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Time to get in lads, shib's going to the moon!


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checked. I cant believe i made my money back on this and could afford the gas fee if i wanted to sell, which i will not. It's way too early to sell

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checked and based

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Check'd and bumperino for gains for all of you anons. I got a small stack, put some money in and hoping for even a small return so I can help myself at uni. Good Luck anons <3

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What a blessed post.
Also checked.

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That must be a sign bros

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blessed thread wgmi

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8000 of those holders only hold because gas is higher than what they hold in SHIB

shitcoin dont buy
they will dump on you

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I swear to God of this stupid coin makes me rich im going to suck someone off

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This fucking jap dog is resilient as fuck, desu. Probably be blowtorched and eaten alive by some chinks. Fuck China, fuck jannies, fuck trannies, fuck niggers, fuck Street shitters, and fuck kikes.

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Why would I want to get in before it drops? I'll buy the dip, thanks.

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>Has exact same layout as BAO Finance

Anyone who genuinely believes in SS is ngmi

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Even if it's gonna be worth 1/5 of BAO i'd say most of us would be happy

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Checked....It's habbening

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46 eth buy

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46 ETH buy by the same fucking retard that sold 52 ETH of it last night. He took a major loss because the market immediately recovered from it.

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I noticed my billions of SHIB poomping.
Did something happen?

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Sitting at crabby crabs for a while, ETH and BTC dumped, SHIB was one of the only markets doing well. Combination of a big initial buy and crabbing high cap markets got a ton of interest. Perfect storm.

Plus shibaswap launch in a week helps.

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Welp, guess it's time to shitpost about SHIB again.

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Not enough shitcoin shitposting in this world. Make biz seethe in absolute rage at our success.

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This whole thing is fucking hilarious

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>ass in all fields

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Gentlemen let's compose ourselves.

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Feeling pretty composed

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you better start getting riled up buddy. 10k holders before midnight.

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