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Is $2 million enough to make it and retire and live a upper middle class life, put it all in a index fund and have your wealth grow over time?

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Spotemgottem would never snitch, he isn't built like that. Also no, it is enough for a lower middle class life though.

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$80k/year in passive income is middle class at least for a single person

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he looks like one

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i want to put 1mm in the divvies and then continue to trade with the rest because its fun

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Pooh Shiesty tethered up, check his etherscan
The market will crash

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>lower middle class life though.
8% APY on 2 million is $160k, you have no idea what your talking about

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4% should be taken out for living expenses, and the other 4% should go back into investments

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Are you fucking retarded?

Upper middle class
500k to 300k
Middle class
300k to 200k
Lower middle class
200k to 70k
70k and lower.

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a lifestyle like this compares to like 1 hour of the way spotemgottem lives his life

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HAHAHAHAHA you fucking amerimutts are beyond belief, that salary would be considered high middle class in Europe any day of the week

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i wanna be this so bad

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Yeah cause you live in a fucking shithole lol.

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You're kinda delusional my man. The median household income across the country is just around 70k. I don't think 50% of Americans are living in poverty. We can both understand the dissolving middle class, but 30-45k would be closer to poverty tier.

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Europoor for a reason

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you can't really compare that to europe where you get less net income but get more free stuff. then it also depends on the location, 70k wouldnt be much in new york or zurich, but it would be a lot in poland or the american equivalent of that shithole

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I live in Northern Europe, keep coping

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>calls us poor
>requires a 200k salary just to survive

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If you don't have the newest smartphone you're poor, simple as

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nice humblebrag

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I see this cycle brought some new people to this space

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50k bongdollars a year is not "high middle class" by literally any metric

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Why do these trash niggers keep popping up on /biz/?

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what a poorie mindset. stay broke!

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there's like 3 threads with this idiot in the OP. OP is a faggot, like always.

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He 100% looks like one
Also manlets when will they learn

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$70k a year translates into ~60000 kronor/month, which is high middle class by every metric

My point stands

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because biz is reddit now

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>nigger A said nigger B something nigger C
why post this trash OP? I see enough niggers everywhere in the media, I am sick of them, they look ugly, they can't speak properly, they smell like shit, they are violent and sexually perverse. Enough niggers, I hate niggers, keep your nigger shit to yourself

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>be american
>need 200k a year to drive 3 hours to work in shitty traffic, pay income/property/capital gains tax for next to no benefits, and live in a gay suburb 50 miles from the nearest amenity (Walmart)
the only good freedom we have is shooting guns on a plot of relatively cheaper land, everything else sucks. wow what a great middle class lifestyle.

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Spotemgottem isn't a snitch.
Listen to him yourself, I find he presents quite compelling evidence.

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Me too someone end my suffering pls

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this is FUD
spottem gottem would never do another nigger dirty like that

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Why do you suffer?

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My inner six year old is extremely jealous of the lights on his shoes

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hes a rat and hes fucking gay

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>Is $2 million enough to make it and retire and live a upper middle class life, put it all in a index fund and have your wealth grow over time?
You forgot taxes.

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uhg. /biz/ i come here to get away from baboons yet you keep posting them

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stfu you dont even go outside and probably sit in a boring office full of white people all day

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thats just a reflection from the flash. sorry to burst your bubble

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this is a circus, be entertained.

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left one looks like a little monke, after watching a monke thread on /gif/ its uncanny

civilization has not been kind

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im a neet, and i got tired of social media and quit them all to make internet money.

what annoys me most. I was counting the days til the end of black history month. NOW it's finally March and you kikes STILL post these savages

not when you guys keep reminding me that the monkeys think they're entitled to destroy western civilization because muh slavery

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Retire? Yes
Upper-middle class retirement? Debatable. You'd probably need 3m-4m for that, enough to have six figures of income purely from (interest -minus withdrawals).
Unless you're aged 60+, 8% withdrawal rate is way too high. The standard recommendation for "indefinite" savings is 3.5%-4.0%, and even then there are rare cases where it will fail in the right circumstances (retiring in a recession, etc).

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ive been on 4chan since 2011 and spottemgottem is the best meme all year

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>left one looks like a little monke,

Cus he is one. Look at the little chimp. He needs to be tied to a box.

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you want to be an adult nigger who looks like a 12yo who has absolutely no talent with a painfully obvious below room temperature IQ?

buy a gun and kill yourself with it or die trying.

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Is he retarded? I can't understand what he is saying.

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4chan is now reddit and they have brought their cuckiness with them, I'm unironically going to tor, fuck these faggots