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Saying otherwise is cheapfud
>ETH has insanely high fees and slashes + nearly impossible to stake + 2.0 will never come out
>ADA sells whitepapers and no use cases

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at this rate everything is better than ETH and ADA

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ETH is dead, ADA will die once people realizes it has no use case

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At this point ETH is a nigga coin

Anon if you miss the opportunty to buy AVAX cheap, you are a true nigga

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Nothing stop people from educating themselves yet very few do

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the big breakthrough is having the consensus engine separate from the smart contracts chain.
AVAX still runs the EVM, its basically Ethereum but on Crack Cocaine.

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Let's just say L0 as ETH can run op top of Avalanche

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Op thats a funny way to spell tezos

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Why should I use Tezos? As far as I know it is vaporware too

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if you're gonna buy ETH just let me tell you that you're a fucking retard. AVAX is still cheap, try it and you won't have regrets anon. btw you can also try LINK or PNG.

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The AVAX-ETH bridge has brought the opportunity to mETHeads to move their ERC20 tokens without having to pay those high ass fees, so it is WAY better than EVM

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Based and Eminpilled

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you dont understand nigga, AVAX C Chain IS the EVM.

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Anon tezos isn't vaporware institutions are building on it and the mayor of reno loves it. She'll be on a podcast tomorrow.


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Sorry I misread kek

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Which institutions? It is not better than Avalanche because Avalanche is compatible with the EVM and Ethereum is the closest crypto to mass adoption if it were not for its fees. Avalanche has more than 840 validators, which also means that there's more people interested in creating an Avalanche global network to build the internet of finance as they say.

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Cosmos. Solana would be promising if it wasn't a centralised piece of shit. Look at who's building on Cosmos/Tendermint. AVAX can come second.

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Cosmos is outdated and centralized. Did you know that Tendermint was created years ago by Avalanche co-founder Ted Yin? Ask him which project is more exciting/better, There's no better person to ask this than the founder of both.

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You do make a good point but I think Cosmos is still in the race with AVAX. DOT is overvalued as fuck at the moment for being basically ETH 2.0 with lower fees. The only thing is that insitutions will prefer solutions which have, to some degree, an aspect of centralisation. Kikes don't like losing their grip to decentralisation. That's why a project like Terra (LUNA) which has over 2 million users in South Korea is built on Cosmos. I do have bags of both and a couple of projects built on Cosmos and will probably buy projects that will get built on AVAX too. Bullish for both.

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I did it bros, eold at 27.9 bought back at 27.4, 33 more avax, 1945 total, so close to 2000.

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>The only thing is that insitutions will prefer solutions which have, to some degree, an aspect of centralisation

Read about Avalanche subnets

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Fun fact for everyone: Avalanche is planning to add a very easy PoW to its transactions as a means to prevent spam. With this in place, it will allow transaction fees to be almost zero.

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Now if Radix actually had a product to launch, we'd be having a different conversation. However, they've been delaying launch for years now. We'll see if they can pull it off.

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Checked and green ID pilled. My progeny will dine on Turkish Delight.

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You've just made that all up

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literally a vaporware ERC20 on Ethereum lol

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My problem with avax is I can't fucking buy it anywhere
t. Burger

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Kek it's vaporware that gets me excited. I'm not buying that shit though until it gets released. For now its AVAX + projects built on Cosmos and a bit of DOT/ETH exposure because don't want to be left behind this altseason. Then we obviously have NWO Kike chains such as Hashgraph, EOS, XLM, IOTA and ALGO. Thoughts on those?

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>Hashgraph, EOS, XLM, IOTA and ALGO. Thoughts on those?
They are all centralized shitcoins that dont bring anything new to the table.
Avalanche is the only one who actually has new tech that will make a change because of how the Consensus works.
watch this here >>30160531
Emin explains everything.

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Section 5.2 of the avalanche native token dynamics white paper - https://www.avalabs.org/whitepapers

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IOTA looking promising as their chrysalis update will be released in the next few weeks, making it possible to release their coordicide upgrade in Q4 making it completely decentralised. Chrysalis update will have an insane performance upgrade aswell as smart contracts and oracles being added.

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You can, on Voyager or OKCoin

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Did we name this fucker? Woozy or something?

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Wolfie I think

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thanks fren

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fuck it I call him Woozy now

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Like that great band?

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Few coins are actually centralized nowadays, that's why Avalanche is the real future of DeFi

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But Tezos hardly scales and has no story for sub-blockchains like Avax, Cosmos, Dot do

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This, fuck Tezos

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Radix isn't Turing Complete so nobody serious will build on it. It uses some stupid state machine DSL which won't be compatible with any projects.

Bitcoin was originally abandoned because its op codes were hard to use and not turing complete.

If you want atomic composability and hate sharding, then Solana should be your choice.

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Why is Solana better than Avalanche? It does not have the TPS that Avalanche has, nor a EVM integration

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This is the main reason I decided to migrate al my ETH assets to AVAX. the fucking taxs, gas-fees or whatever the fuck are so damn high in ETH.

Fuck Vitalik, man

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Fuck tezos

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ETH holders = fucking niggers.

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Avalanche has a good project bruh, AVAX has a good dev team

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Emin shitting hard on Solana in this >>30160531
watch at 42:35

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And with high transparency, gotta say.

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It actually does? I don't even hold SOL and have a 80% AVAX portfolio but I do believe Solana beats AVAX at that front but basicly in every other aspect Avalanche is on top.

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Dude, retards aren't supposed to be on a hospital or something?
Just fucking kill yourself.

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Solana is centralized garbage and they have no advantage over AVAX, actually they are even lying about their work.
read >>30170806

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Fuck Trezos

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It's not in my opinion. But actually Solana does beat Avalanche in TPS because of specific optimizations requiring nodes to have some expensive hardware.

I only referenced Solana because it also seems to value atomic composability and explicitly avoids using sharding as a solution for scalability. Radix basically attempts to do the same thing but in a much shittier way

I prefer Avax because it's more customizable and although no one chain will outperform Solana's L1 50k tps, as a whole the combined TPS amongst all of Avax's subnets will probably surpass Solana's, plus Avax is the most customizable platform out there. Anyone can add a custom blockchain which runs a custom VM. For example you could create a Chainlink VM and have Chainlink's "offchain" nodes run as a subnet/subchain in Avalanche and validators in Avalanche could just decide to join that validator pool without needing to install any specific software related to Chainlink because all the custom VMs will follow the same standards.

I foresee Cardano's turing complete extended UTXO coming as a different subchain in Avalanche in the near future which would be amazing.

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Is that the weird stickboy standing next to the greatest mind cryptospace has ever encountered?
But for real though.
>Emin made the first proof of work product in 2001.
>Nakamoto made a brilliant touch to it and added this to it's consensus method and now Emin strikes back with AVA Labs, making yet another breakthrough.

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>But actually Solana does beat Avalanche in TPS
it doesnt, they dont count properly and cheat their numbers. its also not an achievment because they are centralized.

>requiring nodes to have some expensive hardware.
centralization on the hardware level, tl;dr garbage

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I wasn't saying it isn't utter garbage, it just has more TPS.

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>it just has more TPS.
it doesnt.

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that interviewer is gay as fuck tho

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Basically customizable VMs will be massive because over time any smart contract built on any other chain invented past and future will be portable to Avalanche, and other bespoke VMs like Chainlink or Ren or 0x could migrate to Avalanche too.

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The Avalanche Platform is so radically different from existing paradigms that it’s hard for newcomers to wrap their head around it sometimes. The principles are straightforward:
The consensus protocol is separate from the virtual machine (VM).
The VM is code that manages the data.
A chain has a single VM, but the same type of VM can run any number of chains.
Subnets are mostly-independent Avalanche networks with an address defined in the Avalanche Platform.
The validators of a subnet are a subset of the validators on the Avalanche Platform.
Subnet membership is optional, requiring incentives to draw people toward validating.
Subnets can have one or more chains being validated.
Cross-chain transactions are possible since every validator speaks the same language.
Cross-subnet transactions are possible, but it’s up to the VM and chain operators as to who and how they accept these transactions.
The platform is multi-asset by design, and all data is an asset.
Anyone can write their own VM, anyone can launch their own subnet, anyone can deploy their own chain, and anyone can create their own assets.

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Anyone who thinks turing incompleteness is a feature is a moron who doesn't know the history of the industry

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Everyone is sleeping on the profoundness of subnets and custom vms. Cosmos is the only one who comes close to this, and overall Subnets > IBC + Hubs & Zones since all validators in each cosmos zone are separated which greatly diminishes security of the overall ecosystem. People will understand once the adoption arrives.

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