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OGN just made Forbes with an article
> “It’s caught the attention of the entire music industry,” says Matthew Liu, cofounder of Origin Protocol, the NFT startup that set up Blau’s bespoke page. “Every major label, every major artist are blowing up our DMs and our inboxes right now.”

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Shit, we made it!

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Every major artist??? OGN gonna blow up even more.

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I have 40k, thinking of selling some of my matic to buy more, but why is it DUMPING THO???

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>Every major label, every major artist are blowing up our DMs and our inboxes right now.

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OGN always reacts to news pretty slow I think, but when it reacts it pumps 40% lol

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we need a coinbase listing, can you imagine the violent pump that would be?

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NYTimes everywhere!!! I can not imagine if Paris Hilton launches her NFT with Origin ffffff


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Damn this is actually legit
Can someone tell me what OGN actually does?

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he makes me feel feelings in my pee pee

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where's the easiest/cheapest place to some OGN?

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The OGNocologists tried to warn you. Might wanna buy in before it's too late... the worm moon awaits!

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Separates brainlets from their money via ‘digital’ art.

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She's really nice, you can talk to her and the team on discord. originprotocol.com/discord

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Ah so it's specified towards NFTs? I'm low-key quite bullish on NFTs but it may not be the year for them yet

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I wonder when coinbase is going to do that.

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thanks anon
that link didn't work so I went for their Telegram
Why the fuck does it have 39,824 members?!

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all bots / pajeets

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No it doesn't no way lol that's the wrong one
OGN has been in Coinbase Custody for a while so it's going to go its just time but obviously all this OGN hype will make that faster
I just want Exodus to support OGN tokens lol.

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Mostly white and Asian community.

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this guys don't stop. Holy smokes. Props.

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Can't spot many ranjesh or danesh in there but lots of Hei Pa, Sandi, Marco, Maxime's though lol

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Where are the bots?? OGNocologists

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You are about to enter the 6 figs hell in a month at most, godspeed anon.

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I have the same question... Why is it dumping? I hope it pumps soon.

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Fuck cuckbase they partnered with fucking AWS?!

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do you guys buy on uniswap?

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We are still under the warning influence of the snow moon. Wait til mid March. I think you're going to be very happy.

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isn't ogn already in coinbase custody?

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What does that mean for OGN?

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i buy on 1inch

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ok thanks just went all in, I hope i dont have to use my pink wojaks

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I bought more and am sitting at a 63k bag now. I wish I had more but i guess this will have to do. Now it's just a waiting game

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Good luck to us all.

I've gone all in aswell and am waiting to hear back for a personal loan.

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I've bought in, good luck legends!

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What's a make it stack?

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what's your target price anon? how long are you planning to hold?
Are you staking your stack?

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probably 500k or something lol

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When pump?

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Make it stacks start at 100k OGN. These can be worth 5 to 10 dollars each.

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A few more artist launching NFT's will send this one to the moon.

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Its already unironically over.

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>The resulting hash and Ethereum payment transaction hash is sent to the Origin Dshop backend for verification.
>Go to the Origin Protocol Dshop solution in AWS Marketplace.

oh shi-

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i think this can do a 10x or more. a 5x is pretty much guaranteed. I'm not staking right now but i might look into it

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thats like 7.5bil marketcap, i have my doubts haha but i like your optimism

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Oh no

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Why isn't this shit on binance.us

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They deleted their tweet, what does it all mean?

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phew, at least now i dont feel so bad about not being able to stack more. my prediction is we still get a pump, but it ultimately wont be as good as it could be.

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Knowing the team, they will resolve this. people are impatient.

>> No.30164406


cause the US sucks!

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I'm unironically worried. Got only a stack of 5k but thinking I should sell

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What's Exodus?

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imagine watching the 3LAU NFT auction do a record breaking 11.7 million in sales and not going all in OGN directly after. Now all artist are taking notice.

Paris hilton, MC Hammer, Kim Dotcom even fluffy pony knows whats up.
remember this project has an absolutely stellar team behind it with former early paypal, google, youtube employees.

i noticed. be smart dont be a retard.

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ok should i bought OGN
or its another scam
shill me in

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I think we'll break 1000 Sats on the daily early morning pump tomorrow morning.

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Are you absolutely retarded and want to kys? Bro calm the fuck down, better to miss some gains than to ruin your fucking life. Fucking normies just discovering crypto

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Lmao OGN is the opposite of a scam that's why no youtubers are ever gonna talk about this, Origin team refuses to shill their own project and will just put in the work to show what they really are like the 3LAU NFT auction.

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Hey retards have you packed your OGN bags yet?
OGN (governance) + OUSD ( high yield stable coin) + Dshop Decentralized Marketplace w/ NFTS enabled

NFTs are poised to be the next bullrun for crypto and no other project has a better corner on this with OGN's addition of NFT enabled products on their Dshop Marketplace.

OGN just built the platform that 3LAU did his first of its kind NFT album auction on which raised a mind boggling $11.7 million dollars worth of bids on 33 one of kind rare NFT's

OGN team is fully stacked
> Josh Fraser /Cofounder - Started coding at age 10 - Co founded 3 other venture backed companies; EventVue, Torbit, and Forage
> Matthew Liu /Cofounder - 3rd PM at YouTube, and VP PM at Qwiki
> Yu Pan /Founding Engineer - 1/6 founding members of PayPal - First employee at YouTube - Former Google Employee and co founder of Kiwi Crate

Prominent Partnerships
> Google Cloud (Google)
> Brave (BAT)
> Amazon Web Services (Amazon)

Prominent Investors
> Over 20 VCs
> Steven Chen (Founder of YouTube)
> Alexis Ohanian (Founder of Reddit)

MASSIVE cup and handle forming on the OGN/USDT daily
If you guys haven't taken notice yet you're actually retarded your time is running out. This should do an easy 10x by EOY minimum.

Copy pasted thread because our shit got too popular and also, watch this for possible upcoming Origin Collaborations with Paris, MC Hammer and some other big names


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Ok but why would a governance token be valuable?

>> No.30165669

If a project is valuable, having a say in its future can also be valuable

>> No.30165808


It's not only a governance token, probably better to edit the pasted info. 10% of OUSD compounded is used to buy back OGN automatically. OGN is a utility token with an expanding use case, apart from governance, incentives will be introduced to support the worth of the token through Dshop discount, buy backs, monetization of advertising, NFT listings, auction system & marketplace etc.. Currently when 3LAU's marketplace is opened 10% of the sales will be split between Origin and the artist, with part of the revenue generated being given back as OUSD which will be used for OGN buy backs, this is part of their flexible plan and most likely will be the case.

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Can someone explain the Paris Hilton thing to me? Is it a meme or something? Not sure why we care if a faded celeb from the mid-2000s is gonna be apart of this; I mean, how much influence can she possibly have?

Who’s OGN’s next get? Freddy Prinze Jr? Kelly Clarkson?

>> No.30165998


She still has millions of organic followers and her brand is worth hundreds of millions, think its around $400m. She's still kind of a very big deal.

>> No.30166416

grimes is into NFTs and she's a musician. can you imagine if she gets into this and we end up being retweeted by the Musk...

>> No.30166529

She's just an example of the most whorish that will jump on an opportunity to make money quicker than anyone. A-list artists and celebrities are also going to want to get in on this but need to be more careful about their image. The fact that a no name like 3LAU made $11m is going to get every talent agent's mouth watering.

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You newfag retards realize that any dipshit can post on forbes right? Its more or less a blog and not a big achievement nor a stamp of approval. Look into it yourself

>> No.30167383

OGN holders will be seeing the glory soon enough.

>> No.30167453

is this gonna be like the Amazon "partnership" where you faggots buy the top again and baghold for months?

>> No.30167475

OGN = governance for OUSD and Dshop, OUSD = OGN buybacks, NFT auctions = Origin fees + future auctions

There is also an affiliate marketing function for OGN in Dshop. Merchants can load up OGN on their stores to pay out to affiliates who bring them sales.

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Wtf are you talking about, no, only Forbes staff and editors can post an article and it has to be vetted by their team. This kind of misinformation is mind boggling, people just say whatever they want bc they think they got it right.

>> No.30167568

> Yu Pan /Founding Engineer - 1/6 founding members of PayPal

yeah anon thats right.... elon tweet is coming

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do not miss this rocketship.

when it takes off its not doing a return trip

>> No.30167769

i hope to god you are just shilling and dont really think that

>> No.30167791

everyone is partnering with Origin, they have the best connections in crypto right now.

>> No.30167800

Hilarious fud in this thread. Just buy, hold and don't discuss the price... and you've made it.

>> No.30167830

Origin is going to be the Amazon of NFTs

>> No.30167853

>> No.30168022

this guy fucks

>> No.30168136

>Shit, we made it!

Sell the news you greedy niggers.

>> No.30168236


Tell me which part of the statement is false and why, stop giving such half ass statements without even doing research and looking deeper. Look at who wrote the article, his contributions and past journalistic views and tell me which part validates dipshit posting and "anyone can post", you people dont even bother to do any sort of second checks or research and just hold onto your own opinions so strongly

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>> No.30168859

paris hilton is unironically based as fuck

>> No.30168992

and still a teir A brapper

>> No.30169010

mr. ceo, sir, I only have 153. will make it?

>> No.30169058

Rumor has it that Paris Hilton has already seen an OGNocologist recently....

>> No.30169109

No price discussion

>> No.30169128

what kind of astrology is this

>> No.30169197

??you are not ceo of based

>> No.30169277

CEO of based reporting for duty

>> No.30169281

i recall masturbating to this tiny picture of her that was in some shitty world records book when i was a kid

>> No.30169304

>153 k? or 153 OGN in total?

>> No.30169368

love this project, lots of hype, on the verge to being in top 20 imo.

>> No.30169379

Def a quality crypto

>> No.30169424

total. i am poor.

>> No.30169432

Debating on doubling my stack and going ALL IN even at 4.20

Thoughts? Am I gonna get fucked?

>> No.30169486

checked. you do great work.

>> No.30169500

Its OK anon we all start somewhere. 153 won't make it, but when we reach $1 then $5 it'll be a nice spend for a rainy day

>> No.30169560

The only way this is going down is if BTC shits the bed then no crypto is safe.

>> No.30169639

You will see some decent returns my friend. If it gets backed by a large portion of the music industry it will moon. We just need more exposure and coinbase to list.

>> No.30169793

It's okay anon, remember it's all percentages. I only have 600 OGN but I'm still excited for a 2-5x, because it's still infinitely better than getting a paycheck and my personal eventual road into 6fig hell.

>> No.30170381

Exactly, it's all about percentages

>> No.30170734

thank you friends. you give me hope.

>> No.30170801

that is important to remember... most projects will not million x.. need to keep doing 2x 5x 10xs and enjoy the gains.
it is almost like a race? bet on one horse... then when it wins switch to betting on the new horse

>> No.30170869

I was a big fan when I got introduced to Dshop years ago, I'm an even bigger fan now. Shit.. This project doesn't get enough credit.

>> No.30171443

100% People don't understand how powerful Dshop is against Shopify

>> No.30171944

anyone who hasnt checked Dshop out and is skeptical should take 30 mins and just open one up just to see what its all about.
Its super simple, and free you dont even have to do really anything to be able to see how powerful a product Dshop really is and how many doors this opens up for a truly decrentralized marketplace that anyone can participate in - for free

its unrionically a really great and clean product thats going to blow shopify out of the water

>> No.30171957

They just dont understand the value of getting into a company this early.

>> No.30172485

>they think its just another pump and dump token

imagine being so stupid.

its ok anon let them fomo in 5 buckerooonies

>> No.30172535

is this real? will this coin make me rich mr anon?
or you just try to scam people with shit
>I have already hold SWG and got rewards
>BSC will be cool for system development

>> No.30172980

I'm waiting for the pink wojaks when they're in at 5

>> No.30173314

We're pumping, guys.

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bros, i have a feeling that the 3d login button will push away a lot of users. it looks outdated and it clashes with the flat design of the rest of the page. can i get OGN front end dev on the phone?

>> No.30173853

You can join the discord and talk to them directly there. originprotocol.com/discord

>> No.30173881


>> No.30173928

Ebay literally has basic text still like its fresh out of 1998.

I'm not worried about the login button

>> No.30173961


this is the weakest fud ive ever seen in my entire life

>> No.30174118

this is dumb af. go away.

>> No.30174549

Can confirm. I was going to invest six figures until I saw that button. Nice try Rupresh.

>> No.30174672

Poorfag here.
All. In. Baby.
5 figs by April 30 or bankruptcy

>> No.30174747

I bought at 0.42 yesterday and it keeps dumping. Shitcoin.

>> No.30174865

holy shit it truly is an awful looking button. thanks for the heads up anon, I just sold all my tokens

>> No.30174921

Not even fair, I only have like 5000

>> No.30176287

>Not even fair, I only have like 5000

Bruh ive only got like 900. Hoping with the music industry getting in this shits gonna moon.

>> No.30176679

just be patient you'll get a moon soon enough

>> No.30177640

yeah, dont fret, took me a while to accumulate my bag

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