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it's legit happening


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seems bearish to me

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First thread in an hour, link is dead

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So... anyone can just copy Arb now?

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yeah wtf if you have an actual, useable product you wouldn't do this.

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Nothing will happen no matter what... first it was the mainnet.. then the ocr... no the arb... oh yeah and steak a hunderd of years ago

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I don't understand how NOT having a patent is a good thing?

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noo LINK always dumps on good news
please suppress

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bullshit just like the Swift and Google partnerships that have been already confirmed to have been lies by Sergey.

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this is literally nothing important, patent or not has no bearing on the release date or its success

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Every day that passes is a day closer to our Holy hour

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>abandoning the patent was a critical step for us in preparation for our upcoming mainnet launch.

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>they said it so it must be true
there's no connection between the two hence why they didn't elaborate on it. it's a nospeak to hype their products up, something brands use all the time

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>10 replies

/biz/ is fucking dead

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i thought i was going to click on the post and see "arbitrum will roll out on this date" and instead its trivial paperwork shit

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that means that was something they wanted to have done before releasing mainnet
not a must have/requirement for the release
so it doesn’t influence it
we already knew q1

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god i wish i was that frog

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shut the fuck up. i dont have a response but im tired of you fucks fudding absolutely everything

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Fuck all the salty faggots, nolinkers, and haters.

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>Arbitrum began as an academic project at Princeton, and in accordance with university policy, we disclosed our intention to commercialize the technology.

>The decision to patent was made by Princeton and @OffchainLabs licensed that patent.

The patent owner was Princeton. Offchain labs got Princeton to abandon the patent and now they don't have to pay licensing.

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you don't have a response since you know he is right, just don't respond when you are blatantly wrong and btfo'd

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kill yourself. see: >>30158160

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I no longer know if i feel like the slow slow progress is needed as they have to get it right or just incompetence. It's sad that my attitude to such a big release is going to be "about time" rather than excitement.

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this anon gets it. holy fuck you are all retarded for real

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hey midwit sock puppet, how does it feel when you are just repeating opinions and reasonings of other people? must be real rough just to be a carrier device

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API3 is vaporware mate

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Matic beat them to the fucking market, who the fuck cares bout Arbitrum any more
>watch this space!
Fucking assholes

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>arbitrum release (eom)
>T signatures (before summer)
>Staking (Summer)
>DECO/mixicles? (fall)
Is this the correct order?

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backpedal harder retard. embarrassing

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add successive years to each item in the list and you have it right

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you're a spoiled brat

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Holy shit the reading comprehension here is horrible. I can only imagine your ability to deduce things is heavily retarded and as such I will be discarding your opinions.

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they just added 100 employees and staking was supposed to be soon last september. Whether you know it or not, you are fudding
How hard can T sigs really be?

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hell if I know. Arbitrum is a very big deal because ethereum desperately needs a scaling solution with these retard level gas fees. It's a big deal for link because optimistic rollups need to be validated by link nodes both L1=>L2 and then again L2=>L1, so node operators will cash in coming and going. It's probably accurate to consider this as the chainlink network capturing a portion of ethereum's total daily transaction volume. This will be the first major use case after price feeds, and it will vastly increase network volume. The issue i could see is that if staking isn't out soon sir gay will have to dump addtional links from the dev wallet to support this additional volume, but with OCR in place it will probably still be less noticeable than past dumps. Thats probably why they focused on getting OCR ready in preperation for this new network volume. If that's true then they must have anticipated some time before staking comes out. It feels like it's coming out this year, and summer might be accurate.

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Yes, maby in 2025

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You can't spell Mumbai without the Q.

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This makes sense. They've probably had staking done since october, but haven't released it yet, bc eth is shit. So, they probably decided it was best to roll out a r b and t s i g s first

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You're on /biz/. The retards, brainlets and abrasive angry children are the reason this place isn't swarming with alpha-killing redditors.

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> offchain labs licensed the patent


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Why is no patent a good thing?

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well i could imagine that they'd want to hold back staking long enough to build a network of reliable nodes that have actual paying usecases. If node operators are actually making decent money they have implicit security guarantees not to fuck it up because that goes against their best interests. I could see that being the rationale, but i think staking ended up being more complicated than they anticipated with more threat vectors than they thought and thats why they're taking their time finishing it.

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>build a network of reliable nodes
A bit difficult to accomplish when their biggest node linkpool exit scammed everyone recently. Fuck mat.

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cope, no one cares about this dinosaur coin anymore

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that wasnt their biggest node

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did you not watch the fireside with ari? they must have said the good stuff would come in "five to ten years" at least fifteen times.
>100 employees
to work on integrations, enterprise relationships/products, and internal ops. they have filled perhaps 3 research positions since they started posting them
also, alex has been "close" to tsigs since the 2019 article so i assume it's ready and undergoing rigorous testing like ocr did. it's not a matter of difficulty as much as a matter of demand from production ready customers.

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really? Linkpool is bigger than deutsche telekom?

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Is that the fireside chat they talk about assassination contracts?

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>did you not watch the fireside with ari? they must have said the good stuff would come in "five to ten years" at least fifteen times.

i don't recall that, but i think thats a fair timeline for full network maturity and industry adoption for all proposed usecases. 5-10 years before derivatives are transacted seamlessly through smartcontracts validated with hundreds of thousands of nodes in the chainlink network reliably validating information a trillions of times per day. I don't think its going to be 5-10 years for the basic functionalities of the project like staking to come out. The thing that takes time is network maturation.

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Meh eth optimism is rolling out this month and I have a feeling it's going to make arbitrum, eth killers, and other L2s redundant. And I'm not just fudding, link is my largest position by far.

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good i cant wait for cardano and polkadot to die. reee

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optimism will be dogshit compared to arbitrum

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optimism works with chainlink too though

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No one is replying or talking about link cause NOTHING MATTERS, THE PRICE WONT PUMP!!! it's only newfags & redditors who are still getting excited. Anyone who has been holding for 3+ years is simply tired at this point - in fact, exhausted. Exhausted from the endless stream of integrations & partnerships doing ABSOLUTELY nothing to the price; exhausted of the big bank shilling going completely unnoticed by the market; exhausted of the endless pseudo pumps and massive dumps that follow; exhausted from the blatant price suppression at every conceivable & possible price point; exhausted from holding this piece of shit token and having to watch everything else go to mass while link bleeds - ITS ALL SO FUCKING EXHAUSTING.

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retards like you exhaust me

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Does it matter when they are both l2 scaling options? Who cares, eth and link would benefit from either being online if they work as they should

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Can someone give me a quick rubdown on tsigs

>> No.30160404

Go & look at the link-usdt chart right now & tell me what you see

>> No.30160554

make gas lower

i have been
i also know bull run is about to begin and stuff like this is crucial to ETH/LINK's success which is why i want to hear about it and dont wanna keep sifting thru 50 posts about how it doesnt matter bla bla

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>5-10 years before derivatives are transacted seamlessly through smartcontracts validated with hundreds of thousands of nodes in the chainlink network reliably validating information a trillions of times per day
Stop, I can only get so erect.

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Optimism is actually too optimistic.

>> No.30160619

How does it do that?
And does it compound with OCR?

>> No.30160738

Transgender-signatures are to confirm or debunk OP images on this board are indeed men. Should be fully operational in just another 3 short years if Surge can sell enough coins to keep the operation afloat until then.

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Lol same
Agree but I wonder if it matters enough for users. It's certainly a good sign that so many projects have been on arbitrums testnet. Idk maybe I'm just nervous that arbitrum has taken to long to rollout and there's a lot of competitors that are ready or nearly so.
Eth opt pbc works with chainlink? Didn't know that, how exactly?
Well they are competitors in a sense.

Idk maybe I have holders fatigue, lately I've been thinking that staking is the only thing that's gonna really matter....patiently waiting and holding but I guess im just pessimistic

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its a way of making the node consensus mechanism cheaper and more efficient, as well as more private. Instead of every node sending their confirmation up for settlement, they'll come to an agreement, sign the agreement, and send that for settlement so it only needs to happen once.

>> No.30161064

its an L2 solution that needs to be validated before it can get back on eth for settlement. They'll have to use link for that, and you can find some articles about trialing optimisms testnet from last year.

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>Transgender-signatures are to confirm or debunk OP images on this board are indeed men.

>> No.30161183

Wait so are eth opts validators chainlink nodes like they are on abirtum?

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Instead of amazon packaging your 10 items in separate packages and paying for individual postage, they’re all bundled in one box (transaction).

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>90%+ reduction in gas fees is somehow bearish

>> No.30161251

Reminder that Arbitrum is at best an amateurish attempt at scaling (and a dangerous one at worst). You all have to stop rushing into the first scam you see, development takes time, based autists like Vitalik know that. Bunch of tourist all of you link marines I swear

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Where can I buy?

>> No.30161334

Isn't it what OCR is doing already?

>> No.30161360

here's hoping for a good landing

>> No.30161366

All units
I say again

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Every person in this thread holds Link. Some pretend they don't in order that they might strike up conversation about Link. They feel awkward and shy about saying "hey who'd like to discuss Link?" as they're insecure in their sexuality and think that sounds faggoty. Truth is, holding Link and fudding it is the real faggoty path. Still; faggots do as faggots will. Faggots. Where would we be without them?

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that look so fake

>> No.30161502

yep, it's actually real though

>> No.30161526

You need to go back

>> No.30161530

audibly kek'd

>> No.30161591

It is fake. Just like all that other space crap. ISS etc. ever wonder why they don;t put a camera on the moon and point it at earth for a 24/7 365 day shot of mother earth? because they can't, and if they tried to fake it they'd fuck it up, and they know it.

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its basically the same thing as i understand it. arb and opt are direct competitors, and chainlink is like a b2b service provider for both.

>> No.30161927

Huh well that's news to me, I always assumed that link nodes acting as validators was exclusive to arbitrum. Why are link holders so bullish on arbitrum vs other L2 though if link validates both L2. What did I miss?
Lmao vitalik is such a bastard. He threw shade at arbitrum, the co-founder of arb comes in with a rebutal, vitalik doesn't respond. Hahaha fucking autistic skelator fag.

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What this mean BNT bros?

>> No.30162014

Very good point. Where is the moon cams?

>> No.30162047

Kinda like the Gen2 NSX

>> No.30162232

There is a meta pattern that LINK broke out of this morning. That pattern has held true since LINK re-entered the top 10 after things got sketchy on it's price collapse last year. It's not on your faggot chart but if you know what to look for, you'll see it and you'll see that it broke up.

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no way
i doubt it

>> No.30162278

arb is explicitly building this into their protocol.

>> No.30162378

Why would they? Already many satellites doing what you say without the cost of landing on the moon

>> No.30162457

arbitrum will be released in the next 24 hours

>> No.30162517

No I know, I thought you said eth opt pbc was as well? I think there's a communication breakdown?

>> No.30162828

i believe that to be the case for optimism. They haven't explicitly stated it, but they'll need validators when moving between layers, and i saw an article back in 2020 of chainlink getting access to optimisms testnet. I assume its for the same reason as arbitrum.

Or, they could go the route that everyone else who didn't initially use chainlink went through, and an anonymous party that totally isn't big serg will exploit them in such a massive way that they need to make an embarassing public announcement where they bring chainlink on board to restore public confindence. Nice protocol you have there, shame if something were to happen to it.

>> No.30162910

>Arbitrum is an Optimistic Rollup
They knew what they were doing kek

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I'm pretty optimistic about arbitrum at this point

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I've seen this quite a few times but only now realized what it shows. I'm a fucking brainlet.

>> No.30164261

Arbitrum won't use Link so idk why you guys care so much

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same here anon

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1. Chainlink nodes will act as validators
2. It will allow a massive increase in SC usage

>> No.30164958

what about the picture when they said that they were gonna use Ethereum instead?

>> No.30165011

This. The WEF called out this specific functionality in their latest report too. Wagmi

>> No.30165042

this chart is fud

>> No.30165125

>shame if something were to happen to it.
I hope link ends up doing the computation on pbc. That would be pretty insane. Does it seem like staking is getting closer or is it just me?

>> No.30165160

are you talking about the screencap where ed said that arbitrum will be paid in ethereum? What that means is that if ethereum users want to use arbitrum for optimistic rollups they will use ethereum to the pay the transaction fee to arbitrum. It will be just like paying a gas fee but much lower. That has nothing to do with with what chainlink is doing on the backend.

>> No.30165196

Bro link it please

>> No.30165247

i dont get it but seems bullish as fuck

>> No.30165254


>> No.30165567

Man, how the fuck did the ETH team fuck up this bad? Complacency?

>> No.30165710

>no ICO
it's nothing

>> No.30165770

yeah it does

>> No.30165828

i imagine its like all the weird fucked up rejects who couldn't make any friends so they became friends with eachother. furries, trannies, cripples ect. They're all broken fucked upped losers so nobody really takes the lead. Imagine a company made up of people who look like vitalik. Sure, they're smart, but how the fuck are you going to get anything done?

>> No.30165917

no there isn't. try and find one

>> No.30166075

Yep focused, highly professional, 'centralised' teams with strong leadership and funding are what is needed at this point. We've lost too much time.
eg. Chainlink and Arbitrum

>> No.30166317

Explain to a retard

>> No.30166384

how much time do you think eth devs waste in their hug boxes?

>> No.30166499

Many such cases! I've seen this exact scenario unfold too many times.
Sometimes you really do need a total hard-ass to push things and people along on a project, even if they might hurt some feelings along the way. God forbid.
Picrel is from their Medium article on new hires. lmao

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>> No.30166596

link btc golden cross on the daily?

>> No.30166723

>operating nurse
>surgical precision
kek.. the nurse just hands stuff to the doc

>> No.30166815

I'll let you choose out of the more than hundred https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Earth_observation_satellites

>> No.30166943

Guys, can someone give me a quick explanation on why this is bullish for chainlink?
>t. 2017 brainlet with 6k stack

>> No.30166970

any source on Arbitrum directly using link nodes for the validator portion of the protocol?

>> No.30167012

because once they get done fixing eth gas fees (arbitrum) they'll finally release staking

>> No.30167093


>> No.30167168

What the fuck is arbitrum?

>> No.30167582

average gas cost per transaction on Optimism was 26,834.84
average gas cost per transaction on Arbitrum was 1965

>> No.30167747

No way you can provide a link to a live satellite view of the globe. no way. it doesn't exist. you may have inferred from all the crap you're fed all the time by nasa that such a thing exists, but it doesn't. go on then, post a link of a live satellite view of planet earth. all that link provides is a list. nothing more.

>> No.30167943

Same fucking thing. For some reason I always thought this was bearish for Arb. Now I see just how fucking bullish this all is. So glad I bought the dip.

>> No.30167980

existing shots we see of 'planet earth' are assembled from strip data and 'wrapped' around a sphere model on a computer. this included the famous 'blue marble' shot apple used on their iphone bootup screen. the cloud patterns are later added. the guy who designed it is on camera saying how he did it, you can find that on youtube.

>> No.30168035

read between the lines pendejo

>> No.30168127

arbitrum rollups are optimistic though

>> No.30168226

go to google
chainlink arbitrum
click first link
this is why you missed chainlink

>> No.30168231

Kys you retarded subhuman https://youtu.be/EEIk7gwjgIM

>> No.30168390

kek, shots fired. harry is actually one of the most influencal devs in arbitrum, you can see his commits on github

>> No.30168461

"Simmon readily admits there are numerous fakeries in his image. The atmosphere is Photoshop blur. Some of the clouds are collaged together using Photoshop’s clone tool to cover gaps in the satellite’s coverage. The black area around the earth is not the void of space. It is simply a background of black color that Simmon placed the earth on top of. (This is standard practice, Simmon says: most actual “photographs” of the earth—including the Apollo images—present the planet on a black background)."

>> No.30168584

>once they get done fixing eth gas fees

>> No.30168601

Thats not a shot of the 'globe' that's just some high altitude shot. nothing to do with space. You have been deceived, anon. you need to wake up and see this.

>> No.30168695

no i mean arbitrum will actually fix eth gas fees (leave it to sergey to save everything since moneyskele can't do shit about it)

>> No.30168971

I like ETH and LINK but I'm not getting my hopes up until it actually starts happening.

>> No.30169423


Is this the ultimate cope? Link can't moon because the moon isn't real?

>> No.30170962

has nothing to do with chainlink

>> No.30171151

You're a moron.

>> No.30172010



>> No.30172018

It’s happening quite soon. Arbitrum is on testnet

>> No.30172692

I can't wait for Arbitrum to fail like every other "solution" so Chainlink cult members get btfo

>> No.30173485

Go back to your sub 5 figure poorfolio alt season thread you faggot

>> No.30173636

Don’t worry, it won’t.

>> No.30174040

>people who're

>> No.30174227

If the price is already that cheap, why aren't they fucking releasing the damn product?

>> No.30174390

thanks for reminding me of saint pepsi

>> No.30174621

Nope, chainlink cult members will drink the punch

>> No.30174694

Someone please explain to me how arbitrum will be adopted?

First mover for L2 is huge and as far as I can tell Optimism will be released before arbitrum.

Am I wrong in thinking first mover is a big deal? What are your thoughts?

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>> No.30174985

Seethe and scream more maggot. We've already won and we'll keep winning even harder.

>> No.30175031

the phrase is "drink the kool aid" Harish.

>> No.30175083

scroll up and read the screencaps about optimism.

>> No.30175618

>I'm not getting my hopes up
Niggers like this never read what they bought and deserve to be poor.

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