. Try a different angle.

>> No.30189155

I've given so many legitimate reasons to not buy BAT, I can tell this is a new wave of batfags because you're all still asking for FUD not realizing that if you fully understood the token you'd dump everything like a sack of simps

>> No.30189233

You’re the raging discord tranny from a few nights ago aren’t you? $2,000 to keep you from marrying you gay lover. Remember those digits.

>> No.30189237

You can just buy in the 70 cents range, it's not a big deal.

>> No.30189319

Buying a token used on Web 2.0 platform. Yngmi

>> No.30189419

Explain, Nigger. I dont believe you

>> No.30189486
File: 306 KB, 2048x2048, 20210304_104513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30189725

>i've spent so much of my very valuable time making sure, out of the goodness of my sweet heart and intelligent brain, making sure random anons on a street shitting toilet witch board don't make the grave mistake of buying a google killer
thanks for nothing retard

>> No.30189823

where do I store my BAT? I don't want to turn my desktop pc into a crypto safe

>> No.30189871

exodus wallet on mobile save your pass phrase to back it up and transfer coins to it.
ezpz way better than on exchange in someone else's hands and braindead retard proof mostly with capable security.
or do a paperwallet or some other super gay paranoid shit

>> No.30189926

>Fuck I should have bought this. I fudded too hard
/biz/ when talking about literally any token.
you niggers fud good investments so fucking hard. just dont miss out on xdai stake or quickswap.

>> No.30190052

10k epic big chungus whalerino here, AMA little ones. I got the BATs basically for free by accident, hahaha.

>> No.30191181

>have to KYC before you can move your coins
wow great currency

>> No.30192281

is it true that they're going run ad campaigns for Hex?

>> No.30192354

A BTC dip into the 49s, even 48s, and we only hit .72. Coin is too based

>> No.30192480


>google killer
bullish for google, bearish for Brave. read before posting.

>> No.30192520


jfc this is bad. first day with PS?

>> No.30192661
File: 212 KB, 1335x2000, 1614359996887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lmao I have hundreds of BAT just from using Brave for a long time.

>> No.30193162

I have made $500 just from ads. The payout from the start were more since the price was low then.

>> No.30193264


I've only recently started reading about BAT, but it actually sounds like a decent token with a good utility behind it. What's the long-term price on it? Very difficult to say, but it's definitely here to stay.

>> No.30193345

$40 EOY

>> No.30193401


cope and keep posting this, the adsystem wouldn't be able to function

>> No.30193423

>r*dditspacing newfaggot thinks this is serious
I fucking hate all you of new retards from the bottom of my soul

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bros the fud is getting to me. should i sell? need my bat bros with me right now.

>> No.30195236

>0.2 bat yesterday
>check today
>0.08 bat
>nothing credited to my account


>> No.30195348

Lol BAT finally getting some good memes

>> No.30195772
File: 348 KB, 1125x2436, 918B23C3-9E1D-48D0-8284-C5669DB09079.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I aped in last night bros. I hope I don’t get FUCKED

>> No.30196011

This shit is literally worthless and not worth it's market cap.

>> No.30196253

I think it is worth 72 cents, so it literally has worth. So .72 with my stack is 29,000, when I spent like 5k. That is a nice profit. You type like a retarded girl, just kill your self.

>> No.30196390

you'll regret sellling anon, we're not selling until $40

>> No.30196463
File: 743 KB, 982x905, BATS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

welcome to the club, your funds are safe with us batbros

>> No.30196575

Planing on throwing in $40 into this coin, just to see how it goes.

>> No.30196614

It's really fucking hard steadying my hand and not fomoing in when I realize there's a token I've been eyeing and it's pumping. I did it with recently with Enjin at 0.6 and now with BAT. Fuck.

>> No.30196791

$2,080 is how it will go bud. You can dø better though.

>> No.30196808

$1.00 waiting room

>> No.30196878

Should I say fuck it and trade all of my XLM ($40) for it.

>> No.30197164

Just traded 88 XLM into 50 BAT

>> No.30197228

you should farm BAT through the brave browser if you're poor, you could get 0.5 per device realistically per day

>> No.30197347

I'm not poor, its just that my parents want me to save up and they see crypto as a risky place. Right now I have 200$ in ETH and $40 in BAT. Should I turn some of my ETH into BAT also?

>> No.30197368

even if you are in eu?

>> No.30197415

I just switched to this browser and it's niiiice. Verified my personal website for tips and ads (not expecting anything lol)

You can also verify your github account for tips. I'm a software engineer and spend literally all day on github, and this browser has a little "tip" button next to each comment. Bo diggidy

>> No.30199079

This thing is gonna have another pump above .80 today. Buckle up batbros. BAT is where it’s at.

>> No.30199312

Last chance to get in, its only up from here..

>> No.30199856

Knew i shouldn't have bought at 78c. Did it anyway. Bros how do you deal with regret when you're a fucking retard?

>> No.30200119

just drink pepsi

>> No.30200174

Well everything is dipping today, when lady BTC stops shitting the bed this thing will shoot up beyond mars.

>> No.30200369

How much regret would you have if you bought Chainlink at .78

>> No.30200737

Brave give me BAT Am i gonna make it?

>> No.30201261

Everybody wishes they got more, but anything under a dollar will be seen as a total steal 6 months from now.

>> No.30201780

40 whole dollars? may as well, XLM is going to crab into eternity.

>> No.30201955

Load the dip, I can guarantee you guys it's going to pump.
My honor it's going to 2x in sats MINIMUM.
Maybe settles here, and then goes up.

>> No.30202835
File: 231 KB, 600x642, 27e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30202989

fuck you, you can't guarantee shit bitch

>> No.30203293


This is clearly bait

>> No.30203368

this your first time in a bad market news day?

>> No.30203442

You retarted faggot it was .30 a month ago. You are just a brain dead follower cattle. Fuck

>> No.30203855

and itll go back down to 0.30 because the whitepaper states that the token velocity will keep pressure on the price. Forcing it to remain under $1. if it goes above $1 the system is liable to Sybil attacks.

>> No.30203986

shitty useless FUD. Not selling and im buying the dips

>> No.30204114

You know how nice it is to know this thing is going to moon over the next few years, you know no money in anything else, and when you cash out, you'll have at least 6 figures? Comfier than any other stack, imo.

>> No.30204148

Same paper stated that volume of services paid in BAT would make it go up ie real world use

>> No.30204664

It'll pump and sit at .82 before the end of the day.

>> No.30205009

>reposting stale whitepaper memes from 2017
>Sybil attacks
You literally don't understand what words you're using

>> No.30205255

Agreed but today’s pump will be later as more people sell their spac scams at a loss before the close and grab this real asset. Can’t wait for onlyfans to adopt BAT payments. Young fertile women are the most valuable asset on the planet.

>> No.30205399


you literally didn't read the white paper faggot

>> No.30205462

Wouldn't onlyfans adopt something more known such as bitcoin?

>> No.30205485

I hope so. I intend to sell 1/5th of my stack off of the thursday-friday pump to pay off my loans and then buy in evey sunday-monday downtrend for the foreseeable future, setting aside about half of my fiat crypto budget in case of a black swan event that allows me to ape in with reckless abandon.

>> No.30205507

>BTC dumping to shit
>Stock market dumping to shit
>BAT remains above 70c
Bretty good desu

>> No.30205593


>same 5 faggots keeping a dead low energy thread shill thread full of cope going
this thread is the best sell signal I've ever seen for any coin or token

>> No.30205748

why would they? the draw of the browser is you can earn and spend currency in one spot.

>> No.30205765

Fuck you retard people can be excited about a prospect. I literally don’t care about getting people to buy because it’s not a pump scam, you’ll just want to an hero

>> No.30205847

Say it with me boys:
The dark ages are over, The Reich is here.

>> No.30205917

OnlyFans will bring us to 2$ i cant wait!

>> No.30206228

>this thread is the best sell signal I've ever seen for any coin or token
Please do, this coin is for straight people only.

>> No.30206330

Cutting off my stack at 34k. We sit and wait a few years and cash out 7 figures.

>> No.30207354

I’m at 57k but don’t worry I’m not cashing out at 18. I’ll ride with you to at least 30-40.

>> No.30207639

>insinuating we need hype behind a fully functional platform already available to the masses

>> No.30208289

How do you install it?

>> No.30208685
File: 683 KB, 1600x594, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30209514

>Official /biz/ discord says not to talk about BAT
Why the fuck shouldn't we talk about BAT?

>> No.30210006

Anyone use the BAT browser? I just started yesterday and I'm surprised at how great it is! Honestly might permanently switch to it plus free BAT is pretty nice, as little as it is

>> No.30210081

What does this mean?

>> No.30210166

It means this anon sees us reaching new highs after the downtrend settles. Learn graphs or NGMI

>> No.30210188

oh boy. im getting excited

>> No.30211122
File: 84 KB, 1033x670, FCBAF4AF-930C-4342-A2A7-76C39D320C4E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.30211713

i havent used the desktop browser in ages, but the phone browser is my default for years. ill try out the desktop browser later and see if it's worth the switch. i just recall a few websites had issues with it and i dont recall extensions working well or having devs.

>> No.30211869

No need to learn graphs when fundamentals make sense.
Just buy low sell high.

>> No.30212020

This is the least stressful dip I've ever experienced.

>> No.30212188

Wish I knew how far it was going so I can swing some new coins

>> No.30212199

How do I get this shitcoin off of uphold

>> No.30212247

Wait for the cooldown then shift to another wallet.

>> No.30212296

I wish it would stabilize though.

>> No.30212342

Why is it falling down again lads

>> No.30212453

Got a feeling we'll hit .67 at some point, but that'll probably be it.

BTC being a dumb slut

>> No.30212465

Why DOES Brave use uphold if everyone seems to hate it?

>> No.30212572

They were two new products at launch and they kinda needed eachother. Brave took off and outgrew uphold, and will dump them soon.

>> No.30212588

currently at .87 canuck
at most should drop to .80
seems to be seeking a new base

>> No.30212747

Also is Uphold down just for me?
what a shit tier wallet, gonna switch as soon as possible

>> No.30212895

just bought in at .69.

>> No.30212992
File: 46 KB, 848x259, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you guys need to start looking at this for all your answers

>> No.30213594
File: 22 KB, 275x183, 9AAE9CFC-C608-433D-A78F-0E5E678EB1AE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30213742

Everyone traces BTC, to a degree.

>> No.30213863
File: 301 KB, 1043x2048, Screenshot_20210304-101051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30214052
File: 14 KB, 411x167, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

more than a degree really

>> No.30214216

I'm not sure normies are going to take crypto seriously until coins operate independent of bitcoin

>> No.30214419

This is why people pump alts and buy their BTC back. But the funny thing is, many alts seem to benefit in the long run from these pump and dumps. Of course medium term investors and part time day traders are in constant freak out mode.

>> No.30214428

Normies are brainwashed and can't correlate weath as BTC not fiat. The jewish tricks are strong on the weak mind.

>> No.30215523

Not buying untill someone makes a cool BAT pepe

>> No.30215606

Does anyone know a good site for measuring BAT dormancy (i.e., number of BAT that have not moved in the last 3 months). Glassnode has good metrics, but not for BAT. Otherwise, I'll just have to do it manually through the etherscan api.

>> No.30216883

>grayscale ads already
wonder if they're gonna buy a bunch of BAT soon

>> No.30217084
File: 36 KB, 633x456, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I backup my wallet on my harddrive?
I don't want to buy 10000000 BAT just to have uphold send me an email saying shit like
>OuO we awe vewy sowwy but we wost yuou bat to a meanie hackew T_T no backsies haha

>> No.30217140

what the fck is happenning here. stop Talking shit this shit, im fucked up with your dumps and fake bullish. your spaceships are joke. is that so fucking difficult to invest in smth good kek???get phore token, have the graphene distribution and stop being so dumb

>> No.30217441

lol retard you should have been getting them for free for the last three years from farming pop up ads in Brave

>> No.30217483
File: 41 KB, 850x296, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30217831

EVERY TIME BAT PUMPS THE MARKET DUMPS RIGHT AFTER. ALWAYS. This mega pump took down the entire world economy.

>> No.30218039

Yeah, click on ads every day for 3 years and you will a couple hundred BAT. Or buy on the down when it was 20¢... Thanks for the investment advice anon.

>> No.30218169

You don't even click on em dumbass they just pop up in a small window in the corner of the screen and you just ignore them and get free money.

>> No.30218292

still doesn't get me 50k BAT in my wallet at 20¢ per unit.

>> No.30218327 [DELETED] 

Anon have you seen ?mochimo.org?

>> No.30218388

brooo what is this bot spamming shit. seeing this in every thread fuck off

>> No.30218436

advice for like the most passive of incomes. just buy them at a price youre comfortable with. one of the few shitcoins with a real working product.

>> No.30218503

Clicking on ads and joining a rewards program for coupons isn't /biz talk faggot.

Weather or not those tatics work on getting money from normies is /biz talk faggot.

>> No.30218628

They made their money and ran.

>> No.30218704

ERC-20 destroyed BAT
The fees are 100x more expensive than the utility

>> No.30218722

Your argument is very foolish because even if you bought them you could still be getting them for free as well.

>> No.30218824

hello red*it

>> No.30218873

youre getting pennies.

>> No.30218891

The mobile version doesn't let me post on this site, I get post succesful but it never posts, it's so weird

>> No.30218985

For doing nothing, yes.

>> No.30218987

where do you think you are?

>> No.30219051

When will this hit $40-100+? I'm trying to retire ASAP

>> No.30219138

welcome to biz. yes, you are a poor. yes, you are a normie. I have no hatred for you keep fetching pennies from the well and maybe you will grow past that.

>> No.30219299

40 is optimistic for like 2024
EOY - 4-5$
EO22 - 15
EO23 - 25-30
EO24 - 35-40

These are very optimistic (right now), but the roadmap is sound and the product is top-notch. I think 2022 is THE year for it.

>> No.30219575
File: 184 KB, 1080x736, 20210304_132128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>getting butthurt over someone mentioning a way to get the shitcoin YOU ARE SHILLING for doing nothing

>> No.30219782

I can nod to this speculation. I will probably buy another 50k on this dip. I dumped my ETH at 1.6k just to buy BAT at 72¢

>> No.30219993

Nice, you have pics of someone elses portfolios. Anyway I aint shilling shit. BATters were going nutso saying stupid 40eoy nonsence. I was saying dont fall for that shit bro. but there were buyers at 80¢ falling in that trap. I dont sponsor pump and dump threads.

>> No.30220114

Get some help.

>> No.30220297

Pump normie advice on normie threads. Coupon chasing advice and rewards programs aint biz advice...

>> No.30220377

>I dont sponsor pump and dump threads.
You are so new it hurts. Please keep going though its pretty fucking pathetic.

>> No.30220440

>stop mentioning pajeet tier ways of making money on a pajeet board full of low IQ zoomers with triple digit net worth

>> No.30220528

If youre not loading up right now youre fucking retarded. BAT is going to moon.

>> No.30220780

rent free

>> No.30220896

I hope so

>> No.30221805
File: 29 KB, 349x642, db0 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok retard.

>> No.30222309

here we gooooo

>> No.30222734

Settings, verify wallet, follow the KYC process at Uphold.