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>he went all in on a coin without even reading the whitepaper

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I did read it but i didnt understand it so what difference does it make?

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I've been investing in crypto for 4 years now and I've never read a single white paper I just recognize patterns thanks to assburgers and make money

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i feel you mon

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>he went all in on a coin without a whitepaper

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And I'd do it again too

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100k LINK here, still haven't read the whitepaper.
Lol @ fags who actually read whitepapers wtf.

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I had no idea wtf GRT was when I bought it

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>Not relying on esoteric numerical Ouija


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Yes sir, and I made $30,000 doing it. how you ask? Well, crypto is easy.

If you're interested in investing in Bitcoin, Rubic, or Cake, please contact me and I can provide a full course on cryptocurrency. If you're not, please contact me on Reddit. I've been working on a very well developed cryptocurrency since early August. Please feel free to post any questions in the comments. Bitcoin is a great financial instrument, but if you have questions or have any questions or concerns, please contact me on Reddit. I've also been in contact with a number of Bitcoin and Ethereum-based developers, and I've been using this forum, and I've been using this forum to make good Bitcoin. I'm sure that you are happy to get started!

buy Cupcake coin on pancake swap.

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>the google of blockchain
>the McDonalds of diabetes
>the AC/DC of Metallica
>the 12gauge of antidepressants
>the Dacia of driver death statistics
>the Hitler of Nazis
>the Marilyn Manson of conservative family entertainment

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I buy a coin based on how cool the logo is

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Same if you have a brain you can tell when people are really passionate about a project saying smart things it’s probably worthwhile. It’s risky But i saw the original Guy shilling GRT and i knew he was legit.

Guess it’s just about having experience in life. I can easily tell if something is a scam by the memes etc and how they shill it.

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I dont even know what a smart contract is.

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You don't need to understand the underlying tech, necessarily.
What you need is a good bullshit filter: basically just tell whether the memes and shitposts are coming from Pajeets/Chinks or not.
If the memes and shitposts are funny and/or informative, it's a buy.
If the advocates of a coin sound retarded and the memes are lame and forced, it's a sell.
You don't necessarily need to understand the coin...just have a good bullshit detector for the FUD and hype surrounding a coin.

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Just made $5k on EYE. Didn't read shit just aped in. God is fake

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As if I'd understand any of that nerd shit.

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I buy coins for the memes and how autistic the fanbase is (no linkies tho).

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Our Queen? She Who Has Not Seen His Presence? Oh Glory Be To Such An Extravagant Being! Such Beauty In Her Disgust! Precious A Jewel She Is To Our King's Crown And Vice Versa! The Cloak! The Eyes!

The Hair!

The face!

the body!

the everything thewholeofherisgorgeousiwishtoenrobeherandmakeherminesweetsweetjanineohbeminedontbesomeannnnnnNow For His Glory Has She Arrivedbutnotforhershewouldeasilyforsakeherforhisowngainthatworthlessslutheisdigsusting

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>Guess it’s just about having experience in life.
yeah youre so experienced and street smart

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Is PNK a scam or no?

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Don't need to, /biz/ did it for me

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i've made $100k from chainlink and I have no fucking idea what an oracle is

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>i feel you mon

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All I do is check the website, team, and biz archives to see what type of shilling is on here. Worked pretty well so far.

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literally me

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what the fuck is a whitepaper?

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After only a few months on /biz/ I can tell when a pajeet wrote a comment. I've also learned that any coin that has an animal or food as the logo there is a 99% chance its a shitcoin

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They are all nonsense anyway

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pink sus

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Passion can also be desperation. Bagholders make enthusiastic shills and have free time to make memes and threads.

Treat every crypto as if it were a pajeet rugpull. Buy early hype, sell while it's pumping, get out fast. Be happy with 3x and don't look back.

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I have been in crypto since 2013 and the only whitepaper I ever read was the bitcoin whitepaper

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Imagine reading a white paper when you could be making mad farming gains

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Who the fucks cares about "muh whitepapers"? that's just made-up technobabble designed to lure nerd faggots to circlejerk each other in some shithole forum.

I'm here to make some money, not read.I've made more than 60k this way, and I'm not even sure what the fuck is a blockchain, how it works, or why smart contracts make computer retards jizz their pants so much about.

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>He still doesn't know that every shitcoin is an outright scam or vaporware.
And that is why we can still make money with crypto.

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vi sittar har i venta

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what the fuck even is a whitepaper? I wipe my ass with TP, made of white paper, does it count?

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I feel you man

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Based bot anna

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>If the memes and shitposts are funny and/or informative, it's a buy.
Unironically this.

Look at archive threads for LINK and archived threads for REQ. REQ was actually a stronger project by far and to this day is one of the only tiny minority of coins not only to have a working product and use case, but actual paying corporate clients that use it for a legitimate business purpose, whereas LINK was vaporware then and really to a large extent still is not really used for anything. Yet REQ is totally dead as an inveatment and LINK is top 10. Why? Memes. The only difference is that LINK had funny memes about Jason Parser and Sergay being a fat fuck and stuffing his face with Big Macs. Memes are a barometer of interest. If the memes are funny and you have things like people building minecraft logos of the coin, its a buy. If the only memes are some pictures of an instagram thot with the coin logo plastered over it, its a pass.

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Jag är ingen bot :)
Jag är en väldigt, väldigt vacker tjej

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Whitepapers are overrated. As if reading through volumes of a scammers smoke and mirrors vapourware that can only work in hypotheticals is a good way to find good investments. If you cant get the gist of a project from a paragraph, its either shit or you are too midwit to understand it. I didn't read Link's whitepaper when it was 30 cents because I knew from basic research it was a gem and the whitepaper was unnecessary at that point. I cant think of a concept more Midwittian than stressing the importance of whitepapers

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One of the most chad song ever heard in my life. I literally grow with this song and become the nerd chad i am.

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I never read Link's whitepaper, I trusted the turbo-austists on biz

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