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next cycle OP. this cycle XRP is cucked. next one it becomes bitcoin. 4 more years.

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Nah man, schizos are always right; hope you have at least held a suicide stack. Has chainlink taught you nothing?

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Even if they manage to do it, there's no way these institutions would have to buy your XRP bags lol

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>She doesn't realize institutions already have their bags ready

Sorry ma'am

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This is either going to be a massive boon for XRP holders or the rugpull of the history of crypto. Either way it is a seminal moment

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Ah anon, the house(banks and jews) always wins, you didn't know?

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holy wtf

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We've been trying to tell everyone. We come in peace, we want you to be happy and wealthy too

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This cycle we make it on shitcoins
Next cycle we go balls deep in BTC, LINK, XRP and become the new global elite

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LINK is a memecoin. Where is their product?

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And the beauty of the network is that they don't even need to use the tokens, banks love it!

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ODL is the greatest financial invention in existence right now

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so what do you see it going up to?

>> No.30145224

about tree fiddy

>> No.30145241

its gonna follow btc, news like this dont even matter

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It's going to rapidly increase at first due to the switch flip that happens at the beginning then it will be a steady increase over a long period time as more institutions get on board. Someone did the math once and said it would be like 586. But that will be far down the line. Could be higher too, as xrp will be burned over time.

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back to 30c

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ty anons I finally just got all set up to do this shit today. I have 50 xrp 50 bat and a piss drop of bitcoin. I'm just gonna stock up xrp while its cheap lel

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It is sorry for you

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you won't regret it

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Explain the possible rug pull nigger, or did you pull that conclusion out of your ass?

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He's pulling it out of his ass. Xrp is way too big for a rug pull.

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At this point /biz/ doesn’t deserve it. They didn’t want to DYOR and chose to chase shit eth based coins. They really thought Bitcoin was going to be the world reserve currency without an ounce of research.

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I don't give a fuck how many "good news" there are, XRP has been like this since its inception, not going to spend anymore until I can go in all 4k because nothing is obviously going to happen, I don't give a fuck anymore and will wait for it to go to .20 again so I can buy. And that's exactly what's going to happen.

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The same people that tells u to buy XRP right now are all in BTC. They will get in XRP when the BTC cycle ends. XRP will be the hedge of BTC. Those that tell u to buy XRP make it both ways, u just believe it ll moon soon. it wont.

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if you want centralized shit, hbar and lcx is what banks will probably flock to, instead of cripple

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Many people are scared of the law suit but they don't know that ripple has been around for 10 years and has been fending off all kids of law suits. It already settled a previous lawsuit and will do the same with this one. Ripple is so rich it can pay its way through anything.

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I own literally zero BTC. Xrp is my main hold right now.

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Schizo coin. when will you retards realize that nothing ever happens. market cap is 20billion but no one even uses it ???

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>Ripple is so rich it can pay its way through anything
do they really need to bribe the banks to not use their system or what do you even mean with this ?

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Someone not completely stupid explain to me why the SEC a governmental organization whos ultimate job is to protect the interests of the united states allow a company whos developing a software to replace swift be allowed to continue their business? By allowing ripple to continue operations here is a matter of national interest and national security. For those of you unaware, swift is one of the many weapons of economic warfare in the US arsenal. I doubt bidens going to give up the economic warfare power of the swift system (see iran swift sanctions). I dont see the US embracing this tech from a strategic pov and neither will china since the ripple ceos openly shit talk them

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yeeeeah, no

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>DTCC CEO joins Ripple
>DTCC clears 1.6 Quadrillion
>project ION settlement prototype March 2
>private ledger announced March 3
its happening

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Nah, a mediocre singer is not the "secret US weapon I don't know what you're smoking bucko

>> No.30151885

Better than none. Better off than most. I hope you make it anon.

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imagine calling other people retards when you say dumb easily refutable shit like "no one even uses it"

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The biggest rugpull in the history of crypto is coming soon, it starts with T.
Have fun

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>tfw still holding my small stack
Am I gonna make it?
Also what happened with the flare tokens, I was supposed to get them from coinbase?

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You fucking retards it literally says right there that CENTRAL BANKS are using Ripples PATENTED DLT, which will be walled gardens or value, and only he interoperable with PATENTED ODL.

>> No.30154905

Or ya could buy Quant that is fully agnostic interoperability between all traditional finance and crypto.
XRP and ripple are different, token will be worth shit and the fact it requires institutions to adapt to ripple rather than the other way round. Don't buy it. Could be wrong. Don't care. Founders are fucks.

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>Don't buy it. Could be wrong. Don't care.
You will care soon, and by care I mean seethe

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Cool. You will regret your decision for the rest of your life.

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dont buy this shitcoin its been 8 years like that...always a paradigm shift right around the corner...

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Wow, this concerted fud on xrp around /biz/ is pretty bullish

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the amount of nocoiner seethe, it gets me diamond hard

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Because sooner or later somebody was going to make a much faster, more efficient way to do international settlements that didn't include USD and SWIFT. Even the US isn't dumb enough to refuse the reality of that inevitability, which is why XRP is headed by former NSA glowie, David Schwartz. Sure, the system is advertised as truly global, with a neutral token acting as the medium of exchange, but the reality is that the US owned banks will still end up with most of the tokens if it takes off.

If you know your old bolt action rifle is becoming outdated, then the least you can do is own most of the manufacturing plants for automatic rifles.

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wait.. what?

private ledger for central banks

but isn't hbar private blockchain and it's partnered with ibm aswell?

hbar & xrp?

>> No.30157367

That's good tech and all but explain how is that good for my pleb XRP's and not some private central bank token? I'm a smoothbrain.

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every cycle there is about an 8000% increases on top of the previous all time high. If you 8000% on top of the previous ath you end up around $150-$300 per xrp.

>> No.30157496

Where does interoperability for those CB tokens come from?

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btc will tank and with it xrp, its a good coin but its tied to boomercoin for now. I hope you're not all in, prepare to buy the mega dip (probably .22c)

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Checked and retarded

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>Bank need cryptotech
>XRP best cryptotech
>Banks use cryptotech to create monopoly money
>Banks use original XRP cryptotech to exchange with other banks
>Original XRP cryptotech moon

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Im not saying it will happen again, I'm just stating a fact about the cycle percentage growth rate.

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The mega dip? That already happet3 months ago. It hit like 18 cents after the SEC launched their lawsuit

>> No.30158034

it will happen again, this time thanks to boomercoin. It already flirted with the 30s and btc was only 46k, see what happens when it goes to 30-35k

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I'm not convinced XRP tracks BTC 1:1 the same way all the other alts seemed to do during the last bitcoin crash. Sure, there are plenty of algobots trading XRP, but they don't seem to be able to drive price the way they do elsewhere.

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