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the absolute state of leafland

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how could you ever comfortably live in an area where the risk of someone parking in your private drive in front of your garage is so high it requires a no parking sign?

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How big is this garage? I'm guessing that it has a tunnel to a pseudo underground mansion

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urban living in a manifestation of shared mental illness.

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considering it's Toronto, I can imagine exactly which kind of orderless immigrants are behaving in such a way

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Looks like a comfy place to store some stuff

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Just go further away from the centre, main part of toronto is trash anyway

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Toronto and Vancouver are in the top 10 most expensive cities to live. The further away you get the more reasonable the prices get.

Leafland isn't just Toronto.

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downtown toronto is mostly hipsters who spend every dollar on overpriced rent and garbage local food/booze.

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rural canada is hell id rather be homeless

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Calgary ftw.

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any time I've seen big city (NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis, LA) hipsters in a group there's always at least one poo, no way Toronto is any better

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what bt a fun flight from world earth when the GSX does x10 ??
doDO NOT waste your time on erc20 coins, if you need profit - join GSX and earn $$$

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Other way around, Toronto isn’t leafland, the rest of Canada hates it and avoids at all costs.

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i thought it was brown people who pretend to be like drake?

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I'm more concerned about that rise of raccoon attacks myself.

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Nice take. Toronto over developed too fast for the rest of Canada to manage it and now it exists by itself.

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Eurpoor here, I went to visit Toronto once but because it was so expensive I decided to AirBnB in nearby Mississauga and get the train to Toronto instead every day. Holy shit what a depressing dump Mississauga is. There isn't any downtown, just a gigantic mall and a sprawl of shabby apartment buildings around it. And right next to it is Toronto, generic videogame city.

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What's so bad about it?

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It is the land, not the garage.

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The fuck???? East York is shit lmao

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injuns. and literally nothing there.

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Bramptons even worse lol

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Ahh yes using big words.

>Run down garage hits the Toronto housing market for $729,000

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Browntown baby

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That's what happens when you let millions of rich chinese into your country. I'm so relieved we are doing exactly the same in the UK.

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This is why I moved back to Alberta. Bought a 4 bedroom house for 350k.

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Dilapidated isn't an unusual word

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Vancouver is the same deal, just has nicer weather.

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Fuck it's really time to buy gold isn't it?

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you could live in south fl for that

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Just wait until some developer builds a hideous multi-family on that plot, and charges $4 million for it, or $2300/mo rent.

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looks comfy, my friend house in shinjuku looks worse and there is a viet family living on the first floor

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Rural Quebec is paradise.

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Come to the maritimes

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I grew up here though, and it's white and I like the mountains.

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Fuck the entire GTA. Any Guelph lads on here?

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Milton gang

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But you have to like winter and people there hate non French speakers.

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ahhh home sweet home

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>2 doors down from a gas station and intersection
Not even if you paid me.

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God tier:

Rural Nova Scotia
Rural New Brunswick
Rural Manitoba
Rural Saskatchewan

Based tier:


Mid tier:

Rural Alberta
Rural BC
Rural Territories

Pig Disgusting street-shitting-tranny tier:

Anywhere in Quebec

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We dont hate them, we would just prefer it if they made the effort to learn the national language. If you make a basic effort no one will give you shit. But desu no one is really going to give you a hard time, maybe some hardcore nationalists. Also one of the best place in Quebec is Estrie, and people speak english there. West of Montreal and Estrie youll hear more english than french. Pic related (Estrie)

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in the other street direction it is right next door to pic related church... Note you can't actually visit the church you can only look at it and know it's physically there. You'll have to tune into your lick-the-feet-of-migrants politically correct sermons online.


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Its all chinks and drug money, laundering drug money.

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Not bad and I’m used to harsh winters.

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>Leafland isn't just Toronto.
Are you kidding?
Leafland IS just Toronto
Toronto is 16% of Canada's population.

That's an equivalent percentage as the Top 50 US cities COMBINED compared to the national population.

Add up all the people living in these 50 cities:
>New York
>Los Angeles
>San Antonio
>San Diego
>San Jose
>Fort Worth
>San Francisco
>Washington DC
>El Paso
>Oklahoma City
>Las Vegas
>Kansas City
>Colorado Springs
>Long Beach
>Virginia Beach
>New Orleans
And that's about 16% of the US population

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oy what's this we've got movers in already?!!

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Rural Manitoba is farm fields and Indian reserves, Winnipeg is gang and meth central and crime in and around Winnipeg is insane. Also, lakes routinely have algae blooms and ecoli, mosquitoes are retarded and carry west Nile, ticks are equally as retarded and carry Lyme, coyotes are breeding like rabbits and pets/kids aren’t safe. Oh and the winters here are the worst in Canada. (The civilized part that is)

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Winters are getting milder and shorter. But yeah it's one of the reason why so many boomers from QC go to Florida every year

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Most people from Toronto are insufferably clueless about what the rest of Canada is like. They're like Leafmericans

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Yup they bought out Vancouver, Toronto and are now finalizing the trifecta by buying out Montreal

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>REEE housing prices in [city] are too high
>Then move of [city] where the prices are reasonable
>No I'd rather be homeless than live outside of [city]
>Then why the fuck are you complaining? You're gonna be homeless so you're getting your wish granted.

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Yeah winter isn’t so bad, it’s just too long is all, snowmobiles definitely make it more enjoyable.

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Been there once, just being a few miles out and seeing the sea of concrete and buildings made me sick, I like green and open fields.

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Are you from Manitoba?

I'm immigrating to Winnipeg next year from Toronto.

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Shut up

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I was thinking about buying a condo in toronto this year. Been eyeing high park and roncesvalles. Costs about 1M for pic related. Even though it's in the whitest/wealthiest/safest area I can't shake the feeling that the coming depression will turn toronto and most major cities into a south african tier shithole and i'll be stuck bagholding a condo with $2000/mo maint fees because we need to pay for private mercenary guards

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$729,000 leafbucks or USD?

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Yes, you don’t want to live in Winnipeg fren, pick one of the small towns in the interlake like Stonewall or Steinbach, Beausejour is nice too, small town.

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Either way it’s roughly the same why does it matter

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Guys calm down.
This is 729,000 CANADIAN dollars, so like $165 US.

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>16% of the population in 1 city

And? That doesn't mean they represent the entirety of the fucking country. Retards who think Canada is just Toronto are the same type of retards who think Texas is the entirety of the U.S.

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Do Torontocels really?

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What's this in real money?

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Oh god.

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Imagine being this retarded.

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>tfw NEETing in Whistler with my parents

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you get a big balcony and it's one of those old thick concrete buildings so you don't hear your neighbours. it's also right across the street from high park, toronto's scuffed version of central park and the wealthiest neighbourhood

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Where would you rate Halifax? I've visited a couple times and thought it was very nice, not sure how living there would be like unless you were in one of those old money rich neighborhoods.

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Ohh Mr Fancy-pants big words is back!

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I met a bear in Whistler on my way back to the hotel, I thought I was dead but he just looked at my pathetic drunk ass going back to my room alone and took pity on me.

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Been to Edmonton, can confirm was pretty sweet

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There were so many bears around the village last summer - mainly because it was dead due to travel restrictions.
One kept eating the grease from my bbq.

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>used to live in rural nova scotia
i want my old house and its beautiful surroundings back
more than anything, though, i want to make sure that our government lacks the power to try to establish any authority to damage it

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very meh, and the kitchen, which I think of as the most important part of property, is suicide inducing. But I guess everything works and you could make the inside look nice, also I know high park lol. Sounds like your minds already made bro, and if Toronto goes full slum city you'll always be able to escape.

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They’re pests in campgrounds around here too, glad I got to see Whistler in the summer tho, they were having Kokanee downhill bike competition when I was there, those guys are crazy.

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how the fuck do you live in that garbage with suiciding? or wanting to every day

i live in rural upstate ny and its my main focus of my suicide note. all i wanted was fucking tropical shit and to be near shit

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Where's this?

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>Pic related (Estrie)

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yeah i probably wouldn't buy it, fucking old ugly and high maint fees, was mainly posted as bait. I might purchase something like pic related, just listed for 800k in roncesvalles, probably going to close north of a mil. and yeah I want to move to toronto because my friends are there and i'm single retired and in my 30s

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Buy Bitcoin.

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Buy weedmd, .34 a share throw $50 at it and let it ride.

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>buy garage for 730k
>not allowed to even park

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rural NB here, can confirm god tier

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oh God it's staked, I forgot, I'm done for lmao
good I didn’t go for this rubbish they tried to shill on /biz/ today
my purse with yvs and their staking system. top pearl on yield market with modern options

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at what point to people just take property and houses by force?
we cant be that far off with how much unemployment is in this country, the real unemployment rate is over 20% easily

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Imagine the smell

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>2000/mo maintenance fees
What the fuck?

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New York City MSA is like 40 million

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>1M for a cubicle in an ancient building
Holy fuck, how did canuckistan fuck up so hard? The gta is such a shithole too lol, either you live in ((toronto)) or endless copy/paste suburbs.

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They’re already taking property, businesses that are open in California don’t even try to stop thieves anymore. They just let people walk out and any employees who approach them get fired.

>> No.30157997

the maint fees are only $800 for that right now. The extra $1200 is if we have to pay for mercenaries to guard our building/neighbourhood

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>Rural B.C.
>Mid tier

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Abbotsford or the wac?

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one day I want to return and learn your language fully. I had a fantastic time in Quebec city, so fucking beautiful

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>the absolute state of California and NYC


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Torontofag here.

I'm taking my money and buying property in Montreal and older apartment buildings in Polish cities which are German-built and 300-years old in desirable areas.

Toronto is the Sodom and Gomorrah of real estate.

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I forget how beautiful our country is sometimes.

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20% of exports are oil. Canada is just gimped Australia.

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>$729,000 USD = $576,029 CAD


>> No.30158509

>You have to like winter
Aka every white person for thousands of years until 1900?

>> No.30158529

You’re too stupid to understand this so why even make the post you dick head?

>> No.30158537

It’s insanity, they know not to take more than $950 so it’s theft under $1k which is a slap on the wrist.

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>Eurpoor here, I went to visit Toronto once but because it was so expensive I decided to AirBnB in nearby Mississauga and get the train to Toronto instead every day. Holy shit what a depressing dump Mississauga is. There isn't any downtown, just a gigantic mall and a sprawl of shabby apartment buildings around it. And right next to it is Toronto, generic videogame city.

W-we all took close a million dollar mortgage to live in this. S-stop..

>> No.30158598

>what point to people just take property and houses by force?

It's been happening in California before the pandemic

>> No.30158613

You’re so fucking stupid. This is clearly a fucking popular high traffic area. The land is the value. The fact that people want to park here should tell your faggot ass that much. Build a parking garage. Build condos. Doesn’t matter. It’ll make money if the market doesn’t crash you absolute retard

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Yeah, it's not some nice spots

>> No.30158915

Went to UofG back in the day. School is full of pajeets now.

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Winnipeg is a dogshit dildo.
Winnipeg is a frozen shithole.

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The people who live here are subhuman retards and faggots. I need to escape. Where should I move?

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other way around retard

>> No.30159149

the national language is english first you french hick

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Prince George

come home white man

>> No.30159235

Isn't Victoria pretty much a party city? A couple of my classmates went to school there just to party.

>> No.30159299

yup canada is just legit terrible lol
flew in to vancouver airport and it literally feels more soviet era than a lot of places in europe lol
they also pay 30-40% premium on everything

>> No.30159308

its small and now costs the same to live in vancouver, so why not live there

>> No.30159340

If you wanna stay in the general area, squamish is based if you're into /out/

>> No.30159363

Can't buy a house with bitcoin. It will take you a month just to exchange your BTC for enough fiat

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>> No.30159642

lol poland is already pretty cucked bro extremely westernized maybe 10 years before its no different, ukraine also about to get cucked

>> No.30159660

>no gas range
lmao nice knowing no matter how fucked housing in the us is canada is always worse

>> No.30159697

you're thinking too hard, the sign is on the building and it's literally right next to a home. Why is the sign there if there was no danger of someone parking there?

>> No.30159718

not bad idea tho cuz housing prices are already going wayyyy up but yeah anglo expats ruin every country they move to

>> No.30159816

is this example of when you let any immigrant in that are very poor or very rich, all the very poor immigrants clog up the housing benefit system and then all the rich immigrants take all the juicy pickings?

>> No.30159833

like legit anglos/nato are going to ruin eastern europe very sad i dont even publically speak about the nice places left they dont deserve the alpha

>> No.30159884


As an update, this sold within minutes after being listed for far above asking price.

>> No.30159982


Where's Newfoundland?

>> No.30159989

Just came to say im Canadian and yes Canada is Russia in 1987 Absolutely horrid.

>> No.30160005

obviously real humans arent buying this shit

>> No.30160087

some girl in rural Nova Scotia had a bf from Victoria, she didn't think he was that based so she dumped him for me. FEELS GOOD

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Im a 5 minute drive from this :)

>> No.30160235

Hasn't that city been absolutely flooded by Pajeets?

>> No.30160310


I guess you haven't met Chinese or Arab billionaires. They'll buy shit like this & make money of it

>> No.30160344


Housing company did actually. They built one of those thin houses on top of it.

>> No.30160400

seems to make sense that they end up in that shithole

>> No.30160406

Millionaires and Billionaires buy property like this, then sell it wayyyyy above what they bought it for to other other millionaires, this is how they move money out of their CCP shithole.

>> No.30160432


I said real humans

>> No.30160459

what are some comfy small towns in rural quebec? how's the cost of living? i speak french and dont mind the cold

>> No.30160521

Chinks bought everything

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File: 161 KB, 960x640, ma18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I grew up near here. I can't wait to move out of the city, holy shit.

>> No.30160734

Well, it is a pretty sweet garage

>> No.30160745

We're hitting levels of post-national that shouldn't even be possible.

>> No.30160819

>Build a parking garage. Build condos
Good luck with zoning laws.

>> No.30160824

>I have no idea how small countries work, so let me compare you to AMERICA
Retard moment. Try looking at other countries with a comparable population instead.

>> No.30160895

all of Canada is winter wym

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>T. Never been outside of the city

Winnipeg is a shithole but the rest of Manitoba can be pretty good if you like forests and waterfront. Especially once you get a little bit further up, there are literally thousands of lakes not to mention Lake Winnipeg (which could practically be a great lake).

>> No.30161549

midwit take

>> No.30162248



Just from that I can tell you don't know a goddamn thing about what you're talking about

>> No.30163821

Are you mentally ill? The only way Toronto is 16% of Canada is if you include the surrounding greater metro area. By comparison New York Metro and L.A. Metro comprise around 10% of the US's population alone. Your list is fucked.

>> No.30163868

I live in Toronto and am in six figure hell. Where should I move in Canada once I achieve 7 figure excellence?

>> No.30164023

It pretty much does when it comes to the elections.

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The land is covered in niggers and litter.

>> No.30164299

If you're not White, buy a nice house in your home country.

>> No.30164354

If you were Canadian I would recommend my beautiful home province of British Columbia, but since you're from Toronto I recommend suicide.

>> No.30164505

can I just leave with my crypto, become a resident in a low/no tax country for crypto and the cra is ok with that? or will they tax me on unrealized gains when I leave?

>> No.30164595

what if you're white?

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Based Tier
Based Tier
Just dont be poor and stay away from the shitty neighbourhoods. Been living in manitoba for 30 years. Never got west nile, never got lyme.
like the other anons said move to a small town. I'm getting out of winnipeg soon.
>hippies and overinflated real estate prices
I'm visiting some boomer relatives in victoria right now and can confirm. people here are such maskfags. fuck dr bonnie henry and fuck homeless encampments.

>> No.30164816

I'm white and was born here.

>> No.30164817

yeah nigga

>> No.30164854

Rural Quebec is great, the bugs will fucking will you in the summer months though.

>> No.30164932

>homeless encampments
lol it's San Francisco-tier on Pandora

>> No.30165098

Go back to Europe
t. Native

>> No.30165121


just fucking point at a small town on the map and buy a house there. Well, anywhere but Beardmore Ontario

>> No.30165163

Sounds good?

>> No.30165309

>Lives in gta
I'm so sorry anon. All of halton will be suburb before the end of the decade. Plus the parks there pale in comparison to parks literally anywhere else
Anywhere else. The 6ix is that bad. Smaller cities in BC and Quebec are nice

>> No.30165330

I live in rural NB, its pretty great except the internet is absolute shit, 500kbs dl on a good day

>> No.30165527

guess what happens to you when there are no white people left lol

>> No.30165665

Would you rather be ruled by Whites or chinks?

>> No.30165794

ya I hate to say it, but ya Canada sucks. I am finding it harder and harder to defend this place.

>> No.30165908

what province? hour and a half north of the GTA is the best place to live on the planet if you’re into fishing and hunting and 4x4 shit. only faggots hate the country

>> No.30165941

Sorry anon that’s going for waaaaaay over list, I hope crypto has been kind to you. I live down the street, welcome to the hood.

>> No.30166028


>> No.30166145

Can you describe what six figure hell is like anon? About five years ago I was living very comfy on five figures

>> No.30166161

I used to live at a frat house in Downtown Toronto, right on the edge of Chinatown... we literally had a tranny brake in and jack off a man sleeping on the third floor then proceed to pepper spray two other people before having the police take em away and find shit stained bed sheets in their bag...

Toronto is a cesspool of the worst of everything and people pretending like it is not...

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File: 209 KB, 512x512, 94F89474-7C8E-41A2-A231-1C616C9975B8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I work as a Canadian real estate agent. Today i made more money than any of you cucks will ever make day trading cryptocurrency. Want to know something amazing though? I can hold it in my fucking hand, that's right i can count my dollars right in front of my face. I'm not playing around with pretend coins that don't have any impact on this world.

I started work at 9AM today. I was able to get three listing appointments from Facebook ads. I uploaded one new listing to MLS, 10 minutes of work, scheduled 30 showings automatically via calednly since it’s a hot market I expect this new listing to sell by 6pm(netting me a cool 25k in commissions). I find problems that dont exist in every single house that i enter into. Especially if its an old fucking boomer in their 70s who ruined our economy i dont care i take advantage of their stupidity.

You really need to paint your house before we list!! Your kitchen is looking really old and Even though its completely fine i'll just refer them to my contractor buddy who gives me 10% kickbacks on every client I bring him.

The only way to get ahead in life is to fucking push your way around. So that's right today i made $25,000 canadian dollars. Meanwhile you fucking cucks are investing in digital garbage like "chainlinks , howdoos, effereums, and dotcucks" Spamming your fucking cuck memes and losing money.

Why don't you use your brain for a minute and realize that the latest SEC news is going to crash all of your crypto world around you in the next few months. Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme that only profits for the original founders. You will never make as much money as me in real estate because you're too busy failing realizing the only way to get ahead in life is through hard work and ripping people off.

Enjoy staying poor

>> No.30166350

If you are white don't consider Toronto - go to Calgary or even Vancouver.... Toronto is a shit hole for white people in general... unless you have a large clique and an already present community of your own people that you can put yourself into, you'll be stuck with the rejects and criminals

>> No.30166637

It means being stuck doing everything to pay for a 700k garage so that you can own place to live eventually... It's basically the same shit as renting and being a minimum wagie except you think you are working towards something...
Or alternatively you are working your ass off living with 6 other people renting without letting people know how much you have or make so that you can save up enough beat the growht rate of housing prices...

It is all an existential rat race for stupid shit that we have all been convinced we should have in the worst conditions of humanity... big pointless dirty large unequal crime ridden cities....

>> No.30166927

post body

>> No.30167047

literally have stood in that exact spot

>> No.30167106

is Kelowna good?

>> No.30167180

Brampton is the worst place in Canada

>> No.30167342

where's better calgary or edmonton?

>> No.30167410

everywhere within a 2 hour radius of toronto is full of pajeets now

>> No.30167458

probably will unironically be a good investment for the land value alone

the toronto real estate market makes no sense but that is because it isn't a market. it is a government designed and supported ponzi scheme to create fake gdp and ensure boomers (voters) have a good retirement.

>> No.30167509

the whole country is full of pajeets now anon

>> No.30167749

anon, question. how the fuck do you know where rural territories rank?

>> No.30168274
File: 7 KB, 300x168, 1605114552250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Ahh yes using big words.
Ya done good Cletus, you done learned a bushel full o' smarts off'in dat 'er 'puter!

>> No.30168386

>implying the SEC will ruin the crypto market which is used by the big Epstein players to launder money
>implying the SEC will cause Harvard and Brown endowment funds to lose money

>> No.30169721


>> No.30169944

It's a group of poo and one white hipster, not exaggerating

>> No.30171025

Dunsford checking in.

>> No.30171217

nice area bro

>> No.30171366

many maskfags up that way these days?

>> No.30171400

nah, just brown people being brown

>> No.30171555

Its ok. Bobcaygeon is pretty nice, and despite what people say Lindsay is nice as well.
Around here is some real estate potential because boomers have decrepit houses.

Canucks, invest in the area

Yeah but a lot more chill up here, no one really bothers you.
Was fishing the other day and some conservationfag officer come buy. i had caught over the quota but we laughed over some hot coffee and he went over his merry way

>> No.30171556

>Leafland isn't just Toronto.
It basically is, leafland is propped up by a giant real estate bubble. that's why we accept hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year.

>> No.30171812

nice digits
will look into bobcaygeon

>> No.30171970

>that's why we accept hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year

It's to wipe out the White population, they're not exactly hiding it at this point.

>> No.30172197

Real estate is a bit like, well, crypto
You have to invest in the right time AND continuously check the market

i have 2 cottages on the area. bought one late 2019 under 100k. the boomer didnt fix nothing in there and it needs a lot of fixing but can be salvaged. As is, i can sell it for 200k without doing nothing.
Other cottage i got for less than 120k, but made a 3 bedroom addition by myself. now worth 370s

there was a nice 50k residential lot that got sold by the time i inquired. also an unopened roadway for less than 20k that got sold in hours at fenelon falls.

t. new real estate agent also construction dude

>> No.30172292

>Raccoon attacks are rising in Toronto

>> No.30172490

Imagine owning $700k worth of land, but not being able to afford a gate for your tiny ass driveway.

>> No.30172749
File: 42 KB, 720x835, 1613800558672.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my man

>> No.30172847
File: 128 KB, 543x960, 1611563884927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is /biz/'s opinion on Toronto Condos as an investment?

>> No.30172874

Brampton tried to secede from Canada as a territory of India and nearly succeeded lmao

>> No.30172977

imo only worth looking into pre-constructions. some of the new condos getting built are pretty nice

>> No.30172996

if new built builder can fuck you over and change floorplan
no longer profitable to buy to rent
buy land if possible, or decrepit buildings;
mls 40075219

>> No.30173199

i think the sign is there because the owners dont actually live there.

>> No.30173514

those are more in the smaller surrounding cities

>> No.30173714
File: 396 KB, 500x642, 1613081928997.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

paris here whut up homie

>> No.30174075

ain't paris just a truckstop along the hwy?
or has it changed since 2016 when i was there?
maybe a bedroom community now?

>> No.30174160

>mls 40075219
How to do?

>> No.30174226

it was once voted 'prettiest town in ontario' so take that how you will

>> No.30174293

>mls 40075219
literally just google it fren
heck, i use duckduckgo and it popped up as first link when i highlighted and searched it

>> No.30174568

>living in Alaberta by choice
ngmi maple syrup

>> No.30174757

when was this? I thought there were only a handful of those things (trannies)
There's more pajeets and blacks then there are trannies

>> No.30174810

this. I learned the hardway. Not worth it bros unless you're brownish but even then everyones a fag or foreign anyway

>> No.30175307

A literal garage?
You fucking deserve this, leafs.

>> No.30175497

Canada is bilingual you dumbfuck.

>> No.30175569

yeah, there was a literal garage that got listed nearly 800k in prime toronto recently

>> No.30175681
File: 1.03 MB, 305x360, 1456963919422.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whether accurate or not, I enjoyed this post.

>> No.30176111

english and mandarin?

>> No.30176285

We never asked for the yellow jew.

>> No.30176718


Better make that Hindi and Mandarin anon.