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This is 2017 all over again. Idk exactly when, but sometime this month, the BTC dominance chart will capitulate HARD when it finally goes below 60%. Bitcoin will mainly go sideways between $45k-$55k for the coming months while alts get absoultely sent. Riches will be made and lost. How are you positioning yourself for this once in a lifetime opportunity?

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I have been watching preparing for this exact scenario as well fren. My strategy has been to accumulate all the laggards in the market, as they are furthest from their ATH so offer the highest % gains - BCH, XRP, ETC, EOS, ZEC, DASH, LTC etc. Risky I know but I cant bring myself to buy into shit that has already pumped 1000% since march. Be greedy when others are fearful blah blah. What have you accumulated?

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Last time btc went barabolic first and alts soon thereafter. I don't want any megamoons yet because that means we'll burn out the bullrun too soon

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yeah but there was an initial profit take in BTC before the first alt lift off which OP is saying is happening now.

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nothing, i have no more fiat to accumulate

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Almost all of those are irrelevant shitcoins and I'd rather look at the newcomers instead of the has-beens.

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I’m all in LINK baby!

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what did you get with your original fiat?
1. You sound pretty fearful, which is why I am greedy.
2. They are all on Coinbase, and interestingly BCH and ETC are on Robinhood.
3. Fundamentals don't matter during Altseason, everything pumps.

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I've accumulated as much of $FIRE as I possibly can. Only $4.5 Million MC, the website is fireprotocol.io. This can easily do a 100x from here in a full-blown altseason.

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Kek same. Literally just checked blockfolio, all of my holdings are going up except PRQ. $1.20 EOY

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Yes but new stuff is more likely to pump better, older ones have bagholders and stigma attached to them.

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Buy fantom dude

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Fire Protocol is actually partnered with Orion.

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they fucking better. look at the top 100. look at the top 10 even. ltc is barely half way to it's old ath and this is a common trend. this shit better start fucking moving! god damn eth is only 1500 how the fuck is this gonna be 10k this year??? HURRY UP AND MOON I WANNA MAKE SOME FUCKING MONEYYYYYYY

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This guy hears alt season and he prepares by buying all the scams that already mooned
Sometimes I really get the feeling you retards just dont like making money

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you missed the part where i said i'm broke af

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i bought iota at 50c a month back. still cheap as fuck at $1.25 now. ath is almost $6. has to be worth $15-$20 at some point this year.

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That's the ultimate 2017 boomer portfolio

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All this FUD is making me so fucking bullish, keep going

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this has gotta be a purposeful shitpost

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Looking forward to when this reaches 10k% cause I don't have brown hands

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I'm holding REQ. Wait until this boomer coin hits coinbase, it's already in Custody.

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Did you get your picks from blockchain backer? I feel like he had the exact same picks

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Huge sell signal
Bullrun postponed

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Was just trying to help lol it's okay anon I have no fiat at this point just crypto.

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Tezos all in

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MATIC AND ERSDL. Its all you need in this altseason.

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yeah literally, good spot.

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How comparable to 2017 is this rise.
I personally think we are in a dip now and the time is to accumulate. Come May BTC could be 70k and ADA $4. This is not unreasonable

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>once in a lifetime opportunity
>happened before in 2017
Come on, man. You had one job.

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Unironicay buy Nimiq

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sold 30k eRSDL the other day, safe to say i regret my choice

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1) How long will it last for?
2) Will there be two waves like 2017?

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why do people think alt season is coming?

what if btc crashes to under 20k over the course of a 3-6 months? wouldnt that mean the alts would as well bc they seem to be tied to btcs movement?

sorry im a newfag

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I've actually been hearing this a lot from oldfags. Apparently we're just playing in the kiddy pool with these gains. Hope you're right. Let's go, then.

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ALGO, BNT, GRT, DOT in that order

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bro the set up is nothing like 2018. were you even here then?

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because historically once bitcoin goes past former ATH, and has a second correction, alts start seriously taking off. also means bitcoin has one last rise to the top (80k top imho)
nah just the one wave, like 2013. bitcoin is too far ahead in its cycle to allow 2 cycles sadly.

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Everything is in custody, it's in no way an indication it will come

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>why do people think alt season is coming?
>what if btc crashes to under 20k over the course of a 3-6 months? wouldnt that mean the alts would as well bc they seem to be tied to btcs movement?
>sorry im a newfag

We saw this scenario play out in March-May 2018.

Alts were completely flushed out with bitcoin crashing in early march.

From there on out, alts just continued to bleed into BTC.

There were random Altcoin pumps, but they were very targeted at specific coins/projects. There was no widespread "alt season" again during this time.

For example, 2018 consensus saw ZEC and ARK pump like crazy

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people like you were saying this when Bitcoin was at 3k

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I'm betting all my fiat on ONE very underrated coin.

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How is it different?

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just look at the market dominance chart itself, the set up is completely different.

the late 2017/early 2018 altseason was caused by early ICO investors / whales pumping their bags to exit.

We will never have that again.

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ONE is the worst coin ever. All they do is have bbqs.

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>all the laggards
m-maybe they are lagging for a good reason, anon. i know this is crypto so they will prob pump. Look at Band and Link - link is at 30$ while band at 13$... a logical thinking on this would conclude that band would have pumped more since its lower MC bbutt it didnt... why? because the coins with actual utility in the crypto sphere will gain MOST of the value. but your coins will pump too but prob not as much as those other coins that are actually needed.
if i were you, i would just go to 100-200 MC rank page and take a bet on what coin will reach top 50

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100% in alts 0% in BTC or ETH
We might get fucked in the butthole by global economic crash though

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isnt the rule of thumb past performance NOT predict future results?

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MATIC, IOTA, ADA & a little gem named COR

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>higher low
>higher high
>higher low

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I'm all in in BAT/Brave and hope that a price squeeze will send it flying

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Imagine her slipping and hitting the ground. Worst earthquake in the contemporary world.

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>what if btc crashes to under 20k over the course of a 3-6 months?
not yet

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80k local top, this may also be a two wave cycle, once it hits 80k it could trade sideways for half the year and then pump again, this initial run up has been very steep like the 2014 one

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same, i'm accumulating LTC like there's no tomorrow

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more just that there has been an altseason everytime BTC goes on a bullrun. we are gambling on a historical market pattern. no guarantees of course
yeah absolutely, they are for the most part shitcoins i agree. fundamentals are poor. but in a mania personally i dont think fundamentals matter too much, only that there is sufficient onramps for normans to fomo (all of these are on coinbase, 2 on robinhood). once the first green candle comes they will snowball

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Hedera and quantstamp

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I'm betting big on Zero Exchange. It's tiny now and I will make hundreds of thousands of it just gets to 1 billion market cap.

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All in LINK and HBAR

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alt season thesis is idiotic. alts surged last time because alts were nascent tech and people wanted someplace to park their funds after getting anally raped. now alts follow btc. it is no longer nascent tech. there might be an alt breakout but it's not going to be full blown 5-10x alt season like last time.

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The saying is
"History does not repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme."

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All in on ONE.

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It’s you again!
You gotta stop sharing those awful, awful picks; this is a blue board.

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>he doesn't know
kek zero team can mint tokens at will lmao have fun getting dumped on

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don't listen to the idiots trolling you. those are excellent choices, and i've been doing a very similar thing. XRP and BCH especially.

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I bought a crap load of POA while it's still ranked 400

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Hi again fren. Im just trying to buy low sell high. I agree the fundamentals are terrible for all of them I just think its irrelevant.
Thanks fren :) Yeah most of my stack is in those 2. Hard not to doubt myself but just going to HODL and see what happens. Worst case scenario they all cant go much lower hahaha

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crazy I am the only one shilling Arweave here for a very long time and biz is still sleeping on it.

You never learn biz but I still like you.

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in time bullruns will be based on utility, but currently there is no real utility for crypto and bullruns are speculation based. maybe the next one

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Shill me DOWS.
Very new is all I know thus far

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This assumption is based on the past performance of assets not predicting the past performance of assets.

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>alt season thesis is idiotic. alts surged last time because alts were nascent tech and people wanted someplace to park their funds after getting anally raped. now alts follow btc. it is no longer nascent tech. there might be an alt breakout but it's not going to be full blown 5-10x alt season like last time.

Yes and no. Alts last time were ICOs, whales and early investors had been investing in these ICOs since 2016/2017. After Bitcoin had its blow off top, the whales wanted to capitalize on their investments, and they successfully shilled, pumped, and dumped their altcoin bags on new money.

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I kind of hate alt season bull runs because I actually invest in fundamentals so even if we’re in a bubble I don’t WANT to sell my coin because I actually believe in it. In some ways that anon buying fucking ETC is right.

I’m all in GRT and I will see another 1000% gain soon only to retrace 60% of it. And I’ll carry through it all.

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FTM only did a 70x since the last bear season, exactly the coin to buy!

I swear, nubiz is full of traitors.

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Realize that they are oscillators or degens, both of which you DO NOT want to be holding long term. Make sure you sell - don’t get greedy and be stuck holding the bag after the run. There is no long term hope for those shitcoins.


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my nigga

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>ctrl+f matic
>2 results

damn, it's like you niggers don't even like money

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We're in early 2017 not early 2018.

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13,868 NuCypher and nothing else. Basically trying to snipe the one coin that I think will blow up. I'm confident it will.

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yes sir, i have price targets set and will be selling there no matter what.

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No one wants to buy a pajeet coin that has already done a 10x. Prime for Sandeep to take another fat dump on your head.

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based take

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the longer the crab, the harder the pump

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>We're in early 2017 not early 2018.

there is no way, go look at the price of XLM/XRP in early 2017 it was pennies.

Everything, including Alts are overpriced already.

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Half of these "portfolios" have got to be people gaslighting others. Wtf....

Mine is
55% Link
31% Vsp
14% Eth

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Based. I'm in this too desu, hope it moons hard

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>How are you positioning yourself for this once in a lifetime opportunity?

By goin big on Katalyo.

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>ADA, a useless shitcoin, $4

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This pattern has nearly two years of time before support meets resistance. I'm reading this chart the same way you are - BTC is fighting tooth and nail to stay above support on the dominance chart.

Assuming it doesn't and it does break support, we're either going to see BTC dump hard and alts move sideways or BTC move sideways/up and alts pump even harder. I'm betting on the latter.

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You're acting as if it's not just whatever the whales decide.

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What crypto’s should I look at that haven’t mooned yet? I’ve got about 80k profits from /smg/ that I’m moving to crypto this week. I’m new to crypto pls no grief

>> No.30152269

Link is poor folk coin now.

>> No.30152286

literally everything else on coinbase has mooned already

>> No.30152329

I'm not telling you to buy or not to buy, but do some research on Vesper. Personally I'm a huge Link fan, but it doesn't really fit into your "hasn't mooned yet" section.

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fireprotocol.io. $FIRE. Look into it, I truly believe it's one of the last low marketcap gems you can scoop up before altseason really starts. MC only $4.5 Million.

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Lol good luck with your “investments”. Why didn’t you add Tron to your list?

>> No.30152444

These are all Multi-billion dollar MC ghost chains. This is horrible advice.

>> No.30152553

look at their price in terms of BTC, actually close to early 2017

>> No.30152593

I only could afford 200 anon. I'm sorry but its all I can put into FIRE.

>> No.30152643

Nascent tech this time is DeFi (still!) and NFTs. Plan accordingly.

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None of these coins have any utility you brainlet. It's all marketing nonsense.

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Thank u for the advice frens, I’m going to spend most of today doing research too but it’s invaluable to get first hand advice from fellow investors

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What about XMR?

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Cryptonewfag here: are you supposed to hold for alt season, or pump and dump all the way through?

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>look at their price in terms of BTC, actually close to early 2017

they are still inflated relative to early 2017.

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dont listen to this person

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his scrotum is really bulging out there

>> No.30153474

its still fairly low so its a reasonably good buy, great use case and fundamentals as well. its just that there are things that are lower still and thus will make you more gains

>> No.30153549

Don't listen to the fuckfaces that gave you tips. They are all out to scam you.

I won't shill you my favorites. Go on crypto twitter, look for decent guys without a youtube channel or a paid group and start to read. Then read more. After 6 weeks of reading, buy your first coins.

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This. IOTA will be making me a millionaire. I still can't believe it but it's unironically true - I took the once in a lifetime chance.

>> No.30153785

my two altseason picks and a secret 3rd NFT project

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yea but it's a red herring if you apply the logic youre thinking, because it also means things which look dead and see no price action does not mean it will never pump. also the saying is actually history doesnt repeat itself, but human psychology does repeat history

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I saw this opportunity coming for years. I´ve worked every day of my life, made all the necessary risks and accumilated a humble 80k for the bullrun spread over 5 highly primising coins.

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Name your shitcoin bags, bro.

>> No.30154339

name em

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I saw this opportunity coming for years. I´ve worked every day of my life, made all the necessary risks and accumilated a humble 80k for the bullrun spread over 5 highly primising coins.

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LTC is based, greyscale bought 80% of all LTC mined in February.

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4 chan coins (shiny)

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have a small arweave stack, from my observation of the market it seems like data plays aren't understood just yet. Not like defi or nft.

People will get it eventually though, same reason that people ape into nft's because it's immediately understandable and normie tier.

>> No.30154579

specific to the question you posed and not just listing altcoins, i think xbtc will be a good choice for those who don't want to actively trade. essentially a bet on btc dominance falling.

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In no particular order:

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What about alts that correlate with bitcoin?

>> No.30154962

I like bbq's

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you're not gonna make it with 80k diversifying into 5 coins, especially eth and link

>> No.30155247

Chadfolio (order it yourself)
Tornado Cash

>> No.30155378

some amazing picks in there but again what's the point of diversifying that much unless you have $5,000,000 USD

>> No.30155692

finally, my lumens will moon.

>> No.30155716

I'm 12x on UNI, like 35x-ish on FTM, 15x on GRT, and pretty much 5x or more on everything else except maybe ROT lmao
The point is shit tons of free money at rates you won't find anywhere else in the world except maybe a few exclusive sections of the black market and government tech/weapons contracts

>> No.30155765

Longtime holder here. Wait till btc hits 125k-250k

>> No.30155919

So can every other exchange

>> No.30156368

Link, grt, nu, and one token no one has named ITT which takes a certain sort of man to hold and i wont be naming either as im still accumulating.

>> No.30156433

O nvm it got named now.

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same brother. we will make it, allah willing

>> No.30156605

so you make 12x, 35x, 15x but with much smaller allocations than you would if you had 5 picks instead of 20, and it averages down to pitiful gains overall

>> No.30156753

Maybe I will make it big time next cycle.

>> No.30156797

$FIRE has a lot more room to grow. It needs to do a 28x in order to catch up to $HTR in terms of marketcap.

>> No.30157034

You think FTM still has room to run?

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No that’s just what they tell goyim cattle so they can reap in profits while others lose out look at every market cycle in history it’s all fractals as that’s what the entire universe is based on.

>> No.30157197

Ruler Protocol - A valueless governance token

How does Ruler Protocol Work?

Ruler Protocol is a lending platform where users can borrow their preferred cryptocurrency with any other cryptocurrency as collateral.
It aims to fill the gap by enabling the following:
No liquidations as long as borrowers pay back on time
Interest rates determined by supply and demand
Fixed rate loans at the moment of borrow / lend
Fungible loans, tradable anytime & anywhere
The detailed product paper of Ruler Protocol can be found here

RULER token — 0x2aECCB42482cc64E087b6D2e5Da39f5A7A7001f8

Available on SushiSwap

Token Supply
There will be a capped supply of 1,000,000 RULER tokens.
At month 3, ~17.75% of the RULER tokens will be circulating.
At month 6, ~29.5% of the RULER tokens will be circulating.
At year 1,~47% of the RULER tokens will be circulating.
At year 2, ~75% of the RULER tokens will be circulating.
At year 3, ~87.5% of the RULER tokens will be circulating.

>> No.30157218

if you take $100,000 and split among 100 coins and they average a 10x you're still going to have $1,000,000 in the portfolio dude......
The fear with diversification is getting away from "blue chip" crypto and profits being less "guaranteed", it's not because even a 100 way split is inherently bad
1.5 years and FTM flips ETH for good and takes on roughly its current price. You tell me.
I know I'm goddamned sick to fuck of ETH

>> No.30157287

Opinions on a possible LTC pump on the runup to sprk airdrop?
I know it's boomer tier, but there's paypal involved as well, and ltc is -2x ath
I don't have much left to swing with, but im tempted to sit in ltc for a month (also continued mimblewimble rumors)
Please weigh in anons

>> No.30157300

no they can't retard, neither UNI nor anything else mints tokens at will, they have a fixed supply

>> No.30157306

What I would do to Nico...

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>we will make it, allah willing
you have summoned the bobo

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is that fucking ghost lmao????? I remember I almost bought a bag of that shit ages ago

>> No.30157640

>Muh Muh market cap

Literally does not matter. Huge FUD.

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no you fucking retard read the filename

>> No.30157769

here's mine

>> No.30158025

little more than 60k spread over 2 accounts.
Ersdl is the big man here

>> No.30158177

I'm really just stating to look into it. What does it have going for itself besides the cross chain swaps and Andre's involvement?

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consolidate into those and top 4 should go RLC, GRT, DEXG, ETH

then go grab some HBAR and you'll have generational wealth

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I see you bought the course as well
im doing the same but adding Nano, SC, and TRX

>> No.30158327

cant sell my eRSDL fren, this shit is gonna do an easy x5 from here over the next few months, after i'll relocate those profits into those

>> No.30158425

Imagine listing KP3R but not Cover or Ruler. Yearn baby yearn!

>> No.30158574

all in BNB

>> No.30158655


>> No.30158784
File: 595 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210303-231838_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy QNT or stay poor

>> No.30158796

Get the feeling XRP will do well, but I’m loathed to buy it, still money is money

>> No.30158907

what do u guys think about ABC correction into the bear market??? is it safe to buy now?

>> No.30158912

fucking DGB obviously. Should take over the place of both LTC and XRP in marketcap.

>> No.30158968

Fire is going to moon anon sell your car

>> No.30158998

XRP is at like $11B mcap or some shit wtf is this unheard shitcoin DGB?

>> No.30159027

fucking based BCB fren. battling loads of FUD in this thread but staying confident. BCH and XRP seem so obvious to me, the rest i admit are a little riskier but should perform.

>> No.30159069

prq, bonfi and dec. bonfi lower mcap as bonfire, dec 20mio mcap better than bat with over 500mio. thank me later.
prq is like a queen, dont wanna move, really strange, but it will pump if it gets his listing at binance

>> No.30159114
File: 483 KB, 1280x809, BasedChainBacker and BabbyCucks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its possible. i accoomed at the first big dip and have more cash ready if we go back. will know the answer in next fortnight
forgot to add pic rel

>> No.30159121
File: 268 KB, 668x813, IMG_20210303_143912_631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one has seen HER. Now it bears HER mark.

We are HER soldiers. Take up your righteous fury.


>> No.30159187

Damn either you all are oblivious or just hiding your QNT to kee accumulating. This will connect all your shitcoins and is literally the new internet or the internet. Good luck.

>> No.30159223
File: 515 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210304-102550_Delta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rate my poorfolio.
Should I diversify? Should I consolidate?

>> No.30159342

Dont expect other people to understand, there is no right way, there is only your way, they will always say, ded coins, shitcoins, percentages dont work in this market, u retard etc, disregard the fud, adquire gains, its an altseason, the tide rises all boats bla bla bla, feels nice to see someone is using the same strategy, Watcha betting on for the retracement on BTC?
Im really hoping it goes back down so I can snatch me some more cheap coins, but that might just be wishfull thinking after todays movement

>> No.30159550

Not sure whether you're being Ironic or not.. but It's been around since 2014 and to those of us who have been paying attention and accumulating, we know what's around the corner. A lot of alts that have a purpose will do very well (and even the ones that don't will get pumped) I just think DGB will have a higher ROI than most.

>> No.30159591
File: 167 KB, 1000x667, paradise25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

looks sexy man, I'd leave it alone and maybe get some small bags of stuff with massive potential if you really feel the itch to keep buying (XRP, RLC, STA, PNK etc)
When did you buy Link though?

>> No.30159629

much needed pep talk, thanks fren :)
as the big man himself said i honestly dont care what happens at this point - personally i bought big time down on the last one and only have 5% in tether right now so if we go back down there i can pick up some more. more than happy to go through some red for a few days regardless given whats coming.
personally i do think we will see something like $33-38k BTC, this dip hasnt felt deep enough. but either way im stoked.

>> No.30159676

i want to save this image for lols but also don’t want to see this disgusting nigger on my phone ever again

>> No.30159936

Dump in April

>> No.30159954

33k BAT is all I will ever need.

>> No.30159964

is that maori bay? sup cuz

>> No.30160112


>> No.30160454

Oh you know the drill, a pick me up, a little bit of reassurance.
I feel 33k is over bearish, im going more for a 42-38k in mind but im wondering how long its gonna take to play out.

>> No.30160987

How much you holding?
35k here.

>> No.30161059

>2017 all over again
>once in a lifetime opportunity

>> No.30161163

Sell me on BNT. What's its potential I'm on coinbase pro. Also what about GRTl? I couldn't buy GRT because of NYS but now its available and 6-7x higher than when I originally wanted to buy.
I've got ETH, ALGO, and NU right now.

>> No.30161202

>15x on GRT
No you aren't

>> No.30161262

A fine connoisseur of tree nigger dirt art, hmm.

>> No.30161389
File: 280 KB, 463x401, 1597177049052.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bought at 11c so you're right, it's currently more like 18x niggerfag

>> No.30161571


Its nice to see that others know about sav3. You are missing Katalyo

>> No.30161698

sav3 is actually sexy as fuck, the social media platform that can't be censored I mean
have you used it?
Katalyo? Never even seen it shilled once anywhere..

>> No.30161897

why should that line go down?

>> No.30161944

My mom wants me to invest $1000 in crypto for her, what should I buy? (using Binance)

>> No.30162037

"just going to take a look over here on the ripple xrp price chart"
yeah 33k for me would be absolute worst case. does look like the total crypto market cap needs to test that former breakout level tho.
on time fingers crossed we see something substantial before may - im graduating and could really use the money

>> No.30162326


>> No.30162393
File: 120 KB, 1280x1020, pepe moon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yes anon that's how it works. By the time you DO regularly see it it's too late to get in early.

DYOR on Katalyo. Trust.

>> No.30162571

Dubs of truth

>> No.30162987

If I buy $100k of Iota, will it be over a million this year?

>> No.30163213

Why isn't that GRT delegated, spaceman? Do you not like money?

>> No.30163255

Not too fucked as long as you don't like money. If you don't want to exit with less than you put in though, pretty fucked.
Should have ignored the chinks and pajeets and just bought more girties

>> No.30163326

Can't wait until isis gets on and the whole thing has to be shut down.

>> No.30163644
File: 21 KB, 1042x1043, 1596274161618.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

See you in 9 figure felatio

>> No.30163730

If FTM had ETH's current market cap it would still be under $100. A hundred bucks per coin would still be a huge moonshot from it's current price of fifty cents, but thinking it will get into the 1,000s any time soon is delusional unless the circulating supply is massively reduced.

>> No.30163859
File: 54 KB, 640x640, wife justwatering.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wots all dis about Delegatin' me GRT now??
picrel is my wife watering my GRT but I feel like I'm doing this right??
mcap is fake & gay nignog
FTM is flipping ETH and taking on a $1k price tag minimum and there's nothing you can do to stop it

>> No.30163932

it's p2p it can't be shutdown retard and they do a majority of recruiting on FB + Twitter, commie technocrats don't see them as enemies and they reach millions more people using normie networks

>> No.30165091


>> No.30165095

PRQ is literally the most undervalued coin in the market.
Don't worry about "muh altseason"

>> No.30165293

PRQ is nigger tranny tier at BEST
RLC, HBAR, GRT, FTM, XRP are all actual solid projects that undervalued

>> No.30165445

Where can i get this chart? I don’t see it on that woobull site.

>> No.30165489

one of those dont belong in that group, and its the one that will moon

>> No.30165648
File: 61 KB, 1280x720, haqte4tru8441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

okay esl

>> No.30165872

>2 posts by this id
dilate nignog, no one is buying your ancient retard bags that have been btfo since like 6 BTC ATH's ago

>> No.30166129
File: 94 KB, 645x773, 2D2E749D-B069-44A7-B6B0-A07D25C7D5EE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30166240
File: 172 KB, 968x916, marvelous.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30166265
File: 73 KB, 600x720, c93.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>4 years old
>not even above 200m market cap
>price feeds coming in q3

>> No.30166307


>> No.30166445
File: 231 KB, 500x500, ie eddiekek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stay poor gorilla nigger
RLC is the only crypto in existence backed by the AMF, with SEC approval on the way, filed way before even the XRP bs
Digital Oil is the future and if you can't see that you're not White and not allowed to purchase or hold RLC anyways nigger

>> No.30166598

Retarded faggots. Stock market collapse within 3 weeks is taking crypto down too.

>> No.30166623
File: 263 KB, 850x600, 95174a8c1435c1bb72546e35d33c832ed6ca72186dce6e3b577e27ce63534716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no submissive Nico gf

>> No.30166676

you will never be a women and RLC is digital dog shit.
have fun sucking french cock

>> No.30166755


>> No.30166948


its on bilaxy, bittrex, meta/uni


>> No.30167037


>> No.30167061

Of course I'll never be a woman faggot or I'd kill myself now. That line only works on you mentally ill gaping-wound faggots. I wouldn't trade being encoded XY for anything in the world, just like I would never trade being White either nigger, which you will never be
stay poor, your parents will use your real name at your funeral when you finally end your miserable pathetic existence

>> No.30167159

why even live

>> No.30167171

Unironically the greatest karmic absolvement post of all time. Every coin he named is actually going to moon and pajeets won’t admit it lol

Who the fuck are you

>> No.30167174

those are some heavy bags huh?

>> No.30167287


>> No.30167311
File: 27 KB, 450x450, KEcl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

3x on it and we're just now leaving the stealth phase
post hand nigger, I want see how dark your skin is for you to be this severely incompetent in the IQ department

>> No.30167365

Bancor, Union Finance, Chainlink

what do you guys think?

>> No.30167416

you know why this wont happen? because I am spread so nicely across ALTs that I would finally have some fucking money for once in my life. i have hand picked actual tech coins. please. i need this. i want to start a family.

>> No.30167455

just like how shouting it at the mirror doesn't work for you, projecting it at me won't work either
just buy some rope, amazon has sturdy cheap brands that will hold even your fat ass XY encoded body

>> No.30167703
File: 98 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

really bro they look kind of heavy...

>> No.30167996

>no hand check
non White detected, all opinions discarded

>> No.30168210

Bullshit. BTC will pass 100k+ easy this year.

>> No.30168278

250k stack of eRSDL and some other shitcoins. I think I'm gonna make it.

>> No.30168279
File: 1.33 MB, 1920x1080, yelenurr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

also attempting to take out a loan for the season, hope my credit isn't bad

>> No.30169260

Can't believe this thread got 250+ replies after OP started shilling a shitcoin in his 2nd post

>> No.30169401


>> No.30169853

send it

>> No.30170158


>> No.30170193

I wish.

Also jesus christ that juld bot spamming shit.

>> No.30171518

ok. what is FIRE all about. stop shilling it without even telling us what it is.

>> No.30172339


Fight me..

>> No.30172344

what's left with a low mcap right now to gamble on?

>> No.30172404
File: 2.14 MB, 388x218, 1614749700084.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30172569

Grt ada Matic and ftm am I gonna make it bros

>> No.30172751

$BAND iykyk

>> No.30173123

holding link is the most retarded move ever during altszn

t. link holder

>> No.30173147
File: 173 KB, 453x416, 1614734865870.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The whole point was for anons to look into it themselves, but I guess BIZ just wants to be spoonfed all the time. Here are some pastas from the archives:

>Huobi listing in march (4m MC and huobi listing, as first CEX, should be enough for a buy but we're far from done yet)
>Academic and crypto-experienced advisors, Moonwhale CEO is on board
>Alternative to BSC which is not used by asians as much as Huobi products
>HECO chain already had a high quality launch, INJective Protocol, seems like they go for quality over quantity, looking at you pancakecrap
>Elrond, Matic, Orion protocol, Ferrum, Moonwhale, UniLend,Umbrella Network, StaFi, MAHA, Ramp, CyberFi, OinFinance, Yielfields, Gourmet Galaxy
>BSC, HECO, ERC-20 crosschain compatible, more chains to come.
>This means literally almost all assets will be able to be traded on FireSwap (one of their products) via wrapping bridge, yes also your BEP20 tokens.

This is literally on par with the likes of AAVE, Serum, SNX etc. And sits at around 4m MC.

Fire will also NOT suffer from early start liquidity problems because of their LP incentives and this: https://medium.com/fireprotocol/fire-protocol-partners-with-orion-protocol-to-boost-liquidity-on-fireswap-cb2ddcea210e

>Fire Protocol is like the combination of Uniswap plus Compound with better performance thanks to HECO
>Fire Protocol’s Loan Platform supports all Huobi Eco Chain assets (H-Assets) like HT, HBTC, HUSD and more, giving traders the ability to access a wide range of credit types quickly and easily.
>CEO is Danni Christ (also CEO of Moonwhale)
>Partners: Blockwater Management, x21, Matic, UniLend, elrond, Orion and Ferrum Network
>Raised pool through Polkastarter: https://www.polkastarter.com/pools/3f23a4aed18065e191d8221b7d?section=project
>Around 20 working Devs, AMA with CEO: https://medium.com/theamaroom/fire-protocol-with-danny-christ-ama-the-ama-room-c66a1e718bb8

>> No.30173361


>> No.30173369

Lmao such a shit portfolio. This is all ghost chains.

>> No.30173481

UNN (union) is the strongest coin on ETH right now, so I expect a 5x.


>> No.30173598


>> No.30173629

>plebbit spacing
>fudding link
go back nigger faggot

>> No.30173673
File: 49 KB, 791x447, 188F089C-BE04-469B-B850-0B72A39AD578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>digital oil

>> No.30173684

Buying a FUCKTON of COTI because they're partnered with Cardano, the market cap is low, the supply is low, and it's flown under the radar for a good while. As soon as it gets picked up it's going to 20x EASY.

>> No.30173745

I wish I had the money to buy a little stack of all of these random gems.

>> No.30173892

ARTE (Items)
UNIFI (Covenants)

>> No.30174449

Dis dumbass jew ain't got no bsv.

>> No.30175010

>didn't sell the November XRP top
why would you trust this man with his shitty calls

>> No.30175125

you're going to rope same day when XRP takes a pit stop around $500 otw to $2k

>> No.30176096
File: 14 KB, 426x601, 1607378040272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>once in a lifetime opportunity
>This is 2017 all over again
anon i...

>> No.30176533

about to load up on more BOND just for this moment. thank you anon

>> No.30177256

Fantom has a ton of room to grow. Ready for the Afghanistan and middle east govt projects to gain a foothold

>> No.30178817

>no monero

>> No.30179045

XMR got cracked dude, it's no longer safe to use which defeats its entire purpose and means the darkweb isn't using it anymore. It's on its deathbed

I mentioned Tornado Cash though which is the new standard in anonymous crypto transfers
If you have profits in XMR realize them now and put it somewhere else

>> No.30179325


>2017 all over again
>once in a lifetime opportunity

pick one nigg

>> No.30179391

ADA, Pancakeswap, Hbar, Link and GRT. will swing over to Doge when the mutts get their guvment gibs and cash out on the stupids

>> No.30179452

Most of these are already pumped
Jeet team that hasn’t delivered their product since launch backed by the scammer CZ. Now doubling down claiming to be the polkadot killer, yeah...
If it’s your first foray, just research the top 30
coins and invest into whatever piques your interest the most.
Did you mean to say 0chain?

>> No.30179523

Anon Hathor is a SATSGANG pnd project for this year. How new are you into crypto?

>> No.30179786

All in on one team can be risky but can also be worth the risk, good luck there anon.
LINK is a hedge against BTC during crab and bear season but we don’t know its performance during peak bull. So you can’t say that with certainty.

>> No.30179808

no CHAIN, pumped like a mofo with the Fortnite news followed by a retrace but is gaining massive exposure and the team has done amazing work getting AAA titles on board like CoD and Forntite and many others
it's doing a 10x from here within 6 months and that's a worst case scenario

>> No.30180192

How the fuck do I buy this shit

>> No.30180901
File: 446 KB, 1702x1384, 149045233_104221751708860_335168572733993199_o.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30180940

kek, this niggers wanna spaml fucking rubbish on /biz/
I don’t believe in this shill
>SWG and BSC
>That’s our future

>> No.30181078

logic is for neeeerrrrrdddddssss

>> No.30181153

Am I making a mistake having most of my holdings portfolio on GRT for altseason?

>> No.30181220

>19,100 extra link

>> No.30181244

Nope. Make sure you stake it though, they call it "delegating" on their website
and technically it is different but it's really just staking

>> No.30181269

Satoshi said it would never go above 100k

>> No.30181358

What do yee think about the Aavegotchi?

>> No.30181418

Bullish that no one is shilling AVAX


>> No.30181486

I met Satoshi because my dad works at Nintendo and said you're a fucking liar, its potential is only limited by the amount resources that exist on Earth
dafuq is that?? website link?
immediate first thought is scam but I also like getting in early on obvious PnD's let me see it kek
I didn't buy @ $3 and sometimes I punch my own dick just to forget that pain

>> No.30181593

Aavegotchi.com. They're yield farming NFT's backed by collateral staked on AAVE. I'm not interested in their token though, just what you think of their NFT's. Worth hoarding them, the items, or portals? There really isn't any information about the actual game or what to do.

>> No.30181708

I think NFT's will form a fad bubble soon
Personally I don't see their value
But I hold some RARI and it's done like a 6x on me and I'm just going to baghold it until I make it or the grave

>> No.30181752

oh and I like the website but it seems really early and bare bones
Any more info anywhere? hard to see where this is going but it is appealing and makes my meme senses tingle...

>> No.30181828

I'm 50% bonfi and 50% verasity

>> No.30181839


>> No.30181875
File: 3.50 MB, 384x288, 7B94ABD7-2987-4778-A96C-BD18A12737FF.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.30182025

Based picks except ADA. Dont fall for his populist takes. He says exactly what you want to hear and he’s good at it. I guess that means the coin has good marketing focus so it could pump, but underneath it it’s a hollow husk. Staking can add to the upside pressure but don’t hold it past this run.

>> No.30182056
File: 2.02 MB, 3551x1816, Gilgamesh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is all that really matters. You need to be in the top 100 to win. That means hoarding all the rare items, which is happening now. If you don't get them early you won't be able to afford them later.

>> No.30182188

saw in another thread that "art" and NFT's by extension are perfect for money laundering and washing dirty coins as well
that alone could see money come in from the darkweb, a $100 billion dollar industry

>> No.30182352

But this is digital art, they don’t need to go to lengths to procure a vetted expensive actual art to justify expenses. They can literally make one and make it limited supply. Sell and buy a few times back and forth and voila! Limited time rare art that is self made and has a history of being priced at what they want.

>> No.30182402

Yeah it's literally perfect for washing coins dude
Supply isn't limited btw, you can just right-click and save any NFT you want lmao

>> No.30182569

Yes its perfect for washing but I’m saying there won’t be a demand for rare art for laundering or washing because you can manufacture rarity and manufacture historic prices easily for your own art. You don’t need to buy.

>> No.30182691

>Download MetaMask extension
>buy Ethereum through a link in it with your debit card
>go to Uniswap and connect your MetaMask wallet

>> No.30183435

dude you can sell your art to yourself..... it just has to go through their network....
the actual value of the art is completely irrelevant and set by you... are you getting it yet lol?
you're far better off using an exchange to onramp the ETH