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>First decentralized Crypto Hedge Fund
>Decentralized Mirror Trading
>Passively copy the most profitable DEX wallets Buys and Sells
>Wallets that are copied will be sent coins as a sign of goodwill
>Gas fees will be shared by the whole pool; lowering them considerably
Read this article for more information.

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>telegram channel still muted

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Unmute the chat goddammit

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When is CT gonna fuck this gem aswell? Can't wait for it

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"-babe what you do to be millionaire"

-I'm a Dex Hedgie"

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Oh boy, about time...

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How is this suppose to work? When more info will be released?

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If Roger Ver is the Bitcoin Jesus, with this I can be the Alphr Devil

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I wonder what Vitalik thinks of this

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He's too busy getting fucked by CZ to comment on anything

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I'm like 50/50 on this coin. It sounds cool but I'm not sure if it's legit.

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Not terrible

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Same, they need to release some shit

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I fucking hate his face

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Neets gonna be so happy with this

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Tell WSB to check this kek, everyone throwing thei stimmy to hedge

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Sounds greate

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wen update

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Ok in the tg

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