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Did people here really buy Chainlink below 2 dollars?
How did you find it? How did you know that was going to be this big? I bought at $25

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How did we know?
How did we find it?
That’s easy- pee pee poo poo

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Yes i bought below 2 dollars. It was shilled here for years before it crossed 2 dollars. You'd be a looney to not have a bag. 100% certain this will hit 400 minimum by Aug. You've seen what the second half of a bull run looks like haven't you?

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I'm here since last june and it was literally spammed everyday. the most spammed coin on /biz/ I think. It was 3 dollars or less then

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it was spammed a lot even at 18 cents

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I bought my sudoko stack at $6.
People just kept getting trips and gets and the memes were fantastic. Still haven’t read the white paper and I don’t plan to. When they start excuting holders of link you’re ganna want to know as little about LINK as possible. That’s how you survive the 4th industrial revolution.

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The way Rubic is spammed here now is exactly how Link was spammed when it was under $2
I can’t stress how accurate this comparison is

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Chainlink at $0,29 was literally my first crypto buy after I bought the ETH for buying it. I didn't know it was going to be this big. I am still holding my first buy amount. I bought more later and have sold them along the way.

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Same except August/September. Wish I bought more but I haven’t sold a single one of my Linkies. Consolidating most of my portfolio into LINK lately after all the spoonfeeding threads.

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I bought at like $20c when it dumped a bit after ICO

it was literally spammed before ICO way back when

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What’s your thoughts on it’s spam relative to the rubic spam? Obviously rubic isn’t as groundbreaking as link from a tech perspective, at the end of the day it’s a really undervalued dex. But is it’s spam comparable to the link spam?

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I bought at 50 cents
I did not know what I was doing and I just told to myself that I'd lose 100$ by buying these 220 LINK

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Lmfao at this, youre retarded, rubric shills are stinky LINK shill threads were mostly technical and 300+ replies constantly on multiple threads daily. Got in pre-sale. Nothing came close to it since.

To answer your question, anyone browsing /biz in 2017-2018 would’ve seen 10+ active daily threads shilling link

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the LINK spam was absolutely incessant too but it was noticeably higher IQ than RBC

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I don't hold LINK nor RBC, but to me it seems like every coin that's shilled as the "next link" just reeks of desperation.

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I was going to buy it at $1.30 but I was never in crypto and was afraid to put money into it. So I ended up putting money into options instead and lost all of my investments. RIP :(

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is there a reason why it'll moon, and why hasnt it been growing much

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no one here bought below $2
some oldfags in 2017 did but theyre all gone
most people here are larpers

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started lurking here a bit in 2016 after I bought 2.5 ETH from a friend for $27, but then I quit 4chan until 2019. in spring 2017 I found that my investment was worth several thousand. I came back to /biz/ briefly and decided to hold 1.5 eth and put 1 eth into fucking siacoin by summer

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For me, I had been reading biz for a while and knew all about link, since it was impossible to miss on this board at that time. Late 2018. After months of debating, The moment of truth came when I saw that I got 18 eurocents of interest after having parked 10k euros in a savings account for a full year.

I was like "fuck this shit, I'm buying crypto." And so a sack of Link was loaded at 1,4$ a pop. Kinda late but also kinda early I guess. Biggest mistake was spending a couple k on a coke habit instead of dca'ing more after my initial purchase. Live and learn I guess, still tons of guap to be made in crypto.

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>Did people here really buy Chainlink below 2 dollars?
I bought it at 17 cents.
>How did you find it? How did you know that was going to be this big? I bought at $25
/biz/ shilled the white paper, I read it, and boom.

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The creation of new original memes is what made me buy. Being on 4chan for 12 years you get that “sense”.

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smartcontracts . com older than btc

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wrong, I even remember anons who bought 1 million linkies back then and were praying for it to hit 1$

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this video did it for me

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theyre gone now

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Link threads were consistent, and the breadcrumbs within them connected a lot of dots. In 2018, I was convinced Link was a better bet than almost every other project at the time. Factor in the fact that Link was below literal shit such as Dentacoin and DeepBrainChain in mcap, and making money off Link was basically guaranteed, it was really just a question of how much?
This project has since exceeded my wildest expectations, and I'm excited for what the future has in store.

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checked, and yes. Bought a few under $2 because I decided it wasn't a pajeet shill farm after all... don't have much but the more I read the whitepaper the more excited I get.

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i bought at 22c, but not enough to make it unfortunately. the universe just didnt want me to make it.. it just wants me to suffer a little more before i do i guess.

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i did but not in 2017, i bought in 2019 average 1.60ish

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I did
other old fags are here
when I bought I felt late, my first purchase was at $1.20

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+1 to this, before main net, there was a slack channel where people unironically had between 500k to 1mil LINK with proof and transactions. Wonder where those lads are now

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My average buy in was $0.45. First brought to my attention through biz, but i bought long before i really knew what it was because i was guided by unseen forces. Now that i know what i have, i am slightly concerned about what type of entity i was listening to.

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It must be posted here and people got in.

Just like i m asking you guys to check $MCM

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I bought at .24 I was unironically shilled it on Reddit of all places, every comment in the thread said it was a /biz/ scam but the person shilling it explained it in a way that gave me confidence.

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where are all the biz millioniaires. anyone posting their portfolio?

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Back in 2017 some guy said he was putting every cent he could into link.
I think he said he was eating oatmeal and beans to save money for link.
I thought that was based so I bought some.
We were also spoonfed some great great analysis back then

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such beyond great meme fud coupled with videos like these

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I'm sure there are quite a few lurking still if they didn't sell early

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I was in that slack. Look up big nutz and Tyler durden. Remember these marines in the old slack marine channel. Rory was there too trying to moderate. The teams radio silence scared a lot of anons and they jump ship. Only iron hands were able to push through

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how many u have now? show

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This, take notes OP

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most of them sold way too early, that's just the nature of things only very few will actually hold through everything

you can look it up

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I’m here. I have $800k in link, $200k in cash and a $400k stock portfolio

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Do you know how ponzi schemes work? It's not that hard to 'link' (hehe) the fact that LINK was shilled here like hell and that it is now worth much more. And this will go if people like you buy. You are now part of a pyramid, only thing that matters is on which step you are.

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bought at 30 cents, biz shilled me.

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did u make it in crypto first or stock?

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I bought 600 ETH worth of pre-sale LINK. That's just under 1.9M LINK.

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i bought for few cents - just because biz shilled here so iread their whitepaper and it was pretty obvious that this will be in the top10 within the next years.
Also bought for few bucks as present for my dad which asked me many times about crypto and where to invest. Now its worth more than few months salary. kek

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yea im still here. OP should not consider those that bought in around 2$ to be "early". an acceptable early marine would have bought in sub 50 cents at the minimum and consistently have bought below 35c

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I figured the same, the threads shifted after the google moon, i feel many OGs jumped ship then and put their stacks in other projects / diversified

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racists told me about it, always listen to racists on the internet

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You don’t even have to be an oldfag, link was below $2 in March 2020. You had so many chances

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I just know I was just your average /pol/lack a few years ago when I decided to check out /biz/ one day for the keks, and it was the same day that the whole board was nothing but pink wojaks from LINK crashing or something of the sort. I remember laughing at the threads and thinking "yeah, definitely not buying any link". Now I'm the pink wojak who didn't buy link, congrats bros

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How's that hard to imagine? Look at what's shilled right now, like RBC or FTM or GRT, you have several threads on the catalog at any given time. Now imagine a few years from now, they hit $30. It was the same with LINK. You gotta get somewhat lucky, of course, other stuff mooned like mad back then, but also fell in the 2018 crash and haven't recovered, and some projects pretty much died.

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i think this is the highest ive seen here from my 4 days of lurking.

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This was my portfolio back in 2017... imagine buying digital oil from 2017 to 2021, yeah

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that's me except I laughed and bought the dip, turned 250 into 30k

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still lurk on pol now?

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Those days hurt, honestly the 2017 bull run was ROUGH if you held link. All other projects were mooning left and right, while LINK was dropping and stagnating. Sept-Nov 2017 was a real test of my hands, I’ll never forget that feeling

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I bought at $0.40. Threw in a few hundred dollars purely because I thought the memes were hilarious and the assblaster threads were gold.

>> No.30148725

I'll remember these digits and what they mean, I learned my lesson and bought GRT at 30 cents

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Yes. Found it on biz.

Nope, nothing like it. Rubic is shilled like every other shitcoin that has had a parabolic run in the last few years.

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No. Most people here bought over 4$. If they say they bought under 1$ they are larping. And usually theyll say something like ''I bought link under 1$ but sold all of them for GRT/AVAX/FTM - or any other shitcoin. Also no one has more than 1k link.

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It was under $2 until June 2019. Jesus Christ. And That was the best the bear market had to offer. I'd fucking buried it. Thanks faggot.

>> No.30149006

I bought at 50 cents around and I have 220 LINK

Anything special in that ?

>> No.30149027

i can confirm there are others with a lot more link than me. i estimate theres still at least 30 anons with more than 50k link anywhjere up to 1m.


>> No.30149103

it's about a month, the people we see here are bagholders. If you really believe it's the same as LINK, well it's up to you...

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Yes, I bought at around 0.35c and have around $6m in LINK now. No I didn't know it would be big, I just got lucky like most /biz/ anons. The reality is that if you were on /biz/ at that time you could have easily went all in on tokens that would go on to essentially die or rugpulls. Anyone remember AMB or REQ?

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I only bought in late 2020. 759 Link ngmi

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Bought around 1.50 at the top of the bull run and some later. Unfortunately some of the FUD got to me so I only aquired a Suicide Stack while chasing other shitcoins (that ALL went to zero).

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It was magical. I can't describe it. Once I understood I found peace. Well almost. I found peace when I had all my disposable income in Chainlink. I was literally euphoric when it was crashing from 33 cents to 24 cents. It was a certain bet. Everybody in the threads knew what was up, we posted more fud than positive thoughts just for fun. Connecting sergey to nazi symbolism and pedophelia to keep away twitter and reddit for the longest time before mainnet. Fun times. We all knew, it was always clear. My DCA is 45 cents and I hold 13k chainlink.

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Lmao no. I've been here every single day since 2017 and nothing shilled here since then even comes close to the energy link threads had back then. Rubic still might do well I guess, cross chain interoperability fits well with the current narrative.

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My favorite op was when chainlink was actively fudded on reddit and every mass downvoted anyone who said anything good about Link.

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Poor redditor... aww
I got 23k at $0.25
How did we know. We researched

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Posts like this stroke my ego off nicely.

>> No.30149591

So inspiring link bros. Well played. Godspeed

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The thing that is not being pointed out throughout this thread is that Link is still really, really cheap. At $30, it's a steal. It's like buying Bitcoin at $200 or something. Just because some of us got in when it was pennies/lo bucks doesn't mean it's late. It's early af still and if you're reading this and don't get in you'll rope later

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I bought at $4 but I have a 12k stack. So Idk what the fuck I am.

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I hold both from early into their charts. Rubic is absolutely an undervalued project and most definitely continue to rise and moon from here, but not at the level of LINK. LINK still has another X50 in it, after all this time.

>> No.30149803

Below $2?? What planet are you from? This whole boards been in since below 0.50c. If you'd come on here in 2018 you wouldn't notice any difference. You think the wtfwt threads are new??? What do you think happened when it broke $1 for the first time since 2017?

>> No.30149810

I got into LINK late, and accumulated very little between $1-$1.5

I still buy LINK on a weekly basic and will do so until I make it. I don't care how many years it takes.

>> No.30149870

Based and superb

>> No.30149873

RBC is obvious jeet pump & dump

next LINK is LINK

>> No.30149950

There were hundreds of coins shilled here. Don't act like the other didn't tank hard

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$400 by August, wtf? Why you think that?

>> No.30150065

shilled hard as fuck after the 17/18 bullrun

i thought it was a shitcoin, which it still is, but you could have made some good $$

>> No.30150114

it was spammed here, i read the white paper, i understood how valuable real world information is for a smart contract execution network.

>> No.30150187

Yes, I remember all of those that had shill threads at the time and anons had convinced themselves that they were going to be the next big thing.

>you now remember when the holochain CEO lady turned out to be some kind of prostitute
>you now remember the "Chadsetti" memes and MrBearWolf etc.
>people convinced themselves JNT would be worth thousands of dollars each

Also anyone remember Oyster? Another good scam coin popular a little earlier.

>> No.30150192

Were you even on /biz/ then? If so you must know that the Link shilling was BEYOND relentless. I have genuinely never seen a coin shilled as hard as Link was. Not only that, but there were endless breadcrumbs, multiple larpers, top tier memes, all going along with a rock bottom mcap. If you were on /biz/ at all in 2018 and didn't buy link well under a dollar, you honestly don't deserve to make it.

>> No.30150296

maybe if you were a newfag at the time. link shilling was consistent, not a shitcoin of the month that comes and goes. for you newfags, take note whats being shilled currently like grt and rubic. in half a year, take note whats being shilled then. is it still rubic and grt? link was shilled constantly even crossboards.

>> No.30150324

I bought it under 50cents mate

>> No.30150376

people were shilling it every single day so i bought. It was 30cent at the time. How on earth didn't you see the threads?

>> No.30150395

I bought 3k worth for around $1.15. I also bought a TON of garbage... QSP, REQ, VET... my "little" 3k stack is the only thing keeping me going.

>> No.30150401

typical redditor
they come here and only see chaos and shilling and don't "get it"
you need time here to attune yourself to what is just shilled randomly and what has lasting interest and actual discussion
link has been on a different level since early 2018, although most decent discussion stopped with mainnet
you will see us come back for pumps or big news though

>> No.30150466

Remember the "QSP REQ LINK" triforce broship meme

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link is old news now, BAT is the new link, people will say in year that BAT under a dollar was a steal

>> No.30150542

yeah, i was in req until may 2018... then went allin link, thought i was too late, kek best move of my life

>> No.30150550

Well it was more like pee pee poo poo pee kaka

>> No.30150578

hello :)

>> No.30150688

the diversity manager hire and then the disgusting bare feet. completely turned off.

to this fucking day i have no idea if mrbearwolf had a big amb stack or not. i just can't tell why he would do that. i bought in 2018 so no oyster for me. i want to accumulate to 75k so i have no choice but to risk i ton blockfi

forgot about enigma too lol.

>> No.30150725

i bought under $1. however i bought most of my 50k stack well above $10. the reality is most people buying at low prices dropped maybe a few thousand.

>> No.30150731

Sure do.. ah well I'm more than happy with my returns on LINK. I'm not selling, see you all in another 5 years

>> No.30150740

LINK had the better memes, I was a newfag is 2017 and even I could see it

>> No.30150752

Joostd og reporting in

>> No.30150761

Try ADA (Cardano).

>> No.30150853

One lad who helped me out to setup a testnet node showed off his wallet and had over 300K linkies. He bought during the ICO.

Most marines are still here, they don't have any other place to shitpost.

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it was a magical time

I was severely depressed and all the LINK memes and schizo posts about Sergey being Satoshi get me to smile and made me decide to YOLO into it, so I bought 22k LINK using my entire crypto holdings

I remember holding through late 2017/early 2018 when everything mooned and LINK bled constantly but literally didn't give a fuck

Now im happier than ever

>> No.30151011

Bro I switched timelines, been here since you were born and never seen that.

>> No.30151043

Oh yeah I forgot about Enigma. I remember this one bit of LINK fud involving ENG

>> No.30151112

lil link rings a bell but I've never seen that either

>> No.30151117

These are not remotely similar situations. All the other coins came and went, nothing stuck around for more than 6 weeks or so on the high end. Link was comfortably within the top 3 most discussed projects every single day for literally 15 months while it was under a dollar, and another 15 months since.

Even with the incessant fudding, there were regularly breadcrumb discussions and new info found since the team didn't give updates. The team is the least scammy team in crypto, they don't give a shit about pumping their bags, they don't share information. Sergey even eventually told us (only after being asked) that they leave it up to their partners if they want to publicly announce their partnership/relationship. So people were constantly digging for info. If you understand chainlink at all it was obvious that it was going to be huge.

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Based guy (possibly a lady) named assblaster shilled it.

>> No.30151229
File: 1.03 MB, 375x435, DC8D01DE-2CE5-4AAF-91AC-5AAC5A9151A3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mentioned link to a friend when it was at $0.60. I was just starting to research crypto and noticed everyone on 4chan was going nuts about it. I messaged him “have you heard anything about Chainlink? Everyone on 4chan is convinced it’s going to be the next big thing ... ... tons of memes”.

I never bought. He got in at $1.XX.

>> No.30151231

What do you mean how did we find it? Link was spammed all over this board during that time. Imagine GRT threads on steroids.

>> No.30151255

Wonder where Joost is these days. Probably living in a penthouse apartment in Singapore lol.

>> No.30151288

Bought at 27c, friend said it to me. Did not know what blockchain was. Got lucky

>> No.30151402

Ironic posting this as the guys who have kept the BAT threads alive for the last three years were here at the height of LINK discussion. ask them about, it is traumatic for them
do like BAT though, but just nothign compared to LINK, the fact that you _still_ don't get that says a lot

>> No.30151406

my first ever crypto purchase was 800$ of link at 2$ in 2019 and its funded a lot of my other crypto ventures.
i learned about link from skimming /biz/ and it seemed to be popular and the price was attractive so i aped half my paycheck at it.

>> No.30151466

Bro this what I grew up on
Says 1 year old but it's been here since 2018.

>> No.30151535

I guarantee I've bought the cheapest LINK that was ever sold on Binance, I bought through incredible FUD, it was so severe, if I hadn't had a chat prior with Sergey I don't think I'd have done it, but here we are

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Bought both early. There was a poll IIRC and the most common hold by far (as in not even remotely close) for RBC holders is guess what, LINK.

Its the same vibe because its a lot of the same people who were early into LINK now holding and memeing Rubic.

You should absolutely hold both.

>> No.30151601

Youll make it anon. 81 k link.

>> No.30151640

Yes, sold out a month ago for LTO before the LTO/LINK flippening in Q3

>> No.30151658

You bought 1 million LINK for $100?

>> No.30151700

$16 buy in link marine here.
How much fud did Veteran link marines face on its climb up?
Was it a hard hold?
I have some developing coins and tokens and sometimes the fud gets to me desu.

>> No.30151746

I've seen that one
when I hear lil link I think of an anime girl dancing in front of a blue background though

>> No.30151747


>> No.30151864

The majority of non-technical and iron hand marines sold before it pumped to $4, they didn't understand what it was

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Bought at 40 cents here in late 2018, never invested before, knew nothing about cryptos. One day I just arbitrarily decided to browse /biz/. I saw the LINK memes, saw the promises of 1k eoy and the radical use-case infographics like this one and decided I needed to buy some. Crazy to think I am now going to be so rich over such a seemingly small and event that I easily could have missed. Thanks ICO 2017 link-marines

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>Lmfao at this, youre retarded, rubric shills are stinky LINK shill threads were mostly technical and 300+ replies constantly on multiple threads daily. Got in pre-sale. Nothing came close to it since.
I miss the old threads and the breadcrumbs :(
Binance hot wallet drain was one of the funniest moments in my life

>> No.30151994

Amen brother

>> No.30152004

Own 8k link, average buy sub $2. Have been on /biz/ for two years, have been on 4chan for 12 but missed the last bullrun. Forever grateful to the anons who laid out so much information for people like me willing to read it

>> No.30152017

good going anon

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>> No.30152100

Does anyone think any of the rubic shilling energy is remotely the same as link? I think its a pajeet rugpull waiting to happen and I dont know what the hell the hype is coming from. LINK never seemed to be that. It was just a schizo coin.

>> No.30152178

It’s not, LINK was shilled even when the market was down 90%. If RBC dumped nobody would talk about it

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lol are 2017 fags now considered oldfags?
I always called link a scam in 2017-2018 but bought a few, just in case.
Sometimes you gotta do b when you say a I guess

>> No.30152308

notice why there aren't any pnk threads anymore? its so easy to understand

>> No.30152315

Most of the OGs sold early to chase pump and dumps and leveraged trades, only the highest IQ anons held their bag, or midwits who sold early on btc/eth way back and learned their lesson on never selling. I fucking bought in ico and had a 50,000 stack I sold at $2. I thought I was a genius, I want to kill myself daily. It could be worse and I know money isn’t everything but knowing I would have 1.5 mil right now hurts like fucking shit. I tip my hat to those who didn’t sell. The funny thing is it’s still all so early. People will call you a larper in a couple years for saying you bought in at $30. Buying link at $30 is like buying bitcoin at $1.

>> No.30152351

No, there hasn't been anything like LINK since then.

>> No.30152412

I was here in 2017 when I was broke and in high school. Chainlink just seemed like “the one” something about it felt organic. Now of course I didn’t have any money to buy it and there was no way in hell I was gonna get my mom to buy this shit. She thought it was a scam. I then forgot about it and I checked up on it a year later and it had mooned. I genuinely couldn’t believe it. I FOMOd with my wage slave money and bought a stack of like 400.

Been holding ever since. Link is the only crypto worth buying. Literally. Everything else shilled here is a meme coin or a piece of shit defi scam. The only coins that will survive are: BTC, Link, and maybe ETH. The holy trinity.

>> No.30152454

OG linkie here. Stay the hell away from RBC. It's nothing like LINK. You can't speak of the two in same sentence.

>> No.30152475

rubic is the same as 100s of other literal discord pnd coins, they come and go, you learn to ignore them, they always give off bad vibes

>> No.30152477

Kek this. It was a daily constant spam. At one point when you see the same technical jargon it just clicks and you have to buy a bag.

>> No.30152488

no, not at all

>> No.30152490

yes i bought at around $2-3 but I will sell everything at $200 to take profits and live my youth as far as i still can.
i wish everyone else who has more diamond hands to beyond that the best of luck. but damn the years just pass and all the sideways is just not worth it for me anymore

>> No.30152507

Saw LINK being mentioned on Biz back in 2017/2018 but stupidly didn't buy any since I never researched it. Currently just accumulating non stop after spending the last few weeks researching LINK and i'll be forever grateful to you LINK degenerates when we all make it in a few years.

>> No.30152523

PNK was a joke from the beginning. Who the fuck really thought people would pay random pnk owners to settle their commerical disputes via anonymous crowdfunded arbitration?

>> No.30152524

Any other crypto you have and/or are excited about? All I have is LINK and want to throw fiat at something else but I find it incredibly hard to wade through all the bullshit here on /biz/. Another anon above mention Rubic which is fairly low mcap..and that's what I'm looking for, another solid low mcap project that has a decent chance to explode. I guess that's what we're all looking for.

>> No.30152527
File: 459 KB, 1125x1558, 7C1B5CD9-1FBF-4E21-9774-095B1FFBD76C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The crazy thing is we knew all along that’s what made it so damn crazy and diffficult

>> No.30152529

Wasn't hard, but it sure was annoying the whole way through

>> No.30152548

PNK was mostly ironic pajeetery though. It's a shame, I have around 1m PNK as well but it looks like it's going nowhere thanks to
>Europeans in charge of business
could've put that money into something like GRT instead or gambled on DeFi rugpulls. Oh well, can't really complain that much considering my success with LINK.

>> No.30152558

>I think its a pajeet rugpull waiting to happen

Then you are quite literally retarded given that you can look up the team yourself and prove that wrong. Whether it deserves the hype is a separate question really.

I seriously doubt someone incapable of doing such basic research as googling the team is an OG LINKer

>> No.30152576

It was being shilled here constantly at <.25 go back to wallstreetbets

>> No.30152591

at 30 cents. I sold to you at $25

>> No.30152601
File: 33 KB, 860x589, 14-148125_pepe-png-pepe-pride-suicide-pepe-transparent-png.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll do ya 1 better, I sold at $0.50

>> No.30152606

These 3 years have been an insane emotion rollercoaster

>> No.30152628

Wrong. Early Link holders are into DIP, BNT, and GRT.

The reason people who hold Rubic hold LINK is because they fucking copy and paste link memes and keep hailing it as the next link. Rubic memes are fucking cringe garbage tier and it's rise has been inorganic as fuck.

>t. early link holder. Other prominent holders all moved to twitter too.

>> No.30152720

I saw people shilling link here when it was 20c and I don't own a penny of it.

>> No.30152805
File: 162 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210303-165329.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30152818

>I'm an early LINK holder, I bought it at $5

>> No.30152863

A lot of early LINK buyers also bought DMM (rugpull) and PNK (failed due to Frogs being inept at business), buying LINK early doesn't make you a genius at identifying shitcoins.

>> No.30152932

But I will say if you knew you knew damn well never to sell a single link. It’s crazy how many people are coming to me now at 30 dollars a linkie to find out if they should buy after totally ignoring my advice 3 years ago. It’s so fucking insane it blows my mind.

>> No.30152956

except link is useful and rubic is shit

>> No.30152965

>i am slightly concerned about what type of entity i was listening to.
What kind of entity, anon? I love reading about these things.

>> No.30152985

unironically this but really I was just being myself.

>> No.30153029

Basically asko now. I knew about link sub 20 cents from 4 chan.

>> No.30153034

751 here. I hope you make it.
We should get to 777

>> No.30153103

That was van bro. He lived in a van so he could put every wagie penny into LINK. It was probably a larp even though he posted photos, but I still think of him periodically and hope it was at least somewhat true. Van bro deserved to make it.

>> No.30153215

I think van bro made a thread somewhat recently showing that he did in fact "make it" to some degree.

>> No.30153234

just buybird forget about thatshitcoin link

>> No.30153236

bought at 19c a friend told me about it there wasn't anyone really doing what it was doing was a good buy

>> No.30153300

discovered /biz/ and bought link jan 2018 and have been here pretty much every day since. no other coin is comparable desu, they are all trash that eventually go away, i've seen so many projects come and go. i am immune to link fud, i've seen it all and don't get spooked or annoyed by it anymore.
i'm not a gambler and pretty risk averse and have only buyed three other coins ever and never sold any, but will probably get rid of them in the coming alt season, except for link.

>> No.30153357
File: 3.96 MB, 4000x3000, IMG_20210226_163552.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought chainlink every week since it was first tradeable on etherdelta about a week after ICO.

I had 39k link. I recently cashed out 4k to buy a lambo and I will not sell one single LINK from now on

>> No.30153391

It's been shilled here every day for 3+ years. And the shilling was really good in the past. Glad i bought.

>> No.30153437

took out a loan to buy 100k LINK at 50c. memes dont lie.

>> No.30153439

Bought 20k links between 0,15 and 0,3 in Q3-Q4 2017, still holding

>> No.30153441

$CARD cardstack going to blow up btw feels like similar hidden gem like $LINK did at time.

>> No.30153456
File: 733 KB, 1000x1000, wagmi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw this same thread but about GRT in about a year

>> No.30153469

>implying latefag 2018 muh discord faggots has any part in funding chain Chainlink
Autist anons found link. 9 months later a bunch of zoomer tripfag retards started muh secret discord on the back of all the work anon had done. They’ve been taking credit for it ever since.

>> No.30153471


>> No.30153478

Is there anything else that's cheap right now that this board has conviction in like they had for link in 2017?

>> No.30153480

I sold all my stinky linkies when it peaked at $20 earlier this summer, I didn't have a big stack. I was poorfag status and had maybe 1800 I got for under $1 and then another 1000 I payed between $2 and $4, I sold the local peak and swung into Bitcoin and now I am the proud owner of 3.65 BTC and some other assorted shitcoins (Venus/Cake/BNB/UNI/RBC)

I am anticipating breaking 750k this year but am hoping I can get my first 1000k

>> No.30153488
File: 906 KB, 1224x825, LamboChain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30153579

unironically $30 is still early to get in

>> No.30153610

I'm here. ultra low 7 figure hell is real. Fuck unclefag, if it wasn't for him I would've bought at 4 for $1, instead of 2 for $1.

>> No.30153638

Checked. It was a gamble, like all of crypto. Also, tossing a few thousand for shits and giggles was a calculated risk. I gambled a few grand on OWN/CHX as well because it was getting shilled as the next craze (which instead turned out to be defi) and got OWNed. Oh well.

>> No.30153659

No, and every single reply to your post that isn't "no" is someone trying to sell you a shitcoin.

>> No.30153660
File: 116 KB, 1079x481, Screenshot_20210303-140530_Delta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice try faggot

>> No.30153679

Top 200 wallet holder here. 18-20cent buy in. All I can say it has been a ride since 2017. I feel bad for the OGs that sold too early honestly. We lost a lot of guys to get here. I won’t ever sell my 130k+ link. The passive income will make me millions a year. Biz is not the same as it was back then.

>> No.30153691

Bought kusama at 1$. Fuck link, its no special in this market and underperformed

>> No.30153709

>I bought at $25
Jesus fucking christ, I bought at 1.9$ and thought I was late

>> No.30153742

What are OG linkies thoughts on FTM?

>> No.30153759

dude if 7 figures is hell then you need to address what you are missing in life because 8 figures will not make you happy either

>> No.30153880

No. There were times where we'd have like 50 LINK threads at the same time when the coin wasn't even on the front page.

>> No.30153894

bird. money
shh ftm connection once you look

>> No.30154011

I bought at 0.4$

>> No.30154127

We've been keeping the threads on the DL cause fags these days don't appreciate shit.

>> No.30154154


>> No.30154202

Instead of buying chainlink under $2 I bought xrp

>> No.30154297

Ain't you worried, past few days, I've been moving up the ranks without buying. Whales (like you) are moving their stacks around... to sell? to blockfi?
t. just a small guppy from Jan 2018

>> No.30154333

LINK was a 10 out of 10 on a scale of conviction and cult following (unfortunately literally to some degree)

There are some 7s and maybe an 8 around here, for varying reasons. Probably the closest ones, on a technical level are GRT and PRQ, though the former has questionable tokenomics and neither has anywhere remotely near the level of enthusiam that LINK did.

>> No.30154378

GRT has nothing near the enthusiasm that LINK did. Nothing wrong with GRT, it's just a fact. /biz/ is too popular for something like LINK to happen again - wait until after the big crash when people leave /biz/.

>> No.30154456

unfortunately burger here. 20% Fed tax, 3.8% Obamacare tax, plus state income tax (fuck you california 13.3%). A low 7 figure after tax, wife, kids and mortgage doesn't mean much.

>> No.30154461

sad but true. people desperately looking for another link in 2021 biz are going to be disappointed

>> No.30154472

idk how I feel about that "JeW" in your ID, friendo.

>> No.30154479

if a project has posts that claim it's the new link, claim that it has early link vibes, claim that a lot of link holders also buy it, or in any other way try to align itself with link in any way, it's a red flag honestly. so many pajeet tier or dead in the water projects try this shilling tactic and it is never true.

>> No.30154480

ROSE is literally the next chainlink but its not being shilled

>> No.30154592

Fetch.ai would be discussed if whales weren't trying to keep it quiet and accumulate. The technical discussion that would occur about FET would rival Link. Good luck to anyone who reads this and then researches Fetch.ai.

>> No.30154658
File: 791 KB, 2048x1105, Screenshot_20210303-171846.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just sold 100k ROSE

>> No.30154750

Except rubic is all artificial and driven by pajeets, fiverr, and whale-run telegram channels.

>> No.30154764

bought at 18 cents

>> No.30154768
File: 185 KB, 1000x1000, pee pee poo poo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based checked fpbp op BTFO

>> No.30154779

I went all in xrp at 18 cents in 2017. Link was same price. When price started to surge I couldn't get myself to buy cause it looked so expensive compared to the 18 cents... I refused to buy at 1 usd, 3 usd, 8 usd etc etc... and now I get physically sick every time someone mentions link or chainlink.. It's impossible for me to but chainlink at 30 usd. Fuck me

>> No.30154810

I remember when everything was the next AntShares kek. Agreed that it's the lowest form of shilling imaginable, just slightly above pasting your shitcoin's logo on a picture of a hot girl.

>> No.30154985
File: 39 KB, 1008x494, fIDrYpb[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have to wonder what it feels like even for people who got in later, like in 2019 or the first half of 2020, and then sold at the multiple wrong times

>> No.30155010

Id say it’s a similar meme shilling but the old link says seem like so long ago,
I bought a 200k bag of Rubic as I believe it truly is undervalued, potential can hit 1-2b marketcap at best.
Link $200 eoy tho

>> No.30155123

assblaster is a late tranny

>> No.30155182

That's the story of this place since day 1.
Anons do the work, meglomaniac faggot trips try take credit.
Often turning out to be our subverting glowie frens in disguise too, remember LulzSec?

>> No.30155301

Thank you anon I’ve been looking for this for months!!!

>> No.30155401

I can not hold any other shitcoin than link, made a few bucks this last defi summer which I turned all into LINK, I buy link every paycheck, I buy link every DIP, I will continue doing so until I can use chalinked insurance products in my daily life.

>> No.30155520

Oatmeal bro

>> No.30155548
File: 214 KB, 597x686, nick got lost.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found out about it from Nick Fuentes. He mentioned it on his show as far back as June 2019 and maybe earlier. My net worth was negative $5k three years ago and now it's over a million because of Chainlink. Thanks Nick!

>> No.30155608

you are not an oldfag. 2017 fags are semi-newfags too

>> No.30155645

>I get physically sick every time someone mentions link or chainlink.
I am buying all kinds of shitcoins just to avoid this feeling later on.
If I lose some money I can always make more, but the feeling of regret is a lifetime

>> No.30155717

I did buyded last year from April until December. Am poorfag but managed to get a suicide stack. Feels good man.

>> No.30155767

how many u still have giga whale?

>> No.30155851

When you sell, block that coin from your existence. Remove it from blockfolio, don't visit threads or be tempted to get back in. If you tell yourself this the moment you sell I find it easier. Also makes holding easier because that movement is final.
Yo remain ignorant so no regret, no fomo losses.

>> No.30155925

Yeah, i was late, i bought at 1.28 in feb 2018.
If you were not here on /biz in late 2017 and early 2018 you cant appreciate how relentless the shilling was, i buckled and used random wallet dust transfered to binance and bought 11k.
All the usual hindsight regrets of course...

>> No.30155930
File: 62 KB, 283x390, 1571190997553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah but I only bought 800 of them

>> No.30155987

This sorta happened with me with a few coins. I dont remember making the decision to buy them. I bout 5k GRT at 0.42 or something but I dont even know why, I'd like to think the almighty may have had something to do with it

>> No.30156027

The fud didn't get insane until right before we mooned in spring 2019. December 2018 fud was so strong to go along with a coin that had been declining an entire year. That was the ultimate shakeout. I won't lie, it got me to sell half my 12k stack and I'm still not over it. I wish I never got on 4chan that month

>> No.30156067

it spent like four months after it hit coinbase as a sub $3 coin. There was plenty of time to buy in early.

>> No.30156129
File: 56 KB, 491x877, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Zero. I sold myself down to 1M in 2018 and held onto it until 2020 when I started selling down and completely exited at the end of the year. Ended up with a profit of 800 BTC in the end.

Might get some again at some point, but price action is pretty lame, so for the time being I'm watching it from the sidelines while I dabble in other shitcoins.

>> No.30156200

Kek how fucking retarded this board has gotten. Link came to prominence at the absolute fucking top of the bullrun last time. There will always be another if you keep your eyes open.

>> No.30156314

Then quit being a citycuck and move to the country

>> No.30156349

Holy fuck, you might be the biggest whale I've seen on /biz/ outside of the guy who had 1 million XRB

>> No.30156502
File: 30 KB, 600x630, '.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cant believe i wasted all those years on /pol/ arguing with jidf when i shouldve been here buying link at .30c

>> No.30156577

What have you done about tax?

>> No.30156689

If you were on 4chan at all you got shilled LINK it was that ubiquitous.

>t forever mad I didn't get my stinky LINKies earlier

>> No.30156750

That should give you an itch only a shotgun could scratch

>> No.30156816

damn, thats horrible, hope you consolidated some into LINK later on. How does the portfolio look now?

>> No.30156884
File: 71 KB, 828x612, 1611959178551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based you get CEO today

>> No.30157026

I like this thread. Bought 2K of link around 1.20. Didn't have much money back then. Still holding every link and not going to sell until 81K/link

>> No.30157040
File: 19 KB, 505x263, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kek, that's probably me. It's a long story and it's painful to talk about, so I'd rather no go into details, but due to various reasons I barely took any profits and watched most of that Nano drop to a fraction of what it was. This year I kinda stupidly bought more, but so far it's been profitable. Will probably sell down in the near future as I'm overexposed.

Paid them.

>> No.30157062

That was gold as fuck.
I bought link only because of the memes and the threads... well there just was something bigger then life going on. I "only" could afford a 10k suicide stack back then at 0.17c.

>> No.30157131


It was like 7 dollars last year

>> No.30157161

all hail brother. at least you didnt buy on bitgrail and fund italian scammers i guess. what are you holding these days now yoir LINK stack is gone?

>> No.30157270


Its one of the first 10 coins listed on coinbase so people shilling it here knew that normies opening their first coinbase wallet might buy it because it is cheap and right in front of their eyes.

>> No.30157624


It was right infront of your face on coinbase

It was chilled in this forumn lime crazy last year

>> No.30157819

Even like a year ago it was around $2, available on coinbase, and there was non stop shilling on here. If you missed out, its because you are new

>> No.30157966

Which one did you buy?

>> No.30158046

this is exactly why I picked up a bag of RBC. An anon said "this is the next link" and I believed him.

>> No.30158047

>at least you didnt buy on bitgrail
That 1M was bought there, I just never trusted them at all and withdrew immediately after buying.
>what are you holding these days now yoir LINK stack is gone?
Like 50% blue chips, the Nano and the rest mostly in various ETH DeFi plays. You can get an overview here: https://zapper.fi/dashboard?address=0x213657bccc5cf8b74455d110c11d5a8ed6241dec

It's missing like $5M in LP I have in ETH-VSP and ETH-ALCX for farming, but that site covers most of it.

>> No.30158080

I have 19 LINK stop complaining nigger

>> No.30158102

Legit bought at 0.35 cents. Why? How?
I seen great memes and threw money at it.
Ive now done the sane with rubic.

>> No.30158120

>paying tax on 800 BTC profit

Fuck that must have been painful

I've made low 7 figs but I'm not gonna be cashing out any large amounts because I don't want to fund this kiked government, probably going to start moving some of it into XMR and quit using centralised exchanges completely this year

>> No.30158145

nice id kek

>> No.30158148

>800 BTC

>> No.30158152

Blockfi? are you fucking serious?
It's being moved to BNT, AAVE etc and split up for security

>> No.30158264

Since I sold most of that LINK before BTC took off, a lot of those gains are thankfully still unrealized, but yeah, I'm gonna have to pay a lot. I should get away with about $2.5M in 2020, but my 2021 taxes will probably be 8 figures at this rate.

>> No.30158285
File: 417 KB, 1080x2191, CL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You just win.

>> No.30158524
File: 60 KB, 650x370, 1518770283898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ugh well done anon, sick. Can I ask how you stored link(ledger,exchange, etc), did you notify exchange and bank before cashing out and how u handled the tax?
Small 2018 january linklet guppy but might be an issue one day

>> No.30158631


>> No.30158704

Dude you have so many options to avoid paying that, for the amount you'll save you could just move to a tax haven. You could even afford to live in fucking Monaco kek. Do not give the government another cent, for ethical reasons

>> No.30158720
File: 135 KB, 1280x914, 1572281868111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

do you still keep a day job? how is your life like fren?

>> No.30158789

Diablo, always thought they were cool since I was a kid

Because that's what you do when you make it anon

>> No.30158865

I bought a bag at 20 cents and sodled at 1 buck. no regrets

>> No.30158902

You’re such a faggot

>> No.30158939
File: 78 KB, 1111x642, .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mah presale nigga.

The LINK was stored on a Ledger HW wallet. I did not notify my bank ahead of time for cashing out, but they did get in touch with me and I've had to go through KYC stuff with them. As for the taxes, I did them myself with the help of bitcoin.tax. Will probably get professional help for my 2021 taxes though.

It's not a big deal, to be honest. I've got way more than I really need, so I don't really feel like going through the trouble of avoiding the tax man. I'm just making money for the heck of it at this point.

I've never had a job. My life is pretty boring as I struggle with a crippling social anxiety and spend day in, day out inside in front of my computer. 2020 was supposed to be the year I was going to travel a lot and in an attempt to fix my issues, but corona cucked me and forced me to put the plans on hold. I'm hoping to put all this money to use and make my life a bit more exciting soon though.

>> No.30159008

pee pee poo poo

>> No.30159231

I really wish the jannies would remove the rubic shills.

>> No.30159255
File: 547 KB, 1324x836, 1534718022763.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have to be honest with you anons
when I saw Adelyn that's when I bought and in a way my inner cuck made me money

>> No.30159331
File: 9 KB, 181x250, 1603710336566s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh shit, i think of you from time the time anon and wondered what you ever did since...

>> No.30159392

Respect and congrats on all your success, fren. Curious to get your advice: is now still an okay time to get back into $LINK or has the train passed me by? I'm an old bizfag who bought LINK early on in 2018 for <$1 but ended up selling for BTC. Currently holding ~15BTC and ~120ETH. Is getting a LINK position still worth it you think?

>> No.30159421

You just need to be in touch with this space, All the recent innovation, What's needed and what's actually good. It wasn't an easy hold and you would've probably sold, The fud was skyhigh and the uncertainty pre-mainnet too.

You got the same opportunity with AVAX rightnow tho but of course only few realize it and will complain in hindsight.

>> No.30159560

You guys are gonna be so sad when this rug pulls this month and it goes down to single digits.

>> No.30159588

Thanks you for the answers. I am rooting for you anon, I am too riddled with anxiety and depression, can hardly force myself into my office job everyday, I am dying inside and have no joy in my life.
I think you should fund a small enterprise where you can mingle with people and loosen up like a cool cafe, private zoo, motorbiker club, whatever. Being a misanthrope social shut in is a meme, we are trribal animals physiologically needing human contact.
Are you in the US?
t central european

>> No.30159666

Giga whale bro, do I store my linkies with ledger+mew or ledger+metamask?Currently have 1/3 on mew and 2/3 on exchange like a retard..

>> No.30159690

rbc doesn't have breadcrumbs and legendary threads like assblaster, the smartcon event, google, the 200+ replies of fud, and the links to pdfs connecting all the way to towncrier

if you see coins like that, well then its the One(tm)

>> No.30159773

Mag fellow presale niggah, got social anxiety as well xD what are the chances kek.
I guess life balances our misery out with massive financial wealth huh!

>> No.30159867

Whaha and I am ALSO going to travel as soon as I've been vaccinated.
Thailand is my first stop lol.
What are the fucking chances.

>> No.30159896

i bought on sept 3 2017. within a couple hours of its lowest ever price on the market (i.e. not in presale or ico) 13 cents

>> No.30159966

Constant shilling and fudding on here convinced me to buy LINK at 20c. I also bought REQ for the same reason though. The problem is I only threw 20 bucks at each. I was 18 and too dumb to realize I should be buying more. Anyways, I'm hoping either Rubic or ASKO will moon like Link because they give me similar vibes.

>> No.30160019

>Currently holding ~15BTC and ~120ETH. Is getting a LINK position still worth it you think?
We are same...literally.
Im still holding 4250 link of my original 11k. Most of what i did sell was flipped to eth and btc and paying off some debt. I did piss away bit in defi shit coins that all dropped 90% but it was not suicide level.

>> No.30160044

If you havent already, read some Dostoyevsky, Rene Guenon 48 laws if power and How to win friends and influence people by Carnegie, and Brobze Age Pervert/Way of Man. The latter 4 are good but dont take them too seriously and become a sperg edgelord. Apply what you learnt about human intercations and mingke first in small circles like local book club, bike club, Bratil jiu jitsu dojo.
I need to find personally a kob which I dont despise and dont starve in my poor country. Have been thinking about farming lately

>> No.30160098

>Constant shilling and fudding on here convinced me to buy LINK at 20c. I also bought REQ for the same reason though
Yeah man, the levels of shilling for req were same, it did pump to a dollar but fell apart sadly...

>> No.30160210

I missed out on LINK but am making amends with DIA.

>> No.30160296

top pick

>> No.30160350

The only thing i can think of that has got nearly as much fud as LINK is ASKO. Interesting.

>> No.30160374

Heh, yeah, I feel like an idiot still for how handled the crash back then, but oh well, I learned a valuable lesson at least.

Thanks, anon. I'd personally like to get a position in LINK at some point, but when I look at the daily chart against BTC, I'm not too convinced of a reversal just yet, so I'm watching from the sidelines for now. I don't think holding it is a bad idea at all though. I just think the opportunity cost of doing so is a bit high.

Thanks. Sorry to hear about your situation and I really hope you make it big this run.
>I think you should fund a small enterprise where you can mingle with people
I'll give it some thought, but something like that would be too big of a hurdle for me right now. Maybe something to consider after my current plans, assuming they work out.
>Are you in the US?
Northern Europe.

kek, you too huh. I'm also waiting for the vaccine to resume my plans, and Thailand is one of my high priority destinations actually.

Interesting. I've never been much of a reader, as I think I might have undiagnosed ADD or something along those lines, but I'll note down your suggestion and maybe give it a shot in the near future. Thanks, anon.

>> No.30160428

I got it at 0,30$
I literally saw it here in 2017 or 2018 don't remember

>> No.30160461

It's the reason why I own at least 2 shillcoins, just in case one shits the bed

>> No.30160464

I had the Iask id before, wifi/4g

>> No.30160477

Much respect. So based. What do you think of LINK right now. Any price target anticipation?

>> No.30160498

>WHEW id

>> No.30160510

No. The next LINK doesn’t exist yet.

>> No.30160596

See second reply here: >>30160374
No specific target in mind, but I'm sure it'll get the spotlight again at some point this run.

>> No.30160644

because 1k eoy

>> No.30160651

When did you start with crypto, and how much fiat did you start with?

I'm now breaking into 6 figs, and I don't know how to get that kick to 7 figures. Any money I make at my job is just a drop in the bucket at this point.

>> No.30160722

Good luck scandi bro, I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I think I have undiagnosed ADD too, maybe get it diagnosed both of us kek?
Your plans are to travel amd "find yourself"? Make sure you visit Budapest and Lake Balaton north shore in your travels, you will like it. I was recently recommended doing the El Camino, may worth a shot.
Bottom line, doing stuff with people, friends beats being a loner, I can't recommend trying enough.

>> No.30160807

I'd go with ledger & mew but either of those are fine for security, if you use metamask just be careful of addresses and transactions being spoofed by CSS. Always check and confirm your ledger matches what's on your screen, don't keep loads of tabs open and disable scripts if you can, download something like noscript

I had 97 link stolen from my metamask, but I wasnt using a HW at the time, luckily I'd transferred 10k link out of that address and onto my ledger a few days before

>> No.30160951

I buy Chainlink every week. It is my BTC/ETH. I don't care what anyone says. It is going to 1k

>> No.30161388

Honestly, there were a lot of memes so I bought a stack of 30k linkies from leftover money from the eth bullrun.
I sold almost 10k before I realized what it is lol. Still happy and grateful to have a stack of link obviously.

>> No.30161396

patrician choice. favourite car in the car card games we played as a kid. yellow diablo. godspeed and take care

>> No.30161742

Sorry, missed this one earlier. Very much agree with >>30160807

About $6000 in 2013 with money I made botting/hacking video games.
>I'm now breaking into 6 figs, and I don't know how to get that kick to 7 figures. Any money I make at my job is just a drop in the bucket at this point.
I'll be crossing my fingers for you. Try not to get too eager to reach those 7 figures and make too risky plays. Just trust your gut with projects you like and hold. At least that's how I've had success trading.

>I think I have undiagnosed ADD too, maybe get it diagnosed both of us kek?
You too, huh. I could definitely benefit from going to a shrink, so I should probably take the plunge and just go to one one of these days.
>Your plans are to travel amd "find yourself"?
No, not exactly. I want to start traveling to force myself out of my comfort zone and put myself in situations where I have to interact with people.

Thanks for the suggestions. Budapest is definitely a place I'd like to visit. Will note down Lake Balaton.
>El Camino
Interesting. Will look this up.
>Bottom line, doing stuff with people, friends beats being a loner, I can't recommend trying enough.
Yep, definitely. I've been a loner for long enough now and while it's not that bad, I miss having friends.

Thanks for your kind words, anon. I wish you the best as well.

>> No.30161887

Could you link a good explanatory video on staking and yield farming?
Can you stake some link already?

>> No.30161986

>bought link @ 22c
Take this how you will but I feel a far more Link-Ish vibe from GRT shills than RBC. The feeling alone made me pick up a stack and I haven't the first clue what it does.
I buy almost entirely on /biz/ sentiment since winning so hard with link...it's shockingly accurate.

>> No.30162099

What do you mean with sentiment? What stuff do you look for exactly?

>> No.30162134

Thank you! I will check noscript thanks I dont know what it means, neither css. I will stivk to mew, no metamask.. I have MEW now, so if I set up a ledger will it crate a new address with MEW where I need to transfer fron my current MEW? I cant use current MEW address with ledger right?
Complete retard, I have close to 100k unsecured kek, anxiety is hell..

>> No.30162158

Sorry, I just learned staking and yield farming as I went, so I don't really have a specific resource I can vouch for. If you have a specific question about it I might be able to help though.
>Can you stake some link already?
Not too sure the best yield out there for LINK is, but I'm pretty heavy on Bancor and they have a very popular LINK pool for staking. Maybe drop by a Bancor thread for more info.

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