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Anon you must understand, the Howie bucks stay wowie. The eRSDL community has reason to believe that Janies are removing Unfed threads so they can accumulate, get in before 100m MC.

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I believe, for, verily I sayeth unto thee that mine eyes have witnessed the glory of Saint Krieger, Patron Saint of Financial Independence and Mad Gains, and a Light fell upon the road before me, and the sky filleth with Angelic voices that sayeth, "Unto the Promi$ed Land, Shall He guide Ye, wondered", and so that is why I sayeth unto thee, $5 June, so mote it be, Amen.

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>Loudly, Howie paid the dowry and freed the drowsy townie from his lousy hourly bounty.
>"Wowie Zowie!" said the Wagie, how he is no longer pouty grouchy.
>Now he boards a plane all crowdy and leaves his cloudy county for Maui.

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Beautiful, must beautiful. Encore.

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Fuck this auto-complete.
And also, $2 by June.

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oh yes, music to my ears.