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>get perfect sleep, feeling great
>wake up and see portfolio is doing well
>breakfast tastes great today, coffee smells good
>actually starting to feel happy
>ready to be product and make some cash today
>remember I was circumcised at birth
>immediately depressed
my life is a comedy routine

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you're thinking with small brain energy
big /biz/ brain energy would come up with a product that is a foreskin attachment that you wear as a cybernetic implant. but no, you'd rather complain about your wee wee than DOING something about it.

also check em

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I would get circumcised if that would make that girl stop fucking this other dude every day
actually no, I prefer my situation

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sorry anon, if you try hard enough you might grow it back.

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Kekd and checkd.

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why should I dedicate my entire life to restoring that which should be normal?

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Each night my MOTHER fills me with dread

When SHE sits on the foot of my bed

I'd not mind when SHE speaks

In gibbers and squeaks

But for 17 years SHE has been dead

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>>remember I was circumcised at birth
>>immediately depressed
Do people actually feel this way? I've never given much a shit about the fact that I'm cut. It sucks, but it's not like it's the end of the world, and at least your dick still works. Just don't do it to your own kids or let any of your friends do it to theirs.

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They literally cut off the most sensitive part of the penis. Its depressing.

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If its the most sensitive part of the penis, why do i ejaculate within 2 minutes? Did they botch mine up? Its hyper sensitive for me.

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what's with the circumcision talk today?
very strange

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So? Does your dick not feel good when you coom? If it still does then what's the big deal?
For all I know uncutfags are just being smug for no reason and it feels exactly the same either way. How would I or they know?

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she just wants your spine

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Spoopy ending bro, didn't see it coming

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me except I remember my penis is 11cm and thin it ruins my day

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What’s with all the stupidass gets today. Checked but wtf

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>uncutfags are just being smug for no reason and it feels exactly the same either way
cope. the foreskin is home to 4,000 nerve endings

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removable foreskin in which you can engrave your seedphrase (on the inside obviously)
let smegma accumulate for added protection

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How much LINK for new foreskin???

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Don't know about you guys buy my frenulum got removed so I have zero sensitivity at the front of the dick which is supposed to be the most sensitive part. If you still have yours you got off easy.

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>frenulum got removed
well that's butchery not surgery. you should sue the fuckers

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They wouldn't, they just assume it because scientifically you lose pleasure potential.
In reality it comes down to your own sensitivity and the girl you are with.

Having foreskin is far better for masturbating though since it's pure physical pleasure, fapping with a circumcised dick feels like shit

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Buy new foreskin with ADA

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burgers got maximum kiked, imagine getting your dick cut when you're just a baby, how do you cope with this

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>Be me femanon, burger
>Then: brainwashed into thinking that cutting health tissue off of male baby peeners is totally normal.
>Now: why tf is this legal?

I'm sorry anon, it's extremely fucked up that that was done to you. I hope it still works well enough.

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Anyone else like the smell of coffee but hate the taste? Trying to switch from energy drinks

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No refunds goy, thanks for the Moloch tribute.

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My friends who are uncut are insecure about it and girls in highschool said they had "weird" dicks. They have to warn girls because so many men are cut in the US. It's too late to worry about it retard. Go make some money.

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what in the fuck

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It's not that uncommon to happen. See number 4 in pic related.

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>the glasses
>the mouth
>the soi diet
>the haircut

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>be me
>14 or 15
>mom makes me a doctor’s appointment
>don’t really care to go, but it’s not like I have a choice
>get to doctor’s office
>he starts doing all the normal things
>taking temperature, blah blah blah
>now he’s undressing me
>something doesn’t seem right
>start to wonder what this is all about
>has me lie down naked and starts to touch my penis
>I’m getting seriously weirded out now
>suddenly he reaches under the table where I’m laying
>come up with a strap and starting strapping me down to the fucking table
>now I’m really freaking out, fighting and screaming
>doctor is way fucking bigger and stronger though, he gets me strapped down easily
>I’m still screaming and struggling
>there’s a nurse in the room too, she just looks at me with dead eyes as I struggle and cry out helplessly
>I’m strapped down so I can’t move at all, can hardly fucking breath
>terror and claustrophobia start to set in
>I look over and the doctor is holding a knife
>now I’m full on panicking
>the doctor reaches down and grabs my penis
>he starts slicing
>I pass out from pain and terror
>wake up a few hours later
>mfw I was circumcised
>mfw I was 14 or 15 days old

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Big brain would be not getting cut in the first place

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just drink the liquid jew anon.

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Post your ankles you whore

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I am thankful my parents got me circumcised. Looks much more aesthetic.
Blow me

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the circumcised/uncircumcised debate is just FOMO for orgasm pleasure