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Best FUD Edition
Shake out the weak


>What is Brave?
Brave is on a mission to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience while growing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards.

>What is BAT?
Basic Attention Token. It is a utility token based on the Ethereum technology that can also be used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users in our new, blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform.
Ownership of the tokens carry no rights other than the right to use them as a means to obtain services on the BAT platform, and to enable usage of and interaction with the platform, if successfully completed and deployed.

>The Man The Myth The Legend


>DStore Powered By OGN

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Give me your best fud on this unfudable project.

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4100 BAT, the only comfy hold in crypto. The only tech in crypto that does something and isn't a pajeet scam or a plethora of false promises and snail-based development progress.

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Big wall at .80. Beyond .84 can be a breakout zone.

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hey friends, just bought $100 worth of BAT, I'm new to crypto but I really think that BAT has a bright future so I'm interested in holding for the long term

I bought on Coinbase Pro tho i've seen some anons say that Uphold is the way to go, what're your thoughts on this?

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my thoughts are SNNEEEEEEEEEEEED

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Bring on $1. I'm about to start my night shift, gimme good news for coming home

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I hate buying into a pump like this, but I am late to the game. I like the project a lot but I just delayed buying. Might there be another opportunity?

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Keep them there. Wait for the official Brave Wallet to come out in a year or so and put them there to get involved on their DEX. They currently use Uphold which has mixed reviews.

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best to get your coins into a wallet that won't make it easy for you to panic sell if you're new to crypto. Big dumps happen and it scares newfags into panic selling and it's the leading cause of financial loss.

Throw it on a wallet that doesn't let you easily sell the coins and be prepared to hold them for awhile, if not 1-2 years.

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a toast, fren.

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It's nice having a decent ad blocking browser on android to be desu

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>50k stack
>holding for at least two or three years
Plenty of time to get in on this investment. I say this all the time though, it’s a hold though.

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Wait for BTC to dump. We may touch .6X again if BTC goes down past 49k. Sunday morning it was .46, Wednesday morning, .84

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Staking/loaning out is good also. I'm debating between compound, gemini, and crypto.com. Though probably better to wait for the dex

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Some real legitamate TA based on math and white paper instead of lines, truely a god among men, anon

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Eich mentioned a completely independent index for the search today. Can anyone elaborate on what that means exactly? They're really going ground-up on a search?

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bought a bunch of BAT at .55 and it literally saved my portfolio, made back all my recent losses lmao

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From their roadmap

"Brave has grown to over 25 million Monthly Active Users (MAU), and over 8 million Daily Active Users (DAU). We expect Brave to grow to 50 million MAU and 17 million DAU by the end of the year."

Damn it feels good to be in relatively early

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Unironically this >>30155050

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tfw you bought at 0.77

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Thanks bros

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how does 7.77 sound?

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I kinda want to sell Saturday and swing more coins Sunday but I know that Sunday dump will be magically cancelled if I sell my coins lmao.

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If anyone has thoughts on the whitepaper, feedback is welcome. Van Oordt and Bolt have done some more recent work on correcting for speculation

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Alright, so, this is a browser that blocks ads. Tell me how this any different from simply adding ad block onto firefox?

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thats how i feel, i was expecting yet another big dip sunday but we didnt really see it

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You get a small amount of BAT for clicking ads the browser sends

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The dump seems to come more often on Monday lately, though I need to add the last few weeks of prices in.

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how does brave/bat stop people from running bots and earning BAT they then tip to themselves?

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It goes by the price of TSLA now.

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yeah that happened the other week, but even so it was more of a deflation than a dump this week. none of my expected limits hit their buys

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BAT is a token that is used to split ad revenue. Before, businesses would go through advertising companies to advertise the respective business. However, the recipient of these ads basically have to deal with this and have their mental space be crowded with shit. Brave essentially becomes the middleman for all advertising and makes it so that a majority of the money that is spent on advertising is diverted to the user. In short, the user gets paid to see ads in BAT.

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Browser discriminates human-like movements from random/bot-generated ones. It uses SVMs to determine what JS is spam/ad related or not, so I assume it uses a similar process for analyzing mouse/keyboard movements.

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You must be KYCd before you can withdraw BAT and convert it into fiat. Abusers have been blacklisted in the past (see the 2019 threads, there was a talk abt this)

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>In a recent interview with Jezebel Yan Zhu, chief security officer at Brave.com, stated that: “I want an internet that respects humans and prioritises the needs of minorities that are heavily discriminated against, such as Transwomen and African Americans. I dislike non-consensual power structures such as those held by white men. With Brave Browser we can end the monopoly of FAANG companies on our web and by proxy eliminate the power of white men on us”

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I’m out fellas

>> No.30156473

Hmm. That would encourage more on 'seeing' the ads but not actually paying for anything they see on it. Wouldn't the companies essentially calculate they are getting no money from said ads despite having lots of views from it?

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why do you lie?

later retard

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based, thank you

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I bet she only fucks white guys.

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Anon bros i like the project and anything that sticks it to the google jew the better, but getting KYC'd is trivial and recording input you then playback hundreds of times on hundreds of virtual machines isn't difficult. As a former ad-fraudster I worry the system can still be gamed.

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most danger asian women do, its all a appearances

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She is the chief of security of Brave. A supposed secure browser. Who's to say she doesn't have some sort of backdoor to label all white men and anyone against communism

>> No.30156726

Probably, though at the current exchange rate earnings don't even exceed electricity costs.

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>no source

>> No.30156771

heres their entire code https://github.com/brave

do you guys actually look anything up before you post?

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kek sauce anon?

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it isnt real you retarded phone posters >>30156509

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It's currently at 77c

>> No.30157393

Actually, never mind. I forget how much money companies make from advertisements and something like this might reduce the burden from the consumer side. I didn't like at first considering as we have enough garbage exploiting customers with pervasive ads. There's also the bonus of this altcoin actually having a working product.

Still have my doubts though. Seems like any other 'point' system that stores have with a glorified ad block add-on.

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.77 is real early for $40.

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Original source has mysteriously disappeared, but scout on her twitter and you can see what she stands for.

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Don’t care faggot. People can have their own political views. Sure she is dumb but as long as it doesn’t effect brave I don’t care. Besides Brendan would not allow any shenanigans.

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If this is the best fud out here then this coin is seriously about to rocket

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>as long as it doesn't affect brave
She's literally the head of security
Who are you quoting? a shitcoin it is and shit coin it shall remain

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>this is the best fud there is

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I hold very anti black views I would never let that interfere with my job. Not everyone is a small iq cock sucker like yourself.

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ohh no BAT isn't based oh noo
>bringing politics and race into crypto
everyone can just fuck off. I don't care. At all. God you based faggots are just as bad as the other side. You're all extremists and I just don't care.

>> No.30158329

>he brings mutt politics in crypto unironically
Kill yourself

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Should i buy some more now or will it probably go back down a bit?

>> No.30158494

People used to have a lot of FUD. What happened?

>> No.30158502

Give me a few minutes so that I can read the future

>> No.30158554

not an argument



>> No.30158562

if u have to rely on asking on /biz/ of all places for TA to time the market, you shouldn't try to time the market
just be a good simple boy and DCA

>> No.30158622

Kekd out loud thanks anon. You could write professionally if you don't already do.

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The amount of trash GME has brought is incredible,

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>unironically r*dditspacing
ask me how I know you're a r*dditfag who joined pol within last 3 years
ps : you'll never be white

>> No.30158817

Unironically fuck off back to pol turbosperg

>> No.30158845

There was never any real fud. It was all explot browser and that bat couldn't go over $1. The best one was the guy who let the notifications build up in their tray and open them all at once saying he had a bat farm. That one was awesome.

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Just sold my whole stack

>> No.30159159


1)I've been on 4chan since 2013 and I've started lurking/biz/ when it was created, not a true oldfag but thanks to /biz/ I've achieved true financial independence
2)I'm neither an Amerilard or a Yuropoor

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This is /biz, we are here to make money. If a Joe bidens cum cookies was a coin and had low market cap I would buy them up quick. Stay poor nigger.

>> No.30159453

You poor redneck fucks investing $200 into crypto really care about who works for them? You deserve to be poor.

>> No.30159615

>With Brave Browser we can end the monopoly of FAANG companies on our web and by proxy eliminate the power of white men on us
Is she wrong that this could probably happen tho?

>> No.30159669

I've got a stack of 50k and a kid on the way...will I make it?

>> No.30159694

shes larping, but even taking a 1% share is billions

>> No.30159757

are you the guy from this morning talking about selling his btc for this

>> No.30159836

Nah. I've held since 2017

>> No.30160309

Say it with me:

>> No.30160346

I've got a stack like yours. I'll be living my life as if I don't, but I'm thinking 2-3 years from now will be the remainder of this hold, and we'll see how it looks. Genuinely think somewhere from $10-40 is not unreasonable. A nuclear moonshot is also not impossible but I keep conservative expectations on everything.

>> No.30160493

Think they'll keep "Basic Attention Token"? I think they could/should rename it Brave Token or something. I'm not sure everyone would associate the two at first glance.

>> No.30160671

got damn he's gorgeous.

>> No.30160691

Feels so good to be a Brave Chad. Wish I could get more ads for more free crypto. Good fundamentals, can see it growing to be one of the top 10 down the road.

>> No.30160724

That's a man.

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>> No.30161124

This coin has no choice but to move up. How far and how fast I have no idea. It’s a game changer. If we are the product, they can pay us for our services.

>> No.30161402

my only real problem with this is pushing for an establishment that will try anything to end crypto and decentralized tech in general.

>> No.30161473


>> No.30161553

Is there a similar pic for 2020?

>> No.30161633

>having this opinion
>working with the Eich
Yeah I'm gonna call bullshit

>> No.30161982

So I have to questions about this coin
1. we are at 1.2B mcap, the supply is 1.5B
What happens with the price when we reach 1.5B mcap? When will a price squeeze occur because of supply shortage?
2. Do you think BAT will crash with the market after bull run and is it wise to sell it on the peak of the bull market this year or should I just hold it for 3-5 years?

>> No.30162461

Hold. the project will progress, add millions of users and utilize BAT as a true currency.

>> No.30162548

Thing is, I want to accumulate
And if it drops like 50% at the end of the bull market I might wanna buy back cheaper so that I got more tokens
Need a sui/make it stack of 10k

>> No.30162618

being white isnt a good thing fucking retard

>> No.30162652

>bought at 0.82
>still waiting for the pump
Fuck my life

>> No.30162758

Hold it and don’t look at it after this bull run. On the next run, sell half and buy a beachfront home in the hamptons and a Lambo. Sell the other half on the next bull run and buy land on Mars and fuck 3 titted aliens.

>> No.30162801

>buys at news spikes

oh no no no no no

>> No.30162837

I'm not sure you're going to see bear prices like where we're currently at, whenever it comes.

>> No.30162863

Wait, you have to click them? I've been slowly trickling in BAT for a long time just by having the ads on. Do you get more if you click them?

>> No.30162966

no, dismissing the ad is enough.
although brave boasts about their ad click rate "9% opposed to most sites where its 2%" so its not a bad idea to click the ads to improve braves numbers.

>> No.30163132

Welcome to the club. Guess when I bought in 2 weeks ago? 66 cents, the previous peak.
Now you gotta ask yourself, do you actually care about this token or not? If not, sell at a loss again. And see you at $1.30 in 0 to 12 weeks

>> No.30163322

The BAT shill was right all along

>> No.30163649

>5 days of using
>Already 2 coins from just laptop
>Also a poorfag with 110 coins bought outright

Rope or Moon lads?

>> No.30163675

Is it over bros?

>> No.30163862


>> No.30163906

You might have to wait a bit but $4 EOY is a very conservative estimate.

>> No.30163911

Chief Security Officer? yeah im selling everything i have. its been fun

>> No.30163919

It hasn't even begun

>> No.30163936

no king rules forever

>> No.30164083

Ah shut the fuck up faggot. I'm not political either but leftism is fucking cancer and if you can't see that at this point you should just rope it.

>> No.30164097

You'll rope when it moons. You have time to acooooomulate though cause it's a long hold.

>> No.30164313

>not political
fuck off /pol/tard

>> No.30164334

Well, whats the barebones minimum make it stack

If I buy 500 BAT, with 400 boughts when it dips to 70 again, and if/when it hits $10, that makes $5K which can be transferred to ETH...yeah, 500 is too little, seems like one would need 3K to 5K minimum

>> No.30164356

wat to heck!!! that .75 dip got eaten up nicely

>> No.30164442

>whats the barebones minimum make it stack
10k is a sui stack, barebones make it stack is 50k

>> No.30164484


>> No.30164526

re-read my post
After some more deliberation, I suppose 50k is fair for the make-it stack. 100k was a bit of a leap after the 10k sui stack.

>> No.30164603

suicide and make it stacks are ALWAYS and order of magnitude in difference. 10k 100k.

>> No.30164644

God I just need this to take off so I can finally retire comfy. Been investing since July 2017 so I've built up quite a bag. If this thing goes to $4+ I think I'll sell all my possessions and travel for a few years.

>> No.30164734

>Browse /biz/
>See this and think this person looks familiar
>Wait a second is that... yeah, MIT, physics, name all match up
>tfw she is part of my class (2012) and we took several physics courses together.
Truly a small world.

>> No.30164735

I honestly think 100k is a true MAKE IT stack. 50k is, like I said, barebones. I have 50k and will be accumulating, with the goal of getting 100k during the dips over the next few years, without too much cost.

>> No.30164742

Not buying a pink haired minoritycoin, sorry

>> No.30164796

was she a cunt? looks like one

>> No.30164896

Niggas are buying a search engine. I have a MASSIVE boner because of the ensuing success

>> No.30164930

>westernized asian woman
Of course

>> No.30164950

Tell us more anon. What was she like?

>> No.30165003

Shillpill me on TRON and Zilliqa
Are they worth a small stack to dump a month later and switch to BAT?

>> No.30165037

did you fuck her

>> No.30165102

So guy, what do you think about the low supply price squeeze thing?
When do you think will we be seeing the first effects? At 1.5B mcap?

>> No.30165111

you fucking street shitting nigger kyfs

>> No.30165156

Stacks were cut in half when dex was announced.
5k is suicide, 50k make it.

>> No.30165180

She/he is only there as a token to bring more trannys to the browser. Those people get stimmy checks and masturbate to online porn too. Probably even more than most of us do. It won’t hurt the price of the coin. It can only help.

>> No.30165187

I hope not

>> No.30165206

Its going to $40 end of year. Its literally confirmed. Anything under that price is free money.

>> No.30165259

I think this is fundamentally the wrong mentality. Getting in BAT is an investment in Brave's expanding user base and adoption by advertisers. The supply maths are a bonus.

>> No.30165306

Posts like this mean it's the literal top

>> No.30165327

idk, she's kinda qt

>> No.30165377


>> No.30165395

Screencapped for tomorrows $1+ thread.

>> No.30165431

People were calling for $40 when it was at 25 cents and that wasn't the literal top, so nice fud

>> No.30165469

Poorfag bump

>> No.30165516

If we were talking a pajeet shitcoin, yeah you‘d be right
But BAT has all the fundamentals, the team, widespread adoption, normie users and the tokenomics to support a gigantic green dildo up your ass

>> No.30165637

You guys are still early. I have been telling people to accumulate this for years for one specific reason. There was an opportunity to get BAT at $.17-.20 while the price was not catching up to fundamentals. The argument I made back then was that If you missed a multiplier back then it would compound over years. Think about it for a moment. From $.20 to $1 is a 5x, and $.20 to $100+ is a 500x. Going from $.75 to $100+ is only a 133x.

If you are on the fence hoping for a better price, just know that if it doubles from here you might only get a 66x. I say only, but its still a massive move. Very high reward with somewhat of a low risk. Other tokens have pumped far beyond what they should accurately be valued at. BAT is still undervalued by a lot so you should still be accumulating.

>> No.30165694

No, at least not back then.

In class she always sat in the front row and one of the few people that regularly asked questions. She would occasionally be doing P-sets (homework basically) in the physics lounge, but I was never part of her clique. I have one memory when our mechanics class finished the final exam, she turned hers in and jumped up and down like 3 times and shouted "I'm done! I'm done! I'm done!" or something like that. She's also incredibly tiny at like 5' tall.

No, although I think she lived in Senior House (maybe East Campus or Random Hall), which are dorms known for drugs and fucking so someone probably did.

>> No.30165919

Damn and here I thought you had a good FUD story.

>> No.30165938

I'm hoping for a good dump on Sunday/Monday. Like take it back to 50-55 cents I'll be able to throw another $1000 in at the end of the week which will take me to 6100 coins.I won't be able to get a make it stack which sucks but close to 10k coins is still make it in a sense tha tthe money it gives you in the end will let you get a house and invest the rest back into something that will definitely let you make it.

>> No.30165945

>MIT anon

Wait I thought we were all retarded here

>> No.30166101

We've got a blue haired asian SJW feminist cunt doing our grunt work to enable Brendan "One Man Reich" Eich. Incredibly based,

>> No.30166132

>$1 BAT
batter's up!
>$5 BAT
bats in the belfry
>$20+ BAT
goin' batty!

>> No.30166277

what a cutie

>> No.30166345

prove it faggot

>> No.30166539

you're supposed to LARP being retarded not actually be retarded

>> No.30166783

Must be nice, I am retarded and jealous. My envy of Brendan’s blimp sized head is what caused me to stack up bat though so I guess it worked out:

>> No.30166850

People are running out of safe places to put their money as this fiat tidal wave comes roaring in. Gold is sinking, silver is being suppressed, real estate is about to tumble, stock market is taking a shit. This shitcoin is a real asset that’s already being implemented. Add to that, privacy is a major issue, people are sick of big tech censorship, and we’re in the middle of a crypto boom. We could go on for hours why this coin is literally the best investment available on the market right now.

>> No.30166902

Umm... BATchads... Would you mind dipping the price down to 50 or 40 cents so I can fill some bags? Pretty please?

>> No.30167058


>> No.30167062

You and me, anon. I'm actually retarded but I ironically pretend I'm retarded. I bought a 13.3k sui stack of BAT yesterday. WAGMI

>> No.30167081


>> No.30167194

Brendan "Third R" Eich is really trying to rehabilitate his reputation as gay-hating christfag with these diversity hires. Either that or he just really, really likes asian girls.

>> No.30167389


>> No.30167543

You went to MIT? Pretty based. Do you hold BAT? Use Brave? What do you hold? just out of curiosity.

Goddamn I will literally get horny if we have $1+ BAT threads. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG being a early 2018 BAT investor, this is like being in a lucid dream

>> No.30167737

OK, I am officially retarded but I need help bros.
So I made a coinbase account, added my debit and even purchased some crypto.

I've been trying to "earn" a few of the shitcoin rewards they are pushing on their Homepage on the mobile app, but I need to verify identity.

I upload my drivers license but it get stuck on "verifying" and when I refresh 15 mins later it reverts as if I never tried to verify identity?

>> No.30167814

It has been a while since I have done it, but I think it took me multiple times for it to go through.

>> No.30167822

BAT literally hit $1.00330 CAD today. I celebrated

>> No.30168013

Wouldn't count on it. I think the hype is building and this coin will never see .5X ever again.

>> No.30168061

that's hilarious. Congrats to all Canadian BAT hodlers

Pretty much remember it being the same way. I joined Coinbase during the 2017 craze and I'm almost certain it took fucking forever to get my ID verified.

>> No.30168285

I can smell it. Crab at .70-.79 for the next day or two, pump to .93, drop to .85 and find a new floor on Monday

>> No.30168442

People are still finding out about >>30167389

>> No.30168620

>Congrats to all Canucks

Thanks; I'm pretty sure those who had few K stacks sold to rebuy when like this bro >>30168285 says BAT drops to find a new floor

Tried to verify ID on coinbase websit. Didn't work. Fuck this shit

>> No.30169023

Nope. We will be over $1 end of day tomorrow. Cap this.

>> No.30169194

Brave will need more monumental news to break $1 tomorrow. Very unlikely.

>> No.30169200

shes pretty cute in person. I saw her at HOPE 2018 during her talk with Chelsea Manning. She was wearing this super goth outfit with high heel black leather boots. I want her to step on me in that same outfit she had on

>> No.30169361

Too bad you weren't... Brave enough to ask her to step on you.

>> No.30169659

BAT airdrop for the ones that had to deal with Uphold. Wouldn't that be something

>> No.30169668

idk, BAT hype is real, they have a lot of huge improvements coming to their product, and with supply being so limited, I could see this crawling up slowly for the forseeable future

>> No.30170100

It's an abstract kind of feel when I want it to go higher but actually want it to go lower so I can buy more. I don't think I could ever sell this shit < $40. I need it to go about$78 for a milli. Fuck me. Shoulda bought more!

>> No.30170187

if there is a heavy dump in the .90's I think it will recover. i can see people selling at that peak then buying up again cheaper.

>> No.30170300

Made for BBC
>Big BAT Cock

>> No.30170303

paying some basic attention to this token here.. https://www.twitch.tv/doctor_degen


>> No.30170318

>"Congrats! You have 6 verified ID document(s)."
>Still saying I'm on waiting list, asking ID verification when the jew in me wants their free shitcoins

I've been outjewed

>> No.30170486

you fucking subhuman

>> No.30170603

the search engine news is monumental

>> No.30170638

Is it worth trying to swing dumps? I don’t want to lose my whole stack by tempting fate

>> No.30170692

Worst thing you could possibly do. Sell and get priced out forever. Just keep market buying the dips. It's going to $100+ eoy.

>> No.30170746

Yeah I shouldn’t get greedy. I don’t want to fuck with it tax-wise anyway.

>> No.30170779

Newfags dont realize that we still have to 5x in sats to reach the old ATH. This thing is primed to explode in the next few months. Dont wait for dips guys just ape in any chance you get. Anything under $40 is a steal.

>> No.30170900

>Newfags dont realize that we still have to 5x in sats to reach the old ATH.
Can you elaborate on that please? Thank you?

>> No.30171031

if bat stays even in sats that is the same as just holding btc. In order to truly moon hard we need bat to gain sats, which means to gain value against btc. Thats why this pump is great we gained a lot vs btc. There is so much upside to this coin right now its not even funny.

>> No.30171123

My thoughts exactly. Why do these idiots vote for people that backstab them? Happened to union workers too.

>> No.30171139

Its ATH in fiat (usd) is only 1.3x away. However if you value BAT in sats (satoshi's) its 5x away. Sats are a ratio of Bitcoins. Some people don't care about USD, they just care about accumulating more BTC.

At the old BAT all time high (rough numbers for ease of explanation):


Now 2021

BAT=$1 (almost)

To get back to the same ratio aka value in sats, it would look something like this



The numbers are very rough. Its more to demonstrate to you sats versus fiat value.

>> No.30171204

>We need bat to gain sats
To clarify, do you mean if BATs rate of return is higher than BTC, or if the price of a BAT gets higher than the price of sats? Thanks anon

>> No.30171381

Oh okay I understand thanks anon. Took a moment for it to click but that makes a lot of sense.

>> No.30171541

I didn't get any BAT rewards even with ads shown for the last three effin days. What gives?

>> No.30171608

It gets paid out on the 5th I think. also turn off auto-contribute if u wanna hold ur rewards

>> No.30171621

>$100+ BAT


>> No.30171720

Sometimes theres a delay. Yesterday I waited 24 hours for mine to show up.

>> No.30171804

It's not about paying out - that I understand. It's just no matter how many ads I viewed, the counter didn't even budge for the past three days.

>> No.30172291

Are you understanding what sats are? Bat is currently 1514 in satoshis. So even though its gone up to 77 cents, one could still be down on their investment if they bought when it was 2500 in satoshis. You need to gain value in btc not just fiat for altcoins to make sense, otherwise you could have just held btc.

>> No.30172973

So should everyone who wants to buy BAT rn buy through BTC instead of USD?

>> No.30173023

So in other words when King bitcoin takes a shit all the BAT gains will be wiped out. At least I'll get a good dip to buy more.

>> No.30173333

The search project will ultimately depend on the quality of the search results. I'm sure it'll be fine for the most common 95%, it'll be the 1-5% where they are really tested.

>> No.30173370

I just had a really dumb idea. If I leave my PC on overnight auto-playing some YouTube playlist for 12 hours, how much BAT would I make by morning? Anyone know how to calculate that?

>> No.30173453


Those numbers I gave are incorrect, but the concept stands the same. Altcoins (non BTC) are far more volatile than bitcoin, so you can open yourself up to far larger returns on altcoins, but also lose all of your money. BTC. BTC may go up 2x over the next 12 months, but something like BAT may do a 20x. BTC is considered to be the safest of cryptocurrency holds.

>So should everyone who wants to buy BAT rn buy through BTC instead of USD?
Doesn't matter how you buy it, whether BTC or USD. The amount of BAT you get would be the same. Measuring in satoshi's is just another way of measuring the value of a token. We know that BAT was worth more relative to Bitcoin a few years ago. People believe it can return to that same relative value in the future irrespective of its fiat (usd value).

>> No.30173472

yeah that aint gonna work.
pretty sure they have bot detection shit too so dont think of a macro either.

>> No.30173494

Okay before I hated this project because they didn't implement vertical tabs (wtf?). Now I have an actual reason. Nice.

>> No.30173560

Hardly anything to make it worth it. Brave has been out for years now and everyone has already devised ways tot ry and 'mine' BAT. You can't scam brave/bat. Its not some retard mining gig. Just use the browser as per you would any other browser, and collect some pocket change when you get paid out at the end of the month. For the cost of BAT now, you might as well buy a stack of it.

>> No.30173578

Checked. Search quality especially people used to using google all the time will be extremely difficult. Even alternate search engines to google now have a hard time with this. Good FUD

>> No.30173595

So basically if we hold BTC and another coin to the same ratio, rather than rising in fiat it just has to do better than BTC percentage wise? As in if BTC is $50k and goes to $60k thats only a 20% increase. But if say BAT is $1 and goes to $2 its a 100% increase therefor outperforming BTC in that time frame. Am I getting that right?

Also anyone else notice that if you block cross-site trackers in Brave ads disappear even though you have ads on, why is that?

>> No.30173628

Is this just a curve fitted model based on current advertisement and consumer benefit with inflation and cost benefit analysis for advertisers adjustments?

>> No.30173647

That's my intention. I was just having flashbacks to botmining RuneScape and GaiaOnline for gold to sell.

>> No.30173788

You are so brainwashed by the jew your brain can't process making gains other than fiat.

>> No.30173798

Checked Quads of Truth!
ddg is my standard se, but anytime I have to know something quick and specific I have to !g

>> No.30173896

The difference with Runescape is that the admins and moderators were all in on it, and knew that if they outright banned bots every time they detected them no-one would be playing runescape.

Bots heavily inflated the economy doing menial tasks and provided Jagex with a huge amount of revenue from people paying for memberships for hundreds of bots in their farms. Runescape is a super interesting case study in the whole botting versus realities and ethics of policing botting.

>> No.30174163

Interesting. I seem to recall hearing that RuneScape is actually taught in economics courses because of how they collapsed their economy with incautious and heavy-handed regulations that caused inflation to spiral out of control. Kind of neat.

>> No.30174176

Welp it's been fun guys. Back to .40c we go.

>> No.30174220

Runescape was awesome. The economy changed wildly after the grand exchange arrived.

>> No.30174240

Hopefully, then I can increase my stack to 100k

>> No.30174257

>>30173595 he explaind it well >>30173453
What I am telling you is that you need to gain in BTC value for your altcoin to be profitable.
Example: btc pumps 10% but bat stays even in btc value (satoshis). Your bat stack gains 10% as well because of the btc price action
example 2: btc stays even, bat gains 10% in btc value (satoshis). Your bat stack gains 10% because many people bought bat which caused an increase in the price of it against btc. Meaning it outgained btc for that time period. This is what we want.
I dont know how much more I can spoonfeed you. You need to understand that if you hold shitcoin A and BTC goes 10x but your coin goes down in btc value you can end up with a situation where your shitcoin went 8x so you are happy but you could have had the 10x by just holding btc instead.

Bottom line: Just buy as much bat as you can and dont sell before $40. I break this all down for you cause I love my BATbros.

>> No.30174360

honest question, has /biz/ always been full of "ITS MOONING GET IN NOW , AW FUCK ITS CRASHING IM RUINED" people? has the gme craze bring in new people ?
been on 4chan since 2006 but /biz/ is a new board for me.

>> No.30174369

I've heard some stories, but that was way after my time. I played it back when the whole game was a PvP area and you had to decide whether or not yours was a PvP account, which you could only change twice, ever. The Wilderness was a controversial addition.

Fuck, I hope so. The 3K USD wire transfer to my Kraken account won't clear until morning. I'm sitting here with only what my Brave browser has gotten me right now.

>> No.30174375

I understand it much better now. Took a couple reads but I got it now. ty anon

>> No.30174399

Fun fact: you can buy a bird in RuneScape 3 named Richie at the grand exchange for 100 million gp. The more you donate, the more colors you unlock for Richie. It’s a way they’re combating the inflation. The most expensive Richie is a party hat Richie and it’s 10 billion gp.

>> No.30174487

So what are you doing with your life currently?

>> No.30174490

Yeah I understand this explanation >>30171139
see >>30171381

Basically valuing the token with respect to its exchange rate with BTC, not just with fiat. With that in mind, it's even more undervalued than one would think. I've only really had standard fiat assets and am pretty new to thinking in terms of crypto so I appreciate it.

>> No.30174514

Buying in once it hits $0.50, so in about 30 mins or so

>> No.30174547

yeah /biz/ has always been like that, with the odd proper "penny stock general" and other money maker threads.

mark my words though, all here will not panic sell. I will be buying more

>> No.30174562


BAT @ 0.73

This is still early, right ?

wanna deep my toes in with at $200

>> No.30174587

Thats really interesting, but makes my head hurt to understand.

>> No.30174595

Thats been going on at least since 2017.

>> No.30174603

If I don't get my stimmy before this hits $1 I'm gonna think so hard a 9/11 sequel will happen

>> No.30174655

>Best FUD Edition
>Shake out the weak
I normally never say shit like that. I'm just fucking around after answering low IQ questions the past few days. I'm being ironic because that is normally what you see now with every shit coin on here. Biz way back was into dropshipping.

>> No.30174666

Uh oh, I'm out.

>> No.30174669

I actually started browsing biz a couple months before the whole gme shabbang

>> No.30174685

As I said, just wait about 30 mins, it will be $0.50.

>> No.30174812


>> No.30174841

This makes more sense, I was tying both coins value to fiat rather than just BTC itself. Thanks man. Im only a stacklet that got in yesterday before it pumped so Im happy so far. Hoping to get more when stimulus money and tax refunds come in

>> No.30174850

We've got some thicc resistance in the 0.60's imo... I say it will stop at around 65

>> No.30174905

support* my bad

>> No.30174919

Thank god, I need another 10k

>> No.30174964

>the best FUD they have is a brave employee didn't want a second trump term
goddamn we're really gonna make it aren't we?

>> No.30175055


So it's dipping ?
This got pumped few days ago and is now dumping ?

>> No.30175178

So far the best FUD this thread has is having decent search results. There are search engines that have been out for years that still aren't always up to par with google.

>> No.30175271

It will probably do that every pump... hover a dime more than it was before the pump.

>> No.30175303


>> No.30175645

BAT bros, hold me

>> No.30175770

hodl strong bro.

>> No.30175775

i dont know sometimes it feels like google is purposefully retarded with some of its results

>> No.30175839

>up to par with google results
top lel.

>> No.30175928


that's a man

>> No.30175967

I'm talking normie space google has better results for. I have to use google sometimes when I am really researching something. But noted I will be more specific next time I say this kek

>> No.30176222

do you want it to be?

>> No.30176610

Just had to reset my phone via google because i forgot my password which google forced me to make when i got the damn phone, and I did not know the fingerprint shit i had activated would ask for password every 72 hours

BAT bros, what APPs should I install to make it?

>> No.30176740

People dissenting this view don't have a job based on Googling things.

t. sysadmin

>> No.30176762

putting my entire wagiecheck plus my stimmybucks into BAT just because of the qt asian waifu that works for brave apparently

>> No.30176932


>> No.30176985


>> No.30177265

Use words you know how to use.

>> No.30177356


>> No.30177511

gross. No one needs vertical tabs

>> No.30177635


no its actually a man waste of trips

>> No.30177716

ask him out

>> No.30178177

so Brave.

>> No.30178448

Good to keep in mind that people will be shaken out at each ATH. It's very encouraging that at each ATH or milestone there's a predictable dip which still holds up higher than the previous ATH pretty resiliently.

>> No.30178477

How much BAT to fuck her?

>> No.30178493

I'll add though that BAT is really a long term hold, several years. So short term price action really isn't that relevant right now.

>> No.30178608

probably none if youre white. sjw dangerhairs all date white men.

>> No.30178787


>> No.30178953

You have a 4:3 monitor don't you
Fucking troglodytes

>> No.30179006

and we're back

>> No.30179096

Vertical tabs is the equivalent to boomers having a bunch of icons on their desktop. I know how to manage my workspace. Putting your taskbar up top is a game changer.

>> No.30179155

I don't think Brave has several years to derp around. They laid out a road map that looks like they are kicking it into gear. May be only 2 years tops before people get rich off this. Unless Google starts attacking Brave using the feda against them to create ridiculous regulations.

>> No.30179179

>what are trees

>> No.30179210

>What is a loo?

>> No.30179429

This is true that Brave will be upgrading its functionality substantially in the medium term. But the value of BAT will be brought up by Brave's adoption/market share as a web browser. This is what will take longer than the implementation of features themselves. The features are a buy signal for speculators, but the adoption of the browser will be the strongest (organic) increase to the value of BAT.

>> No.30179441

we are back bro's

>> No.30179519

Good price to buy?

>> No.30179613

The way the dips are getting eaten is amazing. We're all gonna make it.

>> No.30179648

Better off just buying Brave stock instead? Lol

>> No.30179676

if you can spare it, low 70c. if you feel like you need to be more strategic, maybe mid 60c or just below 60c hit this sunday/monday. I really think this one of the only unconventional investments which actually has legs with a rock solid use case and a ridiculously high future value. So frankly anything under $1 is probably good but might not feel great in short term hikes/dips

>> No.30179679

You just missed it

>> No.30179861

Seems to high. Might wait

>> No.30179939

did you not just see that dip get eaten? how much longer would you wait?

>> No.30180081

That dip getting eaten is why poorfags stay poor with their panic selling.

>> No.30180184

its insanity. biggest project in crypto with 25million normies clicking through their project every month. why would people sell? its crazy.

>> No.30180345

Someone get the next general going.

>> No.30180383

If it's not a poo pajeet scam coin with a 1% chance to sell your bags and exit before the rug pull, then no one cares on biz.

But I am discouraged if I hear someone say this is a "several year hold". It's already been out for 4 years and has real world use unlike shit like Chainlink or the Uni coin (not the swap software), like it's just a governance token the value of these coins $20-$30 now.

If BAT doesn't reach that point for the next 5+ years then I'm done with Crypto if garbage is t he only shit that pumps and makes people rich while real projects have no value.

>> No.30180400

I'm passing the torch

>> No.30180499

Think of some better FUD next time

>> No.30180655

>I am discouraged if I hear someone say this is a "several year hold"
But it is. It's value isn't determined by 'investor' speculation, it will be driven by Brave's market share as a web browser. It's in pretty decent shape with 25 million MAU, and Brave predicting 50 million MAU by EOY in Roadmap 2.0 is bullish. But Chrome has something like 3 billion. It's actually a good thing though because it means Brave has a fuck ton of room to spread its legs. That sort of market expansion takes time though, but it should be exponential. i.e. as more people adopt Brave more still will follow at an exponentially faster rate. That's why it's taken several years to get to this point, before a proper snowball effect can have. It's just that expecting Brave to reach 10% market share of browsers in the next year is delusionally optimistic

>> No.30180664

why were the NFTs so fucking ugly? I know they were made by fans but ffs they could've gotten art like this from fans

>> No.30181019

Wouldn't be the first time better technology has rapidly replaced something. Ignoring the fact that Discord is a cesspool, Skype was rapidly replaced within 1-2 years of Discord's launch.

Although watch the Brave devs buy up all the BAT and turn it into a stablecoin. That'd make me cry

>> No.30181136

Yeah, here's the last few years. Average hourly price over the week, relative to the highest price on that week. Note that, because prices go up over the week in an average bull market, I detrended bitcoin prices by subtracting a 5th order polynomial, prior to getting hourly averages.

>> No.30181363

>Wouldn't be the first time better technology has rapidly replaced something
No source of backing behind this but I saw an anon say something about Brave making a native video call tech at some point (like Zoom), which could rapidly accelerate its adoption by businesses.
>watch the Brave devs buy up all the BAT and turn it into a stablecoin

>> No.30181508

Brave together is already a thing.

>> No.30181645

WHY don't they shill this? I can't even find it an article on this on the Brave website!

>> No.30181848

It is a good question. I have never used it.

>> No.30181895

Once the normies figure out they can do their zoom classes without the Chinese government knowing what's happening inside it they'll go crazy on this...

Honestly yeah why tf aren't they marketing it

>> No.30181944

Brave doesn't even necessarily have to claw its way to 3B. Yeah 3B is a long way from 25.4m, but you can start with something closer like twitter that is struggling at 300m and basically capped out. Twitter is valued at like $60B and has a very limited product suite. Brave/BAT has isn't too far off from twitter and has a much larger addressable market and product suite. Both normie ad products, payment products, and crypto products. If they are at 125m+ users in two years Brave will be a major force. Its yet to go viral as well, and I think these crypto elements can push it there. Every Brave user that has rewards enabled is incentivized to get their friends and family using it, and theres a dozen or more selling points.

>> No.30181963

Lmfao I thought the anon was just speculating wth man. Honestly they do almost zero marketing which is bullish as fuck. They've grown purely organically from word of mouth. Their Roadmap 2.0 projection of 50 million MAU's is pretty big so maybe they're planning on marketing campaigns once most of their 2.0 features are implemented?

>> No.30182058

They are still working on it, it was live at one point, but according to github it looks like they are adding a payment rail inside of it. Not entirely sure what there plans are, but it seems like they could be making some type of video player for things like ufc fights or camwhores and regular users can just stream for free with friends and family. Could maybe have something to do with their "youtube killer" also.

>> No.30182083

>Yeah 3B is a long way
I definitely didn't imply 3 billion as Brave's goal goofy. 10% market share for Brave is honestly a fair ideal to aspire to. BAT would be fucking massive at even 5%.

>> No.30182176

true, I was just putting it into context against similar ad companies. At this moment BAT is still extremely undervalued. There are a lot of people out there that still havent put the pieces together yet. Extremely massive R/R value. Im still loading up.

>> No.30182204

Why should I buy what they give out for watching ads? Can’t I just fire up all my old phones?

>> No.30182246

lmfao bruh you can get a few dozen BATs (at this point) in a year by watching ads. Suicide stack is 10k.

>> No.30182290

You won’t earn enough bat to make it. Buy a stack or stay poor.

>> No.30182315

7k BAT lord here feelsgoodman

>> No.30182386

I thought 5k/50k was the suicide/make it stack breakdown.

>> No.30182425

In 2016 I asked whether I should be mining ethereum or just outright buying it. The consensus was to just buy it. You are essentially just mining BAT rather than going for the bigger play. I ended up buying ethereum, and I bought a whole lot. Im doing the same with BAT and have been for years.

>> No.30182427

No. 10k suicide stack. 100k make it stack. Been that way for a few years.

>> No.30182456

It's disputed.

>> No.30182556

Its disputed now. Back then the make it stack was 10k because all we had was a conservative view of Brave/BAT against the ad market, and the token price going to $40. Since the roadmap v2 announcement it has been said that the new suicide stack has been cut in half because the ceiling is now much higher with the dex, filecoin replacement, nft market and search engine. BAT is extremely bullish after that announcement.

>> No.30182913

The scientist are rerunning the numbers. We should know by the end of the week.

>> No.30183698

the statistics are in sir and we are looking at even 1000 BAT being a suicide stack. The safe suicide is 5k at this point in time. We expect to see $50 in the future and if mass adoption occurs we will see up to $1000

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